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Oct 6, 2017 2:06 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Interest Grows In Former Friendly's Building In Hampton Bays

The former Friendly's in Hampton Bays.  PRESS FILE
Oct 10, 2017 11:24 AM

Hampton Bays residents with a hankering for a mint chocolate chip sundae topped with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry can satisfy their craving at one of three ice cream shops in their hamlet: Carvel, Gemelli Gelato or Baskin-Robbins.

Where they can’t go is Friendly’s—which sold its last Fribble back in July.

Since then, the property, owned by Joseph Malvasio, a trustee of the George DeQuattro Revocable Living Trust, according to Southampton Town records, has sat vacant, its slate gray siding peeling in spots, and its parking lot free of any lost sprinkles or drips of ice cream.

But that could soon change, according to Barry Moore, an independent real estate salesman in Baldwin who is listing the property.

He said that several potential tenants have expressed interest in roughly 5,200-square-foot building over the past few weeks, though he declined to identify them. He did note, however, that most of those who toured the property and checked out the building’s interior have said they would want to open a cafe or some sort of restaurant.

He also declined to say how much the owner is seeking in rent for the building at 149 West Montauk Highway; all online listings for the property state that the rent and purchase prices are “negotiable.”

“I’m out there almost every day showing the property,” Mr. Moore said, later adding that the owner would consider an outright sale of the building—which sits on 4.8 acres, according to a listing by Schuckman Realty Inc.—“if the price is right.”

Anne Murphy of Hampton Bays, who was a frequent customer of the Friendly’s prior to its closure, said she now satisfies her craving for ice cream with an occasional “hot fudge sundae from McDonald’s.” She added that the loss of Friendly’s was compounded by the earlier closing of the Hampton Bays Diner, which shut down two summers ago when its former owners filed for bankruptcy.

“I would like to see a family restaurant or diner,” Ms. Murphy said, referring to the empty building that recently housed a Friendly’s. “I just feel that for the building to be empty for that long is terrible.”

Ms. Murphy is not the only one interested in the old building eventually housing some type of restaurant or café.

“I really think a decent breakfast, lunch spot would be ideal,” said Joseph Milazzo, who works at Village Auto Body in Hampton Bays. “I’d like maybe a Chipotle [or a] burger place.”

The hamlet also endured the loss of another fast-food restaurant last month when the Moe’s Southwest Grill in the Wild By Nature shopping plaza just west of Hampton Bays closed its doors.

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IHOP where are you ? The Friendly's location would be just perfect for an IHOP. I think the failed Moe's Southwest Grill which was always filthy and head entitled employees with bad attitudes right from day one what do very well if it turned into a Five Guys Burgers. The diner that's a much bigger issue for smarter people than me
By widow gavits (219), sag harbor on Oct 6, 17 8:34 PM
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I totally agree... they had such an attitude.
By lursagirl (245), southampton on Oct 7, 17 12:33 PM
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When Friendly's opened it was like wow that'll affect the Diner's business. Then the Diner closed and then now Friendly's a well known national chain is closed without the Diner competing. Why does anyone think another food place is going to be better off? I would love a nice place to eat breakfast/lunch....obviously you don't because if you did the place wouldn't have gone out of business.
By lirider (288), Hampton Bays on Oct 7, 17 7:59 AM
Because, aside from the ice cream, Friendly's was/is disgusting.
By S'hamptonNative (84), Southampton on Oct 7, 17 1:41 PM
This is just like the Art Deco Auto shop article. Sounds like FLUFF! "Interested buyers"?? Another desperate RE Agent getting a free ad in the Press. The only reason the paint is peeling is there was no maintenance. Paint doesn't just start peeling a few months after a location closes....pathetic article!
By G (342), Southampton on Oct 7, 17 8:39 AM
Excuse my Valerie Gordon, Why don't you give us an update on the Canoe Place Inn renovation? Its been a long time with no action or explanation as to when work will begin ? Maybe you could ask the Reacher's if work will begin in our lifetime ?
By 27dan (2854), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 7, 17 9:12 AM
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They were waiting for approval from Suffolk County Dept of Health.
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Oct 8, 17 6:28 PM
to me it is the fact that they were catering to the cheep crowd, the rent was to high for the menu. just look at the success of cow fish ,rumba and edgewater! friendlys prices were to low for the rent they were paying. people will pay for good food but friendlys food was garbage. you cant pay the rent off just ice cream , frozen burgers and stuff you through in a fryer. i wish that moriches dinner would come in and give us back a real dinner like we used to have before you know who turned it into ...more
By Erin 27 E (1281), hampton bays on Oct 7, 17 9:02 AM
Shake Shack?
5 Napkin Burger?
By btdt (449), water mill on Oct 7, 17 11:06 AM
How about something healthy? Isn't it time???
By Melissabee (4), brookhaven on Oct 7, 17 12:17 PM
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No, it is not time. The purpose of a business is to make money, not lose it in a hurry.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Oct 7, 17 1:44 PM
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People still rattling off chains... like what a novel idea! Then you go once until it goes out of business.
By lirider (288), Hampton Bays on Oct 8, 17 7:47 AM
Chains are great unless its a CVS which would probable last longer than any of the above referenced eating establishments.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Oct 9, 17 1:49 PM
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IHOP!!!I IHOP!!!! great breakfast and all around good food
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Oct 10, 17 5:36 PM
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No more Diners or chain restaurants on Main St we have far too many eating establishments in HBs.The snowbirds are the ones longing for an early bird or two for one eating joint.
By watchdog1 (543), Southampton on Oct 10, 17 6:02 PM
Trader Joe's!
By aprongirl11968 (1), Southampton on Oct 13, 17 12:39 PM
Waffle House.
By bluelightning (21), Hampton Bays on Oct 15, 17 10:21 PM
I think the key work is "good". There are very few "good" breakfast/lunch places around...lots of crummy fast food...but how hard is it to have something "good"...I live in Riverhead and will (and do!) travel to Souhold/Greenport/ or wherever if the food is really good. We don't even have a decent deli in Riverhead (land of bad fast food)...how hard is it to have a soup bar or decent salad bar like Schmidt's in Southampton (where I also travel to!) Help!
By 16945 (15), Riverhead on Oct 20, 17 11:25 AM