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Aug 6, 2011 4:02 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

Aug 9, 2011 6:39 PM

It was the most ephemeral of grand ideas, vanishing even more suddenly than it appeared.

MTK: Music To Know, the ambitious festival that organizers hoped would draw thousands of indie music fans to East Hampton Airport, was canceled due to low ticket sales just one week before its scheduled start date of Saturday, August 13.

“Despite our unique vision and arranging a world-class lineup, ticket sales were not adequate to allow the event to continue,” the event’s promoters announced in a statement that was posted to musictoknow.com on Saturday. “We wanted to let everyone know now before engaging more deeply.”

The promoters needed to sell 5,500 tickets by last Saturday in order to go forward, but had sold only about half that amount, according to Suzee Foster of WordHampton PR, a representative of the event’s promoters.

The festival was the brainchild of two Sag Harbor residents, Chris Jones, the owner of Sole East hotel in Montauk, and Bill Collage, a screenwriter, who had hoped to make their first foray into the live music industry. They pitched the idea to the East Hampton Town Board last December, promising to donate $100,000 of their proceeds to local non-profits and bring jobs and an infusion of outside money into the community, and received the go-ahead two weeks later.

Although the organizers placed the $100,000 gift in an escrow account last month, and the Town Board selected 20 beneficiaries, the release of the donation was contingent on the festival occurring.

“As caring members of the community, we are disappointed too,” Mr. Jones said in a message passed on by Ms. Foster this week.

Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, who touted the festival as a means to bolster charities hurt by government budget cuts in recent years, echoed that sentiment.

“As far as I’m concerned, we lost a huge opportunity,” he 
said. “It’s a time for leadership, that we grow from this and 
figure out the next step.”

The organizers lined up some popular national acts, including Vampire Weekend and Bright Eyes, among the 18 bands they signed to play at the two-day inaugural festival, and spoke of cultivating the event into an annual tradition with an accompanying television show.

But, for whatever reason, the sales did not materialize, they said.

“Along with our ticket holders, vendors, sponsors, business associates, colleagues and friends in the community, we too are filled with deep disappointment,” the organizers said in a statement. “We pledge to endure during this difficult time with the same integrity and professionalism displayed throughout the creation of this event.”

Mr. Jones and Mr. Collage were in back-to-back discussions over the logistics of refunding ticket holders on Monday and Tuesday, and would not be available to comment, Ms. Foster said. Mr. Jones did not return a call to his cellphone.

But in a response to a question passed on through Ms. Foster, Mr. Jones called the cancellation “very sad for everyone,” but said he was “very humbled and encouraged by our community’s supportive messages.”

When asked about the cost of planning the festival and how much money investors—including the two founders—stood to lose, Mr. Jones said only, “We are working hard for the best outcome for everyone.”

A message posted to musictoknow.com on Tuesday said the organizers intended to refund all ticket holders, and would come up with a mechanism for doing so before Friday.

The festival had a maximum capacity of 9,500 attendees, a scale almost unprecedented among the concerts, galas and fundraisers that take place almost every weekend in East Hampton during the summer—and the 
size proved controversial. Although Ocean View Farm on Montauk Highway in Amagansett was the original site for the event, opposition from neighbors caused the organizers to relocate it to an unused runway at the municipal airport in Wainscott.

Mr. Wilkinson said he believed the outcry from Amagansett residents—which included a lawsuit that challenged the legality of the Town Board’s approval—put a damper on investment and contributed to the event’s failure.

“It’s too bad for the community,” he said. “What bothers me perhaps most is the fact that the community has got, at some point, to have civilly toned discussions about the needs of the community and how to satisfy some of those needs, And I think this was an out-of-the-box approach to do just that.”

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I never heard of the bands .... no wonder .
By AndersEn (174), Southampton on Aug 6, 11 4:30 PM
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What happens to the $ promised to our charities?
By disappointed (96), wainscott on Aug 6, 11 4:38 PM
In order "to donate $100,000 of their proceeds," there needs to be some proceeds to donate, wouldn't you think?

No festival. No proceeds. Basic economics.
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Aug 6, 11 7:35 PM
If is no concert is no money....very simple...same if a local non for profit doesn't sell enough tickets...they must cancel ...it has happen here many times.....
By Bel (86), southampton on Aug 7, 11 8:27 AM
Actually, that's not necessarily true. The reason for this money to be escrowed back when it was established, was to ensure that the community had a minimum benefit. Some of you may remember the @ Ross Concert Series which also pledged $ to charity. In that case, the event happened, lost $18 million and charity got zip. Happen, not happen, charity can get screwed...this money should go to the charities.
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 2:33 PM
Dont you think the idea of 9k people coming to our communitity would have had a benefit to our community? Do you donate to charities?
By ammills (24), east hampton on Aug 9, 11 10:32 AM
too bad, music is fun. I thought the ticket was too high for bands I never heard of.
I've been to other music festivals where the camping is on site and its top notch bands that cost less. Kids couldnt afford it and adults never heard of the bands.
I saw this coming from day one , but stayed hopeful that maybe it could evolve into something.

Oh you NIMBY complainers will have to find something else to bitch about now.
By someguy (6), southampton on Aug 6, 11 4:55 PM
Ticket prices were too high..and this was not aimed at a local audience..
By gansetteer (125), East Hampton on Aug 6, 11 4:56 PM
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this is bs. just read the wall street journal of some days back & on the front page,lower down there was an article on the mtk & u could sense the power of people for and against this festival.
money promised to the charities? guys stopping this fun event should be made to pay a lot....were the organisers stoned when they put all this money in escrow?
I am just pissed off cause i miss on my intro to the hamptons.....and having good music and a good time
By al the pal (2), nyc on Aug 6, 11 6:39 PM
My daughter is too...she got the tickets as a birthday present (sweet sixteen)...she is really sad, and upset!!!
By Bel (86), southampton on Aug 7, 11 8:30 AM
Why am I not suprised? $400 plus parking for a couple/2 people. And not offering single day tickets until just recently. AND hardly any real advertising in NYC - months ago when they needed to get real interest. If you weren't a follower of the concert circuit or a regular visitor to the Hamptons (one that listens to EHM) you wouldn'thave know anything about it until very recently.
By zaz (197), East Hampton on Aug 6, 11 8:01 PM
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I had a feeling this event would be a bust, I haven't even heard of any of these bands.
By BlueStreak (34), East End on Aug 6, 11 9:29 PM
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The 7/12 article linked above says the $100,000 donations pledged was in an escrow account. First thing Monday morning, the EH Town Attorney should file a lien or attach the escrow account IMO.

The failure of this festival should be a wake up call to the EH Town Board about what happens when you approve major undertakings like this in an Work Session without notice, and without public input. Shameful behavior IMO in a DEMOCRACY. The November elections cannot come soon enough.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 6, 11 10:23 PM
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This is an absurd comment. Why should the charities or the Town be entitled to any money. People are losing money here. Nobody is benefitting from this cancellation. The proposal to charlty was generous and should only be paid if the concert actually took place. This has nothing to do with the Board approving the event. The promotors should be appluaded for trying to bring a new and exciting event to our backyard.
By ammills (24), east hampton on Aug 8, 11 11:58 AM
Actually, the promoters should be hung out to dry for ruining it for future projects, playing out their planning in the press, pricing insanity and making lofty predictions about their "vision"...total amateurs that should NEVER be allowed a permit ever again. And the charities should definitely get their promised $ That's why it was put in escrow. Like @Ross Concerts, who promised and never delivered to charity after holding their event and losing $18 million, there has to be a minimum or simply ...more
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 2:41 PM
Future projects? They should be commended for having the balls to try this type of event. Have you never heard of a business that failed? Thats what this is.
By ammills (24), east hampton on Aug 9, 11 10:35 AM
I don't get PBR's point? What does approval of the permit have to do with the "undertaking"? The board approved the permit, the organizers could not sell enough tickets so they cancel a week in advance and thats it. The organizers probably are losing a ton of money, but the town hasn't put out any money. Besides, from everything I read about this event it was discussed at many town board meetings and the people who opposed it said it would bring 10,000 people from NYC to rable rouse in the Hamptons, ...more
By mrmako61 (148), southampton on Aug 7, 11 12:02 AM
I think his point is that a more careful review of the background of the organizers prior to approval would have revealed that it's probably not a great idea to allow people who have never done an event to do so. People who said the sky is falling had NOTHING to do with this cancellation! To pull off a first year event, promotion has to drive the response and these guys just weren't able to generate the excitement...notwithstanding the fact that the average ticket price for any of the biggest names ...more
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 10:27 AM
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Avarice, and disparity claim another victim..
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 7, 11 12:27 AM
All I can say is, I got a lot of @#$* for saying many months ago that this was poorly priced and playing it out in the press will backfire. What pizzes me off the most is that it ruins it for folks like me who actually know how to do these things and would never have played it this way. fingers crossed that Phoenix House and the other charities get their $
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 9:28 AM
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Feel free to say "I TOLD YOU SO.".

I refrain frequently...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 8, 11 8:31 PM
Wilkinson is now blaming the concert's failure on lack of community support. But didn't he claim earlier that only a small vocal segment of the community was against it and a silent majority was for it? Are politicians simply incapable of telling the truth?
By harbor (415), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 9:47 AM
Where does it say Wilkinson is blaming the failure on lack of community support? I don't even see a quote from Wilkinson in the article above. Harbor is fabricating Wilkinson quotes and I see by clicking on the "2 members like this comment" that one of the people who like it was Zack Cohen -- which just shows he is willing to jump on any thing for political gain -- even phantom quotes by his opponent and the failure of local businessmen to do something good for business and great for charity. ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Aug 7, 11 10:19 AM
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I just found a quote from wilkinson on another website. Wilkinson said the controversy surrounding the festival hurst. He is right on that one, that vocal minority that argued against it and filed lawsuits certainly did not help matters -- that is a far cry from saying the community in general did not support it. You bet all those charities and the thousands of people they service supported it. But again the NIMBYS strike and Zack Cohen supports those NIMBYS that have now cost the Daycare Center, ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Aug 7, 11 10:30 AM
This is nonsense! All first year events in vacation spots have this kind of initial community response, but few play themselves out in the press by the organizers the way this one did. As a producer, you NEVER go public with anything until you've lined your ducks in a row and solved any major area push-back. They could have gaged the problems with Amagansett and moved to the airport right away. Also, the $100K was put in escrow for the charities and if the lawyers were smart, it was payable regardless ...more
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 10:37 AM
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It started with the silly plan of hosting the show on Montauk Hwy, east of Amagansett village, cutting off Montauk from the rest of the world in the middle of August! The only way around was to force traffic through residential neighborhoods! The board willing to go along with this plan was absurd. Poor planning from the get go caused the failure of this event.
By phins (43), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 12:54 PM
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East Hampton Supervisor Bill Wilkinson on Saturday said he was disappointed that the community failed to rally around the festival, and the controversies likely held major sponsors from getting behind the event (from easthamptonpatch.com)
By harbor (415), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 1:52 PM
check this out....about 2500 people have brought the tickets, the artists have their days planned out to be in long island,drop the f... prices crazy, blitz out the nyc media,get the tourists buses specials ...PUT ON THE F..... SHOW.
There must be a win win waiting to appear yet...can most commentators be pls positive and offer their brightest hopes for the charities and them people
By al the pal (2), nyc on Aug 7, 11 12:39 PM
Not possible unless the organizers are prepared to spend major last minute ad costs and then underwrite the additional losses (which are probably between $350 - 500K right now)...it's likely these guys are already going to be sued by vendors and others and as they've already paid deposits to talent which is non-refundable (50% of the cost of all 18 bands), the only real hope is that the lawyers maid the charity contribution $ payable regardless.
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 12:58 PM
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This an event forced on the community by promotors for their own profit and abetted by local pollitions to coverup their gutting of social programs. This isn't the Clamshell Foundation,Ellens Run,nor the Wounded Warrior Project. Those worthy causes put ALL moneys over the cost of the event into charity. ALL OF IT! And there is no NIMBY with those organizitions. Wilkquig can see how it would look good for him to get $100K for charity but everyone knows thats just a spit in the ocean and just a part ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 7, 11 1:05 PM
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The gutting of social programs and the elimination of donations to non profits happened in the 2009 budget when the Democrat-McGintee gang eliminated $100,000 in funding for 16 organizations including the South Fork Breast Health Coalition and the Children's Museum (page 85 of the 2011 budget document's past year budgets shows it quite succunctly). On page 83 you can see how the Democrat-McGintee gang cut funding to Project Most by $30,000 in 2009 and almost $9,000 to the Amagansett PTA. Then ...more
By formertbm (76), east hampton on Aug 7, 11 2:27 PM
Follow the campaign contributions?
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 7, 11 1:29 PM
One everyone heard that Gwenyth Paltrow was performing........that was the nail in the coffin. Youch!
By SisBoomBonacker (106), Hamptons on Aug 7, 11 2:02 PM
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My mistake. I should have said the "-- continued gutting of social programs--". And I should have added the "excelerated shift from government for the common good to government "if you aint got it you can't have it." So speculate all you want as to my identy. But you seem to be the one proud of who you were as a former town bd. mem. but seem to be afraid to say who you are. Grow some spine, tell us who you are so we can see what your record is. Otherwise your just trying to rationalize and convince ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 7, 11 3:14 PM
I always tried to do the right thing and I always stayed on top of things, and I did not sit on my hands when the Town's finances were going down the toilet like you did. You helped create a situation where the new administration had to deal with a near $30 million deficit, ingrained management problems, cost overruns, no hurricane disaster plan, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,..........................And you talk about no spine? You have never admitted to the gross mismanagement you ...more
By formertbm (76), east hampton on Aug 7, 11 5:29 PM
Ok. Now I think I know who FACTS MAN is. He has written some letters and I now see the similarity. Definitely a past town board member who really has nothing to brag about and should be the last person to criticize anybody. Got it.
By factsandtruth (42), East Hampton on Aug 7, 11 5:59 PM
This is where the rubber meets the road. An undertaking such as this takes experience with sales, reaching out to Beer/Liqour sponsers and/or Real Estate Firms (Pandora, Linkedin, Dunkin Donuts etc) to pay for their ads to underwrite the fixed costs. One needs to sell and personally in this economy the value must be there. It's not like your going to get a couple of local Hedgies to pony up, there's not enough reward or ego grat for them.No one is going to notice them in that size crowd and basically ...more
By BlackDog (47), Boca Raton on Aug 7, 11 6:17 PM
According to Dan's Papers Gwyneth was supposed to "perform a special solo in the VIP tent." I assume the $200 admission didn't include the 'VIP tent".
By bridgewoodsmom (14), bridgehampton on Aug 7, 11 8:26 PM
Little advertising.

Ridiculously expensive tickets.

Choices of musical artists geared to young people who don't have that kind of disposable income.

Recipe for failure.
By elliot (254), sag harbor on Aug 7, 11 9:39 PM
Fmrtbm--- I,m a retired guy who's lived here most of my life. I've watched the town I love become something I don't like or recognize. Iv'e watched it turn down right evil since Wilkquig took over. My spouse is the only one who knows my name here and I keep it secret to protect my family from hate and vindictivness. So you and your 1/2 dozen informers keep speculating. I won't stop stating the facts. You won't put the same shame you have for yourself on me. But here's todays rumor; Wilkquig, depending ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 8, 11 11:43 AM
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Im not trying to be a wise ass....but why is it that you think the Town should get the 100,00 donation for an event that it now not happening?
By tm (174), mtk on Aug 8, 11 12:04 PM
Not trying to be a wise guy either but when the community went balistic over this adventuer the promoters and Wilkquig told everyone it wouldn't cost the tax payer anything. And as we all know any action by the town costs $. Permits, security, paving Danials Hole Rd., and other things. So as a hedge against that and as apeasement to protests they demanded $100k in escrow. Rumor has it its gone. I don't know what the deal was but IF its gone the tax payer loses. Fact
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 8, 11 1:17 PM
Those permits generate funds for the Town - they are not a net loss. What security costs were there to the Town for a festival that didn't happen?

There was no undo burden on the tax payers behalf through the approval process of this festival (that did not happen). The $100,000 was to help appease the local community and was a good faith gesture - there is no law requiring it and it's absurd to expect them to pay $100,000 for a festival that didn't happen.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 8, 11 2:15 PM
Legitimate escrow accounts typically have lots on conditions and contingencies stated, in case things don't work out for one reason or another.

EH Town should make public the escrow account documents so that we can all be reading from the same page(s).

If the EH Town Board is NOT willing to do this, they will simply confirm IMO that they place themselves above public scrutiny and debate (similar to the approval process for this festival).

In this case the Press should ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 8, 11 2:26 PM
Im not seeing the connection b/w this concert (which was a good idea, poorly executed) and the November elections.
By tm (174), mtk on Aug 8, 11 3:06 PM
The money was for charities if the concert took place. The $100,000 was not an insurance policy or to indemnify the town for anything. There was never anything said or written about anything but the $100,000 being for charities if the concert happened. That is not too difficult to comprehend and certainly not complex.
By factsandtruth (42), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 11:19 PM
It doesn't make sense to have 100K in escrow if the promoters didn't insist on strings attached. Otherwise the town should simply have received and deposited a 100K check.
By zaz (197), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 5:22 PM
Who would write $100,000 check out of ANTICIPATED revenue to be kept in escrow (by definition it has "condiitons") ands expect that money to be kept if there is no (or at least break even) revenue? Only a Democrat! Each and every one of the "benefactors" of this agreement has a legitimate foundation/and or/"charitable status" for any ordinary taxpayer to "write off" their donations if they so choose. To make this a political issue is the lowest form of fear mongering and pandering . . .thanks ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 10:02 PM
Sounds like Enron "off books" account balancing.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 8, 11 10:08 PM
And by the way facts man - you are once again PATHETIC -- I don't know but "IF it's true . . " are not facts but rumor mongering ... perhaps you are "or are related to "Facts Woman" Deb Foster? If not - same emotional pandering, whining, ilk and style . . . with little or nothing but "I heard" and "I've been told" and "a good surce told me" to back up your "facts". You have been wrong so many times on this site I'm surprised the Press doesn't put a disclaimer next to your posts!! You are so so ...more
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 10:10 PM
Board Watcher... read all the above...Facts Man has to be a former Democrat Town Board member who helped create the financial mess in East Hampton. You can't take anything he says seriously...nothing!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!!
By factsandtruth (42), East Hampton on Aug 8, 11 11:23 PM
The 7/12/11 article linked above has a quote from Chris Jones, one of the festival organizers: "The money has left our account."

All of the speculation here about the status of the escrow account (and the conditions under which the funds would be released, or not) will END when EH Town makes public the relevant paperwork.

Silence is deafening.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 9, 11 1:49 AM
Farietalesandlies dont spend your time guessing put out your own truths. Board Lackey stop complaining about me and put out your facts. If I'm so bad and only a former board member and my facts are only my own why do you care so much? The fact is I state real truths and facts unless say otherwise. So do as PBR suggests. Fact
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 9, 11 5:59 AM
whew! Dodged this bullet.. my house is close to airport and I wasn't looking forward to loud music, kids, trash, more traffic and crap. It seemed like the Escape2NY festival was well thought out and planned, unlike this one..
By MartyMcDougal (24), Sag Harbor on Aug 9, 11 9:31 AM

"All of the speculation here about the status of the escrow account (and the conditions under which the funds would be released, or not) will END when EH Town makes public the relevant paperwork."

Why is this neccessary? Why should the promoters be forced to pay $100,000 for an event that did not occur which inconvienenced no one? This statement is right up there with your requests for TB members to post $1,000,000 personal bonds. . .
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 9, 11 9:36 AM
thats my question exactly, along with how the 100K is becoming a political issue.

If you want to vote people out bc you are unhappy about how the permitting process went, etc, thats your right.

But all this vitriol demaning to know where the 100K is, is very confusing. It seems very simple, the money was held in escrow and probably was to be released once the concert was over. since there is no concert, i would hope the money was returneed to the promoters.

whats the ...more
By tm (174), mtk on Aug 9, 11 9:40 AM
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Nature you are way off the mark here with another Ad Hominem attack.

The promoters and the Town should be "forced" only to keep the written agreement(s) they signed! No one here knows the content of the escrow documents, and the assumptions vary widely as you can see.

If the promoters agreed to donate the $100,000 even if the event was cancelled, then they should be held to this IMO. EVEN IF THIS POSSIBILITY IS CONTRARY TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Did you write the escrow account agreement?

If ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 9, 11 10:13 AM
If this was a deal between a promotor and, lets say a private entity like Madison Square Garden, any deal is between private parties and isn't the business of the public. It becomes a political issue here because polititions allowed and made a deal with a private entity to use a public facility. The polititions said there would be no cost to the tax payer because an escrow account would be held to defray any costs before during and after the concert. We know there were costs. The effort by town ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 9, 11 10:22 AM
Actually, that entire post is untrue. The escrow has NO connection to the time or money spent by the Town in connection with this event. As a festival and nonprofit event producer who has successfully done projects in this area, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the escrow was because of the Town's request that local charities, NOT the Town, have some benefit from events held on EITHER private or public properties when a mass gathering permit is requested. The Town takes the charitable ...more
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 9, 11 10:37 AM
Simply saying "fact" after every post....doesnt actually make your posts "factual." you know that right?
By tm (174), mtk on Aug 9, 11 10:54 AM
1 member liked this comment
Facts man is more like truthiness man (Thanks Colbert for creating that needed word).

I understand what you are saying PBR - but at the same time, who cares? Why does it matter? the concert didn't happen and no one was inconvenienced. And Truthiness, there are "costs" associated with every application a munincipality receives. Permit fees cover these costs - in some cases they cover more than the relative costs and in others they cover less then but it works out. The Town isn't going ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 9, 11 11:44 AM
It matters, because IMO the EH Town Board crammed this festival down the public's throat in a work session without much notice, public debate and comment. The Board at times has demonstrated, again in my personal opinion, a haughty disregard for the public's right to participate in OUR DEMOCRACY.

Please re-read the 12/21/10 article linked above (you have to click on the "+ more" button under the list of linked articles), and then read all the other articles until this one. This process ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 9, 11 6:17 PM
PS -- It also matters that the public gets to see the actual escrow documents to check up on its elected officials. Did the documents actually reflect the publicly reported details? Did the EH Town Board adequately protect the interests of the charities they claimed to have at heart? Are they doing their job well, or not?

The escrow documents please !!!
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 9, 11 6:20 PM
I don't understad PBR. If the concert happened then $100K would go to charity. The town said put the money up because if there was a concert there would $100K to charity. No concert then no donations. That was understood throughout. And to say it was "crammed" down the public's throat? I found at least four separate occassions (and I may have missed a few) where the promoters made presentions at public meetings over a three month period - and it was made clear to them that if the concert went ...more
By hohum123 (91), springs on Aug 9, 11 8:52 PM
Some good points, but the promoters presentations were all done after the permit was issued, so those that got their nose bent out of shape felt that it got slipped through without public comment. Re the charity $, the Promoters would not have been required to put up this amount...they chose to do so and to put it in escrow because of the growing backlash. Finally, the @Ross concerts 4 years ago promised charity, held their concerts and gave zip...a lot of people were aware of this and one of the ...more
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 10, 11 8:35 AM
The concert wasn't about the charities, it was about the promoters making a profit on public lands.
By phins (43), East Hampton on Aug 9, 11 11:07 PM
of course the promoters wanted to make a profit, you say that like its some kind of revelation. They were probably entitled to the permit w/o the 100K, which, while a good idea, was the one aspect of the permit that had no basis for in the town's laws.
By tm (174), mtk on Aug 10, 11 7:48 AM
I wonder if they will let me sell cars from the unused runway? I'll make a donation.
By phins (43), East Hampton on Aug 9, 11 11:09 PM
In fact the promotors were only required to pay a fee for a mass gathering and then only if it's a commercial mass gathering about $250. Sometimes if its requested by the promotors they will get security from police, clean up by Parks or Hwy. and help for other particulars from Planning or Nat Resourses etc. Then the Town Board will demand repayment for the extra cost to the community. The board can also taylor a deal to benifit the community. The problem is we know nothing of the deal Wilkquig ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 10, 11 11:06 AM
The money that was held in escrow was from people who had already bought tickets. Are you reccomending that those people not be refunded their money and instead the monies in the escow are seized and allocated to charity. Are you reccomending that the Town tries to collect the revenues directly from the promoters. If so I hope you realize that they have young families and have already lost a bundle of money on this fiasco.

It turned out to be a lose lose for everyone. If done properly ...more
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Aug 10, 11 11:49 AM
1 member liked this comment
An interesting post....on one hand you feel sorry for the promoters, on the other, it was a fiasco. In that spirit, I too applaud those trying to do something new and take a risk. However, these guys didn't do adequate homework, played out the planning in the press and did the worst promotion job I've seen in a very long time. And for those of us that produce successful events, we now face greater scrutiny for whatever we want to do in the area thanks to this "fiasco".
By I Do It Live (28), East Hampton on Aug 11, 11 7:46 AM
Truthiness & PBR,

I love how you both keep hammering home that the escrow accounts and the details are "hidden" from the public and how the Town should "release this information". It's public info - go to EH Town Hall and file a FOIL request just like the Press would have to do to get the information. If your FOIL is denied, there will be a reason. If there isn't you can sue. You two are as bad as HH - if you want some information go and get it, don't sit in your arm chair and complain ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 10, 11 12:15 PM
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It would be nice if the EH Town Board would proactively recognize that it has a credibility problem here, and would release the documents on its own in the interests of full disclosure. The Town Board created this mess, let them clean it up.

For instance, certain details have not been discussed, and should be IMO:

Assuming the festival had been held and did not generate a profit, did the terms of the escrow account call for the money in escrow to be returned to the promoters?

Suppose ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 10, 11 3:13 PM
Apparently the weekly paper to the East, with a name rhyming with Far, has seen "the agreement."
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 11, 11 2:12 PM
PBR - take a WILD guess how they got such a document! Don't be lazy. The EH isn't going to release anything without being asked and it's ridiculous to expect them to do such. How do they know people want to see the documents if they're not asked to show them?
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 11, 11 2:35 PM
Nature, your reply confirms my point. Thank you for this.

For EH Town NOT to release the documents as part of their clean-up operation on this fiasco, simply confirms that they don't really want the public to know the details, or to participate in a debate on much of anything (similar to the initial approval without notice during a work session).

I doubt if the Star filed a FOIL request and got the documents in a day or two BTW.

Nature, you keep picking a personal fight, ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 11, 11 6:53 PM