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Aug 19, 2011 12:30 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Denied Temporary Restraining Order On Noyac Property

Aug 24, 2011 11:50 AM

The New York State Supreme Court denied Southampton Town’s request to obtain a temporary restraining order on August 12 against a home in Noyac that town officials believed could be the location of a monthlong party house.

Though its request was denied, the town’s threat of legal action appears to have been enough to deter organizers from going forward with their plans, according to Town Attorney Tiffany Scarlato.

“I don’t think they thought to cancel their event until they were notified that we were going to court,” Ms. Scarlato said.

At a special meeting almost two weeks ago, the Town Board authorized Ms. Scarlato to seek temporary restraining orders, if need be, against two properties that officials believed were sites linked to Hamptons House, a monthlong party house sponsored by the lifestyle website Gilt City. The group had originally planned a series of lavish celebrity events at its original location on Fithian Lane in East Hampton Village, until village officials threatened to seek an injunction to prevent it from happening, and Gilt City organizers canceled it at that site.

Ms. Scarlato sought a temporary restraining order against a property on Deerfield Road in Noyac following the Town Board vote, but the court denied the request, she said last Thursday, August 18, adding that she did not know the reason why. The town never filed a request for a similar restraining order against a property on Scuttlehole Road in Bridgehampton that had been advertised as a Gilt City property, but that threat appeared to be enough to halt the event there, as it did in East Hampton.

Both houses were “relatively quiet” on the weekend beginning August 12, Ms. Scarlato said this week, suggesting that the threat of a temporary restraining order could have been effective. She also said there were no events happening at the Deerfield property.

Town code enforcement officers have been monitoring the sites, and homeowners at both were slapped with town code violations that were to be heard in Southampton Town Justice Court last Friday. Ms. Scarlato did not immediately return requests seeking information about what transpired in court on Friday.

“Right now, we’re continuing to monitor the properties,” Ms. Scarlato said earlier. “Code Enforcement has basically been there almost every day to see what is going on at the properties.”

On August 12, Town Board member Nancy Graboski and Ms. Scarlato both said they believed the Deerfield Road and Scuttlehole Road properties to be connected to Gilt City, and the Bridgehampton property was publicized as such in media reports. But last Thursday, Ms. Scarlato pulled back from definitively linking the Deerfield Road site to Gilt City, saying that the matter is a subject of “ongoing investigations.”

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What a load of crap....SHTown wake up and get your ducks all lined up before you waste taxpayers money on legal time and court time. If your so "positive" where's your proof?, and backing out last minute in court because of unverified claims is also dumb. Its just as it seems, people going to the Hamptons to party, Oh, lisen up Nancy, your very happy when these party going visitors spend their money here, helping our economy, but don't want them to enjoy themselves, sounds selffish of you and the ...more
By The Crow's Nest (65), Red Creek on Aug 19, 11 3:47 PM
Why doesn't Code Enforcement visit this house at 5:30am to see if a family is sleeping there overnight? Plus, whose name was the Rental Permit, if any in? Now that we're on the subject, what about the P.Diddy Ciroc Vodka Cabana House? How is it that this house is legal too? Are you trying to tell me that no employees of Ciroc or PDiddy's crew are sleeping at the house? Sounds like SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT to me!!!!
By MsRainbow (19), Southampton on Aug 19, 11 9:31 PM
Sure lets shut down a house in the middle of no where. A house that promotes people spending money, and subsidizing the east end economy. The owners of this house need to let the Republican Party hold fund raisers there, and they will be left alone.
Take for instance the Boardy Barn. They have all types of fund raisers there so all hell breaks loose on Sundy. No less than ten cops are there at any one time circling private property looking for violaters. Massive public intoxication, fights ...more
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Aug 22, 11 9:18 AM
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