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Apr 8, 2009 11:52 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

Apr 8, 2009 11:52 AM

Volunteers determined to help hungry day laborers suffered a setback last week when Southampton Village code enforcement shut down their makeshift soup kitchen at Southampton Tire Center, but the setback has not put a halt to their efforts entirely—they are now distributing brown bag lunches and looking for a new venue from which to distribute food.

Carol Whitby, co-owner of Southampton Tire, said moral and financial support has been pouring in since April 1, when village code enforcement officers told her she could no longer distribute food from her business without a permit. “You have no idea the kind of money that’s coming in,” she said Friday. “We have lawyers calling us. They want to help us.”

Ms. Whitby was running the soup kitchen with the help of the Sisters of Mercy in Water Mill since the middle of February.

While the women are searching for a legal avenue or a new venue so they can continue their work, Sister Breige Lavery said the Sisters of Mercy are now handing out brown bag lunches of sandwiches, water and fruit to hungry laborers up and down North Sea Road, where the bulk of them gather to look for work.

But the informal soup kitchen has also stirred outcry from anti-illegal immigration activists who say charitable efforts should be reserved for helping U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. And its sudden demise has inspired at least one supporter of the charitable effort to civil disobedience.

On Friday, Michael O’Neill of Sag Harbor brought trays of rice and other food to the day laborers who gather outside of the 7-Eleven in Southampton, across from Southampton Tire on North Sea Road. Mr. O’Neill is a founding member of the Coalition for a Worklink Center, a group whose aim is to establish a hiring site in Southampton for migrant workers.

He served the food on the outskirts of the public park on Aldrich Lane, which is next door to 7-Eleven—the same park that Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley had once tried to turn into an open-air hiring site for day laborers. Local residents and Southampton Town, which co-owns the park with the village, successfully sued the village in 2007, asserting that a hiring site was an illegal use of a park that was bought with Community Preservation Funds.

Concrete barriers placed in front of the park to keep cars out of the U-shaped driveway the village had installed there so contractors could drive in and pick up laborers were used as tables on Friday for the trays of food Mr. O’Neill brought.

Anti-immigration protesters Tom Wedell of East Moriches and Rick King of Springs were also outside 7-Eleven that day, and they called attention to Mr. O’Neill’s actions and took photographs with their cell phones.

Southampton Village ordinance inspector Angel Perez soon arrived. “You can’t be handing out food here,” he told Mr. O’Neill, citing the same building code that code enforcement applied when it shut down the Southampton Tire soup kitchen. Mr. Perez said that, per the village code and Suffolk County Board of Health regulations, food must be distributed at a location zoned for food service.

But Mr. O’Neill said he would continue to give out food each day. “I’ll be here Saturday, I’ll be here Sunday, I’ll be here Monday ...” he said, telling Mr. Perez that he’ll have to arrest him to stop him.

Mr. Perez called in Police Officer Anthony Gallo, who did not arrest Mr. O’Neill but told him that he could not return to hand out food again. Mr. Perez also warned Mr. O’Neill that bringing food to the day laborers could lead to a confrontation with the protesters.

Mr. O’Neill said on Tuesday that he did indeed show up with food again on Saturday. It was lasagna this time, and it was all gone within five minutes. But he said he stopped coming back after that day because he didn’t want to bring police attention and jeopardize the efforts of the Sisters of Mercy and their volunteers.

Former Southampton Town Anti-Bias Task Force Co-Chairperson Dianne Rulnick is among the volunteers who handed out food and drinks at Southampton Tire and who are now handing out brown bag lunches.

“I’ve served coffee to up to 150 men in just 20 minutes on many mornings,” Ms. Rulnick said. Responding to a human need, to hunger, has given her more satisfaction with every “

buenos días

” and “thank you” than any other community service she’s done, she said, adding that the Sisters of Mercy want to cooperate with the mayor and Southampton Village so they can continue their work.

Attorney Richard DePetris, the Southampton Village Board’s attorney, said he could not offer a legal opinion at this time concerning the legality of a soup kitchen at Southampton Tire. “The mayor has asked me to look into it and provide him with an opinion,” Mr. DePetris said on Tuesday morning. Until Mayor Epley makes them public, their discussions fall under attorney-client privilege, he said.

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There's a McDonald's right there. I know it's not the healthiest food in the world, but maybe give them a couple McDonald's $1 gift certificates. They could get a burger and fries with that.
By Mr Suffolk (113), Twin Forks on Apr 8, 09 11:47 AM
Start prosecuting the dirtbags hiring virtual slave labor. They don't hire them out of the goodness of their hearts...cheap labor. No jobs no need to jump the fence.
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 8, 09 1:34 PM
When are theses groups (sisters of mercy, etc.) going to help the thousands
of legal Americans who are going with out food. There are plenty here that
are in need not only in need of food but medical care as well. it's funny only the illegals know how to get free food and medical care. It's disgusting to
drive down North Main St and see all them all hanging out. Where are immigration officals. Send them HOME!!!!
By J. Totta (106), Sag Harbor on Apr 8, 09 2:01 PM
May I ask why Southampton Press isn't doing article after article about the Town, State, County and Village and Federal Government tacitly endorsing illegal activity by providing an environment that facilitates Contractors exploiting these immigrants.

Providing them coffee is great, but how about providing them a legal avenue to work or english instruction so that they may one day find better employment

How long are we going to let this problem continue before we address the ...more
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Apr 8, 09 2:22 PM
The illegal immigrant debate is complete BS.

If you want to blame anyone, it is the people and businesses that hire illegal immirgrants. It is U.S. businesses that are inviting illegal immigrants into the country. If there were no jobs there would be no illegal immigrants. Putting the blame on illegal immigrants is misplaced. If people do not want illegal immigrants then start charging the businesses and people that hire them.

And don't complain about illegal immigrants if you ...more
By Phillip (1), Hampton Bays on Apr 8, 09 2:43 PM
I will have to go to the village now because I am feeding the homeless. I did not know there was a law about not feeding someone that is in need. If I wanted to give some clothes away, do I also need a permit? What if someone was dying of thirst while they were walking on the streets, do I have to go to the village first and ask for a permit so whenever someone needs water I can have permission to do so? It's very confusing how the system works. or better yet what if I am hanging out with 20 people ...more
By E (11), Southampton on Apr 8, 09 3:20 PM
You know whats insane is that Tom Wedell gets pay to be out thee protesting. I wonder whats his job title or if he also gets pay off the books.
By E (11), Southampton on Apr 8, 09 3:22 PM
A soup kitchen/hiring hall should be built on the "park" to the south of 7-11 - which is currently inaccessible and looks like an eyesore - some public park! Use State funds & stimulus monies to reimburse the CPF fund & put lot to better use. You've got the labor right there to help build. It's the perfect location - in commercial area, no houses to complain, bus access. You can have immigration drop in & help folks; others can leave food/clothing. Someone can watch over the hiring so laborers ...more
By Ms. Jane Q. Public (147), Southampton on Apr 8, 09 4:02 PM
It does not suprise me that the people that came here are breaking the law and the people who are defying zoning codes are also breaking the law. Where does it end what are you teaching your kids a law's a law there are many ways for these hungry people to get food why on earth people would go out of there was to cause chaos is beyond me. I was down at 7-11 with my kids and the scene was frightning and dangerous now were gonna have marters comming here to start trouble stay in sag harbor and direct ...more
By Crankypants (34), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 8, 09 4:04 PM
Who pays Tom Wedell to picket?
By WHBYankee (17), Westhampton Beach on Apr 8, 09 4:31 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By RealLocal (76), Bridgehampton on Apr 8, 09 4:38 PM
Ok, here we go again.

J. Totta: Why would you assume The Sisters of Mercy are only helping 'illegals'? The Sisters of Mercy is a Catholic volunteer organization that helps those who are impoverished and in need. They certainly are not turning away anyone.

What kind of Christian charitable organization do you know of that requires proof of citizenship from a person before they will help them. Should that be part of their mission? And what, someone is not legal so they should be ...more
By RealLocal (76), Bridgehampton on Apr 8, 09 4:39 PM
Cheap labor? Last summer, my good friend's son was lucky to find a job working at a Westhampton Beach Deli for $7.65 an hour and these "day laborers" won't work for less than $10. What's wrong with this picture?
By quogue (12), southampton on Apr 8, 09 4:48 PM
Hey "Quogue" i do not think anyone working at deli as a clerk would come home with blisters on their hands or a sore back or cement on their hands...maybe working as a laborer pays better than 10 dollars an hour for the simple reason that there is ALOT more work involved in it...ask your friends son is hed be willing to get 10 an hour for the harsh work involved or 7.65 to work at a deli i guarantee you he would choose the easier way out. Someones gotta do the work...and if theres something wrong ...more
By thetruth (9), hampton bays on Apr 8, 09 5:00 PM
the press need to update the caption under the photo of Mr. Wedell. It should read 'anti Illegal immigration protestor'. Also the same omission in the last paragraph of the article.
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Apr 8, 09 5:22 PM
hey where did tom get that pepsi did someone give to him?maybe someone with a permit did?
By pinga (90), hamptonbays on Apr 8, 09 6:21 PM
Only in Southampton could helping those in need be considered illegal. The fear and hatred displayed on these boards should give us all a reason to stop and reflect on the spread of ignorance in our community. Unlike Mr. Wedell, the day laborers are not paid to stand at the 7-11, they are there because they need work and they'll gladly take the jobs that Americans will not. I would, however, venture to guess that if Mr. Wedell was in need of a meal, the Sisters of Mercy would not turn him away. ...more
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 8, 09 7:31 PM
Let's celebrate the people giving out food to the hungry, rather than damn them!.

I hope that there is never a time in history when people who are hungry do not have the option of receiving help from those who have food and/or money to spare.

There are many countries in the developed world where the government provides support to the needy. In the U.S., we often have to rely on the private sector, on either individuals or non-profit social service agencies which receive voluntary ...more
By G. Brolin (1), Southampton on Apr 8, 09 7:46 PM
I am a taxpayer here in Southampton Town. I do not want "illegals" living here.
Please use your good intentions and works, Sisters of Mercy to help them
attain citizenship and learn how to speak ENGLISH.
By Bridget325 (27), Hampton Bays on Apr 8, 09 8:27 PM
Reallocal first off read my post slowly so you can absorb it ok I never said a word about the people they were feeding ok. I said I was THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE with my kids having no idea that something was happeing at that moment which was the man prostesting taking pictures of the guys and then the code enforcemnt came down with cops and I was simply trying to leave. What I was saying is it is unsafe to have people take it upon themselves to do these thinhgs because its not safe for the innocent ...more
By Crankypants (34), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 8, 09 9:30 PM
My Turn…
Mr. O’Neill my hat goes off to you! You are a good man with a lot of courage!

Reallocal- Please do NOT listen to crankypants! Stay on your “soap box “your comments were well thought out and well written!!

J.Totta- Really seeing 20 people “hanging out” is disgusting? I’m not sure I understand why human beings standing on the sidewalk are disgusting? Is it because they are not 20 tourists decked out in Prada? Is it because they are Hispanic? Would you feel different ...more
By whatAshame (1), Soputhampton on Apr 9, 09 1:07 AM
Crankypants I do agree with what you are saying people can not just do as they please if the zoning law says you cant then you cant. For your information whatAshame local churches in the area will feed hungry people they also have a place for them to sleep over at the presbyterian church. I volunteer to help them often and donate food when needed. Also you have the alternatives for children in the basement a church runs that program that I know also feeds the hungry and cloths them free of charge. ...more
By SESMOMOF2 (21), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 7:27 AM
How come we do not hear much from the contractors who are doing the hiring? It is our local business owners who are making the real profit from these people. When are the contractors and the Southampton Business Alliance going to step up and be heard? Mr. Wedell, do you protest in front of their homes?
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Apr 9, 09 9:10 AM
Bridget325 it is no surprise that you have decided to rant and rave without knowing the facts. The Sisters of Mercy and other involved do indeed teach immigrants to speak English AND help them to become citizens INCLUDING providing accounting services so that they can PAY TAXES.

By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 9, 09 9:39 AM
If all the people that responded would please go to Sr.Briege and Linda Kabot and explain the concerns and laws that are not being noticed...Oh, I did that and Sr.Briege's EGO along with friendship and money to the church from Diane Rulnick and G.Brolin....how about 'LET'S CONNECT THE DOTS"....N.Sea Road-section 8-low income housing-illegal houses-with illegal alians living in them-(Guldi,SoHo Journal/MacPherson-slumlords/mortgage fraud)-OLA's meeting-Michael and Irma Brylewski/Columbian consulate ...more
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 10:41 AM
Whatashame, each and every town and/or village has a food pantry. Sacred Hearts on Hill st, St Rosalie in Hampton Bays etc. Its no big secret. I guess its just not convenient enough for the guys in front of 7 11. You people want to help feed the poor, donate to the food pantry or volunteer at Maureens Haven to help the homeless. They always need help setting up and making and providing food. Stop the lowlife from seeking the cheap labor! Sorry mow your own lawn lazy Americans!
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 9, 09 11:10 AM
I agree with you squeaky good points. These people on here yelling most likey are too busy to donate anytime to actually do something to help. You know who I am talking to I wont call you out.
By SESMOMOF2 (21), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 11:52 AM
Again---change the real issue---to those who won't call out---I know you! And I listed YOUR NAMES! Get on with your own life and stop harrasing the hard working local people in the community! GET A REAL JOB INSTEAD OF PLOTTING AN ILLEGAL AGENDA HERE AND IN WASHINGTON FOR YOUR OWN STUPID PERSONAL PROFIT! YOU ARE UP TO NO GOOD AND ARE USELESS GARGABE!
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 12:44 PM
GARGABE---"useless garbage and your words are the same!"
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 12:46 PM
United states citizen, were you ancestors native american? Or did they come to America from Europe or another continent to make a better life for themselves and their families? That's what I thought, stop being a complete hypocrite and have some compassion for other human beings. We're all on this planet together, we should all live as one race, the human race. There should be no more color, language or religious barriers. That's what this country was founded upon, freedom from persecution by people ...more
By WHBYankee (17), Westhampton Beach on Apr 9, 09 1:39 PM
Please...the "were all immigrants" line is old. No kidding, we know where we came from. But my ancestors came here, no hand out, LEARNED ENGLISH, and became citizens. Never was money sent "home", this was their home. They built this country, fought in wars and died all in the name of the love for their country. If the poor, hungry people wanted to be part of our culture I wouldn't have signs in spanish at my polling place or need to press 1 for english. Amigo.....
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 9, 09 1:48 PM
AGAIN---THE ISSUE IS USE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOR ILLEGAL PERSONAL PROFIT..."CONNECT THE DOTS"( and squeaky-stop pretending to be Holier than thou---and along with WHBYankee...you may speak English, but do you have any idea of what it means to be AMERICAN?)
By the way...what "persecution have I done?"
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 3:06 PM
You guys (the feeders) are absolutely crazy. It's an admirable thing to help the poor, but it's another thing to do so, perpetuating an illegal situation. For the life of me, I can't understand why you guys (illegal immigration supporters) can't see that. Why can't you help feed our poor and hungry? Aren't we good enough? Maybe we can all go down to Latin America and ask for the same kind of help.
By Jan (25), Hampton Bays on Apr 9, 09 5:33 PM
Poor nieve Jan...haven't you read anything I wrote!? The feeders aren't doing anything even remotely admirable! Don't feel sorry that they may not "understand"...The feeders themselves have an illegal agenda in our communities...it is not to help the poor hispanics...it is to build, develope and make as much money possible until they can do it no more! The illegal aliens are only involved for the labor and to badger local hard working citizens with the help of wealthy illegal agenda citizens so ...more
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 9, 09 6:29 PM
Holier than thou? To state the FACT that immigrants in MOST of our families that came through Ellis Island and Boston And Canada in the 1800's did it the right way? Thats holier than thou? I will guarantee you that NO ONE fed the poor Irish in Boston, much less welcomed them to a soup kitcken. But to ask that immigrants simply go the route the law states is what....? We definately agree, this will never be fixed as long as officials make money in construction and real estate. Plug the flow of jobs, ...more
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 9, 09 6:46 PM
Faceless, thats it once again.
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 10, 09 9:39 AM
What does this issue have to do with any of you? (or me)
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 10, 09 11:29 AM
Why is legal/illegal the issue? If something is a law does that make it right?
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 10, 09 11:31 AM
It has everything to do with anyone who lives in this country who is expected to obey laws. If you don't like the laws, change them. Does ignoring a law make any cause right?
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 10, 09 12:02 PM
where was the sister's of mercy when my poor sister was homeless? Huh?
Where was the support my sister needed when she had no where else to turn? I know why she didnt get any help. She was a United States ciitizen who had a job but couldnt afford housing. So where was the bag lunch the soup, the help that she needed. You dare say we need to help these illegals who aren't citizens who don't pay taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets help the people in our own back yard who are honest and try to pay their ...more
By phantom (5), easthampton on Apr 10, 09 12:25 PM
what about libertarians who don't pay income tax because it is "illegal"
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 10, 09 12:47 PM
Why don't these people go fishing
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 10, 09 12:48 PM
or deer hunting?

there is free food everywhere
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 10, 09 12:48 PM
These posts make me so sad.

To the many angry, racist posters on this board, I am praying for you in this Easter and Passover season.

I hope if you and your family are ever hungry and in need you will be helped.
By RealLocal (76), Bridgehampton on Apr 10, 09 12:48 PM
Maybe I'll go to the many food pantries in our local churches who do provide people in need not a tire place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By phantom (5), easthampton on Apr 10, 09 1:05 PM
It is very sad to see all the ignorance and hatred in such a small community. I know many people will say that they only have a problem with the "illegals" however they are the same people which generalize and see all the men at 7-11 and say they are all illegal without actually knowing their status, you would be surprised to see how many of those men have working permits and greencards. Besides they are not hurting anyone, however Tom Wendell is a pure example of what is wrong with the people ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 10, 09 3:15 PM
The problem is not the Illegals. Its the fact that American kids are lazy. Yes, I agree that the illegals are taking away American jobs. In the America I grew up in, you would have a hard time taking a job from an American. Wake up. We are sucking the hind teat of a dead cow. The time is now to wake up. The Illegal aliens have a will to live. A will to survive. And a will to kick our rear ends.
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Apr 10, 09 9:13 PM
Let me just correct you on a couple of facts which seem that most people including yourselft do not know about the system. it is true as you say that there is an allowance of about 1 million immigrants to enter legally but do you have any idea how that is distributed? I would imagine you do not, most of that number goes towards Europe and Asia and a very small percentage towards the Americas. And what I said is that the people who are here have no means of legalizing their status once here, plus ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 11, 09 10:55 AM
There's no such thing as a free lunch
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 11, 09 11:31 AM
So people that are tresspassing, aka setting foot in another country illegally, get a free lunch and other citizens get arrested and locked up for tresspassing.
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Apr 11, 09 2:01 PM
People that have no regard for the system nor the ideals of the country should not be allowed in. There's a process everyone, that came here legally, abided by....ASSIMILATION. Illegals are blatantly disrespecting us and our country by not learning our laws, not taking responsibilty, not learning any of our customs, nor the language, forcing us to cater to them so they can throw their weight around and make life easier for them. For example, I have my way of doing things and have done them for as ...more
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Apr 11, 09 2:16 PM
So let see if I understand what you are saying originalLocal. So you say that it would have been ok to generalize and say that everyone who is of Russian and Italian descent is associated with the mob and therefore have did not respect the country they came to? that is ridiculous, also I am curous to know how many Latinos you actually know and how you base your comments on, so far I do not see anyone telling people to learn Spanish or any other languague, plus it is an adjustment period to learn ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 11, 09 3:57 PM
St Patrick was an Irish saint in the CATHOLIC CHURCH! What does St. patricks day have to do with America!! thats is more fnny than ignorant! Oh and if you truly have traveled...Americans are not welcome everywhere. Try doing a bit of time with our men in Iraq, you know the ones fighting for our country. I'm sure they feel welcome. Been to France lately? Not real welcome there either. Yeah they want us in the southern hemisphere to spend money.
My grandparents took two years to learn English ...more
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 11, 09 6:20 PM
I finally see that is finally someone that can educate people around, good HBresident and as for Squeaky you just don't have a clue of what traveling means. I had been in Italy where my grandfather is from and each time I go there they are very welcoming to me, may be you are just a type of person that thinks that the world goes around you and let me tell you what works in this world is to be kind and respectful of other races. So may be travel a little bit and stop watching to much NEWS as ...more
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 11, 09 6:49 PM
So let me see if I get this straight, the correct way to celebrate a catholic holiday you need a town parade and massive amounts of alcohol on the streets during the parade, ok maybe I missed that part growing up a catholic. However that is besides the point, why do people like you just say things that are not true and say you know for a fact do you work for the hospital accounting department? if not then you don't know for a fact so stop lying, plus there are many people of all races and citizenships ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 11, 09 7:04 PM
first off sir I want to congratulate you on attempting to learn a second language that is truly amazing and comendable so you do understand that learning a second language no matter what it may be (in your case Spanish) does not hurt anyone but rather if you decide to visit a foreign country which speaks spanish you are better off because you will be able to communicate and it didn't hurt you one bit.
Everyone wants the best for Their families its just human nature. And your stadistics ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 12, 09 11:17 AM
lets gt some facts straight. I know a ton of immigrants and all of which had to take an aptitude test and PAID their dues to get into the country. They assimilated and took the proper route. They are being cheated most by the people who are here illegally. Yea assimilation isn't an overnight thing but they do it for promise of a better life.
Secondly, I have traveled alot, been to over 15 countries. I have almost been mugged/jumped in France because I was an American and witnessed a crime. ...more
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Apr 12, 09 11:35 AM
hey by the way I was forced in grade school to learn spanish from 4th to 8th grade. At the time, im not sure if they still do it, the school only offered spanish and it was a school in the area.
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Apr 12, 09 11:38 AM
there is no official language in this country

why do we all need to speak the same language?

you all come off as craggy, afraid, and outdated. Join the world, Join the time
By dogfacejones (81), Southampton on Apr 12, 09 11:55 AM
Original local the way you communicate sometimes makes me scare that you are a psycho since you cannot get out of your bubble. HBresident is right about you decide what you want to do for your life don't expect others to fix your situation so instead of wasting time about this you should get a job and stop collecting welfare because that is the biggest problems in this country. You know that “welfare and section A” is the worst our government ever did, since this people and I know for a fact ...more
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 12, 09 12:11 PM
Sir I am a college graduate as well, and sir I'm worndering how old you are because things have changed quite a bit even since I was in college a few years ago. Now everywhere I have been (locally and overseas), yes there is a potential for crime and i've seen some but you can not generalize by a small group of criminas every country has, its like saying that if you get mugged in central park, then all americans are bullies and criminals, I wouldn't want to be associated and generalized like that. ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 12, 09 12:54 PM
Sorry, i do have the copies of documents that show my great grandparents came through Ellis Island and in TWO years were citizens. I have the name of the ship and signatures. My great uncle built the Roslyn Clock Tower, they were masons who quickly went to work to be AMERICANS. At Ellis they had medical and psyc exams. They were then registered. I would love more American taxpayers, take the load from us. But Clinton tried the same thing, this is the second wave,12 million this time. Until we secure ...more
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 13, 09 7:45 AM
(dogface-your words and tone fit your identity.)... HBresident-your pompous redirect is getting old and boring-come up with some truth and someday you can really mean it and understand when someone says "Happy Easter".
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 13, 09 11:20 AM
Squeaky I see that you are a person that can have a conversation and you might be right about protecting your family, but at the same time you have to be realistic on what is really going on, as of now, it has to be a way were this guys get the same chance as how you describe for your great grant parents. Start a legal process and make them part of this system, but right now they are only being explode and the others are taking advantage of the hole situation (landlords) they can rent for these ...more
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 13, 09 11:31 AM
Squeaky-your comment @7:45am was/is absolutely correct.(as well as your prior comments as well) I know you are intelligent and caring, and a kind hearted person. You have true solutions and are not egocentric or babbling like some other commentors.
As for SHcitizen---It doesn't make sense does it that we send $$ to Mexico AND import items from Mexico AND give them jobs IN Mexico to assemble cars (and the Japanese are more affordable) AND then only for allowing millions of people to come here ...more
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 13, 09 12:08 PM
The problem with the online community is that its way too easy to disagree and call each other ignorant for having a different point of veiw. But in reality we most likely know or are familiar with each other. If we were to sit down to debate face to face I would hope the comments would be constructive. In many instances I have been on one side of a discussion only to be swayed with other opinions to make me think. My life experiences give me one train of thought, its not wrong but it comes from ...more
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 13, 09 12:31 PM
Squeaky-you have constructive comments. It seems that as long as our community has people in the community (notice I did not say members of) making ALOT of $$$ and our Political Representatives seem to think they will still have jobs if they don't enforce Law...then you will continue to do what is lawful and the Illegal Acts will snowball into other illegal acts---you even mentioned gangs earlier---
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 13, 09 2:05 PM
Short and sweet US Citizen and right. Its almost human trafficking.
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 13, 09 2:43 PM
While you are all entitiled to your opinions, i just cannot agree with what you are saying. I think you missed the point SHcitizen made regarding the major corporations taking the jobs overseas, it really benefits nobody other than the CEOs of those companies, the pay is close to garbage and the working conditions are awful yet we do not see any benefit from the cheaper labor, their end product still costs the same.
I do agree with all of you in that people associated with gangs and criminal ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 13, 09 7:23 PM
Oh and by way former President Clinton as well as former President Bush both lobyed and pushed for an immigration reform but both came up empty handed due to the fact that congress and the senate couldn't agree to the terms for the reform
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 13, 09 7:25 PM
Correct squakey you are right, over the internet is very easy to disagree, call anybody ignorant. I am also sure that if we meet to talk about this, I think that we can have a very constructive and positive conversation, as per everybody wants to be right and everybody have the right to their own opinions. But some people like "United States citizen" that seems to have no knowledge what so ever wants to push people for her believes, that's what I call uneducated. As for you "United States citizen" ...more
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 13, 09 9:19 PM
By the way I think the biggest illegal act in this country is being on welfare not paying taxes and milking the system like the guy that stands by 7-11 he has no life.
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 13, 09 9:23 PM
Oh I forgot and do drugs and driving while intoxicate it. Yeah, that would also be 7-11 guy. "I would rather be illegal"
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 13, 09 9:25 PM
You are also basing those numbers on the HOPE that all 12 million will register.
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 14, 09 9:37 AM
SHcitizen and HBresident you both love to listen to yourselves...you both will never change because you have your money making agendas here in our communities. The only thing you can do is slander people and call people names because you are wrong and have nothing substantial to contribute to a solution. A solution would cost You $$$...only because you will not be Making it off of illegal immigrants.
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 14, 09 9:42 AM
I believe I have just posted what my believes, opinions and facts, and have not engaged in name calling at all, however you seem to be very good at just attacking what I have to say without any real facts or reasons but rather like when a mother talks to a 5 yr old and just tells him "no because I said so"
My intention is not to argue or impose by believes, however I am just presenting a different side of the picture nobody is portraying, and why shouldn't I, I have just as much right to post ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 14, 09 10:00 AM
HBresident-if you feel like I am hurting your feelings ...you should take a long look at yourself and your comments...you consistantly name call and now cry like a child when I tell you so ...
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 14, 09 10:15 AM
Oh believe me it takes more than a someone typing a few things online to hurt my feelings, I just don't like being accussed of things I have not done, just like I do not like when people say things about others which are not true.
And let me be clear, the times I speak of ignorance are of a community as a whole (lack of information is ignorance), but I guess if the shoe fits then wear it, also you may want to back up your comments with facts or experience like the other people have such as Squeaky, ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 14, 09 10:32 AM
Squeaky also before I forget just an answer to your comment saying that I hope all 12 million will register. I wouldnt be surprised if the actual number is higher as nobody knows, but I couldn't tell you because I do not know, and also out of those who knows how many will qualify, I just thought I would share with all of you what I heard on the news, i hope that is not imposing my will on people, or being arrogant.
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 14, 09 10:36 AM
HBresident you are not ignorant...that is true...you do know the issue and yet therefore are stupid. You wouldn't be so angry at anyone anymore and think that most of the world is angry if you could only step into the Light and do what is Right.
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 14, 09 10:47 AM
which would be what? closing my eyes and putting the blame on someone who doesn't deserve it?
stupidity is not having the ability to comprehend, and maybe you didn't ready all my posts, please write something with essence and maybe I will get your point, being angry does not solve problems, only those who can reationalize can think clearly.
Also a request, please change your screen name, because as I citizen I would not like people to think you are a representation of US citizens, it is ...more
By HBresident (24), Hampton Bays on Apr 14, 09 11:06 AM
Is that a dude or chick in the pictures? I know the perfect venue for this sort of thing, a large place in Mexico City!
By Walt (292), Southampton on Apr 14, 09 11:21 AM
Why do we label them as laborers? laborers are too busy working to stand in line for free food.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Apr 14, 09 11:23 AM
All these bleeding heart liberal comments make a true american sick! They are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Round them all up and ship them back to Mexico, simple as that.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Apr 14, 09 11:33 AM
Walt-well put, but you can't explain anything to HB-He as always is looking to change the subject and put blame on "someone else". The blame is for politicians and him, not "someone else". And HB-No I didn't ready all your posts...I read them.
I've been perfectly clear in my statements. You continue to change and not to address the true problem. You blame local citizens that care about the communities that they live in and see plainly that the "illegal" immigrants are just setting a background ...more
By UNITED states CITIZEN (207), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 14, 09 12:19 PM
Walt with that kind of name I am sure you are a decent from europe so ICE should come and ship you back to Europe you make me sick and yet I asure you that you have illegals doing your yard or any other handy things so stop acting hiprocat as for for you US citizen i have never seen somebody so angry you need to see a shrink.
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 15, 09 8:41 AM