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Feb 22, 2016 3:47 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

PDD Projects Take Shape In Southampton Town

Feb 23, 2016 4:18 PM

Three major development projects have been advancing through an arduous application process with Southampton Town—and each has the potential to significantly change the character of a community.

For each of the three projects—The Hills in East Quogue, The Canoe Place Inn in Hampton Bays, and the Gateway in Bridgehampton—a planned development district, or PDD, has been proposed. The PDD is an at times controversial zoning mechanism that allows more intense development than allowed by existing zoning, in return for community benefits.

PDD applications can take two to five years to process, including a three-phase review outlined in the town code. The Town Board alone can approve a PDD application.

“The code was originally made in the ’90s and revised in 2010 to 2011 to make some changes to the process,” Southampton Town Deputy Supervisor Frank Zappone said this week. “The effort was to make the process more transparent and require a higher level of approval of the Town Board. PDDs are significant changes and they should get the extended review and evaluation they deserve.”

Canoe Place Inn

The Canoe Place Inn property is the only PDD application of the three that has already been approved by the Town Board. Now, the site plan application is before the Southampton Town Planning Board, which will make decisions regarding the aesthetics and landscaping of the project.

CPI is a large-scale project that will have to be completed in several phases. It includes both commercial and residential components, with the restoration of the historic Canoe Place Inn and the construction of 37 townhouses, each of which will have a projected market value of approximately $1 million.

The PDD application was approved in January 2015. In December, the application went before the Planning Board for the first time, where it is expected to stay for several months, possibly a year, while the board hammers out the details while keeping in play bigger elements—like the location of a sewage treatment plant—that were already approved by the Southampton Town Board.

During the discussions, the Planning Board will hear separately about plans for the Canoe Place Inn and the residential subdivision, tentatively being called “The Boathouse.” It is likely, however, they will both be approved at the same time.

Once the Planning Board approves the plans, the Building Department would authorize building permits so phase one of construction can commence.

The Gateway

The Gateway proposal is designed to revitalize Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton, across from the Bridgehampton Commons, by creating as much as 90,000 square feet of commercial and residential space on 13 acres of land.

The end game for the Gateway is to create 30 residential units—most of which would be considered affordable housing—and several commercial spaces, possibly including a gym. Most of the apartments would sit above the stores.

Unlike Canoe Place Inn, the Gateway PDD application is still in the very early phases of review. Currently, the project is in the pre-application phase before the Town Board. The board has held two public hearings to gauge the community’s support of the development, and a third hearing was scheduled for Tuesday night.

Eventually, the board will have to vote on whether the project is ready to move forward. The Town Board is very interested in this project; it was town officials who initiated negotiations with the property owners, the mother-and-son team Carol and Greg Konner, to develop the parcels in a way that would include community benefits like affordable housing.

If the project moves into the application phase, the property owners will work on formalizing the proposal and making any necessary changes. That is also when the environmental impact study will have to be conducted to see how the development could affect local ecosystems, traffic and density in Bridgehampton. The applicants will also need approvals from the Suffolk County Department of Health, and the State Environmental Quality Review Act standards will have to be met.

It would be several years before ground could potentially be broken on the project.

The Hills

The Hills is right in the middle of the PDD application process, with the applicants working on the draft environmental impact statement, or DEIS. The DEIS submitted to the town will assess the projected environmental impact of the proposed golf course and homes in East Quogue.

The project is proposed in the area of Spinney Road in the hamlet. The developers are seeking to build 95 single-family homes, 13 clubhouse cabins and 10 clubhouse condominiums, in addition to a full private 18-hole golf course.

Last week, town officials ruled that the initial DEIS filed on behalf of the Hills was incomplete. That means the Town Board wants more information and better presentation from the applicant. While it is a minor setback for the Hills, it is not unusual for an application of such magnitude to be deemed incomplete.

Once the DEIS has been deemed complete and then reviewed, the applicants will need to finalize any State Environmental Quality Review Act requirements, as well as Suffolk County Department of Health permits, before the Town Board can vote.

A vote is not scheduled to take place for several months, but if the application is approved by the Town Board, the site plan then would move on to the Planning Board.

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progress in the hamptons is slow, however if you look at other niche resort communities that moved to more year round economies (Annapolis MD comes to mind) most of these projects will be for the betterment of the entire population of the hamptons, summer residents may make a fuss, but the truth is, if we want to grow as a community, and as a group of citizens things like this must happen..

My one note would be on the canoe place project, PLEASE allow for public fishing access in the canal, ...more
By SDRivers (14), Bridgehampton on Feb 22, 16 4:59 PM
not sure why thats a good thing , I thing dirty is what we are trying to eliminate. i want amazing, if you want dirty go fishing up west
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Feb 22, 16 7:15 PM
The "community benefit" required for a PDD should be a benefit that is intrinsic to the project, not writing a check for a park/recreation area somewhere else in town, but something that is an integral part of the project itself. The affordable housing component of the proposed Gateway PDD might qualify.

That's not to say Gateway should be approved. Community reaction has to be a prime factor, and that's trending negative in Gateway's case right now.

Taking too broad a view of ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Feb 22, 16 11:25 PM
I like your description of why some Town Board members tried to push these projects so hard - "either moronic or venal".

The "Hills" DEIS was returned to them - to be fixed! If it can be fixed?
The previous Board seemed to be quite short sighted in their examination of many important and critical points. It appears this new Board is not ignoring 30 years of Environmental advancements - and will carefully assist this developer to see if this enormous project "follows all of the laws, ...more
By FiddlerCrab (96), Westhampton Beach on Feb 27, 16 1:06 AM
Let's dial down the rhetoric, please. Exactly how many PDDs were approved by the Throne-Holst administration in order to keep the sky from falling...or for any other reason
By VOS (1241), WHB on Feb 23, 16 12:05 AM
that statement is not reflective of reality marlin, hb is going through a renascence and the canal project has a lot of support.

hb needs some more "hi end" and the majority of residents are looking forward to some more revitalization of the hamlet.

we have the best water front and the shortest commute back to manhattan.all the people that craped on our reputation for the last 40 years are now quickly starting to eat there words.

we are the hamptons
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Feb 23, 16 9:56 AM
3 members liked this comment
as i do yours
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Feb 23, 16 5:39 PM
I used to work in NYC in the early 80's.
The Lower East Side and most of Brooklyn were "no-go" zones--gunshots, crack, vials, etc...
Look at these areas now!

Watch HB over the next 5 years.
You list a house now--priced right--and its gone in a matter of days.
Out-of-tonwn investors are snapping them up sight unseen with their
Amex cards

By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Feb 24, 16 6:54 AM
I know some of them, Best investment in the hamptons... very perceptive Hipster ;)

Except I don't even give It 5 years... It has already started.

Yes Erin, you are part of the Hampton's and every one is starting to realize how strong that statement is... like it or not.
By joe hampton (3461), on vacation on Feb 24, 16 9:44 AM
So the answer to the question is...there were two. Hardly a substantiation of the claim that the T-H administration pushed through many to keep the sky from falling.

If anyone believes either of these projects garnered "zero community support," they must be chanting la, la, la, la with their fingers firmly planted in their ears.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Feb 25, 16 2:08 PM
Don't forget to vote next November. You can help to make a difference
Also, there is a democratic primary vote in late June, this year. That should be a very satisfying opportunity to exersize your choice of candidates.
Anna Throne-Holst vs. David Calone.

Who was it that said:
If you don't vote - don't complain".
By FiddlerCrab (96), Westhampton Beach on Feb 27, 16 1:14 AM
Go David.
By FiddlerCrab (96), Westhampton Beach on Feb 27, 16 1:15 AM
Still think we should incorporate
By 27dan (2854), Shinnecock Hills on Feb 26, 16 12:57 AM
I fail to see where there is any "community benefit" connected with the aforementioned PDDs. 30 affordable rental units in exchange for 90K square feet of retail? Condos and a catering hall in HB? A slum on Sandy Hollow Road? A PRIVATE GOLF COURSE on top of our aquafer ? Really? Development for development's sake is not progress.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Feb 28, 16 1:15 PM
What is wrong with condos and a catering hall in HB?
By joe hampton (3461), on vacation on Feb 28, 16 10:33 PM
There is nothing wrong with condos and a catering hall within existing zoning. What is wrong is ninty-six thousand square feet of building on 4.5 acres part of which is under water. Thats almost thirty thousand square feet larger than the Rennert house which is on 69 acres of land. What is wrong is the irrevocable loss of waterfront resort zoned land. What is wrong is all the benefits accruing to the developers and ATH's election fund instead of to the residents of the area. Let the developers develop ...more
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Feb 28, 16 10:50 PM
1 member liked this comment
...and what is wrong is that public land is being deeded to the developers by the county. The current area between the old One North and Altenkirch's buildings south to the existing highway is owned by the county and is part of the property on which the condos are to be built. It also appears that the southern end of North Highway will be moved to the east for the convenience of the developers to have more land area for their project. There has been no indication any cash payment will be made ...more
By VOS (1241), WHB on Feb 29, 16 2:16 AM
2 members liked this comment
There is still tons of wall to fish on both sides. Maybe people will pick up there garbage now that the place will have a little more of a finished feel, get over it already the "developer" played your game for 10 years.

First you wanted them to not build on the condos on the CPI site.

Then they agreed along with the unreasonable demand that the CPI is to be restored at there cost

Next you wanted the state of the art waste system... They purchased more land across the ...more
Feb 29, 16 7:46 AM appended by joe hampton
Bird you say bs to me but let me ask you what is the definition of a PDD ? (a planned development district, or PDD, has been proposed. The PDD is an at times controversial zoning mechanism that allows more intense development than allowed by existing zoning, in return for community benefits.) like the CPI RESTORATION - - - Elections have consequences bird... ATH was elected in a town board election a well as the rest of the town board... they operated within there parameters, weighed public opinion and made a decision, I was at those meetings... they made a decision you would not have made... never the less one they were entitled to make because they were elected to make those decisions... so I call BS on you and anyone else that lives up on that hill to the east of the commercial property where the music had to be shut down on a Saturday night by 9:45... maybe you should have bought a house somewhere else... just sayin
By joe hampton (3461), on vacation on Feb 29, 16 7:46 AM
1 member liked this comment
Pure B S Joe. I never wanted them to do anything and I'm perfectly willing to let them build whatever they want...as long as it's within existing zoning.
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Feb 29, 16 7:44 PM
Madam your opinion is so transparent

"I never wanted them to do anything and I'm perfectly willing to let them build whatever they want...as long as it's within existing zoning. Let the developers develop ...more and make their profits...within the existing zoning laws including the setbacks for waterfront construction"

Effectively assuring they could build nothing! that way and you and whatever else is living inside the CPI would be satisfied.
By 27dan (2854), Shinnecock Hills on Feb 29, 16 8:42 PM
More BS Dan. All four properties involved were developable under existing zoning but that was not enough so a little money spread around town hall and there ya go.
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Mar 1, 16 5:49 PM
People with money do not want to live in Sag Harbor salt boxes with no amenity's

But then again you already know that don't you.
By joe hampton (3461), on vacation on Mar 1, 16 6:53 PM
Joe -
1. There is no restriction on architecture style in the zoning code.
2. Lots of people with money live in Sag Harbor salt boxes... in Sag Harbor.
3. People with serious money are not going to live in Hampton Bays no matter what the house style.
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Mar 1, 16 11:45 PM
There you go again craping on HB

You are going top eat those words, And soon

You should go read what town won the curbed Hampton contest this year and why

you can keep your town of eccentric's with there tiny little fences and big bicycles with Hillary bumper stickers on there flowery baskets
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Mar 2, 16 12:14 AM
UD - While I have a SH mailing address, I live in HB as do other members of my family. Just because I point out that zoning by and for the profit of developers and politicians is, IMHO, helping to destroy HB doesn't mean I am craping on HB.
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Mar 2, 16 12:33 PM
your tag says Sag Harbor
Mar 2, 16 12:41 PM appended by Undocumented Democrat
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Mar 2, 16 12:41 PM
As a younger person I rented in Sag. I have had the address for so long I just keep it.
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Mar 2, 16 6:46 PM
lol pretty good description of sag harbor UD I could do even better but the S H Press would red ink me for telling the truth
Mar 3, 16 8:19 PM appended by 27dan
Just for the record I love Sag H but anyone would have to admit its chock full of hippies,feminists and lefty wing nuts . lol
By 27dan (2854), Shinnecock Hills on Mar 2, 16 8:19 PM
"3. People with serious money are not going to live in Hampton Bays no matter what the house style."

You may want to tell that Hedge Fund guy that no one wants to live in his $40 million dollar house in Red Cedar Point, bird.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Mar 4, 16 1:38 AM
Changing zoning to cater to developers is just plain wrong! These projects provide negligible benefit to the community at large, the benefit is to the developers and the politicians who greased the skids for them! Political chicanery at its most base.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Feb 29, 16 12:47 PM
bigfresh in regard to Hampton Bays i believe you are very wrong, This will be a welcome addition to the town, as far as Sandy Hollow is concerned that is a different story.

I do not know how i feel about the Bridge Hampton project being that it is zoned commercial but I think i am leaning with you about the Hills, I would need to think more about it
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Feb 29, 16 12:55 PM
Why is the town in the business of picking winners and losers? If you want to preserve the quality of the town you have to rely on the local population, not a group of 5 or 6 people that never had any experience in business, real estate, buliding, etc.

When you start relying on governments to provide things, you drive the price of living up, the price of purchasing up, and you drive the young future generations out of town. The only thing a government does (And this is what the PDD does ...more
By (Y)eti (5), Southampton on Feb 29, 16 2:59 PM
translation you like it the way it is dumpy and all to yourself.

HB is going to be a true Hampton's destination, It already is, but you are starting to now see property values sky rocketing and people like you are starting to panic.

you will never put the genie back in the bottle.

There is nowhere left to build out East and the last two years the rich have discovered Hampton Bays.

The best you could do is pass some sort of legislation that caps property taxes ...more
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Feb 29, 16 4:06 PM