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Aug 23, 2017 11:58 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

New Head Of Southampton Town Public Safety Appointed, With Some Dissent

Councilman Stan Glinka arguing with Supervisor Jay Schneiderman over the new code enforcement position, with Councilman John Bouvier in the middle. JEN NEWMAN
Aug 23, 2017 12:36 PM

The Southampton Town Board approved the appointment of the head of the town’s new public safety division—although two board members argued, again, that the position was a waste of town funds.

Councilman Stan Glinka, who is the board’s liaison to the Code Enforcement Department, and Councilwoman Christine Scalera argued that enforcement issues should be addressed through clear direction from the Town Board rather than by appointing a new administrator to oversee the newly created department. They made the same case when the position was created earlier this year.

“Being top heavy [on the] management side is not always the answer,” Mr. Glinka said. “Quite honestly, I don’t think this is going to solve our problem right now. I really think we have to look at the staffing levels.”

Supervisor Jay Schneiderman argued that leadership within Code Enforcement was needed to make the department more efficient, similar to efforts made in the Police Department, with the hiring of a new police chief.

“We could add five more [code enforcers], but without that administrative leadership, those five people wouldn’t be effectively used,” the supervisor said.

Ms. Scalera noted that her disapproval of the position, and that of Mr. Glinka, was not personally targeted toward Steven Troyd, a 28-year law enforcement veteran with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for whom the board ultimately voted 3-2 to head the municipality’s newly created Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Mr. Troyd, who lives in West Babylon, most recently served as the supervisory special agent of the New York Metro Gang Task Force, whose members included both FBI and New York Police Department members.

Code enforcement issues hit close to home for attendees of Tuesday’s Town Board meeting, held in the Hampton Bays Senior Center, as Hampton Bays has long been a hub of illegally crowded motels and rental units that are not up to code.

In 2014, when Code Enforcement was first reorganized under the administration of the town attorney’s office and had seven officers, 54 notices of violation were issued to the owners of 14 rental properties in the North Road neighborhood of Hampton Bays within a week’s time. But now five code enforcement officers are spread thin throughout the town, frustrating many in Hampton Bays who see the issue as a local crisis.

Hampton Bays resident Gayle Lombardi, a member of the Hampton Bays Citizens Advisory Committee, addressed the Town Board on Tuesday, raising concerns about the illegal use of motels within the hamlet. She told the board she is legally blind, describing her ability to see as “missing pieces of a puzzle.”

“Why do I look to the Town Board and say you made decisions as if you’re legally blind?” she asked. “I find the Town Board in Hampton Bays is … spending money based on spotty information. You’re not taking the time, energy and patience to make sound decisions on our behalf.”

The town’s new Public Safety Department was created earlier this year and added to this year’s budget by Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman. Mr. Schneiderman said he hopes to add another code enforcement officer position in the 2018 town budget.

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Typical Democratic nonsense!

Create MORE Government, this time creating and filling a position for a job the Board should be doing themselves.

Heck, Jay Schneiderman could handle the job himself if he'd cut back on running around having his photo taken everytime a lens was uncapped.

By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Aug 23, 17 2:04 PM
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Once again some Board Members think "More Management" is the answer, Jay thinks it out, Bouvier bloviates, and Julie plots along like a farm horse in the field being the 3rd vote. This is the standard, a typical move of the Democrats in power. This is how our Government keeps growing and growing, and becomes bloated. Its not going to solve or resolve any issues. QUESTION JAY: What's going to be the difference if your ask any current Code Officer for stats on whatever issue? or now ask a $100K Supervisor ...more
By The Crow's Nest (65), Red Creek on Aug 23, 17 2:15 PM
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Just another inflated salary and inflated pension the taxpayer is responsible for.
By Babyboo (293), Hampton Bays on Aug 23, 17 2:52 PM
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Why are we hiring all of these positions outside of the Town of Southampton? Do we not have any qualified people to do this job within our entire township? Now on top of this over inflated salary, there comes a new car to and from West Babylon to Southampton (another taxpayer's expense), gas (another taxpayers expense), insurance. Don't we already pay all of these expenses for the new Police Chief?
By Hampton Bays resident (12), Hampton Bays on Aug 23, 17 3:23 PM
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Town is like the Village, two yes votes when the boss raises his hand. I thought Cheryl was Public Safety supervisor, didn't she get a big raise??? Never see her any more, don't see her in uniform???
Man, we need a bigger building... Are they not under the police or should be... They have many supervisors. Sounds very Democratic...
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Aug 23, 17 5:01 PM
I'd cover my face if my life's work lead to me being a manager of safety too.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Aug 24, 17 6:04 AM
It looks like John Bouvier is taking a little nap..oh that's right, he only listens when he is speaking.
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Aug 24, 17 8:57 AM
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I saw a video of a meeting discussing this last year. Stan and Jay, with input from Christina were involved in the discussion. No comments from Julie or John that I saw. This photo seems to depict the same thing. Was anyone at this meeting?
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Aug 24, 17 11:58 AM
Another and anothor, ad nauseum. for the Towns supervisiors What the town needs is more individuals doing the job and less people doing the administrating. We cvould have hired 2 to 3 code enforcement offiers for what this gentleman will be making. Yes he is a retired FBI agent, but is he trained in building code and fire safety? How long will it take him before he is up on these laws of our town?
By Native (1), Hampton Bays on Aug 24, 17 2:14 PM
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I was at and spoke on behalf of the HBCAC. Addressing the problems associated with the motels and the reluctance of the Board to admit the crisis is disheartening. How many years have we failed.. for Jay to defend his performance in light of the reality on the ground reality shows that he just don't get it. Bouvier scoffed at the media reports, called the presentations by HB citizens "unsubstantiated misconceptions" which is an insult and shows he has no comprehension of the severity of the ...more
By tom (53), Hampton Bays on Aug 24, 17 2:32 PM
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The video should be on the Town website in a few days. I suggest everyone watch it, even if you are not a Hampton Bays resident. I, too, was there (clearly since I have been quoted in this article). Many of us that have "stepped up" did so because we love Hampton Bays and we recognize that there are serious issues that need to be dealt with by serious, smart, dedicated leadership. It seemed clear to me that neither Jay Schneiderman nor John Bouvier believes that the issues facing Hampton Bays ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Aug 24, 17 3:18 PM
There is 0 code enforcement currently happening regarding overcrowding in single family homes in Hampton Bays also, particularly south of the highway. Basement apartments, packed bedrooms, too many cars (on lawns); not too mention the strain on the septic systems designed for lesser occupancies, all easy cases to make if someone from code enforcement were to just drive around and actually do some investigative work without waiting for a complaint. Obviously stronger (or any) management of this department ...more
By Eamonn (17), East Hampton on Aug 24, 17 5:35 PM
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I believe the civil service issue was dealt with - "where there is a will there is a way:. The new code enforcement director will only be as effective as the Town Board allows. If there is no will to do anything about the illegal use of the motels or the illegally over crowded housing, nothing will change. The number of officers have clearly not kept up with the number of building permits and residents. The issue about additional code enforcement officers was raised last budget cycle, but I believe ...more
By G.A.Lombardi (575), Hampton Bays on Aug 24, 17 5:54 PM
Its a Win ...Win Situation.....The Chief and the Head of Code Enforcement can Car Pool To and From Work !
By Brady (15), Southampton on Aug 24, 17 9:06 PM
It's important to have $2 million+ of annual overhead to make sure no one rents on AirBnB. Otherwise, we would quickly be over run with European tourists, high net worth professionals, and upscale families seeking a weekend at the beach. Then where would all the indigent undocumented families live? We just can't build enough low income housing fast enough. Time to get more kids into our schools so our taxes can go up. Let's stop listening to all the right wingers whining about paying $500+/month ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Aug 26, 17 11:28 AM