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Jun 23, 2014 5:12 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

East Hampton Town Trustee: If You See The Kardashians, Call The Police

Jun 24, 2014 2:46 PM

Times have changed for beachgoers at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett. Families have recently had to put up with boozing 21 year olds visiting from colleges on the East Coast—and now, the famed Kardashians have taken to the scene.

Last week, they were spotted with their film crew on the popular beach. However, if it were up to East Hampton Town Trustee Diane McNally, they’d be escorted off by police.

During a Town Board meeting last Thursday, June 19, Amagansett resident Joan Tulp, while expressing her support of a summer ban on alcohol on the beach, said a relaxing day at the beach had turned into a Kardashian calamity.

“Just yesterday at Indian Wells Beach, a beautiful and quiet day without any tourists, we were surrounded and our peace shattered by filmmakers and paparazzi accompanying the Kardashians,” she said as the audience started to murmur. “This weekend, we will no doubt have 200 to 300 party drinkers at Indian Wells, as we did every weekend last summer.”

A few minutes later, in the heat of debate over the alcohol ban, Ms. McNally, who is not in favor of the ban, called for rallying the troops, so to speak—not against those partying on the beach, but against the reality TV clan.

While discussing a need for more civility in town during the summer months, she ended her time at the lectern with this: “And, also, who gave the Kardashians permission to go on Indian Wells Beach to film anything? Because the Trustees certainly didn’t,” she said. “And if you see them on the beach, call the police, because they’re not there legally. Get ’em off. Get ’em outta here.”

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian set up shop in Southampton Village for the summer with their pop-up boutique, DASH. Their presence has stirred a bit of excitement in the Hamptons, and continues to do so.

And it turns out East Hampton Town did, after all, gave the Kardashians permission to go on Indian Wells Beach on June 17 to film for an hour and a half, with 15 people and handheld equipment. According to Town Clerk Carole Brennan, their filming company obtained a permit for the day, but at the time town officials didn’t know it was for “Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons.”

Neither the Kardashians nor their representatives could be reached on Tuesday for comment.

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You got them bc Southampton was smart enough not to allow them to film on the beaches:)
By sandydog21 (195), Southampton on Jun 23, 14 5:36 PM
On the plus side, their ample backsides may serve as a barrier and reduce erosion.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 23, 14 6:15 PM
Next hurricane, I say just line them up on the beach facing inland. All the houses and the beaches will be saved!
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Jun 24, 14 1:15 AM
"And it turns out East Hampton Town gave the Kardashians permission to go on Indian Wells Beach to film."

hahah. Great job there EH.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Jun 23, 14 6:18 PM
Remsenburg, NY.
Bay? Check.
Ocean? Check.
Restaurants near by? Check.
Kardashians? Nope.

High five - Remsenburg, NY.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 23, 14 6:27 PM
2 members liked this comment
There's no ocean in Remsenburg, but you're close enough.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Jun 23, 14 9:46 PM
1 member liked this comment
Close enough.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jun 24, 14 3:22 PM
1 member liked this comment
I'm not a fan of the Kardashians , however they are relevant because people express an interest . And why are the Kardashians any more disgusting than most of the " tourists" that descend upon us during the summer months ?
By Biba (566), East Hampton on Jun 23, 14 8:10 PM
because they are famous because one of them got peed on...
By LI native (127), east moriches on Jun 23, 14 10:56 PM
2 members liked this comment
I'm pretty sure you're confusing tapes here. This is the Kardashians, not R. Kelly
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Jun 24, 14 9:18 AM
1 member liked this comment
Not enough attention in SH for the ego maniacal ho bags! Nobody here cares.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jun 24, 14 6:37 AM
1 member liked this comment
Whether you like them or not, this is still the United States and they have done no harm and have a right to travel about freely. They also have a right to make a living and owe no one, especially Diane McNally or the other politicos and elitist gadflies of the Emerald City (aka Amagansett) an explanation. McNally sounds like a petty dictator and has embarrassed herself and the Town of East Hampton with her unwelcoming and threatening battle cry. Since her authority is derived from King James II ...more
By Eamonn (17), East Hampton on Jun 24, 14 9:54 AM
And she had no idea what she was talking about! That's the best part...

Thou who hath not sinned cast the first stone. Bet she's happy she doesn't live a glass house.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Jun 24, 14 11:25 AM
They are an invasive species........let's keep them OUT of East Hampton & Amagansett! I sure will call the cops if I see them anywhere in the vicinity. YUCK - Cooties!
By SisBoomBonacker (106), Hamptons on Jun 24, 14 12:35 PM
How about this? If anyone sees an educated, well spoken or trustworthy EH Town elected Official.........pls call the Guinness Book of World Records office immediately. I know chances are slim for such a feat but we can always hope!
I'm no fan of the Kardashians but these EH Officials are as dumb.
By G (342), Southampton on Jun 24, 14 2:53 PM
1 member liked this comment
Hey East Hampton .... Forget about the Kardashians... I want to know if Cathy Cahill paid back that CPF $$$$$ ????????
By Biba (566), East Hampton on Jun 24, 14 5:36 PM
Regardless of how you feel about them, they are fellow human beings and aren't doing anything wrong. Lighten up.
By Polandspring (96), Southampton on Jun 24, 14 5:58 PM
1 member liked this comment
Kick those jerks out of town
By wildfly (1), southampton on Jul 4, 14 3:14 PM
Ha Ha Ha I certainly do not like the Kartrashians and they have no talent and are ego monsters to the ninth degree~! What I find disturbing is the democant(Communist) approach to some thing a individual dislikes.

Both these women have made statements worthy of Vladimir Putin and Obozo POTUS. Check it out,there is no law's forbidding the trash to film for one and as far as the boozing. Maybe we here in Florida should pass a state wide law forbidding Yankees from buying homes and or visiting.This ...more
By ATOMICDEEPSEA (1), Panama city Florida on Jul 22, 14 7:42 PM