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Feb 9, 2011 9:18 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Bridgehampton School Board Hires Former Superintendent As Consultant

Feb 9, 2011 9:18 AM

Members of the Bridgehampton School Board this week remained tight-lipped about a resolution approved last week that authorizes the district to hire former Superintendent Dr. Dianne Youngblood as a consultant, at the rate of $200 an hour.

The resolution was approved last Wednesday, February 2, after board members closed the public meeting and went into executive session, Bridgehampton Superintendent Dr. Lois Favre wrote in an e-mail. The board then reconvened in public and voted on the resolution, which had been listed on the meeting’s agenda.

When approached before the board entered executive session, Dr. Favre declined to offer specifics on the resolution. She said it had to deal with “helping come to some understanding” with a personnel issue. She added that the $200-per-hour fee was “a going rate for people who consult on legal issues.”

School Board member Ronald White also declined to comment, stating only that there was an investigation under way, and that it involves a faculty member. He said it is not criminal in nature.

He added that the issue, which materialized within the last four years, would likely be made public in “due time.”

“We’re in the stages of investigation right now, and it would certainly be at our disadvantage to divulge information at this time,” Mr. White said.

School Board President Nicki Hemby did not return a call seeking comment on the resolution but later e-mailed a response stating that personnel issues are confidential and that she could not offer details on the situation.

Ms. Hemby wrote: “There are times when we would need to consult Dr. Youngblood on personnel issues or need to confirm information regarding an employee who was under her supervision during her (Dr. Youngblood’s) employment with the district.

“As you know, personnel issues are confidential, so I would not be able to offer any further information, but I can say that it is common practice by districts when a new superintendent takes position,” she continued. “If and when that time arises, we would need to compensate Dr. Youngblood for her time, so we passed the resolution the other night to make sure we are in accordance with all rules and regulations.”

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200 dollars an hour lets see that's 400k per year, for what or they can't say. Why can't these overpaid administrators do their jobs? I think there should be a state law that caps the salary at 1 dollar less than the governor makes. He makes 179,000.00 a year to runa state with a budget of 50 billion and hundreds of thousand employees. How can any administrator justify making more when running a district with perhaps 100 to 150 employees. People wake up this BS must stop.
By maxwell (169), speonk on Feb 10, 11 11:40 AM
Let me get this straight. She is being paid $200 an hour, to consult on "legal issues," for an incident that apparently happened under her watch. It is in her best interest to do this for NOTHING, as it will reflect on her reputation if it comes out badly when it becomes public. Also, she is not a lawyer ... where is the counsel to the school?
We poor schlubs continue to get screwed in the wallet by this school board ... Gov. Cuomo, are you listening?
By Bridgehampton resident (6), Bridgehampton on Feb 10, 11 1:51 PM
Parents and residents must be very diligent when it concerns these local school boards. Sometimes there motives are innocent, but the result is often that monies that should be spent on education our kids are diverted to "less worthy" allocations.

By dagdavid (646), southampton on Feb 10, 11 2:24 PM