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Mar 26, 2019 4:23 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

UPDATE: Westbound Lanes Re-Opened After Five-Car Accident Forces County Road 39 Road Closure In Shinnecock Hills

Mar 26, 2019 5:32 PM

UPDATE: 5 p.m.

Westbound lanes were re-opened at 4:55 p.m., police said.

Four people were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries, police added, and there were no fatalities.


A five-car-accident in Shinnecock Hills forced emergency crews to close down part of County Road 39 during the afternoon commute on Tuesday.

The accident occurred in front of SavATree, and was reported at approximately 3:45 p.m.

Police said County Road 39 was closed in both directions between Tuckahoe Road and Shrubland Road.

According to an alert from the Town of Southampton, County Road 39 was expected to be closed for two hours.

No other details were available.

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So the 12 minute ride from SH Village to HB will be 2.5 hrs.

Wonder if anyone will hop that shuttle tomorrow?
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Mar 26, 19 4:44 PM
Add congestion pricing once over the canal. EZP it to gather funds to pay for improvements and enhancements for the roads. After all, there is now mass transit to points east of the canal.
By Hamptonsway (107), Southampton on Apr 2, 19 8:06 PM
Is there a more dangerous stretch of road on Long Island than CR39 between Shrubland and Tuckahoe?
By CPalmer (122), Southampton on Mar 26, 19 5:50 PM
Roads don't cause accidents, idiot drivers do. On their phones, tailgating, weaving between lanes, or just being the dumbbells they are is the cause of all accidents.
By country joe (60), sag harbor on Mar 26, 19 6:40 PM
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By Shinnecock Hills family (59), Southampton on Mar 26, 19 7:36 PM
Crazy part is, most drivers have no problem doing 50 in a 35. Then, when they get to the Sunrise it seems traffic is incapable of the socially acceptable 70 MPH.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Mar 26, 19 7:40 PM
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I live here too. I’m over it. I’m so sick and tired of the accidents, people dying, yet the officials cater to the “trade parade”
Let their kids live here and see how much better they drive. They want to create more lanes, higher speeds?! Give us, the homeowners the necessary roads WE need to abide by your times. We need road access to Montauk Hwy so OUR lives are not in danger. This is bullshit and I’m over it.
By blondnique (6), southampton on Mar 26, 19 8:37 PM
I can honestly say that I drive 45. I’m also passed by all the cars. I see them in my rear mirror grumbling. I see their middle fingers.

We, as Locals need to set an example on respecting the speed limit on that road. “ If u build it, they will come”. If WE drive 45, eventually MOST will drive 45 .....
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Mar 26, 19 9:06 PM
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Completely agree and love what you wrote
By blondnique (6), southampton on Mar 27, 19 11:27 AM
Thank you blondnique :) Sadly I see many local drivers speeding on 39. I can sleep at night knowing I’m not part of the problem on that road. I’m part of the solution but one that seems to frustrate not only the other drivers around me, but myself including . If we ALL SLOW DOWN , it will set the tone for the other drivers.
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Mar 28, 19 7:24 AM
I'm nearly run into daily on my commute by texting drivers looking at their phones.
By watermill_mike (35), Sag Harbor on Mar 26, 19 8:05 PM
You know what 27 east should do? Interview a resident who lives this daily as owning a home in this stretch...has a high school student who is learning to drive and is scared! It wasn’t like this years ago, when they decided to open the highway, they the still won’t allow many corporate businessmen NOR an outlet for homeowners and business goers to exit on Montauk hwy. You created 4 lanes, collect our taxes, yet we aren’t protected?! Create the roads to Montauk Hwy for your people! ...more
By blondnique (6), southampton on Mar 26, 19 8:27 PM
24 to Riverhead is worse. How many fatalities on 24 in the last 30 years? The big bend in the pine barrens is a graveyard. Drivers use the turning lane to pass. Very little SPD presence on this road. I see many SPD cars at the firehouse on Ponquogue and the HB 7-11, must be a high crime area.
By P. Revere (152), hampton Bays on Mar 26, 19 8:35 PM
4 lane hwy take out the LIRR simple as yhat
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Mar 26, 19 10:48 PM
As has been pointed out in many earlier articles and comments, this suggestion is not do-able as a practical matter.

Condemning the private property to "take" it, plus the construction, would take at least 15-20 years, or more [including court cases to complete the process]. Not to mention that the construction would essentially FREEZE all traffic on The East End for years!

If all governmental vehicles [SH Town, County, NYS and federal] obeyed the 35 MPH speed limit, there would ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Mar 27, 19 7:51 AM
Take out the LIRR? Betcha the (admittedly few, so far) people on the commuter shuttle all got home on time! Every time something like this happens a few more people who sat in traffic for 2 hours will be inspired to try the train...
By SilverSnail (16), Hampton Bays on Mar 27, 19 8:11 AM
Very true, the speeds are ridiculously fast and anyone trying to enter in any direction had better be extremely careful and also there is no police presence at all during am or pm commutes to deter erratic driving.
By 11953guest (48), southampton on Mar 26, 19 10:49 PM
1) Set up a toll for all vehicles with commercial plates going east from 5am to 10am. Use the same technology as the school zone license plate readers.
2). All government workers -- police, teacher's, janitors, Town admins, must take train to work. Let them eat their own cooking.
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 27, 19 6:00 AM
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... if they dont take the train to work, do they go to jail?
By William Rodney (561), southampton on Mar 27, 19 7:09 AM
what happens when someone dares to use a plastic drinking straw in easthampton?

first offense, fine like a ticket, second offense, bigger fine, like a ticket, third offense, lose your job. simple.
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 28, 19 7:08 AM
"The state has launched a pilot program to test fully autonomous vehicles, an initiative lawmakers created last year to bring Connecticut to the forefront of the self-driving car industry.

Up to four interested towns and cities will be selected to participate by allowing manufacturers to test fully self-driven cars on their roadways, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Tuesday."
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 27, 19 7:07 AM
39 seems to be a training ground for UTI wannabe NASCAR drivers. We need enforcement of the speed limit, texting and driving , unsafe lane changes and general stupidity behind the wheel.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Mar 27, 19 7:34 AM
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I wonder how many of those involved are teachers who live up west because there is not enough affordable housing out here.
By tenn tom (259), remsenburg on Mar 27, 19 7:57 AM
County Road either has to be a highway or a local road. Right now it is trying to be both, with frequent tragic results. Eliminating that conflict means either (1) enforcing the hell out of the speed limit...literally cops all over the road, all the time...$$$, or (2) start to eliminate all the turns and intersections that conflict inevitably with higher speed traffic. Something has to give with the structural set up.
By CPalmer (122), Southampton on Mar 27, 19 8:08 AM
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After a frustrating day on the job, there is nothing more satisfying than aggressively driving 60 mph after the Southampton 7-11. There's never any cops there.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Mar 27, 19 8:18 AM
SHPD and NYS Troopers must set up a road block on 39 during the am rush and check the DL, reg. and insurance of every commercial vehicle going east. What percentage of the drivers don't have a valid DL, ins, or reg? Have Rapid Recovery on sight and impound the vehicle. Do this often.
By P. Revere (152), hampton Bays on Mar 27, 19 8:25 AM
Why just commercial vehicles? Many of those are checked regularly at the DOT check points. Why not check all the personal vehicles since they are often in the accidents?
By roverton (64), Westhampton on Mar 27, 19 11:06 AM
Everyone just needs to slow the &^%$ Down!!!!!
By Local247 (39), Southampton on Mar 27, 19 9:08 AM
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Coming soon the Great Peconic Causeway.The most beautiful drive in America.
By V.Tomanoku (790), southampton on Mar 27, 19 9:36 AM
simple solution, cost effective too. 10 speed cameras on both side of that strech of 39 (I agree they are not very nice to look at) . Flashes anyone going above 45mph. First offense, $150 fine, second offense $500. Third offense is Bye-bye driving license for a minimum one year. Works in Europe, despite all the grumbling (the fact that people hate them is a sure sign that they absolutely work). But no suffolk county local politician would have to gut to show this kind of leadership.
By peconicdream (1), Water Mill on Mar 27, 19 2:16 PM
that would slow down the work on the large estates, no new bathroom, no donation to politician who is creating this inconvenience.
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 28, 19 7:11 AM
Excellent idea peconicdream! Excellent!
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Mar 28, 19 7:28 AM
As stated above , they do work well in Europe and desperate times call for desperate measures. The idiots speeding on 39 need to be stopped, or at least fined into oblivion.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Mar 27, 19 2:54 PM
The Sunrise was intended to terminate at Montauk highway. The original plan dates to the 1960s.

NIMBYs killed this and did nothing to substitute a solution for the problem. You allowed businesses to build too close to the road and made it astronomically expensive to build a future road there.

NIMBYs now deal with what you created. The trade parade is your baby.
By Baymen87 (135), Lugoff, SC on Mar 28, 19 9:09 AM
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No room for a ‘new’ road. Enforcement is the key to making 39 as safe as possible, traffic backups be damned.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Mar 28, 19 3:46 PM
Fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents in Southampton 1975 - 2017

city-data.com/ accidents/ acc-Southampton-New-York.html

By JayGee (5), North Sea on Mar 28, 19 8:20 PM
Its County Road 39, owned by the County. They widened it and created this debacle. We pay sales tax up island and do not receive what we pay out. the County should position a Sub station there and two cars that constantly police it. Im sure with the number of speeders, texting, one head light etc., that it would more than pay for itself. County Road 39 County Police......
By North Sea Citizen (568), North Sea on Mar 29, 19 8:50 AM
We pay "Residents of the 12 counties in the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) also pay a supplemental fee for each year the registration is in effect." = $25.00 per year, per vehicle. Plus $15-30 to Suffolk as abroad use fee, per year, per vehicle. Where does this go?
By TheTurtle (143), Southampton on Mar 30, 19 8:13 AM
It goes to Unions, and especially public sector Unions that then spend it on healthcare insurance, the expense of healthcare insurance embedded in pensions, and in donations to influential politicians especially the Governor of New York State and his supporters.
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 30, 19 11:40 AM
"One oddity at the fund-raiser? Neither attendees nor staff members from the Cuomo campaign could describe what office, if any, Mr. Cuomo, who was recently re-elected to a third term, was raising money for.

Nor could those contributing to him.

“I didn’t ask. It’s obvious what it is. It’s the continual cycle of fund-raising,” said John Samuelsen, the president of the Transport Workers Union International and an ally of the governor. “That’s ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on Mar 30, 19 11:49 AM
A traffic light at Shrubland Road, synchronized with the light at the college would help alleviate the steady flow of traffic and give the locals a chance to ingress and egress onto the highway.
By housedoc1 (12), Southampton on Apr 4, 19 12:50 PM
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Add a few more lights in between bc ppl will have plenty of time an room to surpass the speed limit from there to the college light. Add one at the shell gas station and another near Tuckahoe road near all the business there. When u go up island, ur going from light to light . When u go into the city your not supposed to block the box. When the city an Uti’s come here in full force having more more lights and enforcing the don’t block the box law makes sense imo .
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Apr 6, 19 6:57 AM