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Aug 12, 2011 4:29 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Village Board Suspends Highway Employee

Aug 17, 2011 10:55 AM

A Southampton Village Highway Department employee was suspended without pay by the Village Board following a closed-door executive session meeting last Thursday night.

Lennox Edwards, an auto equipment operator who has been a village employee for more than three years, was suspended following an “accumulation of incidents,” according to Trustee Bill Hattrick, who serves as board liaison to the Highway Department.

The incidents have spanned about a year and have 
involved his interaction with the public, disrespecting his 
supervisor and damages to equipment, Mayor Mark Epley said.

The 30-day suspension went into effect Friday. The vote was unanimous.

“Some of the difficulties the department has had with him have been spread over a period of time,” Mr. Hattrick explained. “And I think one incident got them to the point where they felt they weren’t getting his attention.”

Mr. Hattrick said the incident was not criminal in nature. 
The suspension came at the 
recommendation of the Highway Department supervisor, John Brostowski, the mayor said.

Mr. Brostowski declined to discuss the suspension. “I’m not at liberty to bring that up. It’s an active case that’s still pending,” he said.

Mr. Lennox could not be reached for comment.

His latest base annual salary was $48,695 and he was hired by the village in April 2008, according to Village Administrator Stephen Funsch.

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This is news?
By concerned citizen (41), Hampton Bays on Aug 13, 11 12:15 AM
2 members liked this comment
Well, he is part of the 66%...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 13, 11 10:02 PM
Real nice that 27east chose to publish this man's name and salary without knowing all the facts. I hope that if Ms. Reynolds ever has a problem with her employer, 27east will be a little more discreet in protecting her privacy. Way to go.
By Spelling Cop (22), Southampton on Aug 15, 11 6:04 PM
Salaries paid by taxpayer money are a matter of public record.

www.seethroughny.org has the salaries, benefits, and pensions of every public employee in the state.

That said, I never liked the way the media publishes names of people accused of wrongdoing before due process has taken place. The "perp walK", figuratively speaking in this case, is a form of punishment before guilt is proven.
By RealityFirst (597), Bridgehampton on Aug 15, 11 6:11 PM
That is what I was getting at. They could have published the salary, which you are correct is a matter of public record, without publishing his name. Not right, especially since the article stated there is no criminal wrongdoing.
By Spelling Cop (22), Southampton on Aug 15, 11 8:26 PM
unfortunately, there should be nothing private about a civil servant's employment information. if she wanted to be private, there is something called the private sector where she can work, but since we are paying her salary, its all public. small price to pay for the benefits and other perks, not easy to get canned from a civil servants position so it must have been a long list.
By kaluss (113), Southampton on Aug 20, 11 6:55 AM