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Sep 7, 2012 9:58 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Trio Charged With Burglary After Targeting Same East Quogue Home A Second Time

Sep 12, 2012 9:59 AM

Three local men who broke into what they thought was an empty East Quogue house last week carrying dog biscuits to distract a large German shepherd inside were startled by an occupant and fled, but were arrested soon afterward, Southampton Town Police said.

The three men were also charged with burglarizing the same house in July, authorities said.

Wilson A. Garcia, 20, and his brother, Eli Garcia, 18, both of East Quogue, and their friend, Gustavo Gonzalez, 18, of Hampton Bays had cased houses during the afternoon on July 11 until they picked a home on Spinney Road—the same road on which the Garcias live—and stole a rifle, laptop, PlayStation, jewelry, coins and a safe, detectives said.

The trio returned to Spinney Road last Wednesday, September 5, at 11:27 a.m., parking their car a few blocks away and walking down the quiet residential street, back toward their original target.

This time, however, a resident was home—and a surveillance and alarm system had been installed since the July burglary.

Victim Beth TerVeen said she had taken a day off from work and was sitting on her living room couch in her pajamas, eating a chicken pot pie, when her alarm sounded and her 100-pound, one-eyed German shepherd, Buck, barked.

“I thought, geeze, it’s 11 o’clock in the morning,” said Ms. TerVeen, who turned 47 this week, in a phone interview on Monday.“ My first reaction was to hold the dog back from the friendly people coming in.

“I went around the corner and said, “Hello,” she recalled. “I was reaching down to grab the dog’s collar, and I’m wondering why he’s eating Milk-Bones. It all happened at once. Then I looked up and saw the three kids dressed in black.”

The men, who entered through a back door, were dressed in black T-shirts, shorts, sneakers and black knit caps. They immediately fled her home without saying a word.

Police were called and conducted a search of the area and quickly located a vehicle with three males matching the description of the suspects. The Garcias and Mr. Gonzalez were detained by police for questioning and subsequently arrested. Each was charged with two counts of burglary in the second degree, a felony, according to authorities.

They were held overnight at police headquarters in Hampton Bays and remanded to the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside following a morning arraignment in Southampton Town Justice Court. Wilson Garcia was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bail, while Eli Garcia and Gustavo Gonzalez were each held in lieu of $10,000 bail, officials said.

Detectives said they were also able to recover the stolen safe the three men had dumped in a wooded area near Spinney Road over the summer.

Ms. TerVeen said she was impressed with the professionalism and quick work of the police.

“Everybody gets speeding tickets from the cops, but I just want everybody to know what an awesome, fantastic job they did in such a short time,” Ms. TerVeen said, noting that the suspects were nabbed in no time. “It was like watching ‘48 Hours,’ but in super high-speed fast-foward.”

She also said she was shaking so badly that she wanted to hug the first officer who arrived on the scene—though he told her he had to secure the house first, she recalled, with a laugh. Ms. TerVeen said she felt grateful to the police for their follow-up work, noting that they called her to say the men had later posted bail and asked if she was all right.

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could you just drop them maybe 5 miles off the coast and let them swim for home ?
By Bill in Riverhead (190), Riverhead on Sep 7, 12 6:56 PM
Cat Burglers O" my gosh.....Have them pick up the trash along the side of the highway with a big sign that says "Idiot"
By sag runner (24), Easthampton on Sep 7, 12 7:51 PM
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Might I add that it was the same house in a little under 2 months. And two of them live on the same road. Karma's a bitch. Keep going to church and pray maybe that will help.
By mgirl (1), East Quogue on Sep 7, 12 8:09 PM
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Friendly neighbors.... all they wanted was a cup of sugar
By sag runner (24), Easthampton on Sep 7, 12 8:20 PM
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By dnice (2346), Hampton Bays on Sep 7, 12 9:07 PM
Has their imimigration status been discovered? Will 27 east let us know?
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Sep 8, 12 4:09 PM
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They're legal and went to school here since birth practically, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge.
By fojoxctf (13), Westhampton on Sep 8, 12 6:05 PM
3 members liked this comment
Deport them anyway!
By Jaws (245), Westhampton Beach on Sep 9, 12 12:51 AM
1 member liked this comment
Maybe because I went to school with them and was on the same sports team? They're not illegal immigrants, stop politicizing this.
By fojoxctf (13), Westhampton on Sep 12, 12 8:23 PM
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By fojoxctf (13), Westhampton on Sep 12, 12 8:49 PM
That's up to the courts now.They put themselves in this position.Invading someones home is a despicable act.Now they will pay the consequences and we will pay the Police,Court and possible incarceration.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Sep 12, 12 9:51 PM
Went to school with them...since birth practically?!?
By Jaws (245), Westhampton Beach on Sep 13, 12 12:41 AM
who are you thanks for clarifying that yes they are legal at least the garcias im positive about the garcias they do have good parents and most facts stated in this report are a lie so thank you for not being ignorant like the other people one day they will have a son or daughter doing worse things and they will look back at this and see how stupid they are
By esteban (2), east quogue on Oct 20, 12 1:32 AM
Wanna know why they say such negative things and why they jump to conclusions right away?!? Well.Their IGNORANCE will not let them think any other way,theyve never made a bad decision when tgey were young,they are perfect human beings.
By thetruth (9), hampton bays on Sep 9, 12 7:38 AM
What about the mug shots?
By Benito (1), hampton bays on Sep 9, 12 3:13 PM
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this is so very disappointing to the people who know these now young adults...
By LI native (127), east moriches on Sep 9, 12 8:49 PM
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By Jaws-that was a stupid statement-you can't deport citzens just because their name is Spanish-that is an ignorant racial slur. Makes you worst than the Garcia's.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Sep 9, 12 9:01 PM
This is whats it has come to-
Murders rapes and robberies over the past few years by the hands of illegals-people have had enough
And just because one poster says they're legal doesn't mean they actually are....so run along little sheeple,jump through the hoop
By Kaiser Sozay (31), east end on Sep 9, 12 9:53 PM
Like I said, "Deport them anyway" ;)
By Jaws (245), Westhampton Beach on Sep 21, 12 1:42 AM

tres hombres "illegal entrants"
By loading... (601), quiogue on Sep 10, 12 10:02 AM
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A big German Shepard guarding his home? No problem we've got dog biscuits. I don't think even the Three Stooges would be that stupid.
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on Sep 11, 12 9:07 AM
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Once again people. Stop hiring them and the problem will go away!!!!!!
By steve457 (22), southampton on Sep 16, 12 6:21 PM
Yea - stop hiring those legal citizens!
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Sep 19, 12 4:27 PM
Steve-you are wrong in this case.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Sep 17, 12 9:30 AM
Los Tres Chiflados.
By tranquility1985 (25), Westhampton on Sep 17, 12 3:21 PM
I am certain the Garcia's are legal, and they come from a nice family. Very sad to see that the kids have made such bad decisions.

By frmreastendr (7), Rochester on Sep 19, 12 4:23 PM
Ummm, give me a break people...they made the "Bad Decision" twice at the same house. And who knows how many more "Bad Decisions" they made prior to that. They were looking to become career criminals in my opinion!
By Jaws (245), Westhampton Beach on Sep 21, 12 1:40 AM
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Ah, where has the illegal immigration debate gone? I thought we were going to deport them right? It's really funny how ignorant some people are. You politicized something out of nothing.
By fojoxctf (13), Westhampton on Sep 22, 12 8:29 PM
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By Montaukette (46), Waterland on Sep 21, 12 3:51 PM