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Nov 1, 2011 5:47 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Anna Throne-Holst Unopposed For Second Term As Southampton Town Supervisor

Nov 2, 2011 11:13 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst is anxious to complete some unfinished business at Town Hall if she is reelected to a second term on Tuesday.

Ms. Throne-Holst, 51, is unopposed on the ballot for a second, two-year term as supervisor. An Independence Party member, she has also been endorsed by the Democratic and Working Families tickets. The town supervisor earns a $102,000 annual salary.

Ms. Throne-Holst said she plans in her next term to create task forces dedicated to stimulating economic development throughout town and to work with the county to attract new business and jobs to the area. She also wants to work with fellow town supervisors on a thorough, two-year agenda that aims to explore shared services, a health care consortium and ways to improve water quality.

“I really believe that if you don’t look at some of these things on a regional level, they will, first of all, never be as effective as they will be,” she said last week.

Of her time already at Town Hall, Ms. Throne-Holst said she’s most proud of helping to get the municipality on the right financial track by bringing Town Comptroller Tamara Wright on board. She said she’s also proud of leading the charge to revamp the town’s planned development district legislation by more clearly defining submission criteria, among other things. She also touted the creation of an Office of Energy and Sustainabilty, which is funded by grant monies. “We have done quite a bit,” she said.

Ms. Throne-Holst has crafted an $80.2 million budget that calls for 29 staff reductions—a combination of both layoffs and retirements—designed to meet a New York State 2-percent tax levy cap, which has called for $5.1 million in cuts to the town’s current budget. Part of the budget also includes forcing six senior police officers to retire under a provision that allows the Town Board to separate from service officers who have achieved more than 20 years of service.

The officers targeted in the budget have more than 25 years of service, prompting criticisms from Ms. Throne-Holst’s Republican challengers that the measure is politically motivated because it leaves members of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association—a police union that has financially supported Ms. Throne-Holst’s campaign over the years—largely untouched. Ms. Throne-Holst has dismissed those claims, noting she was only looking to affect the least number of officers by looking at those with 25 years of service or more.

Ms. Throne-Holst lives in Noyac. She has three sons and a daughter, Nic, Max, Sebastian and Karess Taylor-Hughes.

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I hold the distinction of being the last Southampton Democratic Committee Chairman to elect an enrolled Democrat as Town Supervisor.and its first female Supervisor. I served 3 years as the Democratic Commissioner of Elections in Suffolk County. I will not be voting for the enrolled member of the Independence Party who is running with the cross endorsement of the Democratic Committee here in Southampton. After careful consideration I have decided to share why I cannot support the candidate who has ...more
By NTiger (543), Southampton on Nov 1, 11 9:05 PM
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"I hold the distinction of being the last Southampton Democratic Committee Chairman to elect an enrolled Democrat as Town Supervisor.and its first female Supervisor."

You didn't elect her, the people did. You are a perfect example of those partisan hacks who think you represent the populace. You don't. Red hat, or blue the partisans are losers.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Nov 2, 11 12:00 AM
Pretty is as pretty does... applies to women as well as small children. NTiger has described the Supervisor very accurately, if not flatteringly.
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Nov 1, 11 11:17 PM
Write-In Linda Kabot. Row 15 bottom line....
By Woohampton (35), Westhampton Beach on Nov 2, 11 4:27 AM
First of all, please don't spam every article related to the election with this extremely long post, this is the second time i've seen it already. More importantly you make claims that would imply an insider knowledge of the policitician and of the actual person that I highly doubt you have.
By SayWhat (14), Southampton on Nov 2, 11 2:35 PM
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Sounds like sour grapes on the part of SayWhat and VOS, it's not easy to hear the truth about Anna Throne-Holst being liar, threatens those who oppose her etc, etc
Now other posters are being told what not to do, complaining about extremely long posts. Well I'm sure you would have liked this news (that most of us already new) swept under the rug. Well this is a small town and everyone know's what the truth is sooner or later. One can just hope that the voters find out in time and vote Anna ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Nov 3, 11 12:58 PM
SayWhen, you want examples, let us start with the sordid affair of the appointment of Anna’s first town attorney. She made a rather belligerent telephone call to me(is that insider enough for you, she called me, she had my telephone number) upset in the belief that I had contacted Nancy Grabowski and given Nancy some information detrimental to the appointment. Putting aside for a moment my first amendment right to speak to anyone I wished (and that is a rather large put aside as free speech ...more
By NTiger (543), Southampton on Nov 3, 11 3:38 PM
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All of this sounds pretty petty to me. I care only about results and what is best for our town. All I know is under the administrations of Skip Heney and Linda Kabot the Town received a credit downgrade. Under Anna Throne-Holst we received an upgrade.
By mikeaxelrad (4), quogue on Nov 3, 11 5:28 PM
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SayWhat, has Neil given you enough information to shut you up? I hope not because I'm really enjoying this.
I just love mikeaxelrad's comment hahahahaha, he's so drunk on Anna's koolaid he can't think straight. What a shame this is.
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Nov 3, 11 6:35 PM
Not nearly as much as I enjoy watching your obsession with ATH become more and more extreme! Hah! Reg rep, they are going to have to invent a new word for your sickness, how about Anna-envy or Anna-phrenic or obsessive Anna disorder! I must say you are unique - You are in a class of lunacy all your own!! I am going to vote for Anna along with most other voters, not because I like her, but because I cannot wait to see your head explode when she wins!! LOVE IT!!
By razza5351 (551), East Hampton on Nov 3, 11 7:02 PM
Nailed it, Razza!
By peoplefirst (787), Southampton on Nov 3, 11 9:03 PM
Mikeaxelrad, if you would take the time to read and review the NYS Comptroller’s audit, you might be surprised to discover, among other things:

1. The problems were initiated during the tenure of Supervisor Heaney (you might recall, he was the guy Linda Kabot defeated in a primary she ran against him because of her concerns about how Skip was running the town.
2. In the Town’s response to the Comptroller’s Audit as well as the Towns Corrective Action Plan to the Comptroller ...more
By NTiger (543), Southampton on Nov 3, 11 8:35 PM
Let’s just see who nails this election. It's unfortunate that all the voters will not find out in time that Anna Throne-Holst is a liar, dishonest and unethical.
She has some nerve appointing a town attorney in 2010 knowing that he had a poor work ethic. As far as doing it as a favor for the old County Executive of Nassau County because of his connection to the NYS Democrat leader sounds like politics (not people) to me. So her ads, campaign mail outs and the video Southampton Project ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Nov 4, 11 11:36 AM
Nailed it.
Thanks marietta.
By Bama-Slama (41), Hampton bays on Nov 8, 11 10:30 PM
what is her 'relationship' to Fred Thiele?
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Nov 5, 11 5:47 PM
I really can't stop laughing at the pomposity of adding "Throne" to her name.
By lucy2 (63), Southampton, NY on Nov 6, 11 1:38 PM
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As we go into the election, ATH has adopted Linda Kabot's plan of retiring overstaying cops. However, when examined more closely, it turns out that she has manipulated the proposal to promote the interest of her favorites.

Originally, Kabot proposed that six PBA cops whom the Chief said were least useful should be retired. ATH has replaced the six PBA on the retirement list cops with six SOA cops who, unlike the PBA cops, will be retired without regard to their merit (or lack thereof.)

What ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Nov 8, 11 12:12 AM