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Aug 27, 2014 11:16 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Tuckahoe Appoints Sixth-Grade Teacher As New Principal

Aug 27, 2014 11:28 AM

The Tuckahoe School Board has appointed Arlette Sicari, a teacher who has been with the district for 19 years, as the new principal, starting on September 1.

The announcement comes two months after Principal Kevin Storch left to take a position at another school. Ms. Sicari, a Wading River resident, was appointed by the board following an executive session on Monday night, and said she is excited to take on the role come September.

Her appointment to the administrative role was a change in position for the one-school district, whose officials earlier this summer announced that Superintendent Chris Dyer would be taking on the role of both principal and superintendent come September to save money.

This week, Mr. Dyer explained that district officials changed their mind in order to better benefit the students, and to create a liaison between the teachers and the board. As for the decision to promote internally, Mr. Dyer said with the uncertain future of the Tuckahoe district—he cited the possible merger with the Southampton district—the administration thought it best to promote an outstanding teacher.

“We decided that we wanted a principal in the building to support the teachers,” he said. “We realized that with the pending merger, we thought it would be best to seek an internal candidate, and Ms. Sicari stood out.”

According to Mr. Dyer, Ms. Sicari has an outstanding track record in the classroom and a vision for the entire district, including plans to improve communication with the entire community.

“She was selected because of her strong instructional background and her ability to help our kids really achieve,” Mr. Dyer said this week. “She knows the culture of our school, and she knows what a warm, caring school Tuckahoe has always been, and one of her primary comments was wanting to really work on extending communications to all of our community members. So she has not only the classroom skills but the broader, macro focus the school needs.”

Ms. Sicari first came to the district 19 years ago as a teacher of gifted and talented students, eventually taking over as a fourth grade teacher and moving on to the sixth grade. She has previously worked in both the Remsenburg and Oyster Bay school districts, and received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Dowling College in 1991. Ms. Sicari specializes in reading, and in 1995 got a master’s degree, also from Dowling, in reading education. In 2005, she went on to get certified in school administration from Stony Brook University.

This week, Ms. Sicari, who lives in Wading River with her husband, Jim, and two sons, Christopher, 13, and Brendan, 11, said she is thrilled for the opportunity and cannot wait to get started. Ms. Sicari will be making $135,399 a year.

“I absolutely love teaching,” Ms. Sicari, who has also served as the president of the Teachers Association, said from her new office this week. “I have always wanted to be a teacher, because you get to work with the students and parents and really get to know the community as a whole. I think getting to know the Tuckahoe community has been very rewarding for me, because I have seen it grow from one classroom section to evolving into the wonderful district that we are now, and it has been exciting to see the changes.”

Learning of the appointment, she said, “I was elated. I couldn’t be happier, because this allows me to move into a different capacity in the district where I have really put my heart and soul into being a teacher. I look forward to a new challenge to be able to work with the community in a more global sense, especially the parents, and getting to know all of the students in the district.”

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The superintendent is not willing to do both jobs to try to save the district some money? But Southampton should pay higher taxes for this fiscally irresponsible decision.
By April1 (156), Southampton on Aug 27, 14 8:14 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Infoseeker (280), Hampton Bays on Aug 28, 14 5:03 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Infoseeker (280), Hampton Bays on Aug 28, 14 5:03 PM
It is my business if Tuckahoe continues it's reckless spending and passes the debt on to me to pay with a merger. If a superintendent can legally oversee multiple school districts up to 1000 students why can't Dr. Dyer oversee a couple hundred students & assume both roles?
By April1 (156), Southampton on Aug 28, 14 8:10 PM
Here we go again April, here's some additional information that you may not have considered before making your comment above. In grades pre-k through 8, Tuckahoe has around 400 students (not including the ones we send out) Tuckahoe has one superintendent, one principal and no assistant principal. In Southampton pre-k through 8 there are around 1000 students, 2 principals and 2 assistant principals and 1/3 of a superintendent (assuming he is split equally between the three districts). So tell ...more
By lamm (304), Southampton on Aug 29, 14 12:19 AM
Meant to say "split equally between the three schools", not the three districts.
By lamm (304), Southampton on Aug 29, 14 12:23 AM
Southampton also has 2 assistant superintendents.
By interestedtaxpayer (21), southampton on Aug 29, 14 6:37 PM
I did not know that. According to GreatSchools, Southampton SD spends $4000+ per year per student more than Tuckahoe.
By lamm (304), Southampton on Aug 29, 14 11:12 PM
Looks like Chris is more then capable of performing both jobs, just like when he was hired. http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/Southampton/292220/Tuckahoe-hires-new-superintendent
By April1 (156), Southampton on Aug 30, 14 7:25 PM
April, there was an assistant principal then, now there is none. There were two top administrators then and two at the top now.
By lamm (304), Southampton on Aug 31, 14 3:00 AM
How is tuckahoe helping themselves save money? If tuckahoe is in such a dire situation shouldn't there be steps taken to keep the school running other then involving Southampton. Saving $60k on field trips is not impressive. Please tell me there is more then that.
By April1 (156), Southampton on Aug 31, 14 4:31 AM
April, Tuckahoe is a bare bones school, there aren't bells and whistles and programs are minimal. After contractual expenses, Tuckahoe's biggest expense is the tuition that is paid to Southampton High School. The SH District has charged Tuckahoe and the Shinnecock Indian Reservation (paid by the state), the highest legal rate they could charge for decades, and because Tuckahoe families wanted go to school in their own community, they've paid. This has subsidized your taxes for decades, but that ...more
By lamm (304), Southampton on Aug 31, 14 9:57 AM
Members of your own community refer to tuckahoe as a country club school, why would that be? Yes your district is wasteful, paying a superintendents salary for an entire year when that person is not even working in the district is complete waste. The tuckahoe community keeps telling us that you are subsidizing our taxes. I would like to know in what amount. How much is Southampton school district netting each year from tuition? The golf courses are a win-win for your district. They pay a ...more
By April1 (156), Southampton on Sep 1, 14 10:44 AM
Your post clearly shows me that you don't know what you're talking about. The country club school thing was about 10 years ago, and the superintendent thing was years ago as well. So lets try to live in the present. You would need to ask Southampton what they're netting, but the fact that they forced Tuckahoe to sign an exclusivity agreement and stop sending kids to Westhampton in exchange for a slightly lower tuition answers that question in a more general way. Golf courses by law get HUGE tax ...more
By lamm (304), Southampton on Sep 1, 14 8:17 PM
1 member liked this comment
Once more : the property owners in Tuckahoe School District purchased their homes with the knowledge that their property taxes are significantly higher than neighboring Southampton. Lacking the business district and mega million dollar mansions, the tax burden falls on the "regular" people. With me so far? Good. Now the folks in Tuckahoe have had enough of paying out the nose and want their neighbors to subsidize their decision to live there. Sorry folks , not gonna happen. Why do you feel that ...more
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Sep 1, 14 6:22 PM
Hey Big Fresh…This isn't just about taxes, but about a district that can no longer afford to operate. I wish we could continue to keep everything just as it is. Compared to the rest of Long Island, even Tuckahoe's taxes are relatively low. I agree with you though, the merger won't be approved. It is my belief that we should get over the notion of going to school in our own community and merge with Westhampton, or at least talk to them about a significantly more affordable tuition rate ...more
By lamm (304), Southampton on Sep 1, 14 8:43 PM
This is yet another example how Tuckahoe wants that private school atmosphere and not pay for it. I really question the sanity of this school board that preaches that they are fiscally responsible. The principal is going to help students performance in such a small school? Really? How?
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 4, 14 10:11 PM
Congrats Ms. Sicari! Have a great year everyone....Go Tigers!!
By KevinLuss (356), SH on Sep 5, 14 6:35 AM
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