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Mar 2, 2018 6:46 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

East Hampton Town Fisheries Committee Nominates Julie Evans To Represent Industry For Deepwater Wind Project

Julie Evans
Mar 5, 2018 9:24 AM

The East Hampton Town Fisheries Committee has selected Captain Julie Evans to be the fisheries representative for Deepwater Wind’s proposed South Fork Wind Farm project.

The committee made the selection at its February 2 meeting, announced it on Friday, and will present a letter in support of Capt. Evans at the East Hampton Town Board’s meeting on Tuesday, March 6. The ultimate choice of a representative is up to Deepwater Wind, which according to federal “best practices” must hire someone to represent the fishermen whose livelihoods could be affected by the installation of the 15 wind turbines east of Block Island.

Deepwater has had trouble finding an individual who would be paid by the energy company yet at the same time be trusted by fishermen to represent their best interests, but the fisheries committee’s vice chairman, Robert Valenti, called the selection of Capt. Evans “a slam dunk.”

“I think she’s excellent. She has abilities that a lot of fishermen don’t have,” he said, adding that in addition to being a member of the commercial and charter boat communities in Montauk for 32 years she has writing experience and the strength of character to be willing to stand up to Deepwater.

A licensed captain, she and her late husband, Mike Brumm, ran the Daybreaker and the Daylight charter boats and she runs Evans Communications, a public relations group and is a licensed real estate agent. Capt. Evans served on the board of directors of the Concerned Citizens of Montauk for 18 years, on the Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee for 10 years, and on the committee that drafted the Lake Montauk watershed plan. She is a former director of the Montauk Chamber of Commerce and was an unsuccessful candidate for East Hampton Town Trustee last fall.

“I’ve been moving towards this job since I arrived in Montauk,” Capt. Evans said on Friday. “I understand the water but I’m not on the water.” She said she has the time to do research and to put “everybody’s comments and needs together” as Deepwater moves forward in the review and planning process with its current plan to install the turbines at Cox’s Ledge—”not my preferred location,” Capt. Evans said.

She said she does not know what the exact terms of the job will be but that it was advertised at $50 an hour and would likely go on for years and that it is her plan to be “very transparent about everything.”

The committee will ask the Town Board on Tuesday for a $30,000 stipend to hire an assistant to help gather landing data and similar information about the commercial, charter and recreational industries that the project could affect.

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Let the trouble begin......Julie Evans is a very poor choice, she has caused trouble everywhere she goes and has a difficult time getting along with others. She was NEVER a Charter boat captain, just because she has a license, she never took anyone out fishing.
By mtkfishman (76), montauk on Mar 3, 18 7:25 AM
The most efficient and less invasive wind farm:
"The world's first commercial floating offshore wind farm, called Hywind, started sending electricity to the grid last October. Since then, the six-turbine, 30MW installation has been working well. Really well. In fact, Hywind has had a 65-percent capacity factor over the last three months according to Statoil, the Norwegian mega-corporation that built the wind farm off the coast of Scotland."
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 5, 18 7:05 AM
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