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Jun 26, 2012 3:20 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

DePersia Pleads Guilty To Probation Violation; Sentenced To DWI Alternative Facility

Jun 26, 2012 6:26 PM

Repeat DWI offender Charlotte DePersia of East Hampton on Tuesday admitted to violating her probation by drinking at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk in March and was sentenced to serve seven months and one week in the Suffolk County Jail DWI Alternative Facility in Riverhead.

Ms. Depersia, 59, of Toilsome Lane on Tuesday admitted to having violated her probation on March 10 by drinking two glasses of wine at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk before being sentenced by Criminal Court Justice William Condon.

According to Robert Clifford, a spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas J. Spota’s office, the goal of the facility, which is run by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s office in Riverhead, is to reduce recidivism rates of DWI and substance abuse offenders by providing intensive treatment services.

The D.A.’s office had recommended Ms. DePersia receive the maximum sentence of one and one-third to four years in state prison.

“We’re pleased that the judge rejected the district attorney’s four-year prison recommendation and we’re confident that once released in four months, she will be a productive member of society,” said William Petrillo, her attorney as of late May, in a phone interview on Tuesday.

Ms. DePersia was wearing an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet called a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM, when she drank in Montauk. The device measured her blood alcohol content at 0.039 percent, a level consistent with the consumption of two glasses of wine, officials said. Her probation included a condition that she not consume any alcohol.

She had previously declined to admit that she was drinking on that day. Justice Condon had sentenced her to probation on December 13, 2011, after she pleaded guilty to felony DWI, vehicular assault, crossing the median and possession of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle.

Ms. DePersia’s most recent DWI conviction was for an incident on November 27, 2010, while she was on probation for a 2009 DWI. She was arrested that night after she crossed the double-yellow line and crashed her Land Rover into another car on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton, one that was carrying four people: Lindsay Soyka and Matthew Gluck, who split their time between East Quogue and Manhattan, and their friends Karyn and Mark Scholack. Ms. Scholack, who was pregnant at the time, suffered a broken rib, while Ms. Soyka broke her nose. Their husbands and the unborn baby were not injured in the accident.

Ms. DePersia has been arrested three times for driving under the influence of alcohol since 2003.

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How many chances is this law violater going to get? Goes to show if you have enough money you can just about get out of anything.
By GoldenBoy (351), EastEnd on Jun 26, 12 4:13 PM
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i am by no means on her side, but i dont think you can call 4 months in jail "getting out of anything"
By tm (174), mtk on Jun 26, 12 4:39 PM
The sentence was 7 months in a DWI facility at the County jail. Releasing her after 4 months does seem fair to the victims (thankfully alive victims) of her drinking problem. No guarantee that a 7 month program will be the answer to keeping her out of a vehicle or getting her sober.
By auntof9 (159), Southampton on Jun 26, 12 8:06 PM
I dont understand...arrested 3 times for DUI ....she hit someone while drunk...got off on probation...violated...wouldnt own up to the violation...and she gets 7 months in a DWI program? What am I missing? Why is she given so many chances. Does she have to actually kill someone before they lock her up in a real jail?
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Jun 26, 12 9:17 PM
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Shame on you, Mr. Petrillo, and the judge who handed down this lenient sentence. Hopefully, you, like myself and MY family, will not be affected by this raging alcoholic on our roads.
By Lets go mets (377), Southampton on Jun 26, 12 10:29 PM
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Unmentioned in the Press account but noted in other journals is the pertinent detail that Judge Condon followed the sentencing recommendation of senior probation officer Michael Bissonette.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Jun 26, 12 11:19 PM
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Four months in a jail is not long enough for someone with a serious alcohol problem to dry out and decide to sober up permanently. She was desperate enough for a drink that she was willing to lie about drinking wine even though she was wearing an alcohol detecting device. This woman needs intensive professional help and she needs to be kept off the roads.

Jail will scare her, but not stop her from drinking. A longer stint in jail would give her more time to think about her situation and ...more
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Jun 27, 12 9:45 AM
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Why the leniency?:Someone in her circle of relatives or friends has money or political influence. Her lawyer makes me laugh.He's certain of her sobriety in 4 months. I sure hope she can maintain it.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Jun 27, 12 10:14 AM
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correction to comment: releasing her after 4 months does NOT seem fair.
By auntof9 (159), Southampton on Jun 27, 12 11:03 AM
Ever hear of AA? Absolutely appalling....
By Ms. Jane Q. Public (147), Southampton on Jun 27, 12 11:09 AM
No one ever got sober in jail-whether they are there for 4 months or 4 years. ODAAT is the only thing that works.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Jun 27, 12 3:43 PM
No one ever got sober in rehab unless they wanted too. Do you think she wants to?
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Jun 27, 12 7:37 PM
Im totally against this white gloved treatment for CRIMINALS. This woman is a criminal she had her chance to get help now she needs a year in the state pen. No accountability for anyone anymore this judge should be thrown off the bench because I think he is on the take.that would explain his disregard of the facts.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Jun 27, 12 10:03 PM