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Feb 8, 2013 12:42 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Nine Southampton Boys Suspended After Altercation In Basketball Game

Feb 11, 2013 12:59 PM

It’s been a hectic week for the Southampton boys basketball team, the type of week any playoff-bound team would rather not have right before the postseason begins.

Section XI, the governing body of Suffolk County high school athletics, came down hard on the Mariners last week when it suspended nine players following an altercation that occurred on February 5, when Southampton hosted Mercy in a League VII game.

Late in that contest, a Southampton player was fouled hard by a Mercy player when trying to finish a fast break. The Southampton player and Mercy player almost immediately got face to face and exchanged words before both benches spilled onto the court. The altercation never became physical, according to Southampton head coach Herm Lamison, but players from both teams left their respective benches and jumped onto the court—an action that calls for an automatic one-game suspension, per Section XI rules.

Southampton went on to defeat Mercy, 104-64, thanks in large part to a 38-12 third quarter. Scott Ricca scored a team-high 26 points for the Mariners and added eight rebounds and four assists. Shaundell Fishburne scored 19 points and had eight rebounds, while Devon Trent scored 14 points. Alex Halaka, getting the start on Senior Night, finished with 10 points and six rebounds.

Nine Mariners wound up being suspended for their regular-season finale at Mattituck on Thursday, February 7, which the Mariners lost, 66-53. Southampton played with just four varsity players against the Tuckers. The rest of the team was made up of junior varsity players who were called up for the game. John Kraus scored a career-high 27 points in the loss.

Lamison didn’t like the fact that he was missing more than half of his team, but he did like that his reserves got valuable playing time. “The kids stepped up and played as best they could,” he said. “Four of the kids never really play, so I was happy the kids got some time. Anytime you can get them on the court to play some meaningful minutes, it’s a good thing.”

As for the suspensions, Lamison understood why his players were suspended but said he was skeptical about why only two Mercy players were disciplined. “That’s the rule—if you leave the bench and come onto the playing surface, you’re suspended a game,” Lamison explained. “We had nine players suspended, Mercy had two. I guess we were the poster child for Section XI.”

All suspended players will return to the team for the Suffolk County Class B playoffs, which begin today, February 14. As of Monday, it wasn’t officially known which team Southampton would host in the semifinals, nor was a game time posted, but Lamison was confident that he and his team would be hosting Wyandanch, since the Warriors finished with the third-best record in Class B. The Mariners finished second in Class B with an 11-3 League VII record (14-4 overall). Babylon, which won its first league title since 1978, hosted Center Moriches in the other semifinal game.

The winner of today’s game will advance to the finals, which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, at 5 p.m. at a site to be determined. There will be a $6 admission fee to that game.

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Poster child really? I was there. Southhamptons sportsmanship including the fans being allowed to taunt children is like poster child for Rikers Island!
By 5foldfashion (4), middle island on Feb 8, 13 10:05 PM
I wonder if these are the same players involved in the Southampton/Hampton Bays football game?
By honeylamb (71), East Quogue on Feb 9, 13 7:03 AM
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This team, and parents of team players need to learn respect! There is a way to have fun AND still support your team. Herman, time to teach these kids what their parents haven't...
By LI native (127), east moriches on Feb 9, 13 4:27 PM
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The problem starts at the top. I wouldn't want Coach being my child's role model.
By dnice (2346), Hampton Bays on Feb 9, 13 5:53 PM
First the Southampton Football team gets in a fight with Hampton Bays Football team during a game this past fall. Now Southampton Basketball team loses 9 players for the next game because of their actions against Mercy in a "GAME". It would appear that Southampton teams have an anger management issue or lack of proper leadership in the form of good sportsmanship! May need to make a change! Or is this bullying at its best!
By sayitaintsojoe (100), Westhampton on Feb 10, 13 9:12 AM
My son was slide tackled from behind at Hampton Bays at the first game of the season and he didn't even have the ball!!!! He was transported off the field in a ambulance with a morophine IV ,to the Hospital for a three hour surgery ended up with a rod and 9 screws and 6 days in the hospital, We are still waiting for the school to call and see how he is doing...NO COACH,NO KID,NO AD, No PARENTS...That was 5 months ago and we still are going thru intense PT..Great Sportmanship we are teaching our ...more
By skruel (23), Sag Harbor on Feb 10, 13 10:38 AM
How is your son?
By Karma.Bites.Back (6), Manhattan on Feb 16, 13 6:13 AM
3 Hour Surgery, Steel Rod and 9 screws and three Drs., 4 casts and tons of PT from Manuel PT and Dr. Hubbell (the best Dr). he will no longer be a 3 sport athlete but we are hoping to be back for baseball...It was a total disgrace,,,still amazed the child ,nor the parent or the school have yet to call and we wonder where the behavior starts..Thanks for asking our community was awesome..
By skruel (23), Sag Harbor on Feb 16, 13 9:55 AM
wow...is this the first time that this has ever happened? Seriously...I remember playing mattituck...they had no problem using the N-word when on the court with a black player...I seem to remember Wyndanch trying to tip a southampton bus over back in the day...HELLO all you shocked and appalled parents, THIS IS NOTHING NEW...it was unacceptable back then and it is now. It is not a reflection on the coaching staff...I seem to remember our boyz getting into a few scuffles under Romo's leadership ...more
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Feb 10, 13 5:07 PM
if its home training then the parents of southhamptons players should have taken their children off the court. A good parent would not wait for section x1 to discipline. it is a problem with the leadership! i have the tapes!

By 5foldfashion (4), middle island on Feb 10, 13 10:25 PM
I don't care what happens at home with a kid. When he is on a sports team it is a priviledge, and the coach should ram that into every single players brain. The coach making the comment that they are being picked on is simply outrageous. Maybe the coach has a problem with authority?
Sure you can pick out the kids that have bad home lives, but dedication to sports is suppose to help change that. Southampton is starting to get a reputation of being a bunch of bullies.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Feb 11, 13 3:23 PM
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I believe it is about coaching. There are plenty of examples of unruly kids being kept under control by proper coaching. I do agree that poor parenting is a major problem though, for a lot of todays problems.
By dnice (2346), Hampton Bays on Feb 11, 13 9:34 PM
If you assume that it is the coaches job to teach your kids how to behave, you can assume your kid lacks any reasonable level of parenting at home.
By But I'm a blank! (1283), Hampton Bays on Feb 10, 13 5:31 PM
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Of course, good sportsmanship should be part of home training, but it also should be insisted upon, without excuses or exception, by coaches and school administrators. Missing one game is hardly a penalty, especially when the offending players get to participate in the playoffs as if nothing had happened. Establish standards, make good sportsmanship a priority, and penalize poor sportsmanship seriously - three games out as a minimum. Sportsmanlike conduct is a life lesson that will carry young ...more
By SusieD (115), Southampton on Feb 10, 13 6:08 PM
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I agree with you. The parents are not on the bench when this is happening. The players use bullying to intimidate the players. I witnessed the players telling a catholic school to "Go back to church"!!! The players should be kicked off the team.
By 5foldfashion (4), middle island on Feb 10, 13 10:28 PM
After the events during this game, The team should have lost their opportunity to go to playoffs. Wouldn't that send a clear message about sportsmanship? The problem that was highlighted during this game was with the refs. The refs, as has been my experience, are intimidated and bullied by some of these fans, just like the players. The coaches need to control their players but the refs need to control the tenor of the game and if they're being bullied also, where does that leave the outcome ...more
By Karma.Bites.Back (6), Manhattan on Feb 12, 13 8:30 AM
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This article is a great work of fiction, from beginning to end. Laughable. Comical. This is not journalism. This isn't reporting. This is bias at it's worst. Having attended this basketball game, I can tell you this...1) SectionXI didn't "come down hard" on Southampton, because if you do the crime you have to expect to do the time; 2) the Siuthampton player wasn't fouled hard. The Mercy player attempted to block #20's layup and at the Mercy player came down he put his hands on the shoulders ...more
By Karma.Bites.Back (6), Manhattan on Feb 11, 13 9:14 PM
Wow nice to see so many folks out their with the answer, why dont you start with society today. This country in itself is a problem their is only a hand full of parents that have any control of their children. If I was on SHS and someone fouled my teamate on a layup sure I would get up and protect him or her thats a team a unit and most of all togetherness and your talking teenagers not the pro's. From the outside looking in if racism is becoming a factor shame on all that teach it or promote ...more
By MACDADDY (49), SOUTHAMPTON on Feb 12, 13 9:32 PM
What is "society?" It's defined as a body of INDIVIDUALS living as members of a community. Society can't be improved until individuals take responsibility for their actions. Being fouled during a basketball game, or soccer game, or football game is part of the game. It's not an excuse for violence, it's not an invitation for retaliation - it is a circumstance that requires intervention by paid officials, hence their presence. As far as racism, I'm not sure where that is coming from. Was this ...more
By Karma.Bites.Back (6), Manhattan on Feb 15, 13 6:40 AM
Too bad you weren't at the game like Karma bites back to see what really happened. Do you really think that it was racism since Southampton was the team that crossed mid court which is not allowed? Of course the coach is calling racism and thinks he is being singled out that is his specialty. Southampton has over and over again been caught behaving badly during sporting events. And it is always the other team. The Southampton coach even letting the score get so out of whack is another example of ...more
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Feb 12, 13 10:05 PM
And the SHS coach is a police officer!
By 5foldfashion (4), middle island on Feb 14, 13 1:03 AM
Just Google his name. Interesting individual to be the role model for impressionable young people.
By Karma.Bites.Back (6), Manhattan on Feb 15, 13 6:16 AM
By Karma.Bites.Back (6), Manhattan on Feb 16, 13 6:12 AM