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Mar 10, 2015 5:27 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

East Hampton Town Police Lieutenant Chris Hatch To Leave Department

Mar 10, 2015 6:33 PM

East Hampton Town Police Lieutenant Chris Hatch is retiring from his post of 22 years at the end of the month to pursue a career in his family’s trucking business.

The change, which will take effect on Friday, March 27, will result in a major loss to the department, according to Chief Michael Sarlo, who described Lt. Hatch as a “dynamic leader.”

“We will really, truly miss him,” Chief Sarlo said. “I know he feels that he would have liked to have done another few years, but the time is right for him and his family.”

Lt. Hatch is staying local, however, as he will be taking over West Harbor Transport, his family’s business that delivers bulk loads of water for various projects, including the filling of swimming pools. He said he and his father, Paul Hatch, have been working on developing and running the business for 25 years, and now it is his time to run with it.

“I’m looking forward to stepping out and developing something of my own, with the idea of bettering the situation for my family,” Lt. Hatch said. “It’s about having my schedule devoted more to them and working toward the development of my next career.”

As the commander of the Montauk precinct, Lt. Hatch has been instrumental in running a successful department, Chief Sarlo said.

Lt. Hatch joined the department at age 20 after having just returned home from college—he attended the University of Delaware, Suffolk County Community College and the Suffolk County Police Academy—and quickly became indispensable, according to his colleagues.

By his third or fourth year at the department, he was training officers, and now, 42 years old, he has 19 years of teaching under his belt. From teaching general and firearm classes, to developing new training courses and being resourceful in finding affordable training, whether online or by bringing in instructors, Lt. Hatch was heavily involved.

Additionally, he was an original member and the commanding officer of East Hampton Town’s Emergency Services Unit, as well as a volunteer firefighter and rescue diver.

In 2013, Lt. Hatch graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, where he earned 17 credits toward a college degree of his choice. While at the academy, he took courses on the behavior and trends of violent offenders, drug enforcement strategies, leadership, ethics, decision making and stress management in law enforcement, among others.

Since 2012, Lt. Hatch has been the commander of the Montauk precinct, where he became an integral part of the community there, attending many Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee meetings along the way.

“He’s done a great job out in Montauk and people like having him there,” Chief Sarlo said. “I wish him nothing but the best of luck, but he’ll be hard to replace.”

In just 15 months, the department has lost several officers to retirement and is now in the process of training younger officers to replace the experience and expertise that was lost.

Lt. Tom Grenci, a 27-year veteran and a former Montauk fire chief, will take over for Lt. Hatch.

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By Relentless (1), The Villages on Mar 12, 15 9:20 PM
1 member liked this comment
Ahh Mr Emmons!! You were the best!! My kids learned to drive by listening to my stories about our outings with Mr Emmons!! Hope you are well!
By Woods woman (145), East hampton on Mar 12, 15 10:35 PM
Huge pension at age 42. Many years of taxpayer funding. Public pensions should start at age 65, not in the 40s. Who can "retire" in their 40's?? And why do you think he went to Quantico in 2013 if he knew he was retiring soon? Because ihe got credits that added to the final pension number, that's why. They all boost their pension in the final years of work. It's unethical but very legal. Why should the taxpayers support someone for 40 years?
By Babyboo (293), Hampton Bays on Mar 14, 15 7:40 AM
1 member liked this comment
Baby boo. You sound jealous.
By bubby (236), southampton on Mar 14, 15 2:52 PM
Just fyi, whoever made this comment hacked my account somehow.
By bubby (236), southampton on Mar 18, 15 1:55 PM
Once again the jealous comments come out on 27 east. In a town of multi million and billionaires, people take aim at cops, teachers, and other public employees and present them as super wealthy. Police jobs pay well is this area, so maybe you should become a cop Babyboo? We all have choices to make in our lives. Don't spew hate at those who made good ones.
By louse pt. (143), springs on Mar 14, 15 5:18 PM

way to go Babyboo !!! only calling it as it is.
can you imagine it takes guts to do that, and that others would chide you for doing so.
bubby & louse pt why not address the points Babyboo makes instead of changing the subject ?? i think its fair to say we ALL ARE JEALOUS of this retirement to a life of a sweeeet pension and new job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i certainly am.

the unintended humor is Mr Emmons pointing out his focus on the retirement right fromr the start! ...more
By david h (405), southampton on Mar 15, 15 9:53 PM
1 member liked this comment
The man did an admirable job in his profession for twenty years. Cops get pensions after 20 years. The point of the article was to honor his service. Good paying pension careers do exist. He made good choices and earned his keep fair and square. Intelligent people maximize their earning potential within their profession. Good for him and his family.
By louse pt. (143), springs on Mar 16, 15 11:07 AM
Glad to know that you are happy to pay for it and to sacrifice your essential services and the quality of life and the retirement of your own children and grandchildren. Read about the coming pension time bomb before you repeat the party line. Unless, of course, you are one of them.
By Babyboo (293), Hampton Bays on Mar 17, 15 6:58 AM
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Jealously mixed up with a shot of keyboard queen sauce is deadly cocktail...
By Woodpecker (8), Southampton on Mar 17, 15 6:09 PM
2 members liked this comment
Good luck Chris!
By Rich Morey (378), East Hampton on Mar 20, 15 3:00 PM