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Nov 6, 2013 12:24 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Throne-Holst Will Lead New Independence-Democratic Majority On Southampton Town Board

Nov 6, 2013 12:24 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst cruised to victory in her reelection bid Tuesday and is expected to lead a new Democratic-Independence majority on the Town Board for the first time in her tenure.

Ms. Throne-Holst, an Independence Party member cross-endorsed by Democrats, received more than 58 percent of ballots cast and held a 2,000-vote lead over her Republican challenger, former Town Supervisor Linda Kabot, with 879 absentee ballots left to be counted, according to unofficial results posted by the Suffolk County Board of Elections. Ms. Throne-Holst will begin her third term as supervisor on January 1.

In the Town Board race, just 250 votes separate the top three candidates for the two council seats on the table, amid robust turnout at the polls, but Republican Stan Glinka and Independence Party member Brad Bender appear poised to win them, finishing with 5,857 votes and 5,746 votes, respectively.

Republican Jeff Mansfield trails Mr. Bender by 143 votes, and Democrat Frank Zappone is 301 votes behind. While they do still carry a mathematical possibility of changing the outcome of those races, the absentee ballots traditionally tend to break at the same ratio as the ballot results, and typically do not change the outcomes of races separated by more than a few dozen votes—a point Southampton Town Democratic Party Chairman Gordon Herr acknowledged early in the evening.

Mr. Glinka was one of three newcomer Republicans to win election Tuesday, with Town Trustee candidates Scott Horowitz and Raymond Overton also winning, while the Independence Party saw all five of its registered members—Ms. Throne-Holst, Mr. Bender, Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor, Suffolk County Legislator Jay Schneiderman and Town Trustee Bill Pell—win election. All five were also endorsed by the Democratic Party, which has pulled nearly even with the Republicans in terms of registered voters.

“The Democratic Party, the last couple elections, has shown itself to be a major force,” Mr. Herr said. “We are going to have a determined effort to get unaffiliated voters to register as Democrats in the next couple years.”

In the 1980s, Republicans outnumbered Democrats in Southampton Town by a nearly 3-to-1 margin. The largest block of voters in the town is now populated by the 2,000-plus registered Independence Party voters and more than 10,000 unaffiliated “blanks.”

Mr. Glinka was brought to tears at times while watching the results appear on the screen at Villa Tuscano in Hampton Bays, embracing his close friend, Andrew Marmusack. “It is the most humbling experience of my life,” Mr. Glinka said. “[Voters] believed in me. Now, I’m ready to produce for them.”

After addressing the dwindling crowd at the restaurant around midnight, Mr. Glinka turned to his running mate, Mr. Mansfield, and said: “Jeff, you better be up there with me, because I don’t want to do this alone. I’m not much of a politician, as many of you know.”

“You are now,” Town Republican Party Chairman Bill Wright called out from the audience.

Mr. Mansfield said he was proud of his campaign, to which he contributed more than $30,000 of his own money, and the showing he drew at the polls as a political newcomer. “I’m proud of my campaign, as a newcomer, an unknown,” Mr. Mansfield said. “Obviously, my message was heard.”

At Democratic headquarters at 230 Elm in Southampton Village, Mr. Bender was similarly grateful for his apparent win and supportive of his running mate, Mr. Zappone.

“There’s a lot of people that worked really hard and did a lot for our team, and I want to thank my husband, Larry, who did my website and my Facebook [page],” Mr. Bender said. “My new best friend, Frank Zappone, who I’ve been able to confide in, and I know that moving forward, will be in Town Hall, whether beside me or beside Anna. I feel fortunate to work with you.”

Mr. Zappone, who has been Ms. Throne-Holst’s deputy supervisor for all four years of her tenure—without accepting the $35,000 salary that comes with the position—said that regardless of Tuesday’s outcome, he expects to continue working in town government. “I’ve been honored to be beside Anna as her deputy supervisor,” he said. “It’s a job worth doing, it’s a job I enjoy doing. I don’t do this because it is something I have to do. It’s not a career for me, it’s an avocation.”

Ms. Throne-Holst was elected to her third term as supervisor, while Ms. Kabot, who lives in Quogue, suffered her third defeat at the polls—all to the current supervisor.

“I love this job, I love serving the Town of Southampton, I am proud of the work we’ve done over the last four years, I’m proud of us setting the financial ship straight for this town, but also being there for every corner of our town,” Ms. Throne-Holst said with three of her four children at her side.

“And I think tonight’s win speaks to that: We’ve genuinely been there to help, we’ve been there to make a difference. There is no issue, no problem, no goal that is too small. We have a track record of that, and that’s what we ran, and that’s why I have the good fortune to stand here tonight.”

On January 1, with the departure of Republican Councilman Chris Nuzzi and Conservative Councilman Jim Malone, and the apparent ascension of Mr. Bender, Ms. Throne-Holst will become the first non-Republican supervisor to preside over a friendly majority of the board since Fred Thiele and a third-party coalition controlled the board in the early 1990s. She was optimistic on Tuesday night that her administration will lead a coalition in which politics will not interfere with governance.

“We’ve put the politics aside to be real public servants and that’s what we’re all united in,” she said. “I want everyone who didn’t vote for me to know it makes no difference to me. The party politics don’t matter to me. I’m here to be a public servant. I love my job and I’m so honored to have two more years to work at it.”

Her foe, Ms. Kabot, was resigned early on in her third loss to Ms. Throne-Holst.

“I’m proud of this team, we put up the good fight,” Ms. Kabot said as the number of election districts outstanding dwindled and Ms. Throne Holst’s lead held fast. “We created the buzz and excitement and record turnout in Southampton. We need to be proud about that.

“There is a saying, ‘There is no dishonor in losing when you step up and offer your courage,’” she continued. “There is no honor in not trying and there is a certain trying in doing your best.”

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“The Democratic Party, the last couple elections, has shown itself to be a major force,” Mr. Herr said. Yes, a major force in getting 3 Independents, 4 Republicans and 1 Dem elected this year. Bravo! Mr. Herr! Your political expertise is astounding.That people not politics stuff is bull, you have to stand for something. Seems the Indies stand for whoever has the most to offer them, while great Dem candidates like Frank Zappone fall by the wayside. Pity.
By ebonybay (6), Hampton Bays on Nov 6, 13 2:40 PM
1 member liked this comment
Ebony, Gordon Herr and the Executive Committee have no idea that Democrats feel they have achieved nothing but allow the carpet bagging Independents to again for the nth time use them, the Democratic organization, and their money to dominate Town Hall.

To claim it as good for the Democrats who couldn't even get their lone candidate elected is delusional. Cramming Southampton politics with Independents crowds out the future development of great Democratic candidates like Bridget Fleming ...more
By Obbservant (449), southampton on Nov 6, 13 4:45 PM
On all sides, may the broken promises begin.
By GoldenBoy (351), EastEnd on Nov 6, 13 3:52 PM
1 member liked this comment
That's a really crass comment, GoldenBoy. Entirely apart from any Dem-GOP conflicts, and entirely apart from the serious issues of Dem-Indy control, indeed apart from any political considerations, if you can make a comment like that, then you don't deserve to benefit from the work of any of the candidates who ran, winners or losers, or from the work of the many, many people who labored as volunteers for those candidates.

It's bad enough to be uninvolved, it's bad enough to pay no attention, ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Nov 7, 13 9:22 AM
2 members liked this comment
You are kidding TB, right? And you believe in our Constitution and Freedom of Speech?

" . . . don't deserve to benefit . . . "


If anything GoldenBoy has understated how rotten our political system is. Quite restrained indeed.

Perhaps you should follow your own advice?
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Nov 7, 13 12:28 PM
Turkey - take a deep breath. Goldenboy is expressing his opinion based on past experiences from government (on all levels, really).

It's actually quite common for candidates for office to make promises during election season and then fail to come through on those promises once elected. Now, some times that's because of outside forces (such as political parties, time frames, money, agendas, unforseen circumstances etc.) but sometimes they are broken because the candidate never meant ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 7, 13 12:53 PM
1 member liked this comment
Gov. Christie had a great comment on Monday about promises made by politicians these days (near the bottom):

"Let me tell you, if you're looking for the candidate that you agree with 100% of the time, then I want you to do something for me tonight: Go home and look in the mirror, because that's the only person you agree with 100% of the time. But sometimes we make political candidates feel like that's what you want. Like you want us to agree with you 100% of the time or you won't vote for ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Nov 7, 13 1:14 PM
I can't even agree with myself 100% of the time... All it takes it 51% of the population (local, county, state, federal) to be satisified "enough" with someone for them to be in office, yet the media make such a big deal about an approval rating being say 60%. Well, it's almost guarenteed that "half" the population will be unhappy with the candidate, so long as Americans strap ourselves into this ridiculous notion that if the person in office isn't from our side (Dem or RePub - increasingly Tea ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 7, 13 2:11 PM
2 members liked this comment
WASHINGTON -- The (REPUBCLICAN) shutdown that lasted for 16 days last month is expected to cost the U.S. economy between $2 billion and $6 billion in economic output, according to a report by the Office of Management and Budget released Thursday afternoon.

Those figures, culled from independent forecasters, may be a conservative estimate, the authors note. They found that approximately 120,000 fewer private sector jobs were created during the first two weeks of October because of the dual ...more
By witch hazel (224), tatooine on Nov 7, 13 3:18 PM
I think what you're missing -- and maybe what I didn't make clear enough -- is the fact that it's principally the timing of Golden Boy's comment to which I object, making it on the day after the end of a campaign into which a lot of people put a lot of honest effort.

This isn't in any way a free speech issue so don't try to put it in that box. Golden Boy is of course free to say whatever snarky thing he likes, and I'm equally free to criticize it.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Nov 7, 13 5:06 PM
Well that's why he said let them "begin" because we are ushering in a new board (and regime). I think the collective opinion is you overreacted to "snark"
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 7, 13 6:50 PM
1 member liked this comment
Your blaming the Republicans for the shutdown? The R epublicans who were protesting the great obamacare? Your a clown.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Nov 7, 13 8:00 PM
The IndependENCE Party (not independENT) is an outgrowth of the Republican Party (just read their platform). There is one actual democrat who won. Dems calling this a victory are delusional at best. An IndependENCE party candidate is one too afraid to declare a party because they blow with the prevailing wind and are only concerned with winning elections.
By witch hazel (224), tatooine on Nov 7, 13 7:44 AM
3 members liked this comment
is there a reason why Kabot's photo appears as the first with this headline? Another obvious indiction of the Press's bias.
By SH gal (7), southampton on Nov 7, 13 2:02 PM