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Apr 24, 2014 4:23 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Lottery Winner Moves Into Affordable Home In Flanders

Apr 30, 2014 1:00 PM

The first of 11 first-time homeowners, winners of the Southampton Town Housing Authority’s 2012 workforce housing lottery, cut the ribbon on his new home in Flanders last week.

Almost 18 months after his name was drawn from a brass cylinder at the Southampton Town Senior Center in Hampton Bays, Rich Lalomia was able to enter his new home on Brookhaven Drive on the morning of last Wednesday, April 23. Mr. Lalomia, a budget assistant for Southampton Town Comptroller Leonard Marchese, was renting in Hampton Bays before moving into his new three-bedroom, two-bathroom house earlier this week. Ground was broken on the house last May.

“Owning an affordable home on Long Island has, unfortunately, become out of reach for many residents,” said State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., who attended last week’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Mr. Lalomia’s home is the first of nearly a dozen affordable houses, which will cost the lottery winners only $152,000, that will be constructed in the town. Six more will be built in Flanders, two in East Quogue and one each in Noyac and North Sea. All of the homes, funded with $40,000 grants for each courtesy of the New York State Homes and Community Renewal Program, are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Mr. Lalomia declined to be interviewed.

Michelle Cannon, chairwoman of the Southampton Town Housing Authority, said she’s “ecstatic” about the progress of the project, adding that she expects to host the next such ceremony next month.

“We’re going to keep cranking them out,” she said on Tuesday. “We’re going to push the bar and put houses wherever we’re allowed to put them, because they’re needed.”

All 11 houses will be built on lots previously owned by Suffolk County and donated to the town for the construction of affordable homes. The county took over the properties after their prior owners failed to pay their real estate taxes.

“This program helps make safe, quality housing a reality for the hard-working men and women of the East End,” Mr. Thiele said.

In order to enter the lottery, potential buyers had to qualify for a mortgage, be first-time homeowners and earn less than $77,400 a year in income for a family of three or $86,000 for a family of four. Monthly mortgage payments for the homes, including property taxes, comes to about $1,300, according to town officials. Mortgage applications were aided by the Long Island Housing Partnership as well.

Southampton Town Councilwoman Bridget Fleming trumpeted the success of the program at the ribbon cutting.

“The need for workforce housing is at a crisis point on eastern Long Island, so there is still work to be done,” she said. “But we are pleased that, thanks to our successful joint efforts, a hardworking member of our community has a chance to be a homeowner.”

Fifty-five names were entered in the drawing, which was held in September 2012. Southampton Town residents, and the employees of local businesses, were given priority in the lottery.

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Let me get this straight: a town employee just so happened to "win" the lottery and get the affordable home? And he'll be earning how much in four years? And his health insurance and retirement bennies taxpayers pay for are how much? So let's tally it up: we pay his salary, we pay his insurance, we pay for his retirement and we pay for the place he is living in. Sweet -- for him. For the rest of us? Not so much. How many hours does he work--I mean, really. We've all been to town hall. Coffee, ...more
By nazznazz (276), east hampton on Apr 24, 14 9:47 PM
stop complaining, get off your lazy tush and fill out an application for a job in Southampton Town
By Jaws (244), Amity Island on Apr 24, 14 10:42 PM
Mr. Lalomia made $51,485 last year for Town of Southampton. His salary has increased from $46,312 in 2011 (likely through step increases - not COLA).

Lunch is 30 minutes and hours are generally 8-4:30.

Jaws nailed it on the head, maybe you should apply for a job if it's so "great".
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Apr 25, 14 12:00 PM
Why is the goverment in the housing business? Why do we continue to give hand outs to people? Work your ass off save your money and you will have a home. We don't need big brother in any business
By chief1 (2786), southampton on Apr 24, 14 10:25 PM
chief, it's not really a handout. the people who bought these homes will be paying mortgages and taxes. the lots were donated by suffolk county which were off the tax rolls and grant money was put towards the purchase of the home knocking the price down by $40k. the owners of these homes have to live in them for at least ten years, which is not mentioned in the article. if the owners sell the house within 10 years, they pay back the grant money that is prorated. it's a good way to keep the young ...more
By Jaws (244), Amity Island on Apr 24, 14 10:39 PM
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"Why is the goverment in the housing business? "

Because men with a fundamentally flawed view of economics allowed the "free market" to run flagrantly out of control in a state of fiscal anarchy. Seemingly, men you tend to vehemently agree with, and whose extremely simple views you appear to share.
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on Apr 24, 14 11:37 PM
By 27dan (2814), Southampton on Apr 27, 14 10:22 PM
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on Apr 28, 14 2:04 AM
But not from the school of Milton Friedman who's version of Egalitarianism supported equality-of-opportunity... not redisdribution of wealth
By joe hampton (3428), southampton on Apr 28, 14 7:10 PM
May 1, 14 9:05 AM appended by Mr. Z
And, the wealth of this nation has been redistributed in the last thirty years. It has been shifted to less than ten percent of it's population. The numbers don't lie, o' monument to propaganda and ignorance: In 2007 the richest 1% of the American population owned 34.6% of the country's total wealth, and the next 19% owned 50.5%. The top 20% of Americans owned 85% of the country's wealth and the bottom 80% of the population owned 15%. From 1922 to 2010, the share of the top 1% varied from 19.7% to 44.2%, the big drop being associated with the drop in the stock market in the late 1970s. Ignoring the period where the stock market was depressed (1976-1980) and the period when the stock market was overvalued (1929), the share of wealth of the richest 1% remained extremely stable, at about a third of the total wealth.[25] Financial inequality was greater than inequality in total wealth, with the top 1% of the population owning 42.7%, the next 19% of Americans owning 50.3%, and the bottom 80% owning 7%.[26] However, after the Great Recession which started in 2007, the share of total wealth owned by the top 1% of the population grew from 34.6% to 37.1%, and that owned by the top 20% of Americans grew from 85% to 87.7%. The Great Recession also caused a drop of 36.1% in median household wealth but a drop of only 11.1% for the top 1%, further widening the gap between the 1% and the 99%.[19][25][26] During the economic expansion between 2002 and 2007, the income of the top 1% grew 10 times faster than the income of the bottom 90%. In this period 66% of total income gains went to the 1%, who in 2007 had a larger share of total income than at any time since 1928. Top 1% incomes grew by 31.4% while bottom 99% incomes grew only by 0.4% from 2009 to 2012. Hence, the top 1% captured 95% of the income gains in the first three years of the recovery. ~ Courtesy of Wiki
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on May 1, 14 9:05 AM
Its called a free market. Public housing, and housing grants have been a bust in this country.As usual you are a hater of anyone successful, and somehow you think you being robbed as you sit in your house surfing the net.
By chief1 (2786), southampton on Apr 25, 14 8:14 AM
"We" have been robbed you fool.
Apr 25, 14 8:15 AM appended by Mr. Z
And, your presumption of why I'm in front of the computer is not only moronic, but way off base. I work in IT smart guy. I am currently refurbishing two laptops, and a desktop. As it has been pointed out by many more than myself, you really are ignorant as the day is long...
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on Apr 25, 14 8:15 AM
If we don't keep the young people here, this town will become an old-age home full of cranks.
By tenn tom (255), remsenburg on Apr 25, 14 8:20 AM
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Who you lookin' at?
By Turkey Bridge (1966), Quiogue on Apr 26, 14 11:34 AM
Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau?
By PBR (4952), Southampton on Apr 28, 14 6:11 AM
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We know you cant help yourself Chief.
So go ahead and research 72H properties in Suffolk County. These are parcels that were abandoned by not paying taxes. The county gave the parcels to the town for this purpose.
You now have people owning these homes, rather than an absentee landlord renting them out. Once the property is bought, or won in a lottery, the town in out of the business. Pretty simple. Even for you.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Apr 29, 14 5:50 PM
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Blank there are plenty of houses under 200 k in Flanders.I don't think our tax dollars should go towards funding housing. Besides that's my opinion Blank so why don't you mind your business.
By chief1 (2786), southampton on Apr 29, 14 10:01 PM
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Chief you just boiled it down. But Flanders is not good enough for them I guess
By joe hampton (3428), southampton on Apr 30, 14 11:07 AM
Blank is pretty much on-point. Tax Dollars aren't going towards funding of houses. Private developers put money into a fund for affordable housing if they choose not to do the required affordable component for their house.

The person who wins the lottery pays the majority of the cost of the home.

The property was given to the Town via the county which took it for back taxes.

The rest of the money comes via $40,000 grants from NYS. Where do local tax dollars come ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Apr 30, 14 12:01 PM
What taxes are involved in the process, Chief? If you don't want anyone commenting on your opinion, why bother to post them. Do you think anyone really is interested in your "its my opinion don't bother me with facts" statements?
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Apr 30, 14 12:23 PM
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But what about chiefs point? Is flanders not good enough?
By joe hampton (3428), southampton on Apr 30, 14 2:39 PM
"But Flanders is not good enough for them I guess"

Who is 'them'
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Apr 30, 14 2:56 PM
1 member liked this comment
Apparently the "workin' po' ", who should be sequestered from society and live in their deserved squalor for being inferior.

That's how America was founded to work, right? Aristocracy and privilege for a few, and serfs to serve their needs. SMH.
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on May 6, 14 8:39 AM
works for the town what a remarkable coincidence. just lucky I guess.
By The Cramped ins (7), southampton on May 7, 14 2:24 PM
1 member liked this comment
That's right, cramped, it was all a set up. Pre-determined. Perhaps you were not present during the public drawing of names?
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on May 8, 14 10:58 AM
LOL, sure because lottery drawings are never and couldn't possibly be rigged. I have seen and heard raffles/lotteries fixed. It isn't real difficult. Now if you're saying because this is a SHT lottery and therefore the impeccable integrity of those in charge will prevent fraud or rigging then you're beyond help.
By ICE (1214), Southampton on May 10, 14 1:50 AM
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