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May 17, 2011 8:54 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Voters Take To The Polls On Tuesday, All Budgets In Southampton Town Approved

Editor's Note: Results from every district will be posted when they become available--Ed.
May 20, 2011 12:41 PM

Voters across New York State and on Long Island took to the polls Tuesday to vote on their respective school district’s budgets for 2011-12, to elect school board representatives and decide a number of propositions. All budgets in Southampton Town were approved.


There were no surprises in the Bridgehampton School District, with voters handily approving the proposed $10.6 million budget, 136-55, and the Bridgehampton Child Care Center budget, 131-57.

Incumbent and unopposed School Board members Nicki Hemby, with 149 votes and Elizabeth Kotz, with 133 votes were returned to their posts, with Joe Conti and Joe Berhalter each receiving 5 write-in votes.


Taxpayers in the Quogue School District approved the proposed $7.5 million 2011-12 budget, 79-28.

School Board member Larry Berman, who was unopposed, was reelected with 89 votes. Proposition 2, which allows students to attend the Westhampton Beach School District on a tuition basis was approved, 104-5.

The Quogue Library’s $522,100 budget was approved, 90-18.


It was a nailbiter in the Tuckahoe School District, with the proposed $17.1 million 2011-12 budget narrowly approved by voters, 165–157.

School Board President Robert E. Grisnik, who was unopposed, was returned to the Board of Education for another three-year term with 152 votes.

All three of the district’s propositions, authorizing participation in Southampton Youth Services, with the Parrish Art Museum and setting up tuition contracts with the Southampton and Westhampton Beach school districts, were approved.

Hampton Bays

Taxpayers in the Hampton Bays School District approved the proposed $44.9 million 2011-2012 budget, 953-583.

Proposition 2, authorizing a $300,000 capital improvement project, was approved, 1,012-514 and Proposition 3, establishing a $3 million capital reserve fund, was approved 952-555.

Dorothy Capuano won a seat on the School Board with 1,030 votes.


The proposed $1.6 million 2011-12 budget was approved, with 49 “yes” votes, 5 “no” votes and 4 abstentions.

School Board candidate Fred Wilford was reelected to the board with 40 “yes” votes, 2 abstentions, and 15 write-in votes for Patrick Guarino.

East Quogue

Taxpayers in the East Quogue School District approved the proposed $22 million 2011-2012 budget, 366-292 on Tuesday night.

School board members Patricia Tuzzolo and Mario Cardaci were reelected. Ms. Tuzzolo received 416 votes, Mr. Cardaci received 396 votes and challenger Art Solnick received 238 votes.

Proposition 2, dealing with tuition contracts, was approved, 322-123, and Proposition 3, dealing with library services, was approved, 469-179.

Westhampton Beach

Taxpayers in the Westhampton Beach School District approved the proposed $50.4 million 2011-12 budget by a 436-233 vote on Tuesday. Also, challenger George Kast defeated incumbent School Board President Aram Terchunian by a narrow 42-vote margin in the only contested board race. Mr. Kast received 345 votes while Mr. Kast received 303 votes.

Residents of Westhampton Beach Village and the hamlets of Westhampton and Quiogue also approved the Westhampton Free Library’s nearly $2.47 million operating budget for 2011-12 by a vote of 409-233.

Sag Harbor

The Sag Harbor School District’s proposed $33.2 million budget was approved by voters, 917-698.

Incumbent School Board members Mary Anne Miller and Theresa Samot, along with former board member Sandi Kruel will sit on the board, defeating challenger Annette Bierfriend.


The proposed $58.5 million Southampton School District budget for 2011-12 was handily approved by voters, 621-363.

The two open School Board seats go to Nicholas Palumbo, who received 423 votes, and Amy Pierson, who also received 423 votes. Natasha Jeffries had 299 votes, Myron Glucksman had 224, Charles A. Styler had 203 and Edward S. Simioni had 170 votes.

Eastport South Manor

Taxpayers in the Eastport South Manor School District approved the proposed $82.6 million 2011-2012 budget by a vote of 1040-525 on Tuesday.

Proposition 1, approving a $2.1 million library budget, passed by a vote of 1151-366.

Incumbent School Board member Janet Stevens was reelected after receiving 854 votes. Newcomer Donna Moeller was elected after garnering 787 votes and Raymond G. Navarrete fell short of gaining a spot on the board after receiving 680 votes.


Voters in Remsenburg and Speonk approved their district’s $12.2 million budget for 2011-12 by a vote of 198-179.

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Interesting statistic 27east. You and Newsday are shootin' blanks in terms of reporting accurate news on the school board elections. Doesn't anybody proofread anymore??

"Mr. Kast received 345 votes while Mr. Kast received 303 votes."

By bchgrl83 (52), Westhampton Beach on May 18, 11 5:48 AM
Sorry, the typo has been corrected.
By Bill Sutton, Managing Editor (117), Westhampton Beach on May 18, 11 8:09 AM
In reporting the Southampton vote why did you report the man's vote total first when the woman got the same amount of votes?
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on May 18, 11 7:47 AM
Could it be that it was alphabetical. Pa before Pi. Relax, they both will get the same 1 vote.
By sluggoct (3), Waterbury on May 18, 11 8:13 AM
shoot, you men always stick together. My husband said the same thing. BUT, I say Amy comes before Nicholas always! Go Amy, a common sense woman.
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on May 18, 11 8:55 AM
summertime: you seriously need to chill out.
By tmarie (30), Southampton on May 18, 11 9:29 AM
Where IS your sense of humor? I do not mean to Always be so serious!
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on May 18, 11 9:44 AM
Well the gravy train runs on for the ever bloated school districts.Again scaring the people with it will hurt the children not the overpaid teachers and administrators. When will this end southampton and easthampton spending over 30k per students and with graduation rates and test scores that don't come close to other districts that spend less money. The only district that seams to manage its budget is hampton bays. Twenty million less than easthampton and 14 million less tha southampton and with ...more
By maxwell (169), speonk on May 18, 11 11:42 AM

Cite your source for East Hampton and Southampton spending over 30k student.

For the record, East Hampton's school budget that passed was a DECREASE of .56%. Would you rather have it fail and the district can spend more money? Do your research. They don't need as much $$$ now that they aren't paying a law firm +$600/hr for their Sand Pebble Builders lawsuit (did you read the article about the $2 million bill that EH has paid? Maybe THAT's where this $$$ is going instead ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on May 18, 11 11:54 AM
So what else is new? since the railroad came to the village and the RICH people came to enjoy the fresh air it was always thus. It makes no difference whether the parent sends their child to public school or a private school ( parochial or whatever) it is what it is, as the kids today say. And, Maxwell, it isn't always easy as you seem to think. You own property, you pay taxes.
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on May 18, 11 12:57 PM