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Nov 21, 2011 3:36 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

Nov 22, 2011 10:08 AM

Residents of West Tiana Road in Hampton Bays are trying to derail plans that call for the opening of a homeless shelter in their community, possibly as early as next month, and sat down with local elected officials on Saturday to express their outrage.

Suffolk County Legislator Jay Schneiderman and Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst met with approximately 50 residents who crowded into the West Tiana Road home of Robert and Gail Liner to voice a litany of concerns over a situation that they believe will alter their quality of life and pose considerable safety threats.

Mr. Schneiderman and Ms. Throne-Holst said they were just as shocked as residents to learn about the plan that involves the transformation of the Hidden Cove Motel into a permanent homeless shelter, and both said that they are now working against the clock to stop Suffolk County’s Department of Social Services from following through with its plan.

Ms. Throne-Holst said the town sent code enforcement officials and the fire marshal to check out the motel—which is currently occupied by about 20 tenants living there full time, plus a dozen homeless families placed in the motel by DSS on a temporary basis—last week to ensure that it is up to code. She said their reports are expected soon. In addition, Ms. Throne-Holst said town officials are still investigating whether or not a full-scale homeless shelter is permitted at the site under the town code.

On his end, Mr. Schneiderman said he plans to pen legislation that, if adopted, would prevent the conversion of motels into permanent homeless shelters. He also told those in attendance that litigation is a possibility only if they, or the town, decide to sue the county—and its Department of Social Services—over the decision.

Other possible remedies, Ms. Throne-Holst said, could include the town purchasing the motel property and converting it into affordable housing.

“We were not notified,” Ms. Throne-Holst said of DSS’s decision to make the former motel a permanent homeless shelter. “The town only found out when we started getting calls from residents.”

The supervisor added that the county has pushed forward other initiatives, including the contentious homeless sex offender trailers that are still sited in Westhampton and Riverside, without the “courtesy” of notification. “We are as upset, taken aback, shocked and dismayed as the rest of you,” she said.

Mr. Schneiderman, who said he also had no pre-knowledge of the county’s plan, noted that it might be illegal for Suffolk to convert a motel into a year-round homeless shelter.

“DSS doesn’t call me to say they’re thinking of a homeless shelter,” said Mr. Schneiderman, who owns a motel in Montauk. “I don’t want this as much as you don’t want this.”

Livid residents believe that the Hampton Bays shelter is another example of the DSS pushing through a plan without first reaching out to those living in the affected communities.

A flier passed around at the meeting raises a number of concerns, including whether or not county officials have taken a close look at reported criminal activity at the motel and its surrounding areas in recent months. Town Police responded to the motel more than 60 times since January to answer a variety of calls, ranging from assault and burglary, to menacing and domestic disputes, according to police reports. The documents were requested and secured by Hampton Bays resident Salvatore Coppa.

Other residents continued to question whether or not the building itself can accommodate up to 32 homeless families; at the present time, about 20 tenants are renting the rooms, while another dozen of the units are occupied by homeless families. Others asked if the building’s cesspool and electrical systems are in compliance with town code.

“We’re looking at an imposition of government into our lives, and it’s hurting us,” said West Tiana Road resident John Pinna. “Stop it by saying ‘no.’”

Mr. Schneiderman reminded residents that the county’s DSS must provide temporary housing for the homeless in its jurisdiction, adding that those figures have swelled in recent months. He previously reported that more than 500 families in the county are seeking temporary housing through the county. “We are legally mandated to care for the homeless,” Mr. Schneiderman said.

The Hidden Cove Motel previously served as a homeless shelter for the county from 1999 until 2002, when it operated under the name “Luv ‘Em.”

Residents learned three weeks ago that the owners of the Hidden Cove Motel—Laml Realty Corporation—intend to evict its rental tenants so the DSS can open a full-scale homeless shelter there before the end of the year.

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this is what happens when nobody wants "affordable" workforce housing in their communities. 500 homeless in suffolk! that means for every adult there are about 3 homeless children. Should we have a care for those children? I say, let us each take care of our own. Every single town, every village, every hamlet should have a plan for their working poor and yes, their homeless! We are a society that has compassion for those less fortunate...but for the grace of God go I.
By RegisterdIndependent (6), southampton on Nov 22, 11 4:12 PM
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Got to love being a NIMBY. So nice to see our elected officials are compassionate. Instead of wondering why there are so many homeless families and wondering how they can help them they are proposing legislation to prevent them from being housed in our safe communities. A homeless shelter for families run by DSS HAS to be safer than the current tenants... I'm not saying it's a great place or that I would be thrilled to have it next to my property but the out-of-sight / out-of-mind attitude is ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 22, 11 4:29 PM
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Nature, I agree with everything you've said. Why is it that Ms. Throne-Holst and Mr. Schneiderman, instead of pandering to voters, do not respond by saying that the town should do all it can to help the growing number of homeless? The "legally mandated" response is pure political-speak and does nothing to address the issue as it is only meant to provide cover for a politician who refuses to take a stance on any issue until he sees how it polls.

To registeredindependent, I wish I could ...more
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Nov 22, 11 4:48 PM
Dawg Daved, Rarely have I ever witnessed such hypocritical bias combined with an ideological self centered propaganda driven view as yours,

You and stand before us with your self righteous rant about ATH pandering to voters and not helping the homeless. Might I remind you these people are not from here... At the very least they do not seem to be very responsible individuals and some of them may be both desperate and dangerous, Maybe like the sex offenders the town has allowed to live in ...more
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Nov 25, 11 3:23 AM
Reminds me of "the invisible poor", back in the '50's.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Nov 25, 11 7:32 PM
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does the "motel" have cooking facilities in the units? seems to me that motel is a place to sleep and shower not live. If no cooking facilities are legal in the units who's going to feed all these homeless? By the way, I took 10 bags of canned food, etc. plus 2 20lb turkeys to the food pantry in Sag Harbor today. While making my first trip with bags I came out to find a woman with 3 other women and several children and at least ten or more bags of food, taking a turkey out of my car with ...more
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Nov 22, 11 6:06 PM
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this is the same as people who steal from Church thrift shops. How pathetic. I thought stealing was wrong in all cultures.
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 23, 11 11:23 AM
"These are the same people . . ." What the he l l are you talking about? Who are "these" people and why are you trying to take one supposed incident by a blogger and turn it into some broad stereotype of all homeless people? Pathetic.
By peoplefirst (787), Southampton on Nov 23, 11 11:54 AM
1 member liked this comment
HUH - I was speaking about the same type of person who would steal a free turkey from someone's car. Did you read and understand the thread?

Xtiego did not mention whether this person who was taking the turkey was homeless did they?
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 26, 11 12:15 PM
back to my original question does the motel lawfully have cooking facilities in the units? Kitchenettes should open a new bag of worms for code enforcement when the units probably built in the 70's of earlier had no permits for same and have added over the years. I hope I am wrong in that I believe the homeless deserve our help but not to make landlords richer at the cost of peoples dignity.
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Nov 22, 11 6:10 PM
1 member liked this comment
Those are called "efficiencies", and are perfectly legal.

In fact, when you're on a road trip "roughing it" with a tent, and sleeping bag with your own supplies/food, they are a nice respite.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Nov 26, 11 4:43 PM
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Yes it does.Each unit has a Real Stove/oven and a 15+ Cubic Foot Refridgerator as well as a kitchen sink ,cabinets etc.
By management (1), holbrook on Jan 12, 12 6:24 PM
sorry folks, but why is Hampton Bays the dumping ground??
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Nov 22, 11 8:47 PM
2 members liked this comment
"dumping ground"

so you equate these people with garbage, trash and refuse?
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Nov 23, 11 7:08 AM
1 member liked this comment
There are also homeless shelters in Southampton. Same set up, hotels converted.
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Nov 30, 11 12:46 PM
Bad Idea!!! ABout 15 years ago the same thing happened in east quogue. The hotel next to 7-11 was renting there hotel out to county for a pretty penny of 4k per unit per month. The kids from these familys were sent to WHB, they were animals I saw it first hand. No regard for authorities or their peers. Fighting and drugs were all they brought to the school. Hampton Bays,DO NOT let this happen.
By GoldenBoy (351), EastEnd on Nov 23, 11 7:09 AM
I went to school with a kid who lived in a shelter in Southampton, he was not an animal, didnt bring drugs to our school. He was just homeless. That was over 20 years ago in Southampton.
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Nov 30, 11 12:48 PM
Wow, in reading these comments I have so far heard the homeless being equated to "garbage" and "animals". Homeless means: does not have a home.
Does God love them any less than the rich Hamptonite??
However, I do feel sorry for the tenants who are being evicted. Now they will be homeless. Isnt this an oxymoron?
By Sam (252), Westhampton Beach on Nov 23, 11 7:30 AM
Sam you are a fine man. Please feel free to take them into Westhampton beach , Maybe you could give them a free membership at the bath and tennis club as well
By They call me (2826), southampton on Nov 26, 11 2:39 PM
I am a Hampton Bays resident living near Hidden Cove. As residents affected by the decision of making Hidden Cove a homeless shelter I feel that I have a right to say how I feel. As a community we are concerned about the growing number of homeless in Suffolk County. There should be housing for these individuals. However, I believe that many of these posting are not reading the full article. You are concerned for the homeless as much as we are. Please read the section stating that there are individuals ...more
By hamptonsresident (2), Hampton Bays on Nov 23, 11 9:43 AM
this is a hard problem with no good answers. So sad to read the first full post of xtiego. There are many stories of immoral actions by perceived homless people.
It is too bad that our state governments, and we as citizens, did not insist that anyone living in this country (state) learn the language of the people of this area they are living in and speak it in public. Why else are they living here if they do not want to learn the ways of their new home?
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Nov 23, 11 10:42 AM
1 member liked this comment
Summertime, what does learning English have to do with anything? On one hand you try to be compassionate and in the same breath you make an irrelevant and pointless comment about learning English? By the way, so you are aware, there is a waiting list at most of the Adult ESL classes that are offered.
By peoplefirst (787), Southampton on Nov 23, 11 11:21 AM
There are many homeless people who are good, hard working people whom have lost their homes and jobs. The statistic of once middle-class Americans who are now homeless is staggering. Yet, we still have to be conscious of the threat of violence a homeless shelter creates. A few homeless give bad names to the majority. If anyone here gets the police reports of Hidden Cove you will find a large increase in violent crimes since the small amount of homeless have resided there. Just this month there was ...more
By hamptonsresident (2), Hampton Bays on Nov 23, 11 1:28 PM
2 members liked this comment
All liberals want homeless shelters as long as they are Not In MY Backyard! Where would you suggest the homeless be sheltered? Hampton Bays is the logical place because it is the poor cousin to the hamptons.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Nov 23, 11 1:51 PM
2 members liked this comment
Captn, Phil's conclusion is the only conclusion a sensible person could reach after reading Walt's childish post
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Nov 23, 11 11:34 PM
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New shelters should be located east of the canal-closer to ATH so she can monitor them.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Nov 23, 11 2:10 PM
3 members liked this comment
I think the people are more upset that hampton bays continues to be the red headed stepchild of the east end. Hampton Bays residents want the homeless to stay in flanders. Flanders want the homeless to stay in riverside, etc..

And if you read between the lines on the comments, residents certainly don't wan't 'animals' or 'them' or 'these types of people' on the same street as their lilywhite butts.

By C Law (354), Water Mill on Nov 23, 11 2:34 PM
So perhaps they should open the shelter in Water Mill!
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 26, 11 12:20 PM
I think you are missing most of the reason why they are putting a homeless shelter at this location.

It is already a rundown motel in a rundown neighborhood.

If the motel could fill its rooms full of tourists wishing to spend their summers on the beaches of tiana bay then you wouldn't have this problem.

The ugly truth is that the motel is only one of many run down, soon to be condemned had their peak in the 70's type of establishments that litter the western hampton ...more
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Nov 26, 11 8:45 PM
This neighborhood is far from run down, as I am sure people like you C Law, Nature and Lucy already know. If anything many parts of Sag harbor are run down, Why not put these desparate folks there, they will fit in better with the Sag Harbor progressive couples who have very few children to look after. unlike this blue collar, church on Sundays family neighborhood with many children. Until the county started sneaking in all these section 8 housing arrangements it was considered a safe neighborhood. ...more
By They call me (2826), southampton on Nov 27, 11 1:25 AM
And why is it run down?

These were thriving summer resort motels until the owners started renting on the off season to welfare. It then morphed into full time. Now a homeless shelter.

Have they kept up with repairs on the establishment? Surely you understand that it isn't that people don't want to summer on the beaches of Tiana bay, it is that they don't want to summer in a run down motel on Tiana bay.

The owners are always looking for the best return on their investment, ...more
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 29, 11 7:47 AM
Homelessness is such a difficult issue and I'd like to share some of my thoughts:
1. This motel is currently home to local town people who are virtually homeless themselves. Before this conversion, they were living in very modest circumstances. After they will be homeless. ...made homeless by people who are mostly from western suffolk. From how far afield should one community support them? At what expense to local residents?
2. Homelessness is usually a product of much more than economics. ...more
By baywoman (165), southampton on Nov 23, 11 4:01 PM
Bay woman, you are absolutely clueless about homelessness and those who suffer this indignity. "homelessness is a pathology . . . Mental illness . . . Drugs . . ."?! You are clueless and your attempt to associate homelessness with insanity and drugs is demeaning, narrow-minded, wrong-headed and unsupported by reality
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Nov 23, 11 11:32 PM
1 member liked this comment

You forgot to take a potshot at the disabled, as well.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Nov 28, 11 10:29 PM
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It's Groundhog Day for Hampton Bays. The hamlet has seen it all before and it will end as it did before. The county will move them in, the town will pay lip service to it, the neighborhood and the homeless will suffer, the schools will deal with it, and eventually a developer will come along and make it all better--especially for him or herself--condos on the bay (over-densified, poorly built, and over-priced).
By Doug Penny (64), Lexington, Virginia on Nov 23, 11 5:26 PM
2 members liked this comment
The only thing I don’t agree with is- poorly built....Southampton town has gone to extremes to make sure nothing is poorly built within our community. This is one thing, I can really applaud the town for.
By 1bigfish (18), Hampton Bays on Dec 1, 11 9:09 AM
Baywoman is right on the money there. In the "olden" days a homeless person was called a vagrant. They were rounded up and taken to a state run home. Back in the 1940's one of my father's uncles was in a home in Duchess County. We visited him there and It was a nice looking place the people were cared for and most importantly the crime rate was considerably lower than today's rate. So it was a more humane way to deal with the problem.
We have to face facts. As Baywoman said "... it happens." ...more
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Nov 23, 11 8:11 PM
1 member liked this comment
3 comments above me, Did she REALLY say this: "Homelessness is usually a product of much more than economics. ...more Very often there is a pathology here i.e. serious mental illness, drugs, alcohol or some anti-social behaviors."
I cant believe she said that. That should be removed by the overseer of this page. OMG
By Sam (252), Westhampton Beach on Nov 23, 11 8:21 PM
1 member liked this comment
Every year the county auctions off its "Surplus Property". Many of these parcels are single family homes that the county has acquired title to due to unpaid taxes and owners who die without heirs. The county makes some money on selling these and some flipper makes a profit but perhaps the bigger picture would prove these are small benefits that are far outweighed by the county's expenses in warehousing the homeless in places like Hidden Cove.

Why not keep the county's surplus properties ...more
By VOS (1241), WHB on Nov 23, 11 10:31 PM
2 members liked this comment
Are the dorms at the college being used ? The State put millions of dollars into those dorms, instead of homeless housing/shelters. If the college has shuttered those why not put them there?
By Toma Noku (616), uptown on Nov 24, 11 9:37 AM
3 members liked this comment
Having shelter and a job is a simple human right and its bout time the gov. lived up to those responsibilitys. Fact is, the right to a job and housing is a matter of law—and has been since the Employment Act of 1946 and the 1978 Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act legally obligate the president and Congress to use all available means to achieve FULL employment. Redistribution of wealth is necessary to balenz out the playing field. Say Yes! to OWS and to the unions. Say Yes! to afirmative ...more
By local 84 (353), riverhead on Nov 24, 11 1:39 PM
There is one homeless man in our town that I know chooses not to work. He could have a home, but for whatever reason, chooses not to. I know, sounds ridiculous, but there you have it.

Does this mean that we need to force him to take a job since it is his right? How exactly would you do that?
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 26, 11 12:27 PM
It's also his right to "drop out" of society, should he so desire. No one ever said one has to be a contributing member of society, but it is usually preferable. Some people have been pushed to the point that they are just through with "society", and want little, or nothing to do with it.

The rights described by local 84 are there should you choose to partake of them. And, historically speaking, just because someone has a "right" deigned to them, does not mean that it hasn't been denied ...more
Nov 26, 11 1:22 PM appended by Mr. Z
Every coin has a flipside, and freedom is no different. That man just may be more "free" than any of us.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Nov 26, 11 1:22 PM
I understand. But does this sound like local84 understands:

snip....legally obligate the president and Congress to use all available means to achieve FULL employment.

A legal obligation? Exactly how is that achieved?

I am not criticizing the individual, or any individuals. I just don't think it as easy as saying something is mandated therefore it will happen.
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 26, 11 6:23 PM
I don't know where Sam WBeach (5 posts above) learned about life and his life experiences but from his post I imagine he has not seen the bottom half of society. You ought to donate time at your local Maureens Haven. MH is run by churches around the East End. It is a well run organization, every weekend a bus picks up homeless, those folks have a network that lets them know where the bus will be and the times to be at the bus stop. They are transported to the appointed church for the night. Church ...more
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Nov 24, 11 3:46 PM
4 members liked this comment
Are any of you people for real ? There is a lot of silly comments here that show none of you really have a grasp on what this is all about.

Point one: Homeless folks should be supported as they strive to pull them selves out of tragic finanical disasters that have destroyed their lives through no fault of their own.

Point two: There is no excuse for slobs, or disregard for the rules and regulations that form the basics of our culture.

Help is good, but when you bite the ...more
By Tommy Turbo (60), Deep River, CT on Nov 24, 11 5:34 PM
2 members liked this comment
This is not new in Hampton Bays. Lots of old motels makes Hampton Bays very attractive to DSS. The problem is as other's have mentioned, we have a shortage of affordable rental housing and the relatively cheap housing of Hampton Bays supports the workforce east of the canal. Will that issue ever be addressed?
By Sug Tonmi (25), southampton on Nov 24, 11 8:37 PM
1 member liked this comment
Jay Schneiderman and Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst If you allow this to happen your done. No one in HB will vote for you ever again enough dumping on HB. Maybe if it was going in on Gin Lane you would have noticed!

Disgusting lack of concern for HB as par normal!
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Nov 25, 11 1:06 AM
1 member liked this comment
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 25, 11 9:48 AM
You're a touch oversensitive on this subject - ATH is "done" as Supervisor anyway as this is her second term. Not sure she cares too much about what the polls will say (especially 2 years from now when most everyone aside from those living on that road will have forgotten).

If it was going in on Gin Lane I don't think she would have noticed either since that's in the Village of Southampton and not her jurisdiction.. nice try though
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 25, 11 9:48 AM
1 member liked this comment
Other possible remedies, Ms. Throne-Holst said, could include the town purchasing the motel property and converting it into affordable housing.

HB has enough affordable housing already and you know it!
Purchase it and make it into community marina or a dog park . My sister has three children under 12 and lives on that block and let me assure you they are serious about this, everyone is OUTRAGED ! and watching
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Nov 25, 11 1:16 AM
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Over regulation by tightly wound up officials always backfires. Noise ordinances, rental permits, parking rules, property restrictions, building restrictions, rising property taxes leads to decreased tourism and inhibits the local motel/resort's income. They have no choice but to make money this way.
By kpjc (161), east quogue on Nov 25, 11 9:03 AM
I think it is a good place and a good idea to put a homeless shelter there.
By lucy2 (63), Southampton, NY on Nov 26, 11 8:45 AM
2 members liked this comment
Correct me if I am mistaking, I seem to remember the town blocking the owners of these motels from turning them into privately owned luxury condos ( a much more suitable use for such potentially valuable real estate) Well I guess you reap what you sow. Elections have consequences. lol
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Nov 27, 11 1:35 AM
The Town instituted a moratorium on motel to condo conversions because it was becoming an increasingly popular option on the east end and the Town thought it best to study the overall impacts of all of these conversions. Hampton Bays benefited from this as the majority of motel/cottage businesses are within the Hamlet and converting them to condos could (in theory) result in more school children and a higher tax burden on residences.

I don't think that's an example of reaping what the ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 28, 11 9:05 AM
Hey Undoc, If thats not an example of reaping what you sowed, then I don't know what is, Your are spot on. People like nature think your stupid. condos would help everyones property values in the area go up. Nature thinks he is going to scare you with the taxes into the decision a dilapidated haunted motel full of miscreants is better than improving your neighborhood. Some people want this place to stay just the way it is so they can afford to stay here. Look it on the bright side nature if you ...more
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Nov 28, 11 11:28 AM
Condos do not increase the tax base and I have no idea why you believe it would increase property values.

Nature is correct, hotels were converting to condos which would house more families which would add to our school's budget which would, of course, raise our taxes.

If the owners of the motels want to fix up their establishments why don't they?
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 29, 11 7:54 AM
1 member liked this comment
It doesnt matter...it's going to get worst not better... just watch it is time to undust your Bible and read all about it for our times... 1 Timothy 3: 1-5 ... but it also gives the solution.
By YXZ (32), Hampton Bays on Nov 28, 11 12:21 PM
Every town, village, or hamlet should be required to maintain their own homeless shelters.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Nov 28, 11 12:37 PM
1 member liked this comment
Why? How?

Should Sagaponack Village have a homeless shelter? Let's get real. . .
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 28, 11 2:04 PM
Nature you seem to be a very strange individual. You like to light fires and run away. You say the most inflammatory things, then when Dan hit the nail one the head, you go on to annoy EastEnd. ok, I will play along with your silly game. Why should Hampton Bays have homeless shelters and not Sagaponack? Hell, Ira Renert could put these 20 people in his house and never run into them with his 41 bathrooms. Hampton Bays could be amazing if the locals would let go and just let it happen. Do you even ...more
By They call me (2826), southampton on Nov 28, 11 3:31 PM
1 member liked this comment
Again, I think everyone is overlooking the most basic point here. this motel owner has no other options. He can't bill his location as a resort and fill his motel because the location is not exactly desirous.

If this waterfront motel was in sagaponack village, some retired VP from Goldman Sachs would have already bought it for 20m to knock it down and build his ostentatious residence.

I mean, come on here. You can get an acre of waterfront for less than 400k on that road. ...more
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Nov 28, 11 7:46 PM
Why isn't it desirable?
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Nov 28, 11 10:12 PM
OK First of all if you can tell me where you can get an acre for less than 400.000 on Tiana Bay please let me know I'm headed for the bank. When is the last time you have been to Tiana? There are three properties at the beginning of the road that are debilated I agree. And then right next to them are beautiful waterfront homes on canals with docking. Across the street are a row of colonials on a hill with views across the bay. Further down is Romana Rd, a beatiful waterfront rd with million dollar ...more
By jams (129), hampton bays on Nov 29, 11 8:55 AM
I'm not a member so I only get 2 comments a day - didn't see the reply by Dan the Man until after I made the comment regarding shelters in Sagaponack, apologies.

I would hardly characterize my comments as "inflammatory". Someone inquired about the Town banning motel conversions and I simply stated that the Town put a moratorium in place to study the potential effects of motel conversions since the vast majority of motels were in one hamlet (Hampton Bays). Condos, unless they are age ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 29, 11 10:09 AM
Why do you seem so concerned about the owners of some potential luxury water front condos. Wouldn't the homeless people have homeless children who also bogged down the school system? Besides the condo owners would be paying school taxes. If you are that worried about it they could be over the age of 50 town houses. I don't get why you oppose something clean and nice. You use this charade of and argument about more kids in our schools, when all over town the real problem is illegal aliens living ...more
By They call me (2826), southampton on Nov 29, 11 11:02 AM
1 member liked this comment
I never expressed concern for potential condo owners... I never said homeless families wouldn't put children into the school system. I never said I was opposed to "something clean and nice". I'm using any charades. The facts are the Town issued a moratorium because of the potential for motel conversions to negatively impact school districts.

Did I ever state that illegals aren't a problem? or that it's ok to have 5 families living in a house? nope, didn't say that either.

You ...more
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Nov 29, 11 11:18 AM
not sure what to make of the situation but I will agree where their is smoke there is most likely fire. Lord knows there is enough smoke around obama and his associations to start more than one! I think Cain is done so now I must support Newt
Nov 29, 11 4:13 PM appended by joe hampton
How about you T C M ready to support Gingrich yet ?
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Nov 29, 11 4:13 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Nov 29, 11 6:44 PM
you cant build a nice house on that piece of crap to narrow nice try lol.
and Phil speaking as a true conservative todays news was a delight
Obama's Job Approval Drops Below Carter's
November 29, 2011 RSS Feed: President Obama's slow ride down Gallup's daily presidential job approval index has finally passed below Jimmy Carter, earning Obama the worst job approval rating of any president in political history.
Since March, Obama's job approval rating has hovered above Carter's, considered ...more
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Nov 29, 11 7:51 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Congressional approval rating neck and neck with the percentage of people who approved of communism recently?

Like 9, or 11%?

By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Nov 29, 11 8:03 PM
Your right it makes no sense. The whole town is way under valued always has been. This place should be a real estate investors dream. I still say someday it will be. Flanders and Riverhead are way under valued as well. It is some of the nicest real estate on the island and next to the most desirable areas and it continues to be the undiscovered country.I have thought about it for a long time and can only come up with one conclusion THE JAIL MUST GO! I cant believe others have not voiced this opinion. ...more
By They call me (2826), southampton on Nov 28, 11 8:21 PM
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homeless people are the cause of the real estate market crash. if they would just go out and buy houses it would pull us out of this funk. Riverhead, riverside, flanders and hampton bays would all go back to being the thriving communities they were in the 90s when things were better.
shame on homeless people.
By user.name (46), hampton bays on Nov 28, 11 11:12 PM
Actualy...It was Barney Frank that caused the real estate market problem. Stop blaming the homeless for everything ;)
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Nov 29, 11 12:37 AM
When is it going to stop? Dumping ground may be strong language in regards to dealing with the various agencies trying to help the unfortunate however when you have several drug rehabs, section 8 houses, homes for the mentally challanged and now another homeless shelter all put in one area it has become a dumping ground for these people. The biggest problem I have with it is these aren't all "area" people but people from Western Suffolk and beyond. They are adding more kids to the schools which ...more
By BigL11946 (29), Hampton Bays on Nov 29, 11 11:28 AM
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No, no, no!

It was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1978!

By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Nov 29, 11 8:05 PM
i can't believe the way i am hearing people talk about other human beings. No wonder our country is crumbling. Karma is a bitch and i hope it bites you where it hurts.
By 1bigfish (18), Hampton Bays on Nov 29, 11 8:31 PM
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I always like to think of negative karma as a rubber band.

The worse your negative actions, the longer it hopefully takes to stretch, and snap back.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Dec 1, 11 4:08 PM
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By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Nov 30, 11 10:19 PM
There but for the grace of God, go I. Never forget that.
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Dec 1, 11 3:47 PM
Hampton Bays, being the largest of the Hamlets of Southampton, should have incorporated itself 40 years ago so HB could have control of its destiny. Now might be too late. you won't see shelters in Westhampton, Quogue, Southampton Village or Sagaponack because all have created their governmaents looking ahead and studying the town's reaction or lack thereof to what is known as "progress". HB people unite and fight this blight on your community
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Dec 2, 11 5:47 PM
Xtiego lets do it Im in
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Dec 3, 11 4:49 AM
They need to shut this place down I live here till tomorrow the staff here is very races they are rude they don't really care about us homeless people I just need someone to help me get them staff out they don't help us out all today ms Mary told me in my husband to get out cause he was smoking a cig outside Thursday nite she wait till today to say it was weed she seen my husband smoking him in his friend we are a black every black family that comes to stay here stay a week then get kick out I'm ...more
By pgreen (1), hampton bays on Feb 13, 12 5:04 PM