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Apr 14, 2010 4:38 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Elderly tenant evicted from Windmill Village

Apr 14, 2010 4:38 PM

An evicted tenant caused a brief commotion outside her apartment in the Windmill I housing complex on Monday, as she complained about the people who were kicking her out and the neighbors whose complaints made it happen.

Gerry Mooney, the manager of the Windmill and Whalebone housing developments, said Susan Slavetsky, 66, was being evicted after multiple attempts to help her comply with the developments’ regulations as well as to practice common courtesy. He said he has fielded daily complaints about excessive noise and “harassment of other residents and their lifestyles” for more than a year.

Mr. Mooney said that Ms. Slavetsky is the first person to ever be evicted from either Windmill Housing complex.

“It’s a sad day and I’m not 
happy about it at all,” he said. “But we had a responsibility to deal with the other tenants who are here 
and especially those in her building.”

On Monday afternoon, Ms. Slavetsky sat hunched over on a blue couch she bought at the Salvation Army recently and that Windmill workers had removed from her home that day. Her cat America rubbed against her ankles and her parakeet Ida chirped loudly from inside the apartment. Ms. Slavetsky, who said she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at the age of 35 and has taken medication for it ever since, said she has not listened to music in her apartment for the last year because of the complaints that began soon after she moved in. Ms. Slavetsky, who does not have any teeth while she waits for a new pair of dentures, said her eviction is an injustice.

“To throw someone out of their home—an elderly person like myself with no teeth and no means—I just don’t get it,” she said. “Because someone heard some music that was too loud? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Mr. Mooney said he believes Ms. Slavetsky’s mental state warrants more help than what is available at Windmill. He said efforts to pair Ms. Slavetsky with a social worker or town agent that could help her were unsuccessful and that her absentmindedness also caused unintentional damage to the apartment including plumbing problems and activated fire alarms when she would begin to cook and then walk away from the stove.

He said the eviction process began in October when he attempted to bring Ms. Slavetsky to court, but she refused to enter the courtroom. Ms. Slavetsky admitted she would not go to the court on the day of her trial, but said it was because she did not have her medication and feared appearing in front of a judge without it.

Mr. Mooney said five Windmill tenants testified against Ms. Slavetsky in court, and he served Ms. Slavetsky with an eviction notice in February, but because of the freezing weather her dispossession was delayed until now.

Ms. Slavetsky received another notice of her eviction 72 hours before it was to take place. She said she had notified her mother, 94, who lives in Queens, but did not have definite plans to move in with her. On Monday, she said a local rabbi had offered her money to stay in a hotel for the night. Mr. Mooney has provided her with two months of free storage for her belongings. Ms. Slavetsky said she did not have plans or a place to stay past Monday night.

“Susan has been a difficult case for a lot of us to try to crack,” Mr. Mooney said. “I hate to say it, but we had to use the court and the threat of coercion to get her out.”

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A sad story, but, Mr. Mooney is right. Windmill Village is not the place for Susan. She needs more care and monitering. Perhaps now she will get the proper help. I wish her well.
By Mrs.Sea (268), Sag Harbor on Apr 19, 10 3:41 PM
Since when is 66 "elderly"....jeezz........
By EQme (112), East Quogue on Apr 19, 10 6:31 PM
My thoughts exactly! Reporter must be a young whippersnapper1
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Apr 19, 10 11:47 PM
I believe Ms. Slavetsky was quoted calling herself elderly.
By hbaysboomer (15), Hampton Bays on Apr 22, 10 11:28 AM
If she were a business making a racket and causing a nuisance all complaints would be ignored and she would be able to continue as she pleased.
By Phanex (83), Southampton on Apr 21, 10 11:27 AM