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Oct 12, 2015 3:09 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Trustees Make A Splash With New Aluminum Boats

Southampton Town Trustees Bill Pell, Scott Horowitz, Raymond Overton and Edward J. Warner, JR., show some off some of the features of one of their new boats. GREG WEHNER
Oct 13, 2015 12:31 PM

The Southampton Town Trustees are investing more than $425,000 in a pair of new boats that will replace part of their aging patrol fleet.

Constructed from military-grade aluminum, the new boats are being manufactured by Alabama-based Silver Ships and should have better durability and longevity than their fiberglass predecessors.

In the past, the Town Trustees bought fiberglass boats built by companies like Steiger Craft in Bellport and North Carolina-based Privateer, according to Town Trustee Scott Horowitz. But various issues with their older fiberglass vessels, ranging from stress cracks to loosening center consoles, prompted them to seek a different company, and they ended up going with Silver Ships for their latest purchases.

With an approximate cost of $128,000, their new Freedom 21—a 21-foot navy gray center-console boat boasting a Mercury four-stroke, 250 horsepower motor—was delivered last month. The boat is equipped with some of the best technology available, including a Raymarine GPS system and sonar, and night-vision capability that will allow constables to better monitor Southampton’s waters after dusk, according to Mr. Horowitz.

He noted that the Freedom 21 was purchased without using taxpayer money; instead, he said, the Trustees paid off a few bonds and managed to free up almost $80,000 a year in debt service. “We dedicated a small portion of that over five years to assure that our constables would have a new vessel that was properly outfitted,” he added.

The second boat, a Freedom 25, has an estimated $300,000 price tag, and about 75 percent of that cost will be covered by a grant awarded to the town from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The remaining difference, approximately $75,000, will be covered by the town budget.

That 25-foot vessel, which is expected to be delivered soon, will boast even more features than its shorter counterpart, including a side scan sonar that will allow town constables to view objects on the sea floor.

In order to be in contention for the grant, the Trustees had to submit a more sophisticated design that also showed that their boat would be CBRN capable, short for “Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear.” To meet that qualification, a “safe cabin” had to be included in the design, offering safety and protection to the boat’s operator if an attack was taking place that involved any of the aforementioned weaponry.

The prices for each boat include heavy duty trailers that will allow the vessels to be removed from the water during the winter months. The trailers can also be used to transport the boats back to Alabama for any type of maintenance or repairs that need to be made.

Because the boats are made from high-grade aluminum, damaged parts can be cut out and new parts can be welded back in place, according to Mr. Horowitz. The new parts can then be painted so they match with the original vessel.

“In the long term, maintenance on these two boats will be much cheaper,” he said.

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Since the boats are aluminum and an environment approved anti-fouling bottom paint has to be used what will be used?
By flandersbaybill (2), southampton on Oct 12, 15 10:48 PM
"He noted that the Freedom 21 was purchased without using taxpayer money" Unless they are reaching into their own pockets...they ALWAYS use taxpayer money. Instead of giving it back...they just find somewhere else to spend it. Typical mindset.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Oct 13, 15 7:31 AM
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Why is Scott 007 Horowitz speaking for the Trustees?
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 13, 15 7:49 AM
I have never seen a 25 ft boat for 300k. If something goes wrong with the boat they will trailer it to Alabama? Here's an idea keep your perfectly good fiberglass boats, and return our money. Irresponsible
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 13, 15 8:19 AM
The funny (or sad) part is that they are proud of their incompetence.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Oct 13, 15 8:55 AM
By yassar arafar (33), sag harbor on Oct 13, 15 12:44 PM
Wait a minute-- The first line says the trustees are investing $425,000- then later it says the TOWN received a grant for a $300K boat (most paid for with grant) with the TOWN funding the rest. The Town applied for and was awarded the grant not the trustees. It seems that the trustees are funding $125K- not $425K. So why is blow hard horowitz claiming credit for everything? Oh thats right- he always does that. Anyway sounds like election year nonsense. 007 care to comment? (10,000 words or ...more
By PoliticallyIncorrect (45), earth on Oct 13, 15 1:23 PM
Any fire suppression equipment in that money? Last boat that burned off shinniecock, had to wait for NSFD to go thru peconic and shinniecock to put it out. How many marinas are in SH town.
Lots of smoke in that $$$.
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Oct 13, 15 5:58 PM
I could think of no better investment than tools for our trustees to use in order to protect our waters and related natural resources.
By KevinLuss (356), SH on Oct 13, 15 6:31 PM
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I am so glad that they are protected from "Chemical, Biological,Radiological and Nuclear War" This is such a sad joke with taxpayer money. Not to mention who pays when the boat has to go back to Alabama. Why not support local boat dealers and bid through them? At least Steiger is in Bellport. You just can't fix stupid.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Oct 15, 15 8:07 AM
Lets try, First, It is a CBRN capable vessel, which means, if there is a threat in a nearby harbor, like NY Harbor, a trained team can use the vessel for testing and security at a time of a threat. It can be run by water or on a trailer. It is much more durable, and that is why our town was awarded the grant. The manufactrurer has a government contract, one of the best naval architects, and has built hundreds of vessels for agencies like the navy. The normal use of the vessel, is routine patrol ...more
By 007 (45), East Quogue on Oct 15, 15 10:26 AM
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Ok 007 here it goes. The US Coast Guard has multiple stations on Long Island as well as Nassau and Suffolk PD Marine Bureaus. If there is a "threat" they are the ones who should have the boat not a Rinky Dink Towns Trustees. Not to mention the cost of training etc.. I am guessing they had to use a government contractor to get the grant. Any money the Town spends is TAXPAYER money. There are no other sources. Any boat can be refurbished as you mention. Not just these.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Oct 15, 15 12:58 PM
2 boats. The one in the picture, is a standard patrol. sourced from enterprise revenue. in regard to the cbrn: There will be already trained people using the vessel within its capabilities, the vessel, not the constables, in such a threatening scenario, The local fleet is aging and would require replacement. Boats that just sit, end up with more problems especially with the ethanol in the fuel today. Reliability and safety is key. It makes more sense to have these capable vessels used, maintained ...more
By 007 (45), East Quogue on Oct 15, 15 1:47 PM
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If you knew anything about marine outboards they all have problem with ethanol, and the new ones blow power heads constantly. Can you please tell me how a 21 ft boat is going to be a deterrent to any threat. The best part is somebody told the trustees that this boat is somehow resistant from nuclear radiation. Roflmao All these years we have been been using lead to block radiation when an aluminum boat was the answer lol. By the way if we have a nuclear attack what would be left to patrol? More ...more
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 15, 15 5:42 PM
Not That boat. That boat in the picture is a routine patrol vessel. Article says The second boat is different. Ethanol effects all engines and the point is that if you routinely operate and maintain a vessel, when pressed into service, it will be there in good operating order. If you let fuel sit, batteries drain, systems not operating, when needed for an event, there is a good chance it will not perform. Thank you to all the hard working bay constables. Glad you are being well outfitted.
By 007 (45), East Quogue on Oct 15, 15 7:46 PM
1 member liked this comment
They don't understand the word "depreciation". You're probably beating a dead horse...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Oct 15, 15 8:26 PM
How much did the new Boston Whale Outrage sitting in Conscience Point Marina cost and where did the funds come from?
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 16, 15 7:03 AM
Funny when we wonder why we can't afford to love here.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 16, 15 6:28 PM
007 We didnt fall off a turnip truck yesterday. A 25 and a 21 ft boat should cost a max of 125k equipped. The major problem with boats is ethanol, and that issue can't be fixed. I see the constables out all the time, and they are doing routine traveling that can be done from a 75k boat. Ironically just like the one's they have. If the trustees were a business there is no way they would spend 450k for two little boats. Schools, and goverment are on a spending spree, and taxpayers are being robbed.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 17, 15 8:23 AM
Again, how much did the new Outrage at Conscience Point Scott? Where did those funds come from? Thanks.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 17, 15 9:13 AM
Calm down Scotty 007 Horowitz- I get it about the nuclear/biological crap was required for the TOWN (NOT the trustees) to get the grant-but seriously do u reallly think its ever going to get used?? Do u really believe this little boat would be needed in NYC in an emergency when they have dozens of much larger boats available? And how much will it cost to bring a boat to ALABAMA for service?? The trucking cost would have to be at least $4-5000 each way.
And by the way- repowering a boat after ...more
By PoliticallyIncorrect (45), earth on Oct 17, 15 11:51 AM
Last time I checked ther is no I in trustee but I in Horowitzless
By Beachrat (6), Southampton on Oct 17, 15 2:49 PM
crickets from Scott
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 17, 15 5:34 PM
Scott is not your enemy. He is a guy trying to serve his community. That's all.
By 007 (45), East Quogue on Oct 17, 15 6:41 PM
everyone knows you are 007 scott so stop digging yourself into a hole
By CaptainSig (716), Dutch Harbor on Oct 17, 15 9:21 PM
Scott, since you have taken the role as spokesman for the Trustees, it follows that there will be questions to be answered. How much did the new Outrage in Conscience Point cost and where did the funds originate?
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 18, 15 8:06 AM
You can add this boat to your fleet of 70k tahoes, and all the other nonsense, goverment is collecting. It's ironic how politician's will tell you we are making it too expensive for the young people to stay here. In the back room they are spending money they don't have, and taxing the hell out of us. When does it end?
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 18, 15 10:29 AM
Who is that little man in the picture and why does he need to litter the town with tons of billboards? Is he afraid he's going to lose the election?
By Trapper (2), Southampton on Oct 18, 15 6:32 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 19, 15 1:20 PM
The boat is # 5 Scott, new last year. I am a staunch supporter of the Trustees and have the utmost respect for the TRADITION of HOME RULE and fighting to preserve our rights, our rights to hunt and fish, and especially our right to 4x4 beach access, access that has dwindled over the years. There has been too much talk of back room deals with homeowners that want us off the beach, too much talk of compromise . Our Trustees should stand up and fight , not bend an inch on this, even if the homeowners ...more
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Oct 19, 15 3:37 PM
Jim, same homeowner donated to your friend Bills campaign through his primary party registration, Read the article in the press with a little research. Trustees don't negotiate public access rights away, Hardened structures on the beach and bad court rulings can take it away......Proper and sensible handling of the resources will assure access for generations. That's what the people of this town need.
By 007 (45), East Quogue on Oct 20, 15 7:45 AM
Doesn't the County have a Nuke proof boat? The Metal Shark?
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Oct 22, 15 11:01 PM