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Apr 24, 2012 6:16 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Demos Faces Objections To Petition, Accuses Altschuler of Organizing Them

Apr 24, 2012 6:24 PM

Four Republicans from western Suffolk County are attempting to knock Republican George Demos off the ballot in a primary election against Republican Randy Altschuler in June.

Last week, four individuals filed general objections to Mr. Demos’s 2,000-signature Republican designating petition with the Suffolk County Board of Elections, according to an official within Democratic Commissioner Anita Katz’s office, who declined to give her name. Those individuals are James J. Jost of Nesconset, Mary Magnifico of Mt. Sinai, Marlene Wolke of Smithtown, and Jerome Rosen of Brookhaven.

Both Mr. Demos of Ronkonkoma, a former prosecutor for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and Mr. Altschuler, a businessman from St. James, are competing for a chance to unseat Democratic U.S. Representative Tim Bishop in an election this November.

The individuals who filed objections have until the end of the day Wednesday, April 25, to file specific objections to the petition, the BOE official said. The BOE will then determine the validity of the objections.

Mr. Demos said the effort to block him from competing in the primary election was organized by Mr. Altschuler. “Randy Altschuler has a major problem, and that is that he knows that his outsourcing of American jobs to India is an impediment to his getting elected,” Mr. Demos said. “So, instead of facing the voters on the ballot, he would rather maneuver through back-room deals to try to get the only conservative thrown off the ballot.”

But Diana Weir, Mr. Altschuler’s spokeswoman, said the campaign had nothing to do with the objections.

“He’s flailing,” Ms. Weir said. “So he’ll say anything, do anything. I mean, he’s just basically throwing mud on the wall to see what will possibly stick. He really doesn’t have a chance.”

Mr. Demos said Mr. Altschuler instructed Brookhaven Town Republican Committee Chairman Jesse Garcia to ask at least one of the individuals, Mr. Rosen, who is a BOE employee, to file the objection. Mr. Garcia said he did no such thing, and added that Mr. Demos is a “failed candidate who only wants to act as a spoiler and is an extension of liberal Tim Bishop’s campaign.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Altschuler’s campaign touted gathering 9,000 petition signatures to qualify for the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties’s lines last week. According to a press release issued by his campaign last Friday, he collected signatures from 6,006 Republicans, 1,636 from Independence Party members, and 1,267 signatures from registered Conservatives.

“I can’t thank all the hardworking volunteers from the Republican, Conservative and Independence party enough for rallying in support of me and my positive message of fiscal responsibility and economic growth,” Mr. Altschuler stated in the release. “To collect so many signatures in such a condensed time frame truly demonstrates the passion, strength and unity in my campaign against Congressman Bishop.”

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"THROW THEM ALL OUT", subtitled "How politicians and their friends get rich off insider stock tips, land deals, and cronyism that would send the rest of us to prison" by Peter Schweizer.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 25, 12 4:37 PM
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Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber! Hah! The future of the republican party!
By peoplefirst (787), Southampton on Apr 25, 12 9:05 PM
Here's what both Demos and Altschuler are missing. This is Suffolk County. Sure it's a longtime Republican stronghold, but it isn't some redneck Bible Belt district out in wherever -- these are Long Island Republicans, sensible people for the most part, not crazy tea party types. Randy Altschuler and George Demos, watching too much TV about presidential primary races out in the boondocks, have both painted themselves into an extreme conservative corner, which is definitely not the view of most ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 26, 12 3:57 AM
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yeah those crazy tea party people who want smaller Gvt, a more fiscally reponsible Gvt and less intrusion in their lives. I also can't stand those rednecks who praise the lord our creator. The nerve of them. The best republicans are Long Island republicans because they ae sensible (for the most part that is)
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 26, 12 9:35 AM
Don't you mean "your lord, your creator," Razza? Not all of us share your phony piousness and religion nor do all of us agree that religion has any place in politics - I include the framers in the "don't agree" column.

By the way, I find it funny that you don't consider forcing a woman to have a sonogram a big gov't intrusion. I find it funny that you don't find giving my tax dollars to oil companies a big gov't intrusion. I find it funny that you don't consider legislating the right ...more
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Apr 26, 12 12:53 PM
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1. Dont cry because you are an atheist and the most naive person on the face of the planet. For better or worse Religion has been and always will be intermingled in politics.
2. I did mean "our" lord I meant "my" lord.
3. You are committting slander and putting words in my mouth. I never said sanything about sonograms, oil or racial profiling.
4. Your last comment is laughable. It is the progressive dems who want to run the country with their own myopic ideology. Their mantra is if ...more
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 26, 12 2:45 PM
“All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry”

~ Edgar Allan Poe

"You have to stand in awe, IN AWE, of the all time champion of false promises, and exaggerated claims, Religion. No contest. Religion easily has the greatest B.S. story ever told. Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people, that there's an invisible man, living in the sky; who watches everything you do, every moment of every day. And the ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 26, 12 5:17 PM
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1. Religion is all around us and intermingled in American politics. To say its not is just stupid. It may have not been specified in the constitution but listen to the pledge of allegiance. Look at American currency. To date I can't think of an American president elected who was an atheist ( well maybe Obama)
2. You shouldn't speak for progress. She used the word "you" referring to me. I never said any of those things.
3 the fact that you have no religion or faith in your life makes me feel ...more
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 27, 12 7:12 AM
Well, "under God" was not in the original draft of the Pledge of Allegiance. In fact, it was added in 1954 during the cookie cutter, "invisible poor" days of "The Good Life".

As for it appearing on currency, "God" does not appear on any denomination including, and exceeding the $500 bill. Of course, they haven't been printed since 1945. "In God We Trust" did not appear on ANY U.S. currency before 1864, and that was only on coins. As far as "paper" currency is concerned, the words were ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 27, 12 3:20 PM
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Seriously?? Religion is not allowed to interfere with American politics. It's all around you whether you like it or not. The dig at Obama was a joke. We all know his preacher rev wright. Preacher of hate and racism
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 27, 12 7:18 PM
I suggest razza familiarize himself with the definition, and history of "Annuit Coeptis".
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 28, 12 9:42 AM
Annuit coeptis is translated by the senate, the us treasury and the US mint as "he (god) has favored our undertakings. The literal Latin translation is He approves of the undertakings. bottom line is for better or worse religion and politics are intertwined. You can make the argument that was not the intent but the fact is it always has been and always will be.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 28, 12 1:26 PM

If they actually meant to say "God", there would have been some inflected form of the word "deus". Second declension, masculine.

Face it, they wanted religion to be separate. Look at the Englsh Crown they has been oppressed under. They wanted religion as much involved with authority, and one would desire a hole in the head.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 28, 12 2:11 PM
Check Wikipedia and not some obscure opinion letter. I agree that Jefferson was a big time seperarist
( and agrarian to boot) but even IF the founding fathers wanted religion removed entirely from politics then they failed miserably
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 28, 12 3:03 PM
to razza5350:

You are correct except in insisting that the phrase is properly translated, "'God' favors our undertaking". In the selfsame Wikipedia article to which you refer, it is argued that had the authors meant "god", they would have used the phrase, "'Deo' favente". Since the latin phrase used omits any reference to god in preference to an anonymous "he", the translation, "'Providence' favors. . ." would be most appropriate, especially so when you consider that Jefferson, as a deist, ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Apr 28, 12 3:53 PM
As a student of Latin, all five declensions and four conjugations, even a loosely idiomatic translation of "annuit coeptis" does not yield the word "god". HHS is correct.

Christian morality does show itself in the literature of the day, including the Constitution. However, aren't those values simply the right thing to do, under any name other than Christianity? Sure they are. It was realistically the most popular religious doctrine of the time. Of course it's presence will be notable.

The ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 28, 12 8:24 PM
I am not concerned with t jeremy gunn's or mr z's opinion Verbatim.....annuit coeptis is translated by the US state department, the US mint and the US treasury as "He (god) has favored our undertakings" brackets in original.
This all verified through sources with Wikipedia.
frankly i really dont care what it means I'll stick by my statement. Religion, like it or not, plays an important part in politics.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 29, 12 8:37 AM
And the State is the absolute authority on academic translation of ancient language, by far. [chuckle]

Do you realize that is was the State, in a monarchical form, that translated the Bible into Middle English, from the "original" Latin, which was translated from Hebrew, and Aramaic in the firstplace? The New Testament was written in GREEK, then translated to Latin, and finally Middle English. Translation is like beauty, it's in the eye of the Beholder. A copy, of a copy, of a copy, ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 29, 12 8:55 AM
1 member liked this comment
I don't care what the literal translation is. What I care about is how the GOVERNMENT translated it. They translated it using the word god. Its been verified through sources on WIkipedia. You were the one telling me to educate myself on annuit coepetis and I have. You using it as a silver bullet that religion and politics aren't intermingled only makes you look like a clown.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Apr 29, 12 11:56 AM
1 member liked this comment
I never said they weren't intermingled. In fact, I abhor the fact that they are. I am old enough to recall God's special education team here on Earth back in the eighties. There were some wacko preachers, weren't there? All in the name of "God". Just like our wacko government because of the "intermingling". Science is the natural evolution, and natural replacement for Religion. First we had the Greeks, with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether. Of course, Paganism (polydeism) went with that. ...more
Apr 29, 12 4:54 PM appended by Mr. Z
And, just for reference, the government definition you stand behind, was begun in the 1950's. Probably the most pathetic decade in 20th century American History, next to the last two.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 29, 12 4:54 PM
I don't stand behind the definition. The GVT does. I didnt reference it you did
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 1, 12 11:53 AM
I think I'll just leave you with this:

"If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane. "

~ Robert Green Ingersoll

By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on May 1, 12 5:51 PM
A quote from an agnostic (ingersoll) and a crack head (Sam Kineson) LOL
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 2, 12 11:20 AM
Responded to with a quote from a wingnut (razza5350) and a crackpot (also razza5350)
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on May 2, 12 11:54 AM
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By the way, you do know that Kinison was a Pentecostal preacher before he made it in comedy, right?

It would seem to me, that he saw the light...

"In another time and place he would have been called prophet."

~ Epithet of Samuel Burl Kinison

Influenced: Joe Rogan, Ralphie May, Bill Hicks, Denis Leary, Adam Sandler, Patton Oswalt, Larry the Cable Guy, David Cross, Dane Cook, et al.

By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on May 2, 12 7:45 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 3, 12 8:43 AM
crookhaven republican politics.Remember the leader that was involved in a ring that was stealing Mack trucks?He even sold some of them to Brookhaven town. One step above Tammany hall.Now they want to deny one of their own a primary race. I wouldn't turn my back on any of them
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Apr 26, 12 2:45 PM
Razza, how do you slander an anonymous wing nut on a blog? By the way, in this case it would be libel. Progress us right, Keep your religion to yourself
By peoplefirst (787), Southampton on Apr 26, 12 7:05 PM
You guys want to know about the war on women? think of this, I have never experienced such vitrol clothed in a velvet glove as I have seen and heard here in the south. Have you noticed when you see them speak against, ah for instance "Violence against women act" in congress it is always a man speaking! It is a man who is against abortion. A man telling American women what they can have, can do etc. As for abortion... go ahead ban it the rich girls will just go down to South America or somewhere ...more
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Apr 29, 12 10:08 PM
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Republicans have made it clear they do not oppose re-authorizing VAWA. Their opposition is driven by additional provisions to accommodate same-sex couples and illegal immigrants. Democrats are using the issue to manufacturing another partisan, political divide.
Apr 29, 12 10:52 PM appended by Mr. Snerdley
Here's an idea, let's support the act to include the group it was intended to support (women) and leave out the inclusion of other groups not intended to be included. A crime is a crime no matter who it is perpetrated against.
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on Apr 29, 12 10:52 PM
Its sad, I guess you have never held a new born. Or loved a child.
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on May 1, 12 10:46 AM
Think Progress has a very detailed story about Romney and his son.It says they are entwined with 3 men who ran an 8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.Very strange that other publications haven't picked it up. Take a look for yourself. If it's true Romney is in deep trouble. However Corzine is still walking around free as a bird while 1.6 Billion is missing from MF Global. Must be nice to be rich
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Apr 30, 12 8:03 PM
1 member liked this comment
You have to remember that the seriousness of the charge outweighs the lack of evidence, because no evidence is needed among liberals to make insidious charges. The truth will come out in both cases and hopefully the guilty will get their due process and just desserts. The left has once again gotten the candidate they desire with Mitt seemingly getting the GOP nod. Mitt would be an improvement over Obama and a good start to repair the damage done by Obama and the democratic congress.
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on Apr 30, 12 8:44 PM
If history tells us anything true then we, the 99%, need to hide what ever we have under the mattress if the Republicans get any more power than they have now. And here in the south I find it verrrry interesting; now some celebrate Lincoln's birthday. He was the first Republican President and he headed up the Civil War. He kept the Union together and freed the slaves.
I admire this President Obama for all that he has accompolished so far.
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Apr 30, 12 10:42 PM
2 members liked this comment
Dats correct Boo. Now that he has moved the cause up field. We will not yield. B.P.
By local 84 (353), riverhead on May 1, 12 10:41 AM
<------ Do the Math
May 1, 12 11:20 PM appended by They call me
The Preezy of the United Steezy is making me Queasy.Because his nonstop campaigning is looking SO Sleazy
By They call me (2826), southampton on Apr 30, 12 11:20 PM
To those who refer to Wikipedia: Do you really believe that everything on Wikipedia is accurate and correct? Do you understand how easy it is to edit and how many people do that for better or for worse? It is done so often that some disputed subjects have had to be locked.
By goldenrod (505), southampton on May 1, 12 10:49 AM
Google Romney Ponzi and see the connections Romney and his son have with three men.They ran an 8.5 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.The second largest Ponzi scheme on record.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on May 1, 12 6:11 PM
Liberal playbook, page 74; “The seriousness of the charge outweighs the lack of evidence; repeat it until the unproven allegations stick”. This is a story from last year sweeping the liberal stratosphere trying to keep an unproven allegation alive all to do as much damage as possible since Obama can’t run for reelection on HIS performance. As you gravitate away from the liberal blog and read other sources you get a different portrayal of the circumstances where Mitt Romney has ...more
By Mr. Snerdley (397), Southampton on May 2, 12 9:02 AM
This thread is just so wild.

You have a class of people running the country into the ground from government, to corporate America solely to enrich themselves by flaunting the rules, or even completely disregarding them.

And, you have allowed them to set you at eachother's throats, instead of being at bay for their collective heads.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on May 2, 12 6:06 PM
Problem is the two party system is very divisive. Their is too much stubborness and no flexibility on both parties. George Washington was very prophetic when warning about their divisiveness (his policical ideaologies are a great read). With that said I couldn't see myself going out to a cup of coffee and agreeing to anything with some of you on these blogs unless you were in a straight jacket (I'm sure you hold the reverse true in your mind as well)
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 3, 12 9:00 AM
I will agree with you on the divisive point. Main reason I've been Independent since I was old enough to vote. I have never intentionally registered as a Republican, or a Democrat. Didn't stop the geniuses at the Board of Elections from registering me as a Republican "Independence" party member, though (idiots). It's always nice when someone assumes they know better than you, what your postion is.

Each of the Founders who left their writings to posterity was prophetic in some manner. ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on May 3, 12 8:21 PM
Other than local town GVT who is the last republican that you voted for?
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on May 4, 12 6:18 AM