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Aug 13, 2014 7:02 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Pubilc Hearing Scheduled To Discuss Moratorium On Tall Houses In Southampton Village

Aug 13, 2014 9:32 AM

Southampton Village will hold a public hearing on August 26 on a proposed moratorium that would temporarily suspend certain building permit approvals.

The six-month moratorium would apply to all new building projects that require a Federal Emergency Management Agency height line. In those cases, to reduce the risk of flooding, the “bottom” of a house—the point from which its height is measured, for purposes of meeting village regulations—is raised. Based on the flood risk zone that the house lies in, the FEMA regulation can add several feet to the 35-foot maximum height of a home in Southampton Village, although it offers no more living space.

The Village Board is considering a temporary ban on approvals as it considers how to curb the construction of towering mansions, and in response to several recent applications for large homes in Southampton Village.

According to the proposed law, the moratorium would include all single-family dwelling applications for homes exceeding 35 feet in height from the average elevation of the natural grade along the front of the dwelling. It would also apply to homes with a roof pitch flatter than 7/12 (or 7 inches of rise for every 12 inches of run) that are more than 27 feet high.

“The Board of Trustees hereby finds that the existing maximum height regulations contained in the Village Zoning Code do not adequately control the height of one-family dwellings, particularly under circumstances where a one-family dwelling must be elevated in order to comply with flood damage prevention regulations contained in Chapter 62 of the Village Code,” a draft of the local law reads.

“The board hereby finds that amendments to such maximum height regulations are necessary in order to adequately control the height of one-family dwellings and adequately balance the rights and interests of property owners, the neighborhood, and the community under such circumstances.”

In order for the moratorium to be put in place, the village will need to adopt a local law detailing the parts of the code to be evaluated and banning permits from being issued for affected properties; however, applicants can ask the Village Board for exemptions.

The Village Board voted at a special meeting on Thursday, August 7, to schedule the public hearing for later this month. It will take place during the regular board meeting on August 26, at 5 p.m. in Village Hall on Main Street.

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According to the Village Calendar, the Board of Trustees meeting is on Tuesday, August 26. The headline is correct but the date in the text is wrong.
By Bock (1), Southampton on Aug 13, 14 9:04 AM
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