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Jun 30, 2012 10:06 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Cops: Air And Ground Patrol Nabs One For ATV Use In Pine Barrens

Jul 3, 2012 11:20 AM

A Westhampton Beach man was ticketed for numerous violations on Friday after police said an air and ground patrol caught him driving an all-terrain vehicle in the protected Central Pine Barrens in Westhampton.

Southampton Town Police said that with the assistance of the Suffolk County sheriff’s office’s Air Support Unit, a patrol of the pine barrens south of Sunrise Highway between County Road 31 and Speonk-Riverhead Road in Westhampton was conducted because of complaints of unlawful ATV use. Use of the vehicles in the Central Pine Barrens is restricted because of the impact on the environmentally sensitive land.

A 29-year-old man driving an ATV with a passenger along a trail in the area was stopped and charged with numerous violations, including driving an ATV on public property and driving an unregistered and uninsured ATV. He was released after being issued an appearance ticket to report to Southampton Town Justice Court on a future date, and the ATV he was driving was impounded.

Officers, who were deployed on the ground by vehicle and ATV and assisted by aircraft from the Suffolk County sheriff’s office, said they could see evidence that the area is frequently used by ATVs.

Town Police said they will continue to patrol the area and others in the town in response to citizen complaints.

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No names?

Curiously incomplete report.
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Jun 30, 12 11:28 AM
Our policy on police news items is not to include the name of someone who faces a non-criminal charge (violation).
By Joseph Shaw, Executive Editor (206), Hampton Bays on Jun 30, 12 6:17 PM
I wonder what the tab is just to get one person? Couldn't these services be used to nab some real criminals!
By left eq (28), Southampton on Jun 30, 12 12:11 PM
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I think it's a warning, don't you?
By Tuckahoe Ted (53), southampton on Jun 30, 12 5:57 PM
Glad they got them. Good work.
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Jun 30, 12 12:29 PM
... they are trashing the pine barrens - get rid of them all.
By William Rodney (561), southampton on Jun 30, 12 12:36 PM
What a great story?
By johnnyhampton (82), Southampton on Jun 30, 12 1:47 PM
It would be nice if there was some video of them chasing this guy in the pine barrens...I wish they would go after the deer with as much vigor...
By V.Tomanoku (790), southampton on Jun 30, 12 4:27 PM
When did the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department get aircraft??? Was it Suffolk Police Aviation??? If the Sheriff's department does have aircraft, we as taxpayers should be jumping mad to have two law enforcement agencies with this service. I would like to know, or is the article wrong.
By trurepublician (53), hampton bays on Jun 30, 12 4:34 PM
If they showed the video then the person could be identified.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Jun 30, 12 4:54 PM
I wonder what the cost was to taxpayers to catch the one guy.
By cochise316 (58), southampton on Jun 30, 12 6:35 PM
Riviting news story....Did you read the article about the guy who was pulled over in Quogue for going 31 in a 30? Headline news...
By BIGjimbo12 (201), East Quogue on Jun 30, 12 7:08 PM
**Riveting (sorry)
By BIGjimbo12 (201), East Quogue on Jun 30, 12 7:14 PM
Riveting,,,ditto! Bigger fish ti fry here! Holy crap..how embarrassing....go get a real job you bully cops..
By gansetteer (125), East Hampton on Jun 30, 12 10:58 PM
Was all that investment of taxpayers dollars really worth that? The police's time would have been better served going after countless reckless drivers on the roads. There really need to start considering the cost/benefit of some of their movements, that is unless the fine to rider is the cost of the personal and hourly rate of a helicopter.....
By North Sea Citizen (568), North Sea on Jul 1, 12 7:37 AM
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i traveled the entire length of the expressway in suffolk yesterday and I didnt see one single suffolk county sheriff highway patrol unit. I guess they are too busy chasing kids in the woods on quads to catch the idiots doing 100mph.

pilot co pilot and flight medic: 300.00/hr x 8hrs= 2400.00[straight time]
aviation fuel: 30 gal's/hr x 5.00/gal x 8hrs= 1200.00
aircraft maintenance( 3hrs in the air = 1hr maintenance on the ground)1500.00
7-8 officers on the ground 40.00/hr =3200.00
fuel/insurance/maintenance ...more
By politcal pawn (121), Flanders on Jul 1, 12 1:00 PM
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the difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys
By loading... (601), quiogue on Jul 10, 12 12:01 PM
everyone should stop riding, let the trails overgrow. atv's and dirtbikes are the only things maintaining the walking trails and fire breaks in the pine barrens. The tree huggers complaining are the ones that enjoy these walking trails. dick amper and his cronies have never supplied one single ounce of evidence that atv's and dirtbikes are destroying the pine barrens. Unfortunately our politicians cower to dick and the tree huggers to secure those few votes from the environmental wackos.

Lets ...more
By politcal pawn (121), Flanders on Jul 1, 12 1:08 PM
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are you insane?
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Jul 1, 12 5:42 PM
Who was this atv rider actually disturbing? This is another example of cops that like to buy toys and tell taxpayers that they are necessary. i.e. Swat team, motorcycle cops, atv patrol, along with many extras. By the way a helicopter costs about 4k an hour plus the other members of the army it took to catch this atv. They wouldnt want to go after drug dealers or any other felons just a guy enjoying his day off.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Jul 1, 12 6:43 PM
When he flips his ATV and snaps his neck--guess who get sued (Eastport 2002)
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 1, 12 8:47 PM
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As I recall, that incident was malicious in nature and the "tripwire" was set up on purpose.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 1, 12 9:11 PM
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Yes, Mr. z--but WHO GOT SUED?
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 4, 12 10:05 AM
Yes, Mr. z--but WHO GOT SUED?
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 4, 12 10:05 AM
Hipster, SH town was sued. Dont know what the outcome was. http://courts.state.ny.us/Reporter/pdfs/2010/2010_31451.pdf
By Moneybogue (37), Westhampton Beach on Jul 5, 12 12:06 AM
Whew--glad to hear SH town was sued--and not the residents and taxpayers of SH town, who had to incur the legal costs to respond to the suit, and then most likely pay out a settlement, or incur the costs of increased liability insurance.
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 5, 12 10:05 PM
There are a handful of trails entering and exiting this area and the woods are too thick to make it out without using them. A handful of cops posted in the right places could have grabbed this guy, helicopter seems totally unessisary.
By Moneybogue (37), Westhampton Beach on Jul 8, 12 10:37 PM
Let them ride. What damage are they doing? If the Town doesn't want to get sued, then open up some trails, make them pay and sign a release..this generates some money and more importantly, protects their (our) butts..If we dont give these kids something to enjoy and be passionate about all they end up doing is hanging out and that always leads to trouble..
I live in the pine barrens and happen to have a trail as my property line.
BTW I DoNot ride. Think about it.
By Hamptons777 (10), East Quogue on Jul 22, 12 10:12 AM
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