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Nov 3, 2015 2:08 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Deer Sterilization Effort Begins Again In East Hampton Village

Does are spayed in the field and then tagged. FILE PHOTO
Nov 3, 2015 2:08 PM

Hunters and veterinarians hired by East Hampton Village have begun tranquilizing and sterilizing female deer from village properties for the second year in a row, despite concerns about deer deaths that occurred following last year’s effort.

Village officials confirmed this week that White Buffalo, the deer management company that has a contract with the village, has been conducting the sterilization program in recent weeks around the village and will continue the sterilizations for at least the next several days.

“Last year’s agreement was a multi-year agreement and the Village Board had committed to continuing it this year,” Mayor Paul Rickenbach said. “There was an unfortunate set of circumstances that arose but the board agreed to the multi-year concept and there’s been no deviation from that.”

Last year White Buffalo tranquilized and surgically sterilized 114 does in East Hampton Village. This past spring, several of the sterilized deer—identifiable by the white plastic tags affixed to both ears—died after aborting babies.

Critics of the sterilization program pointed out that the work was done in December and January last year, after the deer had likely bred and the does were already impregnated. They said the sterilization could have led to developmental problems with the fetus that caused death later in the pregnancy and ultimately also killed the mothers.

The village and White Buffalo have contended that the sterilizations had no connection to the deaths, but the timing of this year’s program acknowledges recommendations from the State Department of Environmental Conservation, which conducted necropsies on two of the dead deer, that the sterilization be done before breeding season this year.

The whitetail deer breeding season, or “rut,” typically takes place from mid October through early December.

“The DEC did not request that the program be stopped,” village administrator Rebecca Molinaro said this week. They offered one or two suggestions for the continuance of the program and we are following them to the extent practical.”

Ms. Molinaro said that the state had recommended a different surgical procedure be used but that the village and White Buffalo had deemed that procedure more invasive than the one used last year. She would not say where the sterilization surgeries are being conducted or when the hunters are tranquilizing deer.

White Buffalo owner Tony DeNicola did not return phone calls seeking comment.

The Village budgeted $50,000 in its 2015 budget for the second phase of the program, but Ms. Molinaro said the final cost will be determined by White Buffalo according to the required effort and could be higher than what the village had allotted ahead of time.

The village paid White Buffalo $140,000 for the first phase of the sterilization effort last winter, a price that Ms. Molinaro said was elevated over what is expected for the second phase because bad weather caused delays that added to transportation and lodging costs for out-of-town veterinarians who conduct the sterilization surgeries.

She said the company has no set goal for a number of deer to be sterilized in the second round of the program.

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Property owners in EHV appalled by this plan, that want vetted-insured bowhunters to remove these "science experiments" from their private parcels, can contact me through our Hunters For Deer website.
By Michael Tessitore (76), East Quogue, New York on Nov 3, 15 2:23 PM
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By worstnightmare (4), montauk on Nov 6, 15 11:12 AM
By GregBall (19), Costa Mesa, California on Nov 3, 15 5:28 PM
The Rickenbach legacy is sealed: BUTCHER.The old fool should have stepped down long ago--he's been senile for years.
By nazznazz (276), east hampton on Nov 3, 15 5:38 PM
Here's hoping that the 2nd year sterilization program is even more effective than the first - - - and that credulous residents are not fooled by the lurid, unsubstantiated propaganda of the blood "sportsmen" - - - the DEC wasn't.

If the deer population is thus humanely checked, these vile psychopaths will desert E.H. village and travel to other more fruitful locales to sate their morbid lust. How much more pleasant it will be then to stroll around the village secure in the knowledge that ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Nov 3, 15 8:03 PM
HHS has jumped the shark.
By dnice (2346), Hampton Bays on Nov 3, 15 8:18 PM
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By worstnightmare (4), montauk on Nov 6, 15 11:15 AM
Deer Dr. Mengle
By Nukiepoo (123), Southampton on Nov 4, 15 8:52 AM
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high hat: will they "escape" EHV by walking across the street? There is no such thing asa village herd. There is a herd that moves freely through EHV, the town, Wainscott and Sagaponack. It can't be quantified or controlled. Those sterilized just happen to be passing through that night.
By nazznazz (276), east hampton on Nov 4, 15 9:03 AM
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to nazznazz:

An excellent reason to extend the sterilization program to neighboring municipalities. If enough contiguous communities sign on, deer hunters will become extinct on Long Island entire (and if not "entire", at least the East End).

The knowledge that these primitive hominids have finally departed from our midst will brighten the spirits of all evolved members of the species.

Oh Happy Day!
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Nov 4, 15 10:36 AM
If the deer population must be contained, maybe the herd can be culled (a little) and deer meat used for humanitarian purposes. People are starving throughout the world and perhaps this sad situation can be used for good purposes.

It is very sad about the deer ----the deer in Southampton look half-starved ...

I'm almost tempted to feed them!
By JohnSmith (25), Johnson City, Tennessee on Nov 4, 15 1:24 PM
I love it when people prioritize animals over people.

Malnourished, dangerous, etc... Take a look at people in the world in the same conditions, then I'll start paying attention. You'll speak out x comments deep on deer, yet nobody speaks out in support of the other article mentioning war torn vets, at the direction of our government. But no, let's keep an eye on the effin' deer.
By The Royal 'We' (199), Southampton on Nov 4, 15 8:48 PM