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Jul 11, 2018 9:28 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Land Acquired By Town In Hampton Bays For Future Waste Treatment Facility

The vacant property, which comes with a $900,000 price tag, is located at 25 Bellows Terrace in Hampton Bays. MICHAEL PINTAURO
Jul 11, 2018 10:08 AM

The Southampton Town Board on Tuesday approved the purchase of a 5.4-acre property in Hampton Bays, which, according to officials, may be used as a future waste treatment plant to help improve water quality.

The vacant property, which comes with a $900,000 price tag and is being purchased using Community Preservation Fund proceeds, is located at 25 Bellows Terrace in Hampton Bays and is owned by the estate of Sverre and Svea Larsen. Once purchased by the town using the CPF Water Quality Improvement Project Account, which is financed through a portion of a 2 percent transfer tax on most real estate transactions within the town, the site will be protected and preserved.

The fund is generally used to preserve land, maintain historic structures and build parks. Starting this year, a portion of the estimated annual $10 million collected through the fund was specifically allotted for water quality improvement projects, which includes wastewater management.

According to Community Preservation Manager Mary Wilson, a sewage treatment plant is allowable under the CPF rules because the property, which sits just west of Tiana Bay, is being purchased using the 20 percent of funds now dedicated to improving water quality.

The Water Quality Improvement Advisory Board and the Division of Long Range Planning also recommended that the town buy the land for a future neighborhood treatment plant, Ms. Wilson explained.

“It’s surrounded by quite a density of houses, which makes it a good future site for a community sewage treatment facility,” Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said at a Town Board meeting Tuesday when the purchase was approved. “It has great potential, so I’m going to support this.”

Mr. Schneiderman also noted that the property’s close proximity to the water also makes it a good site for a treatment facility.

Councilman John Bouvier agreed with Mr. Schneiderman on Tuesday, saying, “There are a lot of reasons to have open space, in high-density areas, that can be used later on.”

The only concern about the proposal was expressed by Councilwoman Christine Scalera, who questioned whether residents had been properly notified of the plan to possibly install a sewage treatment facility on the site. “Do they really understand that, at some point, this can be a waste treatment facility?” she asked.

According to Mr. Bouvier, residents will be duly notified and informed of the plans.

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Seems odd that a waste treatment plan would help improve water quality. No matter what they do they will tell us the water is safe to drink. I still would love to see the Superintendent come to my house and drink a glass of that mud water we had last week coming out of the faucets. Maybe we can turn the event into a fundraising challenge.
By HamptonDad (236), Hampton Bays on Jul 11, 18 3:22 PM
Ironically no pollution is from a septic system. By the way there are two well fields on Bellows. Nice job
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Jul 11, 18 3:49 PM
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The East End desperately needs a wastewater treatment plant, just make sure to site it somewhere that I will never see or smell it.
By Aeshtron (430), Southampton on Jul 11, 18 4:18 PM
Get ready for the fight of the century nobody on Bellows Terrace wants this. No one told use you bought this land to do this! put up on Montauk hwy or somewhere NOT in a residential area! What Idiots!
By Ramblerman (18), Hampton Bays on Jul 12, 18 7:03 AM
Thank you council woman Scalera. People deserve to be informed and speak before a property is bought either pro or con. Mr Bouvier on the other hand we will just inform the people on what is best for them. Definitely not the political style I am looking for. Cant wait to Not vote for him and Lofstad for that matter!
By cmac (184), East Quogue on Jul 12, 18 8:07 AM
The best part is how surprised the Town Board will be when 200 people with lawyers in tow show up at the public hearing to rail against the proposal.

That mini facility on the E. side of the canal for the condo's brought out about 80 protesters and 2 years of litigation.

Can you imagine the entire population of Tiana Shores shrieking at the top of their lungs?
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 12, 18 9:19 AM
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One more thing--the proposed facility is located only a few hundred yards from the planned boundary line of the new Village of East Quogue.

I wonder if this will have any impact on the incorporation effort where Tiana Shores residents won't have to pay out of pocket, but instead use Village Taxpayer dollars to keep Southampton Town in court for the next decade?

By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 12, 18 9:24 AM
It's actually over a mile from the proposed village boundary. This is another clear example of the Town using hamlets as dumping grounds (no pun intended) for regional issues. Another reason in my mind why incorporation is necessary.
By cmac (184), East Quogue on Jul 12, 18 5:25 PM
.582 miles from center line of Jones Rd.--proposed Village Boundary Line
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 13, 18 9:00 AM
I would like to know the location of all water treatment plants in the Town of Southampton. How does this location compare? I live in Tiana Shores and that seems like an absurd location for waste treatment...in the middle of people's homes!!
By margaret8000 (6), HAMPTON BAYS on Jul 12, 18 10:42 AM
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Better go back and read the article.

This isn't water treatment--its sewage treatment..

Big difference!
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Jul 12, 18 1:14 PM
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Who is the wastewater expert in Town Hall who came up with this ludicrous location? Totally clueless in siting wastewater treatment plants.
By A Great American (103), East Quogue on Jul 12, 18 4:08 PM
A question: isn't a wastewater treatment plant designed to treat effluent from SEWERS? There's no sewer district in the area is there? Whiskey tango foxtrot is going on?!
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jul 12, 18 4:35 PM
Sag Harbor is getting a park; Hampton Bays a sewage treatment plant.
By Marrrmin (17), Hampton bays on Jul 13, 18 12:07 PM
I thought most have cesspools on their own properties...
By pigroast (100), East Quogue on Jul 20, 18 9:46 AM