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Nov 1, 2013 3:39 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

UPDATE: Police Correct Identity of Woman Found Dead Along Penny Lane

Nov 6, 2013 4:32 PM

UPDATE: Wednesday, 3:51 p.m.

Town Police have issued a correction on the identity and age of the victim in the Penny Lane death: her name is Monica Royston, 38, of Oxford, Massachusetts.

UPDATE: Monday, 8:50 p.m.

Southampton Town Police have identified the woman who died on Penny Lane on Friday as Marion Royston of Oxford, Massachusetts but have not released any information about how she died.

Ms. Royston, whose age was not immediately made available, was found laying naked in the street next to the Arlington Shores Estates on Penny Lane by neighbors, who phoned in what they saw to 911 at 5:53 a.m., according to a release issued by the Southampton Town Police on Monday night.

Her death is not believed to be the result of a homicide, but police still are investigating, according to the release.

Police and officials from Hampton Bays Volunteer Ambulance responded to the call and pronounced her dead upon arriving to the scene.

UPDATE: 5:45 p.m.

A public information officer with the Suffolk County Police Department said the suspicious death that occurred Friday morning in Hampton Bays is not believed to be have been a homicide and it is not being treated as a criminal matter.

The officer declined to provide any further information about the female involved or the manner of her death.

A non-criminal suspicious death often is the classification used for a drug overdose or a suicide.


The Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad was called to the scene of a suspicious death on Friday on Penny Lane in Hampton Bays.

A call reporting the death was received by police at about 6 a.m., they said.

Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa said on Friday afternoon that the county unit had yet to determine if the death was a murder or a suicide.

Suffolk County Police homicide detectives and the Suffolk County Crime Lab were still on the scene as of 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

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what the heck is going on in Penny Lane? This was a quiet street, half a street, the continuation of Wakeman Rd. and now there has been a major drug bust and now a brutal murder. The drug bust was at 4 Penny Lane, a property with until recently, empty summer cottages for rent, and is now a year round rental place with electric heaters. People come and go at all hours of the day and night. The apt. complex at the opposite end of the street where the murder took place today is supposed to be a transient ...more
By sirpoochala (78), Hampton Bays on Nov 1, 13 4:13 PM
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By J. Totta (106), Sag Harbor on Nov 3, 13 11:12 AM
what does updated mean when not a word of the article changed and the police were gone by 4pm?
By sirpoochala (78), Hampton Bays on Nov 1, 13 5:03 PM
The original story was about a suspicious death. The update said it was not a homicide. Pretty simple.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Nov 1, 13 6:17 PM
Brutal murder? Where did you get that from?
By HB90 (164), southampton on Nov 1, 13 9:54 PM
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How have we not received another update on this? As a resident of Hampton Bays, this is extremely unsettling. Four days have gone by since this woman has been pronounced dead and we don't know whom she is nor do we even know how she died. When a decent amount of time passes on a case such as this with no pertinent information revealed, you begin to wonder what really happened and why information is not being released. What's taking so long to receive an update on this?
By HBJS123 (1), hampton bays on Nov 4, 13 7:44 PM
I agree with this 100 percent. Somebody doesn't want this to get out.
By unjustifiedjustice2 (35), East Quogue on Nov 4, 13 8:38 PM
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"A non-criminal suspicious death often is the classification used for a drug overdose or a suicide." What more would you like to know? Let the poor woman rest in peace.
By Miss K. (103), East Quogue on Nov 5, 13 9:34 AM
Life isn't a 60 minute tv show. She needed to be identified, next of kin notified, etc.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Nov 5, 13 11:51 AM
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Everyone's an expert....
By 1640sWhaler (74), Sag Harbor/Easthampton on Nov 5, 13 11:31 PM
first of all she was not found in the street, she was found on the walkway of Arlington shores apt. - her car was found at the dead end - there was a missing person alert for her from Mass. from her wife.
By my2centstoo (1), hampton bays on Nov 6, 13 1:14 PM
Obit says she was a Sunday school teacher...
By Q333 (161), Southampton on Nov 6, 13 7:33 PM
@But I'm a blank - there weren't any updates for awhile so your comment was based on a later update and not germain to my comment. It was also nasty and unnecessary. @HB90 the brutal murder comment was based on an early rumor by a retired police officer on the scene. look at the time of my first comment.
By sirpoochala (78), Hampton Bays on Nov 7, 13 1:43 PM
There was nothing nasty in my post. Your reliance on "a retired police officer" means zilch, you got it right when you called it an "early rumor"
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Nov 12, 13 11:17 PM
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What was she doing at the dead end of Penny Lane?

Monica R. Royston, 38

OXFORD - Monica R. Royston, 38, died suddenly on Friday, November 1, 2013. She is survived by her wife, Marion "Mimi" Royston and her son, Morgan Royston of Oxford; her mother, Carol Harlow of St. Louis, MO, her father, Ralph Perkins; her brother, Michael Harlow of West Paducah, KY, her sister Kimberly Miller; her in-laws, Peter and Eleanor Royston of Fairfield, CT, Amy Bennett and her very large Royston family. ...more
By davidf (325), hampton bays on Nov 7, 13 5:29 PM
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