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Mar 9, 2010 7:54 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

Mar 9, 2010 7:54 PM

East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley could face criminal charges for interfering in the DWI arrest of her son on Sunday, according to East Hampton Town Police Chief Todd Sarris, who is asking Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota’s office to get involved and make a “fair and balanced evaluation” of the case.

Ms. Quigley’s son Garitt J. Quigley, 20, was arrested on Sunday at 1:18 a.m. outside his family’s home on Swamp Road in East Hampton and charged with DWI, a misdemeanor. Patrol officers said they followed Mr. Quigley into the family’s driveway, and a short time later his parents emerged from the house, reports show. According to officers at the scene, as they were moving to put Mr. Quigley in the back of their patrol car, Ms. Quigley placed herself between the police and the car, and then in front of the open patrol car door.

Not so, Ms. Quigley said on Tuesday. “In my recollection, I never physically tried to put myself between them,” she said.

The councilwoman, who said her son did not appear to be drunk that night, said she stood to the side and let her husband, a former New York City police officer, and son deal with the situation.

Chief Sarris said he would not reveal what exactly Ms. Quigley said during the incident or how she was acting, but he did say that she pointed out to the police that she is a member of the Town Board. Chief Sarris said he didn’t think it was a direct attempt to keep her son from being arrested.

Ms. Quigley said that too is false. “I never mentioned my role,” she said. “An officer walked up and asked who I was. I said, ‘I am his mom.’ I didn’t say, ‘I’m his mom, Theresa Quigley.’”

Based on the circumstances as reported by police, Ms. Quigley could have been arrested for interfering with the arrest, Chief Sarris said, but officers were more concerned with getting Mr. Quigley away from the scene. “Their main concern was that they didn’t want the situation to escalate anymore,” he said. “I think they also felt that she was just a mother concerned for her child.”

According to the police report of the incident, the officers began pursuing Mr. Quigley because they saw him driving north on Route 114 in a black Audi with a broken license plate light. After they activated their emergency lights, Mr. Quigley made a left-hand turn into the entrance to his driveway and the officers followed, the report says.

When they approached the driver, police said, Mr. Quigley showed signs that he had been drinking: the odor of alcohol was on his breath, his speech was slurred, and when they asked him to get out of the car for a sobriety test, he was unsteady on his feet and braced himself against the car for balance.

Police said Mr. Quigley then made a phone call, and as officers were trying to put him into the back of the patrol car, Ms. Quigley and her husband came down the driveway, and she repeatedly tried to keep officers from putting the young man in the car. The report says Ms. Quigley grabbed her son’s arm, then put herself between an officer and the patrol car. When additional officers arrived on the scene, police said, Ms. Quigley moved away so that officers could open the door to the patrol car, but then stood in the open doorway of the vehicle. She was eventually calmed down by her husband and allowed officers to take Mr. Quigley into custody, police said.

At headquarters, Mr. Quigley twice refused to take a breath test, and Chief Sarris said he was released on his own recognizance after a court appearance later on Sunday.

Ms. Quigley, who described herself as a distraught mother that night, said she is aware that the chief plans to forward the case to the Suffolk County DA’s office.

Chief Sarris said he thinks getting the district attorney involved is necessary.

“It’s something that needs a review and needs a neutral party to review it,” he said. “I want everything done on the up-and-up. I don’t want anyone thinking we were making decisions arbitrarily.”

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By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Mar 9, 10 3:15 PM
Speaking from firsthand experience I can tell you that MANY police officers drink and drive. So do doctors and lawyers, judges and town board members, teachers and highway workers. I have worked in quite a few local restaurants and have seen this countless times. Of course it matters in East Hampton who you know if you get pulled over. An off duty police officer can drive around with a six pack and pass through checkpoints undisturbed. And of course those lucky enought to carry a PBA card from ...more
By Gabrielle Brady (9), East Hampton on Mar 9, 10 3:58 PM
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It would have been easier to take the bloodtest if you haven't been drinking.
By housewife (79), east hampton on Mar 9, 10 3:59 PM
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In theory you are right. In reality you are wrong. If you have ever gone out to a bar and had ONE drink and left....you are legally drunk (unless you weigh more than 175lbs). So how many of you have gone out to dinner and had a glass or two of wine only to drive home? You feel fine right? Right. Because you are, but legally and technically, you are drunk or under the influence.
By eastendgolf (28), Manorville on Mar 11, 10 10:40 AM
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Instead of browbeating the arresting officers, who were clearly doing their job, has anyone thought that maybe Ms. Quigley was out of line?
I hope Bill Wilkinson treats his board members the same way he treats his employees and that Ms. Quigley gets a taste of what its like to be suspended from her job (or at least publicly embarassed) about her behaviour.
By ehboardwatcher2010 (21), sag harbor on Mar 9, 10 4:29 PM
The way this board treats employees, they will blame the Marine Patrol for buying him the booze, and the Independent will swear to it!
By EHT employee (7), east hampton on Mar 9, 10 5:36 PM
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What about the fact that there is underage drinking involved???
By Easthampton1 (4), East Hampton on Mar 9, 10 4:53 PM
By ELECTRICUTIONER (65), east islip/montauk on Mar 13, 10 10:28 AM
I don't get it. A kid drinks and drives (like most of us did, with kids that don't- but probably do)- and this woman, who is an elected official has the gall to try to prevent ordinary justice? Scary, that she promotes this obvious lack of responsibility to her son, for HIS actions- makes one wonder why on earth she's an elected official, if that's her philosophy.
The kid will learn nothing, she'll remain a town official despite behaving in an extraordarily irresponsible way HERSELF, and so ...more
By LM (35), riverhead on Mar 9, 10 5:06 PM
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i agree, my mother or father would have let the cops take me in to teach me a lesson--no matter how hard that lesson may be. Our parents never used to let us get away with this stuff
By coldinthehamptons (10), Southampton on Mar 10, 10 3:13 PM
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I agree that parents need to be more involved and teach their kids to be more responsible and accountable for their actions/behavior, but picture this - You wake up at 1am to find Cops in your driveway, putting you child in the patrol car. I find it hard to believe that any mother or father would not try to get involved to protect their child.

While the questions need to be asked about whether or not she used her position to influence the Police Officers, I believe she was just a mother ...more
By DC (11), Hampton Bays on Mar 15, 10 6:18 PM
SORRY- extraordinarily.
By LM (35), riverhead on Mar 9, 10 5:07 PM
There's a little more to be considered here. Not only is Ms. Quigley a Board member, she is a lawyer and should be more in control of her own reactions, and the processes and procedures that properly follow an issue such as this.
By Amer (5), East Hampton on Mar 9, 10 5:51 PM
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It's an open and shut case for anybody else. Mother and son. And the police chief wants a “fair and balanced evaluation” ? Lock em up, or roll over TS
By BruceB (142), Sag Harbor on Mar 9, 10 5:56 PM
And the Oscar for East End melodrama goes to . . . . .
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 9, 10 6:03 PM
gosh i hope they didn't wake up chucks dogs with all that drinking going on next door
By asurest (117), easthampton on Mar 9, 10 6:38 PM
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I don't know any mother who would not have done the same thing Ms. Quigley is accused of. Board Member? lawyer? A mother is a mother & can not behave rationally if watching their child get arrested. By the way, I just got home from the Corner Bar (Tuesday Night) where a whole bunch of E.H. Town police officers were drunk at the bar. Did they ALL walk home?
By disappointed (96), wainscott on Mar 9, 10 7:32 PM
how do you know they were all "drunk at the bar"? Were YOU "drunk at the bar" How did YOU get home??
By coldinthehamptons (10), Southampton on Mar 10, 10 3:15 PM
Personally, as a mother of three, if MY underage child was about to be arrested for drinking and driving, my thought would be - "Serves you right, you know better, thank god you didn't kill anyone, I'll see you at your arraignment in the morning" - not "how can I try to keep these officers from doing their job?" Maybe if more parents had that attitude, rather than automatically assuming their kids deserve special treatment, there wouldn't be so many UNDERAGE kids getting simple slaps on the wrist ...more
By LocalMom (36), Southampton on Mar 15, 10 8:18 AM
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Interesting.On the one hand you can reasonably expect to see a mother instinctively taking action to intercede to "protect" her child. On the other hand this is an experienced attorney who would instinctively know, as a councilwoman, what the implications would be of such action. I think the fact that the incident involving her actions (vs. her sons) occurred on her property will be key.
By zaz (197), East Hampton on Mar 9, 10 7:53 PM
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The only employees that think Bill Wilkinson aren't being treated fairly are the ones that have broken the law or the police who aren't getting the raises they want. Most emploees think he has been fair and has not layed employees off. So if that means cutting the police department's payroll to save their jobs they should be happy making $100,000 + per year.
By housewife (79), east hampton on Mar 9, 10 8:34 PM
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The fact of the matter is that the EHTPD had made a lawful arrest for DWI, the residents of this Township should be proud of its proactive police department in keeping the community safe, and ashamed of this town board members poor behavior.
By BlueStreak (34), East End on Mar 9, 10 8:37 PM
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What about being 20 years old. Were did he drink and who served him??
By sjd (420), Westhampton Beach on Mar 9, 10 8:54 PM
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The fifth paragraph needs an allegedly inserted.

I would like to know if the officer asked her to move.

By RemembertheDucks (54), Eastport on Mar 9, 10 9:10 PM
It is interesting how many believe they understand what happened at our home based on a one sided press release issued by the police .Ex NYC Police officer and father.
By 5 kids (3), east hampton on Mar 9, 10 9:14 PM
I met your wife when she was helping my husband and me with estate questions. I immediately liked her while overhearing a conversation with one of your children on the telephone. She is a mother above and beyond everything else. For this I not only like her, but respect her. Whatever did happen that night can happen to any of us and I don't know any mother who wouldn't have tried to protect their child. Anyone who doesn't agree either isn't a mother or shouldn't be!
By disappointed (96), wainscott on Mar 9, 10 9:48 PM
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So by "protecting her child" she should allow him to drive drunk, and not pay for the consequences? I can't stand the type of parents who have the "my child is never wrong" mentality. This kid needed to learn a lesson that his mother CLEARLY was not prepared to teach him. You'd be singing a different tune if he had killed himself in an accident that night, wouldn't you.
By AlwaysLocal (292), southampton on Mar 11, 10 2:59 AM
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If you think a mother trying to keep her child from facing consequences of his actions means that she is an excellent parent, and anyone who wouldn't leave their child to learn from his mistakes is a bad parent, I can only pray that you aren't a parent yourself.
By LocalMom (36), Southampton on Mar 15, 10 8:20 AM
Based on the comments of DISAPPOINTED and PRESSGUY it may be time to investigate the way the police department operates. Maybe the DA should expand his EH investigation to police special treatment, police targeting specific individuals and the behavior of department members. By the way, Board Watcher2010 -- I'm told you are not from Sag Harbor and may be married to a law enforcement employee.
By eastend09 (43), east hampton on Mar 9, 10 9:49 PM
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mmmmhhhh!!!!mmmmmhhhh!!!!yo pense que esto solo pasaba en ciudades como Tampio Tamps, VIVAN LOS GRINGOS!!!!VIVA LA AMERICA!!!!VIVA LE MEXIQUE!!!!esto es igual a la seccion policiaca de EL SOL DE LA TARDE!!!!guacala!!!!pbbbbtttttttttt!!!!!
By polito (14), wainscott on Mar 9, 10 10:48 PM
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pressguy -- boardwatcher2010 really does have a personal interest in what happens to EH law enforcement personnel. She is quite the talk of the town. Can't believe SJD like 2010's comment seeing SJD seems to have been historically skeptical of police activity.
By eastend09 (43), east hampton on Mar 9, 10 11:05 PM
I don't care who you are or where you are when arrested, if you drive and exceed the limit of alcohol, you should be arrested. His mother should be charged as well if she acted as reported considering her position and status as a lawyer. Yes, they also should find out where he was drinking since it is reported he is only 20.
By Doug (14), Hampton Bays on Mar 9, 10 11:07 PM
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There are a couple things going on here in these comments. The woman is a board member 'protecting' as some of you state, her son. Her son is 20 years old, and no where in the article did I see excessive force as an issue, so what was she "protecting' him from? The same fines, loss of license, and legal fees that everyone else who gets a DWI incurs? I'm sorry, but the Mama bear protecting baby bear excuse does not apply here.
By Shasta (5), Amagansett on Mar 9, 10 11:39 PM
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also, i do not believe that the officer reached for his cell and called the chief at 1:18am. could it be that the kid was at the wrong place at the wrong time? drinking and driving is russian rhoulette. sometimes you get lucky and make it home, sometimes you get arrested- WHICH IS THE FORTUNATE ALTERNATIVE to yet another outcome: striking another vehicle or pedestrian and killing them. In my opinion, the kid is lucky. The only thing that is bruised is his ego, and his family's. But he will ...more
By Shasta (5), Amagansett on Mar 9, 10 11:57 PM
I'm sure glad most of you are not on any jury I might face!! We know he was drunk because he was charged? What say we wait and see on this one?

And the Town needs to spend a lot less money, Hundreds of thousands less annually. Payroll is the single largest expense the Town has. It will be cut.

We have a good police force, and targeting a Town Gvt. official's kid would be really bad enforcement and coimpletely counter productive.Not something that our LEOs do.

Ms, ...more
By Lost Tribe (66), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 12:15 AM
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I do not believe that the police force was targeting aTown Gvt. official's kid, however the police force is targeting a variety of problems, drunk driving is just one of them, it is ashamed that it had to turn out this way, do you really think that the police knew who was driving that car at that hour?
By BlueStreak (34), East End on Mar 12, 10 10:48 AM
I doubt very much he was targeted because his mother is an elected official. The police are doing there job - and i would think that at 1 am in the morning this time of year any traffic would catch my attention enough to watch them. Driving under the influence is serious. Have you not had a friend or family member hurt or killed because of one? What calliber young people are we creating if we don't teach them of responsiblity & consequences? I think if a driver refuses a breathalizer test ...more
By Lizzy (2), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 7:20 AM
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Ms. Quigley what goes around comes around!
By favaunt (24), Sag Harbor on Mar 10, 10 7:47 AM
What is really going on here? If Quigley's conduct warranted an arrest, why didn't the police arrest her on the spot, or by the next day? Why did Sarris, instead, go to the press? The best defense is a good offense. What is Sarris afraid of. Could it be the possibility of an inquiry into the the abusive practices of East Hampton Police Department?
By RMLS (1), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 8:06 AM
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Just grabbing a cup of joe in a local deli, and was told that there were calls placed to EH 911 during this whole incident.....why would a town board member call 911, when the police where already there. guess the next time i get stopped and think that well i didnt roll thru that stop sign, hell i can call and complain on 911....And they teach the "kids" that 911 is only for emergencies......lets hear those tapes 27 east, you do a great job lets get some audio on here also, if this is true....
By BCHBUM11968 (81), SOUTHAMPTON on Mar 10, 10 8:34 AM
There you go! If you heard it in the deli, it must be true.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Mar 10, 10 10:20 PM
What's your opinion?

Are there too many cops in this town (East Hampton)?
Is the EH Police Department creating a Police State?
Is the EHPD routinely lenient to friends, family and fellow officers?

By residnet2600 (2), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 8:45 AM
What is a police state?
By Bayman1 (297), Sag Harbor on Mar 10, 10 7:57 PM
What's your opinion?

Are there too many cops in this town (East Hampton)?
Is the EH Police Department creating a Police State?
Is the EHPD routinely lenient to friends, family and fellow officers?

By residnet2600 (2), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 8:45 AM
How many times did McGintee play games and because he was a former cop get away with it. Not to mention why has McGintee not be arrested yet. This smells like a political attack to me.
By Hummer (13), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 8:46 AM
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I wonder if there is a videotape of this incident. Aren't all Town police cars now equipped with cameras? The tape won't lie.
By ehboardwatcher2010 (21), sag harbor on Mar 10, 10 9:04 AM
WHEN are we going to banish the phrase "fair and balanced". I mean, please, you're going to invoke a FOX NEWS slogan AGAIN?
By Undertow (64), Southampton on Mar 10, 10 9:17 AM
Wow, I better fix my BROKEN LICENSE PLATE LIGHT, huh?
By Undertow (64), Southampton on Mar 10, 10 9:18 AM
1 member liked this comment
Yeah, it's actually illegal for your license plate to be obstructed (which also means darkened at night). Stop acting like this isn't something you didn't need to know to pass your permit test at 16.
By LocalMom (36), Southampton on Mar 15, 10 8:29 AM
Pressguy you seem like you have a lot of time on your hands, the fact of the matter is that law enforcement is not like anything you see in the movies, like any job there can be down time, you seem to only see this, the public does not see what really happens.
By BlueStreak (34), East End on Mar 10, 10 11:04 AM
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Well said blue streak. And East Hampton doesnt help with the fanning of these flames with its luxury real estate and high end boutique store fronts, making people believe the police department does little more than exist simply to aggravate people. It is all a facade.
By Shasta (5), Amagansett on Mar 10, 10 11:38 AM
Is protecting the wrong word? Maybe it should be mother or parent instinct(as I think my husband would react the same way I would). You have to remember most people who get arrested aren't arrested in their own driveway with their parents having to witness it. If he had been arrested on 114 or Swamp Road Mrs. Quigley would not have witnessed or reacted to the situation. She is only normal and by reacting without thinking in this type of situation is what I believe most of us would do!
By disappointed (96), wainscott on Mar 10, 10 1:05 PM
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Too much ink on this already! Very tabloid. East Hampton's deep financial problems will not be solved by all the blatherers on this page. Give these people some privacy and give the police some respect. None of you were there - period.
By Waincott Resident (42), Wainscott on Mar 10, 10 2:02 PM
Give the lady a break she's a Mom. What mom wouldn't react to seeing her son get arrested. It sounds like it was handled appropriately and professionally. Too much is being made out of this already we have much bigger issues in this town....
By east end mom (4), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 2:14 PM
The issue is not that she's a mother protecting her son.That's irrelevant. Once you are elected to public office, the behavior expected of you changes and you are held to a much higher standard. The real issue is that she may have attempted to (1) illegally interfere in a lawful arrest and (2) use her influence as a town board member to prevent the arrest of her son. Is that who you trust with your money? Focus on the issue. The fact that she is a mother does not absolve her of potentially illegal ...more
By ehboardwatcher2010 (21), sag harbor on Mar 10, 10 2:50 PM
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unbelievably sad that this has turned into a political issue. the real problem here is the criminalization of a young college kid, who was followed for miles before being pulled over in his own driveway for a "broken light". seems to me the cop followed him, waiting for him to mess up and realized he lost his chance when the kid pulled into his driveway. suddenly then the cop noticed a "broken light issue." phew. thank GOD he was able to catch him before he had an accident due to lack of lighting ...more
By collegekid (1), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 3:52 PM
3 members liked this comment
congrats you got it right.

By 5 kids (3), east hampton on Mar 10, 10 5:46 PM
so you're saying drinking and driving is ok???
By Easthampton1 (4), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 6:58 PM
1 member liked this comment
A mother trying to protect her child. Wow! We never heard of this before.
Today is wednesday. Are they still deliberating her arrest? Give me a break and leave her alone. The courts are making enough money with BS arrests in this town!
By cmojo71 (6), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 4:15 PM
This is not about a mother trying to protect her child, as I would do the same thing. This IS about whether or not this "mother" tried to (didn't say did) use her influence as a councilwoman to not have her son (who is not legal to drink!!) not get arrested. That is what this is about!!
By Easthampton1 (4), East Hampton on Mar 10, 10 4:41 PM
A broken plate light. Yeah, ok, he wasn't targeted.

If mom was doing something illegal she would have been arrested on the spot, the arresting officers obviously didn't think it rose to the level of a crime. I can't blame her for trying to help, we don't know what happened, we weren't there.

Yes he was drunk and has to pay the price, but it is fishy.
By EEG (19), Southampton on Mar 10, 10 6:44 PM
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This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By happynow (19), east hampton on Mar 10, 10 7:13 PM
1 member liked this comment
Reading this thread is very revealing. BCHBUM11968 says he heard at a deli this morning that a 911 call was made during this incident. I read the report of the incident in the two papers that are out today and I could not find any mention of a 911 call. How would BUM know? Is the police department leaking information? Is BUM an EH cop disclosing information via this thread? Has a police report been dissimenated by the Police Chief to the community at large? If so, is that proper and does that ...more
By happynow (19), east hampton on Mar 10, 10 7:13 PM
1 member liked this comment
What is your obsession with attempting to reveal an anonymous posters identity? This is the benefit of being allowed to chose a screen name and not being required to use your real name. Who cares who anyone is in these comments. Im not understanding the relevance. All are entitled to have their individual opinion and show support here no matter who they are or arent married or related to.
By Shasta (5), Amagansett on Mar 10, 10 7:29 PM
This is bizarre: if you're not going to arrest her on the spot or the following day, don't refer the case to the DA. Why does the PD want the DA to do what they weren't willing to do?

And why does the chief make a point of giving the impression that he's doing things on the "up-and-up" and not making "arbitrary decisions"? It all gives the impression that the PD perhaps wanted to arrest her, but did not for fear of having some improper motive attributed to the arrest, and instead referred ...more
By CoweeDewey (110), East Quogue on Mar 10, 10 7:18 PM
2 members liked this comment
Cowee -- Very lucid comments for someone from outside of East Hampton. Something stinks to high heaven on this entire matter If the young man deserved to be arrested, fine. HE WAS ARRESTED. So why the heck is the Chief concerned about appearances? If anything, the police showed no favorites by the arrest. Why does the Chief feel he needs cover by referring Mrs. Quigley for something he believes (on the surface) did not happen? Your theory that he wanted her arrested but knew he couldn't justfy ...more
By eastend09 (43), east hampton on Mar 10, 10 7:38 PM
1 member liked this comment
WOW I thought we only had 2 judges in EH looks like we really have 40 or 50!!!
By montaukman (98), easthampton on Mar 10, 10 9:20 PM
To Cold in the Hamptons: No, I was not drunk at the bar. I was sitting at a table having dinner in full view of the bar. I can promise you I was not the only one there that night that noticed them and commented. No, I didn't drive home but certainly could have because I only drank diet coke. My biggest confusion about this whole mess is if the officer was going to pull him over for the light why didn't he do it long before the ride from 114 all the way down Swamp Road??????
By disappointed (96), wainscott on Mar 10, 10 9:44 PM
2 members liked this comment
EH town cops are the worst. I know from personal experience. I was wrongfully pulled over a few years ago and arrested before any questions were asked. A cab driver called the town to tell them I had been drinking after refusing to take a cab. I never spoke to the cab driver and he never saw me, my friends, whom I was driving, spoke with him and were trashed. He assumed that I was as well, called the town cops and they were waiting for me to drive by. Once I drove past, they pulled me over ...more
By eastendgolf (28), Manorville on Mar 11, 10 10:35 AM
2 members liked this comment
You state : " After a year of batting, I was released with no charges" Where were you released from? In jail I presume. Can you clarify? Thanks!
By Bayman1 (297), Sag Harbor on Mar 11, 10 7:08 PM
no, not in jail. postponing and adjourning court dates
By eastendgolf (28), Manorville on Mar 11, 10 7:20 PM
So you were not released, just found not guilty, I presume?
By Bayman1 (297), Sag Harbor on Mar 11, 10 7:28 PM
correct, sorry about that. The wording does make a huge difference.
By eastendgolf (28), Manorville on Mar 11, 10 11:47 PM
Thank you for the clarification
By Bayman1 (297), Sag Harbor on Mar 12, 10 11:30 AM
If boadwatcher2010 is not a relaitive of a cop, then she must be related to a police loving politician or law enforcement official. She is definitely a confused and paranoid individual who is devoid of motherly instincts (assuming she is a female). Something definitely smells in this case. Was the press alerted about this late Saturday nght incident by the Chief so it would hit the papers this week? If he went out of his way to contact the media to inform them of this case, is it something he normally ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Mar 11, 10 7:18 PM
Fancy that this is a hot topic.
I chalk this up to a distraught mother. No matter how much of a professional she "should" be, there is a motherly instinct to protect a child.
She most likely acted no differently than most any other mother would. Any respectable judge would see that, and leave it as a non-issue.
At least, that's my opinion, I could be wrong.

OH, and unless you are a woman, or have children, I really desire not to hear your musings on the subject. ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Mar 12, 10 12:21 PM
Mr. Z: Great point. I am a mother and agree with you 100% it is a motherly instinct and Theresa Quigley is a WONDERFUL mother!
By disappointed (96), wainscott on Mar 12, 10 12:51 PM
I would call it "motherly" protection if he was a child, but he is a 20 year old ADULT. Sorry, but this excuse is lame. Perhaps this is why he is a 20 year old ADULT who is ILLEGALLY driving drunk. If he were my "child," I would have taught him a lesson and not interferred. Being an attorney, she knew full well he would not have been jailed for more than one night. One night is hopefully enough to teach a 20 year old that drinking and driving carries consequences. What people are missing here ...more
By Breezy (3), East Hampton on Mar 13, 10 3:51 PM
funny how the chief building inspector was given a two week suspension by this Town Board for coming to his son's defense when he was being bullied and then Quigley interferes with justice when her son was committing a crime
By earl (31), springs on Mar 14, 10 11:57 PM
You seem to forget that her son is innocent until proven guilty. Until he has his date in court, it is presumptuous to call him a drunk driver. Additionally, doesn't anyone find it a little fishy that he was arrested in his DRIVEWAY (not a public road), pulled over initially because one of the lights on his license plate was off? That is not probable cause-- taillights, yes. license plate lights, no. He was not swerving or driving erratically.

It's easy to point a finger and judge, ...more
By katewatson (7), Southampton on Mar 15, 10 11:47 AM
If you read the article, it does say that the police turned their lights on while he was on Swamp Road...Young Quigley turned into the driveway after the ligths were on. So, no it's not fishy...
I believe that the license plate light is illegal if not working in NY State, so it is probably cause!!
By Easthampton1 (4), East Hampton on Mar 15, 10 12:19 PM
What do you think the police just pulled him over for the fun of it? Oh, and he happened to smell of booze? Oh, and you don't have your legal facts correct. It is probable cause if a light is out. I think you are fishy and don't have all the information. Oh, and it's not odd that he was pulled over in his driveway. Perhaps he didn't pull over for a half mile to a mile BECAUSE HE WAS DRUNK - duh! Innocent until proven guilty - yes. But the smell and his mother's behavior does speak volumes. ...more
By Breezy (3), East Hampton on Mar 15, 10 4:24 PM
Breezy -- If the Chief had not referred her to the DA we would not be here discussing this. How many parents have been referred to the DA for yelling at cops to not to arrest their son in their own driveway? I bet you cannot find one such referral -- NOT ONE. So whi did the Chief do it? That is a question that must be explored.

The building inspector was arrested for imposing himself in a way that the reports said was pyhsical contact.

And to EH1...did the blinker indicating ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Mar 15, 10 6:36 PM
That's because most parents are not on the town board! That's the difference here. DUH! I guess you missed that point. The Chief had to do this because Theresa Quigley serves on the Town Board and so the police doesn't want to be perceived as making a misstep because she is ultimately one of the five people who is technically the BOSS of the police chief. So, if he were to let her off the hook (or one of his officers) BECAUSE she is also their boss, that could be seen as favoritism. Therefore, ...more
By Breezy (3), East Hampton on Mar 17, 10 11:20 AM
pressguy---i think when building inspector was suspended, he hadn't been convicted of anything either. I like all the conspiracy theorists----think about how the town board just beat down the cops on salary negotiations----put that in yer pipe and smoke it
By earl (31), springs on Mar 15, 10 11:02 PM
What is the staus of the DA referral? Did they reject it yet based on on its sheer stupidity or maybe its vindictiveness?
By hohum123 (91), springs on Mar 20, 10 7:41 PM