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Aug 18, 2009 6:27 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Former East Hampton GOP leader Gardiner taken to hospital

Aug 18, 2009 6:27 PM

Bill Gardiner, a former East Hampton Town Republican leader, was taken by ambulance to Southampton Hospital last Wednesday morning, August 12, after falling ill at John Papa’s restaurant in East Hampton Village.

Mr. Gardiner, a former GOP chairman and unsuccessful Town Board candidate, is trying to force a September 15 primary against for the GOP’s candidates for Town Board, Theresa Quigley and Dominick Stanzione, although Republicans are challenging the legitimacy of his petitions in Suffolk County Supreme Court. A ruling is expected later this week.

East Hampton Village Police Chief Jerry Larsen said police were called to the restaurant and administered oxygen to Mr. Gardiner, who had complained about feeling ill. Chief Larsen said Mr. Gardiner was conscious and alert when the ambulance came.

A woman who answered the phone in the Southampton Hospital emergency room said Mr. Gardiner was being treated there but provided no additional information.

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Bill Gardiner is a good man. Although I disagree with his primary attempt, I do believe he is someone who truly deserves our prayers.
By truthinbonac (46), Amagansett on Aug 12, 09 11:11 PM
I have now heard Bill had an allergic reaction to to a tick bite - thankfully having nothing to do with the food at John Pappas - good, I am glad this is not a "serious condition" - but what a terrible article for the restaurant! I was wondering if/when it should be pointed out to your reporter (or Ediitor?!) that Mr. Gardiner lost THREE bids for TOWN BOARD - not for Town Supervisor - and that the Judge involved is Gary Weber, and not the Supreme Court Judge you mentioned. I am happy Bill will ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 14, 09 12:02 AM
To the Editor: With no acknowledgment that your "facts" were wrong - you simply change the story to now report (a little more accurately) that Mr. Gardiner was an "and unsuccessful Town Board candidate" without mentioning how many times. I now hear he may have a very severe case of Rocky Mountain Fever brought on by that tick bite. I hope not and wish him a speedy recovery. But his condition is just hearsay to me. People may actually rely on your "news" and "facts". Very scary. Try to do ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 15, 09 10:22 PM
Retraction? Correction? Come on now you all - some people may actually READ this stuff and believe it - let's not get to be too much like "The Star"! At least their lame editor responds evey now and again . . .
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 18, 09 12:18 AM
Dear Board Watcher,
I am deeply annoyed at your lack of compassion for someone who says they live in the small town of East Hampton. Your automatic response to this article is "thankfully having nothing to do with the food at John Papas...what a terrible article for the restaurant", and then you proceed to rip on stupid facts. This is an article regarding someone getting sick, not about politics. Grow Up and get a life!
By AshWii (1), East Hampton on Aug 30, 09 11:11 PM