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Feb 27, 2013 10:16 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

Feb 27, 2013 2:05 PM

Town lawmakers this week denied culpability as alleged in the sexual discrimination complaints filed by two female Southampton Town Police sergeants, while the leader of the department’s rank-and-file stood behind the allegations and said they come amid a climate of retaliation and a regression to an old way of business under the new administration.

Members of the Town Board this week maintained that neither gender nor personal allegiances within the department was behind the board’s decision not to promote one of the sergeants, Lisa Costa, even though she was recommended for promotion on multiple occasions by then-Chief of Police William Wilson Jr.

Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst said that she and Councilwoman Bridget Fleming had supported promoting Sgt. Costa to lieutenant, as Chief Wilson had submitted official requests asking them to do on at least two occasions. Ms. Throne-Holst said that the majority of the board—Town Board members Chris Nuzzi, Christine Scalera and Jim Malone—were strident in their repeated refusals to grant the promotion.

At one point, when the three other board members pushed forward a resolution to promote then-Lieutenant Robert Pearce to captain against the recommendation of Chief Wilson, Ms. Throne-Holst said she asked that Sgt. Costa be promoted at the same time, but that the majority again refused. Board members said that Sgt. Costa would have to be interviewed by the Town Board first, a step that was not taken with other department candidates for promotion. The interview never happened.

Then-Lt. Pearce is now chief of police, having succeeded Chief Wilson when the chief abruptly resigned in December.

Mr. Malone, a Conservative Party member, said that as he remembers those tumultuous days, the inclination of the majority to not promote Sgt. Costa was more of a product of the doubts about Chief Wilson and his management of the department than any problems with Sgt. Costa. “There was a lot going on there, with regard to the police chief’s judgment,” Mr. Malone said on Tuesday. “It was not necessarily a reflection on the officer, just a question about the chief of police who was making the recommendation.”

Mr. Malone also dismissed claims that a complaint filed by Sergeant Susan Ralph was spurred by retaliatory actions from the department’s new administration for her perceived allegiance to Chief Wilson. He said he does not believe that there is such “choosing of sides” within the department or that such a divisive atmosphere lingers in the wake of Chief Wilson’s short and tumultuous tenure at the top of the department.

The conflicts between Chief Wilson and members of the board swirled into a maelstrom of dysfunction when the chief suspended one of his top officers, Lieutenant James Kiernan, and filed a long list of disciplinary charges against him. The town and attorneys for Lt. Kiernan reached a settlement of the charges last fall, and the lieutenant returned to duty in October.

In the wake of the board’s refusal to grant Sgt. Costa’s promotion, Chief Wilson had tapped her to be an “acting lieutenant” and the supervisor of the department’s patrol division. Since his departure, according to members of the department, she has been stripped of the acting role and removed from the head of the patrol division, replaced by Lt. Kiernan.

Councilman Nuzzi declined to comment on the complaints filed by the sergeants or the dynamics of the board’s decision not to promote Sgt. Costa.

The complaints by the sergeants drew sympathy and understanding this week from the Southampton Town Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, the union that represents the officers of the town department but not its sergeants and higher-ranking brass. Nonetheless, the union’s spokesman, Detective Kevin Gwinn, said that discrimination against female officers by top brass has been an issue within the department for years, and that Chief Wilson, who spent the bulk of his career with the Southampton Village Police Department, had been trying to change that culture.

Now that control of the department has shifted back to the senior officers who led the department before his administration, he said, there is a sense that there is push-back from those who resisted or perhaps resented the changes Chief Wilson was driving through.

“This isn’t the first time there have been concerns by female officers on this job,” Det. Gwinn said. “The old regime is back in office, and right away, what do we have? Two females filing a complaint already, and both were Chief Wilson supporters.”

Det. Gwinn said there is strong support among the department’s rank-and-file for the well-liked Chief Pearce, a 32-year veteran of the town force, but concern that changes the officers had sought, and got, under Chief Wilson are now being eroded. He noted that the promotion this week of Sergeant Michael Zarro, rather than Sgt. Costa, to lieutenant was “disheartening.” Sgt. Zarro scored one point higher than Sgt. Costa on a recent lieutenants qualification exam. His promotion, and that of officers James Cavanagh and William Kiernan to sergeant, were the first promotions recommended by Chief Pearce since taking command of the department. Sgt. Zarro’s promotion was approved unanimously by the Town Board, but the sergeant promotions were withdrawn after a closed-door discussion by board members on Tuesday night.

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So let me get this straight, the psychopath board member who locked someone in his office because he didn't want to pay for services rendered was questioning Chief Wilson's decision making skills? Is this not also the same person who cannot make a decision on his own without the politico's telling him exactly what, where and how to do it? Wilson's judgement should only be called into question when asking WHY he would go to work with the DIRTIEST, MOST TOXIC, DYSFUNCTIONAL municipal board on Long ...more
By sunnydays (43), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 13 7:54 AM
OK, there is so much going on here it can make ones head spin. Let's start with this.

Jim Malone, Chris Nuzzi & Christine Scalera Question the Chiefs judgement... really? Was it his judgement?
1- They did not question his judgement in any of the other promotions including their republican committeeman James Kiernan.
2- They would only reluctantly act on the corrupt Kiernan's suspension after he was placed on forced leave by Chief Wilson for 32 charges!
3- Chief Wilson was ...more
Mar 1, 13 9:16 AM appended by OU812
I always wondered why Nuzzi & Malone always seemed to resist Chief Wilson when they voted to put him in office. It never made sense, but now connecting the dots and the political connections it at least appears clearer. They rushed to get Lt Kiernan back in and Chief Wilson out even after all of Lt Kiernan's "problems" were out, why? What the heck did Chief Wilson uncover that has not been reported on? This can't be good...
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 1, 13 9:16 AM
1 member liked this comment
Come on now... really?! How many board member are attorneys - Scalera, Flemming, Malone not sure if others are. Was Town Attorney Scarlato and Services Manager Kratoville advising these people? How about the labor attorney?

"Board members said that Sgt. Costa would have to be interviewed by the Town Board first, a step that was not taken with other department candidates for promotion."

It is pretty simple, when you treat one gender differently than another it is discrimination. ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 1, 13 10:47 AM
1 member liked this comment
The town board comes and goes. Promotions should be based on the Chiefs requests/needs of the department. Having politicians interview prospective Sgts/Lts, etc leads to employees writing checks to campaigns. That ain't the way it's supposed to be!
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 13 11:46 AM
1 member liked this comment
I agree. The new Police Chief did not recommend her, end of story. Whatever relationship she had with Chief Wilson appears to be diferent than the one she has with the new chief. She evidently isn't qualified for a promotion in the new chief's eyes. There is nothing dicriminitory about that. Women and minorities have this toll, called Dicrimination, that thye play to get their way when they have not always earned it. It is time that companies/governments stood up to such tactics and supported ...more
By Walt (292), Southampton on Mar 12, 13 11:00 AM
Wilson did not think Peace was qualified to be Captain, and told the town board so several times, yet they made him captain anyway to pay back political favors. Wilson also recommended Costa for the position of lieutenant several times and the board majority wouldn't even discuss the idea because she was a female and even went as far as to implimented a separate set of rules for her such as an interview process which they did not impliment for any male's up for promotion. Funny Pearce is allowed ...more
By sunnydays (43), Hampton Bays on Mar 12, 13 11:21 AM
Again, where are the facts supporting your argument. According to this article the decision was made prior to Pearce becoming chief and carried on by him (if he had input into this decision prior we do not know).
No facts were laid out as to who was most qualified but as you see below the town erred in treating one sex differently than another which is discrimination. Also, based on facts published on this site Nuzzi, Scalera, Malone, Pearce and the SOA have very questionable credibility.

If ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 12, 13 11:38 AM
What a tangled web we weave.

THROW THE BUMS OUT come November!
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 1, 13 11:54 AM
3 members liked this comment
Southampton Press - this is the quickest I have seen an article buried. What's up with that... a lot of nervous calls to keep it quiet?
Mar 1, 13 5:28 PM appended by OU812
SH Press, just a tip. When your comment sections go this quiet on something newsworthy that means your spin artists want it to go away on your site so people forget. That would be a good time to ask some questions - that is if you want to report about more that "grist for the mill"
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 1, 13 5:28 PM
Chief Robert Pearce and how he got there

"At one point, when the three other board members pushed forward a resolution to promote then-Lieutenant Robert Pearce to captain against the recommendation of Chief Wilson" - let's go to the replay

" Chief Wilson confirmed that he did not propose promoting Capt. Pearce and did not know about the board’s plans until Monday morning, after it was brought up during a work session meeting of the board on Friday.
“That sounds ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 1, 13 6:07 PM
There are two questions to be answered here. First, did Pearce play political favorites and promote Zarro over the more deserving Costa? Second, did Wilson (the PBA choice for Chief) attempt to promote the undeserving Costa as reward for the PBA's facilitating his own selection as Chief?

The answer is: BOTH OF THESE.

This is, after all, the STPD.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Mar 1, 13 9:09 PM
HHS - You may want to review your comment. How could both of your answers be true if in one you say Costa is more deserving and then undeserving.
Based on all that has come out in Wilson's attempt to clean up that place, I would tend to go on his judgement.
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 1, 13 11:07 PM
Or perhaps both were equally qualified and Zarro's seniority tipped the scales?
No, couldn't be, not enough of a conspiracy placate the hat.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 13 11:20 PM
SGT. COSTA is in the SOA not the PBA so how exactly would promoting Costa be a reward to the PBA? So the answer to your question is NO! Zarro is the current president of the SOA he took over for Pearce. Maybe if Costa becomes the next president of the SOA she will have a shot at a promotion. Zarro more deserving? I would like to compare the stats of Zarro and Costa I am sure that would be very compelling evidence that this was favortism versus merit. After all, they did give Zarro a take home car ...more
By sunnydays (43), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 13 11:51 PM

Please tell us how the PBA facilitated Wilson's appointment. As usual, HHS seems to have left out a few things... like the facts. It was Jim Malone who held the third vote to sway the selection for chief, in Wilson's favor, not the PBA. Labeling Wilson as the "PBA's choice" means nothing, except to those that are trying spin the truth. Those that chose to back Wilson believed that politics should be taken out of the police department and will continue to fight until that happens.
By Geppetto (59), Southampton on Mar 1, 13 11:07 PM
Chief wislson was never qualified to be the Chief of the Southampton Town Department. People, he was Chief of ploice for the Village dpartment, a force that is the laughing stock of ploice departments around the country.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Mar 12, 13 11:02 AM
What facts are you basing your statements on "Chief wislson was never qualified to be the Chief of the Southampton Town Department" & . "the Village dpartment, a force that is the laughing stock of ploice departments around the country."
Based on past 27east articles it appears that Chief Wilson was largely responsible for cleaning out corruption is the village police and was exposing corruption in the town police. There seems to have been a lot of resistance to the exposure in the town police. ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 12, 13 11:28 AM
Love your website! Avid reader, first time poster...

Sounds like Southampton Town has two sets of rules for promotions, males don't interview in front of the Town Board yet they require females to do so. Why is that exactly?

In this case it may have been a prudent measure, I have learned that Sergeant Costa's interview committee consisted of Chief Pearce, Lt. Schurek and Lt. Kiernan. How in gods name is the good Sgt. going to get a fair and unbiased shot at promotion in front ...more
By Disgustedwithyou (36), Hampton Bays on Mar 2, 13 12:30 AM
to OU812:

You have overlooked the chronology and the change in patronage. My reply was intended to indicate that neither promotion was/would have been made on merit.

While Wilson was in charge, he attempted to promote Costa as payback to the PBA.

Eight months later, the wheel has turned, the Republicans are back in charge, and Pearce promotes Zarro as a patronage favor to the Republican Party.

Was it Costa or Zarro who was better qualified? We will never know ...more
Mar 2, 13 12:37 AM appended by highhatsize
to sunnydays: PBA antagonism is directed at an old boy, Republican dominated STPD whose SOA, they feel, does not represent them nor consider them their equals. Those SOA members who are not admissible to the club (e.g. female sergeants) are quite aware that their bread is buttered by the PBA regardless of their notional union membership.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Mar 2, 13 12:37 AM
I will gladly look at any chronology to get to the bottom of these shams. I have been looking but can't find anything linking Wilson with need to payback PBA and other promotions seem to have been made without fuss.
Based on the facts in past 27east articles I found above I would have to say that the credibility is on Wilson's side as Tenaglia, Pearce, Kiernan, and the Town Board have routinely been caught in lies or appearances of impropriety.
Based on the archives it seems as though ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 2, 13 8:11 AM
Your statement of "female Sergeants thinking their bread is buttered by the PBA" shows how far out of touch you are hat. The PBA NOTHING in the way of influence on a Sergeants lot.Nor would they want to.
Enter politics, hat. You can twist words and change the meaning of your opinion with the best of them.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 2, 13 3:21 PM
to But I'm a blank!:

To reiterate previous responses, "One of us certainly is."

Of course the PBA had influence on promotions. Wilson was their boy. They put him in to sabotage the SOA machine (including its politically motivated promotions.) Promoting Costa over SOA objections served their purpose. They merely had to put a flea in Wilson's ear.

As an aside, I note OU812's objection that he is unable to find documentary evidence of Wilson's support
Mar 3, 13 12:01 PM appended by highhatsize
for the position of Chief by the PBA. You are unlikely to. However, the public knowledge of this fact was so widespread that you are unique in being the first person to question it. Circumstantial evidence can be found by comparing the swearing-in ceremonies of Wilson as opposed to Pearce. In the former, virtually the entire PBA strength attended; in the latter, virtually none.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Mar 3, 13 12:01 PM
Go ask the patrol men and woman working the streets who is better qualified, I did. Seems the forces clear shot winner is Costa, she's served in almost every division and has the backing of the rank and file...... Something Zarro never will, he did make a mean shake at SLO-jacks. The promotion of Zarro shows the old boys club to promote incompetent people with big skeletons in there closet so they can control them..... Zarro, boden, schurek,,foster just to name a few
By mrobin (121), North Sea on Mar 2, 13 7:06 AM
As this woven web is being untangled, don't forget one small aspect of Wilson's tenure as Chief and his relationship with ATH and the Town Board -- the 11-day delay in releasing the name and photo of the suspect who mowed down Sister Walsh last July. Were any favors called in because the driver's employer was related to a powerful US Senator? It was the employer's car which did the mowing down BTW.

Did this delay allow the suspect to flee the country, and remain at-large today?

Next ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 2, 13 9:13 AM

Many previous articles are linked on this page.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 2, 13 9:14 AM
The Press called this investigation a miscarriage of justice in an editorial last fall. Unfortunately the scales appear to have tipped further in the direction of a FAILURE of justice.

Chief Wilson's promise to pursue the suspect until the end of time is beginning to have a hollow ring IMO.

Rest in Peace, Sister Walsh.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 2, 13 9:19 AM
" Police said they know exactly who they are seeking and have his name and photograph, but have still withheld his identity, saying only that there were investigative reasons for withholding that information from the public."
"The U.S. Marshals Service, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas J. Spota’s office, New York State Police and the Suffolk County crime laboratory are also involved in the investigation "
"This week, Chuck Walsh, a cousin who was extremely close to Sister Walsh ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 2, 13 9:46 AM
Is Andrew Zarro any relation to the new LT Michael Zarro? If so, I may have prematurely posted!
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 2, 13 9:55 AM
Andrew Zaro with one "r" is correct last name apparently.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 2, 13 2:29 PM
Look at the timeline right after the accident. Car owner was known right away, and is said to have cooperated in identifying the driver. This probably happened within an hour or two of the accident at dusk on July 9.

So by early the next morning, the SHT PD knew who they were looking for. We're the Feds called in right away? Very doubtful IMO. Probably called in days later when the locals ran out of leads, which were slim of course (self-fulfilling prophecy with the driver not ID'd).

Did ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 2, 13 10:55 AM
PS later comments about the police efforts were only about the investigation AFTER the suspect had slipped away IN ANONYMITY!

What else could the cousin say at that time and still have a cordial relationship with the authorities?

The deed was over and done.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 2, 13 11:00 AM
I hope it wasn't the case, but that is the unfortunate thing when the government has a history of corruption and there is no transparency... you don't know what to believe.
Do you know if there is any link with the car owner Zarro and the LT Zarro? That would definitely shed some light!
This town has one hell of a long road to earn back our trust.
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 2, 13 11:08 AM
my comment is specifically to OU812's top ten list and number 4 to be exact:
"4- The DA's office trusted Chief WIlson's judgement when 2 Dangerous felons get released from prison by the district attorneys office Mohammed H. Proctor, 36, of Riverside and Bernard T. Cooks, 31, of Southampton, because of LT Kiernan and his units credibility.."

This comment and this part of this whole wilson ordeal has always driven me crazy bc no one seems to question that fact that a District Attorney ...more
By hamptons34 (30), Westhampton on Mar 2, 13 11:26 AM
Would the fact that Wilson had already decided to retire and felt that allowing Pearce to assume command in preparation of the storm would allow for continuity of transition make you feel any better? If he had any intention of returning Im sure he would have been on duty as he was during Irene and every other major event during the last 25 years. Unlike the Brookhaven fiasco the transfer of authority was well underway.
By Disgustedwithyou (36), Hampton Bays on Mar 2, 13 2:15 PM
Well, Hamptons34, I do not think that DA Spota walked over to the jail and let these felons out without anyone knowing. One would think that there is a procedure in place for people that were convicted of crimes based evidence or testimony of corrupt cops "questionable integrity" I know that if my family member may have been falsely imprisoned I would want them out right away and I am sure you would feel the same way. Fortunately, our justice system is designed to protect the innocent even if it ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 2, 13 6:51 PM
When hitching your wagon, choose your horse carefully
By CaptainSig (716), Dutch Harbor on Mar 3, 13 6:58 AM
3 members liked this comment
If you read any of my past posts you will find I think cops are over paid and under worked.
That being said it really bothers me when people on this board lump all cops in the same light. There are plenty of cops in SHTPD that are honest and should be respected. One of those cops is Michael Zarro who is an honest,and good person. I have known him for over 30 years, and i don't think he has a dishonest bone in his body,
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Mar 3, 13 8:01 PM
Chief1, I do not think that all cops are dishonest and I would like to believe that most all of the men and women patrolling our town are hard working people with good intentions. There is without a doubt a culture of corruption that is entrenched in southampton police that goes all the way to town hall. I have touched on in in other posts and everything is from published articles - I will go into further detail in a upcoming post.
Onto Zarro, He is the president of a union (an organization ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 4, 13 10:44 AM
1 member liked this comment
He very well might be an honest and good person, however he was promoted because he's a puppet and the powers that be know he'll never stand up for himself or the good of the department or township, the exact same reason he was hand picked to be SOA president. His promotion as well as many other sgts and Lt's with skeletons in the closet shows the political machine is in full affect and it doesn't matter what's best for the tax payers, only who you owe favors too
By mrobin (121), North Sea on Mar 4, 13 11:04 AM
1 member liked this comment
I never said that you thought all cops were bad. I think we can all agree that cops have a habit of protecting their dishonest. When they do this they shed a dark light on all cops. These guys make alot of money, and if they have no respect for their jobs they need to go. In fact they need to disband the whole force!
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Mar 5, 13 9:07 AM
1 member liked this comment
In reality disbanding the dept isn't going to help and i firmly believe its not the cops hiding the dishonest cops it's the town board, not only this one but in years past, that have negatively effected this dept. When you have people like Overton, Tenaglia, Pearce, Armstrong, Kiernan, Boden, Foster..... The list could keep going, all people who had issues that were either swept under the carpet or they were promoted. Zarros promotion over Costa just keeps the trend going, the one person who was ...more
By mrobin (121), North Sea on Mar 5, 13 9:47 AM
2 members liked this comment
Food for thought, but I hope it does not give you food poisoning.
what do Lt James Kiernan & Code Enforcement Officer Alfred Tumbarello have in common?
Just Republican Committeeman that sit on the screening committee. Sound familiar?

"Town Employee Faces Charges" 4/26/12
"A Southampton Town code enforcement officer was arrested by Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota’s East End Drug Task Force last week after authorities said he sold cocaine and prescription ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 10:42 AM
Corruption of Police & Town Board - changing laws to make it go away

"Accused Cop Opts To Retire - Supervisor says claim wasn’t an isolated one" 10/20/05

"A fellow detective accused Lt. Armstrong of perjury after Ms. Jennemann was convicted in May 2004, and a subsequent Suffolk County Police Bureau of Internal Affairs report found that he likely lied when he said, under oath, that he was at the scene of the Bridgehampton accident, in which farm worker Henry Anthony Yarrell ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 10:49 AM
Since 27east has buried another article that was most read and most commented her is link to other article.
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 4, 13 10:53 AM
So if Zarro's promotion wasn't political enough over the more qualified candidates it seems the new civil service LT list that came out yesterday has Zarro dead last. Is that what the 90 minute exec session was about, was it known he wasn't reachable? The politics and dirty laundry get better everyday.... It's time the public gets the TRUTH !
By mrobin (121), North Sea on Mar 5, 13 4:16 PM
3 members liked this comment
How would the town board or Kratoville, for that matter, know what the new list was going to look like? Sounds like the corruption trickles down from out west, beginning with Civil Service. Is our Disrtict Attorney, Thomas Spota, going to pay attention to what's going on here or does he have friends in the line of fire?
By vaquero (12), Watermill on Mar 5, 13 10:55 PM
Here is my prediction now that the new Captain and Lieutenant list has been published: Kiernan will be presented for Captain and Joyce to Lieutenant...Anna will be cross endorsed by the GOP and the hits will keep on coming. Kiernan's brother will be promoted to Sergeant (god knows we have to keep the nepotism going) Sgt. Ralph, who scored well on the test will be discriminated against, as will Costa who they screwed over already. Sound familiar? How do we suddenly have all these funds for all these ...more
By Disgustedwithyou (36), Hampton Bays on Mar 5, 13 6:06 PM
1 member liked this comment
" Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce will continue to receive a benefits package that parallels the one negotiated for the town’s upper-level officers. The package is somewhat more generous than the one offered to his predecessor, William Wilson Jr., in October.
Former Chief Wilson, who sought a package equal to the one offered to SOA members, cited the benefits package offered by the Town Board as a “last straw” that drove him to resign last month. " - AROUND TOWN ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 6:15 PM
"He anticipates a captain, who will serve as his executive officer, will be promoted sometime next year. He said there are only two eligible candidates who have taken the captain’s test: Lieutenant Lawrence Schurek and Lt. Kiernan, who recently returned to duty following a settlement of 32 disciplinary charges. Test results are expected in March, Chief Pearce said." - "Change At The Top" 12/6/12
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 6:53 PM
Little known fact - The SOA keeps a criminal attorney on retainer. Why would the Superior Officers of Southampton Police feel the need to have a criminal attorney if they were not doing anything illegal... wouldn't you want a labor attorney?

Apparently they were using an attorney that the PBA had been using when they started their new association - Police Union Balks at Suspension 6/2/05

"Allen Kranz, an attorney representing the organization, noted that police departments in Riverhead ...more
Mar 5, 13 6:07 PM appended by OU812
From the dates of the articles it looks like the switch from PBA to criminal attorney came around the time Lt Kiernan was suspended. If nothing was wrong why change? I will remember this next time I get the letter asking for $
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 6:07 PM
Aren't Pearce & Zarro related? Who is it that they have in common?
By sunnydays (43), Hampton Bays on Mar 5, 13 8:52 PM
Hey Southampton Press... do you not report on corruption? If I can connect all these dots together your articles, why can't you? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? A free press is what keeps a free society. Do your job and start asking some questions!
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 9:26 PM
Kranz never represented the SOA, and no Pearce and Zarro are not related.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 5, 13 9:36 PM
Are you so sure Kranz did not rep the soa, just go to the archives...
"“It’s easier and simpler to have a single voice representing the desires of the PBA,” said Mr. Aubé, who joined the department in 1992 and became PBA president in 2007. “One union, one voice.” The Superior Officers Association was formed in 2002 and includes 21 Southampton sergeants, detective sergeants, lieutenants and captains. Allen Kranz, an attorney representing the organization, noted ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 9:44 PM
The reporter made a mistake. There is no way the PBA would allow their attorney to represent the people they are fighting in court. Think it through.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 5, 13 11:13 PM
check your facts...
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 11:17 PM
Don't need to. Are you serious in thinking that the same attorney that represents the PBA would also represent the SOA, who at that point were trying to break away from the PBA? Like having a defense attorney work for the DA in a case where he is respresnting the state and the defendant.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 5, 13 11:31 PM
Don't need to check you facts? Think again... PBA switched attorneys and SOA got Kranz. Knowledge is power... just look in the right places.
"But Seth Greenberg, the attorney for the PBA, contends that forcing officers into retirement without due process and good cause is contrary to the New York State Constitution and the 1990 collective bargaining agreement between the town and the PBA. " - Board Still Pondering Responses to Deficit 9/18/08

"The next step, according to PBA counsel ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 11:41 PM
Greenburg came and went as quickly as did Aube.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Mar 5, 13 11:47 PM
Maybe so, but that does not change the facts
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 11:48 PM
vaquero, The question is what put the town board into that 90 min meeting and scared them off? Seems like the Zarro promotion was transparently political and to get him before the civil service list expired... even with discrimination lawsuits pending. What could be so bad that they held off on those promotions?
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 11:03 PM
Remember, when gov't relies on "state secrets" they are relying on case law in which the gov't lied to the court. When the gov't does not want you to know something you should always wonder why!

"Supreme Court recognition in United States v. Reynolds
The privilege was first officially recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States in United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1 (1953). A military airplane, a B-29 Superfortress bomber, crashed. The widows of three civilian crew members ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 5, 13 11:33 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 6, 13 4:47 PM
1 member liked this comment
Chief Pearce was the commanding officer of the Street Crimes Unit and had no knowledge of the corruption? How big can this unit be? I can only see three logical options
1) He was involved in the cover up
2) He had knowledge of the problems and looked the other way
3) He was such a careless supervisor that he did not know
None of the above are acceptable

"Remsenburg resident, Lt.Pearce, 54, who has worked for the department for three decades, said if he were appointed ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 6, 13 5:00 PM
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Top survey says #1 - and it looks like the town board is in on the cover up too.
Nuzzi, Malone & Scalera jam the promotion of the Commanding Officer of the disgraced Street Crimes Unit through despite objections that it was "premature" and that "privileged personnel information.. might have impact on the appointment." 16 days later dangerous criminals are released from prison

IMO Nuzzi, Malone & Scalera are co-conspirators.

"Also, Ms. Fleming added that the board members were ...more
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 7, 13 9:00 AM
Should I wait to comment on OU812's post until 27 east reports the story or will everyone have forgotten by then?
By Geppetto (59), Southampton on Mar 6, 13 5:24 PM
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Hey 27east, I would not have to ref another news organization, leading you to remove my comment if you would just DO YOUR JOB! Very quick to take down my comment but you are not so quick to report on the news that it referenced
By OU812 (161), East Quogue on Mar 7, 13 8:52 AM