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Sep 1, 2018 9:04 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Suffolk County District Attorney Deploys DWI Checkpoints, Patrols Over Labor Day Weekend

Sep 6, 2018 8:06 AM

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has increased patrols of the East End DWI Task Force in an attempt to reduce the number of individuals driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the Labor Day weekend.

District Attorney Timothy D. Sini said in a statement Friday that the unofficial end of the summer on the East End should include celebrations—but responsibly.

“If you’re going to be out drinking, make a plan to get home safely,” Mr. Sini said. “Officers on the East End DWI Task Force will be out in force to crack down on impaired driving and to protect our roadways from motorists who make the reckless decision to drink or do drugs and get behind the wheel of a car.”

Several DWI checkpoints will be enforced at “strategic locations in high-traffic areas.” Police—from the New York State Police Department, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, Suffolk County Police Department, East Hampton Town Police Department, East Hampton Village Police Department, Quogue Village Police Department, Riverhead Police Department, Sag Harbor Police Department, Shelter Island Police Department, Southampton Town Police Department, Southampton Village Police Department, Southold Town Police Department and Westhampton Beach Police Department—will be equipped with Breathalyzers and will conduct field sobriety tests. The police officers were deputized earlier this year by the district attorney to have jurisdiction to serve throughout the East End.

The East End DWI Task Force, which was formed in 2012, is funded through the district attorney’s office’s asset forfeiture program as well as the Suffolk County STOP-DWI program. Last year, nine people were arrested by the task force during the Labor Day weekend.

“The police departments on the East End do an outstanding job keeping residents and visitors safe year-round, particularly during the summer season when the population explodes,” Mr. Sini said. “Through the East End DWI Task Force, we are able to share and deploy resources in an even more effective, strategic way during holiday weekends and other times of high traffic. I thank and commend all the law enforcement officers on the Task Force for their work in ensuring that our roadways are safe from impaired drivers.”

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Last year 9 arrests using 13 departments. What a waste of taxpayers money.
By left eq (28), Southampton on Sep 1, 18 11:34 AM
Well unfortunately for the drivers, when you consider it will cost them up to $10,000 for the DWI, that's $90k going to the department.
By Enviro Guy (55), Southampton on Sep 10, 18 10:20 AM
And you would wonder how many arrests they would have made with normal policing in effect!

By metsfan2 (163), southampton on Sep 1, 18 5:35 PM
If it saves one life it’s worth it no matter what the cost.
By SDG1776 (114), Southampton on Sep 1, 18 6:48 PM
Not one single article on 27east about the Riverhead PD K-9 dog that died? Was it because a minority caused it, or was it because it involved the police? A police dog IS an officer and should be treated as such. It's a line of duty death. If they find the perp, it's multiple felonies. I hope they get him and feed him to a pack of rabid pit bulls...
By DiseaseDiocese (668), Riverhead on Sep 2, 18 6:21 PM
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Cops dragged, shootings, boats flipping over, Dwi checkpoints, slashings, hazardous materials spills, forgeries, kids pulling up signs on private property, robberies, purse snatchings and careless drivers on their cell phones

Summer in The Hamptons has become Ft Lauderdale at Spring break.

Sep 3, 18 7:01 AM appended by SlimeAlive
There was a K9 police dog killed during a chase also.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Sep 3, 18 7:01 AM
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You forgot shooting handguns at the pow wow...
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Sep 3, 18 9:54 AM
Maybe it's time for you to move to Mississippi with the rest of your people.
By tenn tom (259), remsenburg on Sep 3, 18 7:08 AM
Can you please elaborate on “my people”?
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Sep 3, 18 7:19 AM
1 member liked this comment
I read it as "people who like to live in New York so they can complain about living in New York" but Tom can correct me if I'm mistaken.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on Sep 3, 18 8:20 PM
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"I hate all politics. I don't like either political party. One should not belong to them - one should be an individual, standing in the middle. Anyone that belongs to a party stops thinking."

~ Ray Bradbury
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Sep 4, 18 11:48 PM
Good point. Our public officials used to leave there farms and serve there district/country for 1-2 years then return home. No careers in politics, no incentive to lobby, no nothing. This keeps everything fresh with new ideas and lots of energy with the main focus being the citizens of this country, not the politician. Government at all levels have become career jobs. What an embarrassing circus act we watched yesterday for the confirmation hearings of a supreme court judge. It would have been the ...more
By Peter Zegler (9), Westhampton Beach on Sep 5, 18 5:26 AM
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So only people who can afford to leave their career for two years without repercussions should be able to run for office? Or can afford to not get income until after their term?

What about lobbyists...wouldn't term limits essentially make them the senior members on the hill?

I think that there already exist effective term limits: they're called elections.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on Sep 5, 18 6:53 AM
mandated term limits would enable OUR employees to do the job they were elected to do without positioning themselves for re-election. 2 terms and yer out, no pension, no medical for life and subject to every law passed. These folks work for us, not the other way around. I know the leftists here are all in for big government and will certainly take issue with this idea. Diametrically opposed to most anything good for America.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Sep 5, 18 6:58 AM
1 member liked this comment
So you think only wealthy people should be able to run for office?
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on Sep 5, 18 7:25 AM
Bigfresh, you frame everything that’s wrong with everything as the leftist fault. I don’t see anyone on the right lining up behind your radical view. You have the majority, why hasn’t your idea of term limits been passed? Of course there are flaws in every system, but by changing out the elected officials every 2 terms you are left with no experience.a “do over” every 2 terms would be a disaster.
By Fred s (3321), Southampton on Sep 5, 18 7:35 AM
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Thank God they have gone back to wherever the **** they come from!! Now we get our town back .
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Sep 4, 18 6:39 AM
Well, during the week at least!
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 4, 18 6:54 AM
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It appears that not all the tourists have left. They must not be done hurting other people, killing themselves, damaging property and driving drunk. Stay safe and see you at Christmas.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Sep 5, 18 7:57 AM
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Brett Kavanaugh. My hero.
By DiseaseDiocese (668), Riverhead on Sep 5, 18 7:11 PM
1 member liked this comment
He's not the worst choice in the world, but neither was Gorsuch.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on Sep 5, 18 9:25 PM
agreed, why are the Soros sponsored resistance freaks causing such a disruption of the process? Corey Booker and the slimeball Senator from Connecticut are not much better.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Sep 7, 18 6:52 AM
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I think it's because the publicity highlights that Republicans are refusing to disclose requested documents which breeds distrust among the electorate.

In other words, politics.
Sep 8, 18 5:42 PM appended by Fore1gnBornHBgrown
I also haven't seen any conclusive evidence that protesters are paid...you'd think if they're willing to get arrested for cash, they'd be happy to accept the same offer for a press interview about it.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on Sep 8, 18 5:42 PM
Bigfresh, why haven’t the slime ball republicans released all the papers on Kavanaugh? Cuts both ways. Who’s paying for the republicans resistance, the list is to long to comprehend.just so you know, I don’t like using words like slime ball to describe members of Congress , it’s your sleazy word.
By Fred s (3321), Southampton on Sep 7, 18 6:59 AM
Scary marijuana stats:

1. 88,000 deaths are annually attributed to excessive use.

2. Every day, 30 people in the US die in car crashes that involve a marijuana-impaired driver.

3.Teen marijuana use kills 4,700 people each year

4. Lol jk those stats are about alcohol
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Sep 8, 18 4:38 PM
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Saves one life, it’s worth it. Amen
By CPalmer (122), Southampton on Sep 11, 18 11:56 AM