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Sep 21, 2016 4:12 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Purchases Development Rights Of East Quogue Farm

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman discusses the purchase of the Densieski Farm during a press conference. AMANDA BERNOCCO
Sep 28, 2016 11:21 AM

Southampton Town purchased the development rights to an 86-acre farm in East Quogue, land that has been on the municipality’s preservation list for at least the past decade, for $5.4 million last week.

The acquisition of the development rights to the Densieski Farm, which sits off Lewis Road in the hamlet, was paid for with proceeds from the town’s Community Preservation Fund, according to Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman.

“The community is investing in its future,” Mr. Schneiderman said of the purchase during a press conference held at the farm last Wednesday, September 21. “It will remain farmland forever. Not just for this generation, but also for generations to follow.”

The town bought the development rights of the farm, meaning that the land can only be used for agricultural purposes moving forward even if the Densieski family, who have farmed the land for the past 90 years, eventually decides to sell the property.

“If [the farm] was developed into a subdivision, it would change that whole area,” Mr. Schneiderman said. “The feeling would go from agriculture to suburban … It provides a high degree of scenic beauty. A lot of times we preserve farmland, but no one knows because they don’t drive by it. This is a heavily trafficked area.”

A representative of the Densieski family declined to comment at the press conference, and subsequent messages left for them were not returned this week.

The family sells their crops at a stand set up on the farm, while ears of corn are also sold at the King Kullen in Hampton Bays.

Town Councilwoman Julie Lofstad, pointing to the lines of crops growing fall vegetables behind her—including cabbage and Brussels sprouts—said she was glad the town was able to buy the property, showing its support of local farmers.

“Buy local food—support your local farmers,” said Ms. Lofstad, who lives in the neighboring hamlet of Hampton Bays. “I think we’re finally getting back to that.”

Members of the community, including leaders of the East Quogue Civic Association and the East Quogue Citizens Advisory Committee, applauded the town’s acquisition.

Joan Hughes, chair of the hamlet’s Citizens Advisory Committee, said members of her group have been pushing the town to acquire the farm’s development rights for the past 15 years, starting around when the Wright family—who own farmland across the street from the Densieski farm—sold their development rights to the town. The Kijowski family, who also own farmland along Lewis Road, sold their farm’s development rights at around the same time, she added.

“We’re just really happy that the Densieskis sold their development rights because that means that most of the farmlands in East Quogue have been preserved,” Ms. Hughes said.

The town has been in negotiations with the Densieski family for the last five years, according to Mr. Schneiderman, though he could not explain why it took so long to seal the deal.

“We’re just really glad they did it,” Ms. Hughes said. “And I think having all that farmland right at the entrance to East Quogue, it maintains the rural character of the hamlet. In the long run, I think it makes it a healthier place to live.”

Al Algieri, president of the hamlet’s civic association, said he’s also pleased with the purchase of development rights to the Densieski Farm, adding that he has also been pushing for its preservation.

“I was very pleased,” Mr. Algieri said. “We were all for it; it’s been on our list for a long, long time.”

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O look, Jay's got his photo on 27 East again!

By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Sep 21, 16 4:49 PM
1 member liked this comment
My first thought too.
Second thought, Jay spent $12,000,000.00 this week alone.
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Sep 21, 16 9:27 PM
There's a whole department dedicated to CPF that works through the collection of monies, filing, acquisition...guarantee Jay knows nothing about any of it . Photo grab.
By lirider (288), Hampton Bays on Sep 21, 16 4:53 PM
Ok. They preserved a farm. That's good. Good for maintaining the character of the community. Terrific. Water quality, maybe not so good, but on balance, great. Family gets to keep the property. Nice.
But to preserve almost 600 acres of virtually pristine pine forest, critically important to the water supply, they offer less per acre, and keep a PDD application going, despite a PDD moratorium, and the supervisor publically stating the PDD law is deeply flawed. What is going on in Town ...more
By CleanWater (122), East Quogue on Sep 21, 16 5:44 PM
1 member liked this comment
Farms are supposed to be bought with ag money not cpf money. This was supposed to enable a a agricultural use.

By Obserever (40), Southnampton on Sep 21, 16 6:31 PM
As long as there's no more condos or McMansions going up!!! Keep buying up the lands. For god sakes stop all the building before it's to late.
By GoldenBoy (351), EastEnd on Sep 21, 16 10:14 PM
keep saving the farms than wonder why we have nitrates in the water.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 22, 16 12:26 AM
We've had farms out here since the 1600's

In the 1980's the farms started to be whacked up into house lots

Now today we have nitrogen in the water

Must be the result of those remaining farms...
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Sep 22, 16 6:24 AM
Politicians dole out other people's money in order to remain in power
By even flow (1023), East Hampton on Sep 22, 16 6:03 AM
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 22, 16 7:38 AM
1 member liked this comment
you and @even flow are too much. hahaha. just yelling nonsense, who are you both talking to?
By adlkjd923ilifmac.aladfksdurwp (747), southampton on Sep 22, 16 9:33 AM
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 23, 16 6:51 AM
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Know Farms, Know Food.
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Sep 23, 16 6:52 AM
Will Jay's photo show up when they publish articles on our brown, algae full bays? Or with the articles of how our grooundwater is contaminated? All pushed over the edge by Jay's insistence to promote the Hills? THE PEOPLE (VOTERS) DO NOT WANT THIS PDD!
By Taz (725), East Quogue on Sep 22, 16 9:34 AM
Nice pic, would be nice to see a FARMER??? But the preservation is the best part...
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Sep 22, 16 1:18 PM
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Oh goody. Perhaps a celebrity will pick this reserve up from the town at a bargain basement price, claim it is a horse "farm" and erect buildings all over it. Then start a business from there, so a tax break can be declared.

I've heard this sort of thing has happened before.....somewhere.
By btdt (449), water mill on Sep 22, 16 5:08 PM
Still not enough preservation; There shouldn't be so much money in the CPF. Town should be more active in preserving land. Southampton Town was for sale under the previous supervisor ATH.
By rvs (106), sag harbor on Sep 22, 16 11:36 PM
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The water started becoming poluted when we started using pellitized nitrogen, and spraying crops. Ever hear of temik?
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 23, 16 12:55 PM
True, so answer is to change farming practices not abandon farms to housing.
By PQ1 (167), hampton bays on Oct 7, 16 10:55 AM
Agricultural workers ( farmers and fisherman ) have the 2nd highest suicide rate in the work force. September is National Suicide Awareness Month . The East End has lost too many good men!! Lets show the Local Farmers some respect rather than pointing the finger at them for causing cancer. Theres a whole lot of other things in the world that causes this terrible disease!

By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 24, 16 8:41 AM
Really farmers around here? The guys getting millions for polluting our drinking water? Sorry i have a Temik filter and cant drink my water guess who put it there?
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 25, 16 12:06 PM
30 years later: Is Temik still a threat to East End?
by Gianna Volpe |
03/16/2012 12:00 PM

Temik, the once-feared pesticide that contaminated thousands of East End wells more than 30 years ago, is not only all but forgotten, it’s all but gone.

And that’s just what scientists hoped and predicted.

After the chemical aldicarb, sold under the brand name Temik, appeared in drinking water samples in the late 1970s, the manufacturer was pressed into providing ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Sep 25, 16 1:33 PM
1 member liked this comment
Great Article Z ! Very informative! Thank you for sharing that!!
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 26, 16 8:54 AM
Thats a wonderful article, and glad Mr Gergela the farmer lobbiest is doing his job of saying no problem. Honestly my well has Temik and high niyrates like all my neighbors. How many wells are polluted by single family septic systems on the east end? Probably near zero.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 25, 16 3:06 PM
Paul Harvey said it best in his 1978 speech 'So God Made a Farmer'

Its a BEAUTIFUL speech . One worth taking the time to listen to and to watch the video on youtube.

God bless the farmers!
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 26, 16 9:08 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Sep 27, 16 3:53 PM
Up above (4th post in this thread), CleanWater asks why a certain PDD application -- he means The Hills in East Quogue -- is kept going "despite a PDD moratorium" and the supervisor's doubts about PDDs in general. He asks what's going on in Town Hall and "who is really running the show?"

Come on, Clean, you know better than that. I'm guessing you and I feel the same way about The Hills, negative, but there are laws: (1) The Hills application was already submitted when the moratorium was ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Sep 27, 16 3:53 PM
Turkey your little house on the water doesnt add to any water quality issues does it? lol bulkhead ect? lol
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 29, 16 8:39 AM
Happy to engage you on this, chiefy. Not bulk headed but rip-rapped -- muskrats and plants living in the crevices. Non-fertilization covenants, natural growth covenants, raised septic, upgraded. Don't try to hang me with waterfront encroachment or pollution because you can't do it.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Sep 30, 16 9:28 PM
no natural pre existing wetlands? The septic doesnt leach into the ground? Total bs typical hypocrite liberal.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 1, 16 12:33 AM
I drove through there this morning. Nice to know it is now preserved.
By PQ1 (167), hampton bays on Oct 7, 16 11:10 AM