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Sep 23, 2009 3:20 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Sep 23, 2009 3:20 PM

Southampton Town department heads are speaking out against layoffs as Supervisor Linda Kabot readies a proposed 2010 budget that seeks to balance multimillion-dollar deficits.

Officials, including Ms. Kabot, have warned that layoffs are likely, but in an effort to avoid them, they are scrambling to cut spending and close budget deficits, including a $4.5 million shortfall in the operating budget and a capital budget deficit that could be as high as $10 million. This week, department heads rushed to meet a Friday deadline to make final budget requests to the town comptroller’s office.

Department heads are recommending against any layoffs in 2010, noting that the hiring freeze has already pared down staff. At least 31 full-time vacancies created this year due to a hiring freeze will probably go unfilled next year, Town Comptroller Tamara Wright said.

Public Works Commissioner William Masterson Jr. said his staff was reduced to 65 full-time employees after five employees retired or left and were not replaced because of the hiring freeze. Mr. Masterson oversees waste management, street lighting, drainage and highways.

“We’re trying our best to do more with less,” Mr. Masterson said. “I am fighting for no layoffs. Layoffs are not the answer.”

Land Management Administrator Jefferson Murphree said the planning division is working at half staff and the environmental division is short two technicians. Mr. Murphree oversees an overall staff of 50 workers.

To avoid layoffs, Mr. Murphree said he found $3.9 million in cuts to spending on materials, vehicles and consultant contracts.

“We’re not proposing any studies next year that would require an outside consultant,” Mr. Murphree said. “We’re going to try to do whatever we can in-house. ... I’m hoping that the Town Board doesn’t ask us [to use a consultant] because we don’t have the money.”

Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Allyn Jackson has proposed raising user fees for some programs and facilities to help pay for office staff. Mr. Jackson has also cut spending on materials such as fertilizer and ball field mix and is seeking to have workers do most maintenance work in-house next year. Mr. Jackson oversees 30 full-time workers, six of whom have been lost to attrition this year.

“Right now we are running pretty lean. I think all departments are,” Mr. Jackson said.

The town’s operating budget currently includes a $4.5 million deficit due to faulty accounting practices dating back to 2002. Worse, the town’s prime moneymaker, mortgage tax revenue, is also expected to end the year $2 million below projected levels.

Warning against deep cuts next year, Ms. Kabot has called for 10-percent across-the-board spending cuts in each department, which would put the budget $8 million below this year’s $82.5 million. She has also called for the Town Board to consider waiving the town’s 5-percent tax cap to raise taxes to address the deficit and old debt. The town has also cut vacant positions and is considering privatizing the town animal shelter and some highway department services to save money.

Ms. Kabot named salary freezes on employee pay as one way to help the town avoid layoffs as she seeks to cut town spending, said Ms. Wright. Strategies including unpaid furloughs and lagged pay have also been discussed.

Civil Service Employee Association President Pete Collins said Ms. Kabot discussed a salary freeze during informal talks with the union earlier this month. But Ms. Kabot has made no formal proposal for a freeze on wages, he said. The union represents over 300 full-time members.

Ms. Kabot did not immediately return calls for comment.

“Quite frankly, everything has been just talk and suggestions,” Mr. Collins said. “It was something that was brought up to me, but nothing has been set in stone.”

Ms. Kabot is due to present a proposed budget to the town clerk by September 30, after which the Town Board must adopt a budget by November.

Under this year’s budget, CSEA employees received a 2-percent pay raise after the union initially requested a 2.5-percent increase. Meanwhile, pay was frozen for elected officials and appointed board members.

“You could imagine on a $37 million payroll that you could save a lot of jobs by not having salary increases,” Ms. Wright said. “That is certainly the hope and the goal.”

Before taking a position on spending cuts that impact employee pay, Mr. Collins, who cautioned against layoffs, said officials are awaiting the release of a forensic audit of the town’s capital program later this month. The audit is expected to clarify exactly how far in debt the town is.

But, he said, “To continue to understaff and to give people less service is not a good thing. We have had a hiring freeze and that has already put a crimp on people’s working habits.”

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Now thats the spirit, I'm sure every employee will agree to avoid layoffs. This supervisor know what she's doing and has made the hard decisions in running this town. We need a fiscal conservative/republican in charge of town hall. Way to go Linda!
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 18, 09 5:56 PM
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Boy, that comment is an "out of body" surreal experience ... a budget so corrupted and mismanaged that they want to put the fox back in the hen house? It is political folly, my friend, to re-elect the very person responsible for the worst fiscal mess in Southampton Town history. Linda Kabot can not run from that and even as this problem started under the old regime, Kabot has been Supervisor for two full years and her $ 10 million shortfall has resulted in a people faced with the dismantling of ...more
By JimmyKBond (156), Hampton Bays on Oct 1, 09 2:53 PM
Why should the union workers give up their raises? These were negotiated in good faith and the town is obligated to pay them. The town should not only freeze the salaries of board members and non-unionized workers, they should also take a pay cut. How much of a raise did these people get since Kabot has been in office? Their salaries should be cut to levels equal to the current administration. Also any jobs she added (patronage) should be cut. Exactly what does town government do for the taxpayer ...more
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 18, 09 6:02 PM
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Yeah, they would take a freeze if only it was guaranteed in writing that there would be no layoffs. What a joke.
By dbnyeve (19), wading river on Sep 18, 09 7:37 PM
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The article states that a 2% raise negotiated in 2008 was given 1/2009. The budget being worked on now is for 2010. This freeze on salaries will be for 2010 for all employees to avoid layoffs. In my view this is fair a equitable plan for all.
You don't even know how much of a raise these employees received since Kabot took office, but yet you make comments. Kabot took office as supervisor in January 2008 the employees received one 2% raise.
I believe I did read a article that ...more
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 18, 09 9:33 PM
What happens when all the local thirty and forty somethings with 2.5 kids and a mortgage that work for this town have to leave because they cant feed their kids on a town wage? A 2% increase after taxes and health insurance deductions gave me an extra 36 dollars in my paycheck. I am grateful for my job and I love it but I can only take so many kicks to the nuts before they break me and I'm heading southbound on 95 to a new life. I work hard for the taxpayers of this town and deserve ...more
By Local dad (51), North Sea on Sep 19, 09 9:15 AM
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How negative some are! It is time for governments at EVERY level to become more creative with our tax dollars. Nepotism has to become a thing of the past and employees need to realize if government does NOT tighten their belts..jobs will be lost. Taxpayers are paying more and more attention how their money is spent..so elected officials at all levels need to be more conversative and do the right thing.
By BeachGal (72), Hampton Bays on Sep 19, 09 9:18 AM
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That's a smart woman!!!!
By Pocholo (13), Westhampton on Sep 19, 09 10:11 AM
Local dad
No one is denying that town employees work hard but would you rather be laid off in this economy & go on unemployment. What kick in the nuts are you talking about? Have town employees not received decent increases through the years. The suffolk employees have taken furloughs, that amounts to 1 weeks salary.
Also, if you leave the town, the list of people willing to work will be long to fill that job at the current salary.
If you leave and go south what jobs will be waiting ...more
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 19, 09 10:16 AM
Suffolk employees have taken a two week pay cut!
By cush870 (31), east quogue on Sep 21, 09 12:54 PM
I doubt that the wage freeze will fly. The only time that employees agree to such a thing is when ALL of their jobs are on the line. Town employees are aware of where they stand in seniority and the odds of their jobs being cut. Seventy-five percent, at least, are confident that any downsizing wouldn't affect them.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Sep 19, 09 1:06 PM
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Local dad - You want a kick to the nuts, try being self employed and shelling out 20k per year for health insurance for your family.

A Temporary pay freeze is not too bad in the grand scheme of the economy, no? or are you living in a fantasy world?
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Sep 19, 09 1:40 PM
A temporary pay freeze or pay cut is fine as long as it is truly temporay and the town is cutting all the waste in other areas at the same time. Empl;oyees won't mind sacraficing for the good of all as long as all sacrafice as well.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 8:16 PM

The town of sh has a union, its the union that will negotiate to take this salary freeze. It's a good move on the part of Kabot to have all the employees not take a pay increase and save everyone's job. In this economy even 25%of employees being cut is way to much. Maybe some people are eligible for retirement that would save money also.
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 19, 09 2:36 PM
Political stunt to take the heat off from the DWI
By yearrounder (208), Southampton on Sep 19, 09 2:45 PM
Good Point yearrounder. It is interesting see what Linda does in order to get a bullet-line on her political advertisements.
Haven't we had enough of Linda Kabot?
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Sep 19, 09 4:05 PM
- golfbuddy

Union membership in the US has fallen sharply, mainly because industrial jobs have been exported. However, I expect that another reason is that unions have put the interests of the majority of their members above the concept of solidarity, most obviously in agreeing to two-tier contracts which penalize new hires. I don't expect that the Southampton Town employees union will be any different. If it is the union that must agree to the freeze, the majority of its members will ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Sep 19, 09 4:45 PM
Unions don't care about their members, all they care about is those union dues that pay their fat salaries. In this case, the union will want to keep as many workers employed as possible because their own salaries are based on a % of each employees wages. Less employees will hurt them more than keeping salaries flat.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 8:20 PM
I know its not popular but cutting jobs makes more sense. Cut some of the fat created in the past few years, and pay the remaining employees what they deserve.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Sep 19, 09 6:19 PM
Go a step further, cut all the department heads, let the assistants run things. Everyone knows that most department heads are politcal appointees anyways who are just soaking up the wages with no real skills other than knowing the town supervisor.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 8:21 PM
Its Kabot who is making the hard decisions in cutting and balancing the budget.
Saving people's job's by cutting the fat and putting a freeze on salaries is a win, win for all.
What has the 2 democrats done in making any cuts? For both of them it's about getting re-elected, they are not doing the job they were elected to do. It would be unpopular with the voters so they are doing nothing.
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 19, 09 7:14 PM
Golf buddy...why didn't your candidate know about the financial problems in town hall until Anna Throne-Holst persisted in finding out about the Town budget? It was ATH and Sally Pope who pushed for the audits.
What did Linda Kabot do when she got into office? She had her office remodeled, put a new slate roof on town Hall, and expanded the new, temporary 3.8 million dollar trailer courts in Hampton Bays....which are still not up and running. She did this without board approval.
So the ...more
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Sep 19, 09 10:58 PM
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i have.
By littleplains (305), olde england on Sep 19, 09 11:17 PM
"Cutting the fat?" How does a salary freeze cut the fat? We need layoffs NOW. My taxes have more than doubled in the 12 years I have owned here and this is the typical amateur fiscal management I have to put with. And for republicans to tout this as a step forward is just contributing to the mass fiscal denial, fueled by excessive alcohol consumption. Incidentally, how do you approach something as pragmatic as a mass layoff when all your friends and relatives are employees on our payroll?? ...more
By realdeal (23), Southampton on Sep 20, 09 9:18 AM
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SH Native
ATH and Pope did ask for the audit, and thats all they did was ask. The actually work was done by an audit firm. Let me ask what else have they done. Did they cut anything from the budget.
I'm retired and have been reading the papers and watching all the meeting on Chan 22 since this saga began in 2007.
Let me ask who voted yes to give some of the dept heads a town car to take home for commuting purposes only, including when the gas was $4.50 per gal. Who blocked the decision ...more
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 20, 09 8:41 PM
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It's a good thing that Anna Throne-Holst and Sally Pope demanded the audits. I wish for the town's sake that Linda Kabot did the same when she was councilwoman...but she didn't.
Now we are going to pay for it.
By the way, the old Newt Gingrich slams on Democrats are not applicable on the local level. In fact town spending has exploded while Linda Kabot was on the board and Supervisor.
Haven't we had enough of the Tax, Spend and Mismanaging Republicans.
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Sep 21, 09 8:49 AM
3 members liked this comment
If you think republicans are tax and spend, then what is a democrat? Socialism will cost this country dearly.
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 8:23 PM
golfbuddy, enough with the "tax and spend" nonsense. SHNative is right, you are using out of date right-wing talking points.
By yearrounder (208), Southampton on Sep 21, 09 9:54 AM
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This type of concession is better for all than layoffs. Kudos to Ms Kabot for pursuing it and also to the Union should they accept it. Layoffs are the worst way to go, a lose-lose situation. Now hopefully the Town will get a favorable arbitration award concerning the PBA. In this way Ms. Kabot can clean up the fiscal mess she inherited.
By North of Highway (280), Westhampton Beach on Sep 21, 09 9:54 AM
How can you say that Linda Kabot inherited this finacial mess when she was a councilwoman at the time when it was developing? In fact she did not even know how bad it was until she was forced to address it...by Anna Throne-Holst and later Sally Pope.
Again, why didn't Linda Kabot demand audits when she was councilwoman?
She could have saved the taxpayers millions! But she didn't!
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Sep 21, 09 11:13 AM
Because as the public is learning, Linda Kabot takes responsibility for ... NOTHING!
By JimmyKBond (156), Hampton Bays on Oct 1, 09 2:57 PM
Tax and spend Democrats? Just who are you trying to kid. What federal administration took a $7 Trillion surplus, lost it all and then threw away twice as much? And who has controlled the town board for most of the past twenty years or so resulting in not only the horribly mismanaged budget but also successfully managed to almost triple the cost of government during that period?

A response is not necessary. We all already know the answer.
By foodie (74), Remsenburg on Sep 21, 09 1:03 PM
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It's a well known fact that democrats like big government and love to tax and spend.
How much more in debt are we since the new administration took over in January 2009. Tell me what was it spent on, the stimulus (that has not worked), bailing out car companies,insurance comp., acorn (hiring prostitutes) etc. All these programs that cost trillions and have not done a thing for the economy.
As far as the town issue, democrates were on the tb in the last 20 years where were they ...more
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 21, 09 2:31 PM
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Are the cops in this union? If not, are they looking at a freeze as well? I honestly don't think the police force settled for a 2% raise last time around. 2% is far below any increase in cost of living numbers (CPI) you could find.
By Ebby (75), Sag Harbor on Sep 21, 09 3:35 PM
Golfbuddy-didn't you get the message that the Republicans are going to lose this year. They have already conceded the top position and only hope they can win one seat to keep the majority balance.
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Sep 21, 09 3:51 PM
Linda is looking to make a deal with the union? The union would be stupid to agree to anything because Linda might not be supervisor in 2010. Therefore, she is in no position to say a salary freeze will stop layoffs. ATH would not have to honor what Linda promises, if Linda is not in office!!!!!
By Mom of 2 (12), flanders on Sep 21, 09 5:03 PM
Keep dreaming
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 21, 09 9:08 PM
golfbuddy.....Can you answer why Linda Kabot did not demand audits when she was council woman like Anna Throne-Holst did, and Sally Pope did?

Southampton government spending exploded while Kabot was on the board. So saying that she is fiscally responsible is a false claim.
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Sep 21, 09 10:06 PM
Let's look at the record. Linda Kabot has held high office in Southampton Town for 13 years. From 1996 to 2001, she was Supervisor Vince Cannuscio´s right hand as his Executive Assistant. From 2001 to 2007, she was a member of the Town Board. Since 2007, she has been Supervisor. Please don't tell me that she merely inherited this mess. Over these 13 years, if she knew what was going on, it's bad, and if she didn't know, it's almost worse. Anna Throne-Holst and Sally Pope asked the questions ...more
By fidelis (199), westhampton beach on Sep 22, 09 4:04 AM
2 members liked this comment
SHNative & fedelis
I quess you didn't like my and someone else's answer regarding this same issue on another blog so you are repeating it again.
One part of you blog is true, Kabot does have 13 years experience in town government which makes her the most experienced person running for supervisor. Of course she inherited this mess if someone like you should be able to see that.
My question to both of you again
The democrats held the majority on the TB during Heaney's first admin. ...more
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 22, 09 8:07 AM
13 years makes her the most experienced and the most culpable.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Sep 23, 09 9:37 PM
fidelis & SHNative
'BTW not one of you answered me on that other blog. Both of you stated that the democrats never held the majority, again both of you were wrong.
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 22, 09 8:09 AM
golfbuddy-Nov 3rd will tell-
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Sep 22, 09 8:37 AM

Kabot's 13 years experience in government makes her a HUGE part of the problem and her experience has been in a government, which by her own admission, was mismanaged for years. Oh and she has a bachelors degree as what....in elementary education. This does not qualify her to be the chief executive, and she has proven that.
People we need new energy and new ideas in our town government. Let's not just rearrange the same old SH Town Republicans.
By the way I do not know why the ...more
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Sep 22, 09 9:27 AM
Golfbuddy, here is what LK thought back in February'08

"Though she is open to the suggestion, Ms. Kabot said the Town Board would have to approve a resolution before hiring a firm to conduct a forensic audit. At this point, the supervisor said it was a little premature to speculate as to whether or not a more intensive review of past budgets was warranted.

“I applaud Anna’s leadership, but ‘forensic’ is a legal term, and I don’t know right now if such an audit is necessary,” ...more
By number19 (111), Westhampton on Sep 22, 09 10:21 AM
2 members liked this comment
These quotes by Kabot are quoted from where and when in Feb 08? Was it a board meeting?
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 22, 09 6:19 PM
If you can't back up these quotes, I will assume they are not true.
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 23, 09 8:04 AM
Its a foregone conclusion that anything Linda says is "not true"
By EastEnd68 (888), Westhampton on Sep 23, 09 9:32 AM
Golfbuddy -- some day we'll have to play a round of golf and discuss political philosophy at the 19th hole.

Anyway, to answer your question -- these quotes are from the Southampton Press and reported from a townboard meeting, can't say if it was a work session or public meeting.

By number19 (111), Westhampton on Sep 23, 09 10:44 AM
Golfbuddy -- some day we'll have to play a round of golf and discuss political philosophy at the 19th hole.

Anyway, to answer your question -- these quotes are from the Southampton Press and reported from a townboard meeting, can't say if it was a work session or public meeting.

By number19 (111), Westhampton on Sep 23, 09 10:47 AM
Whats wrong with layoffs? Since all these parasitic bureaucrats cant be forced to take lesser salaries, some should be fired. Thats how it works in the real economy.
By nicole (96), Hampton Bays on Sep 23, 09 2:12 PM
i have a question for nicole.
who are the parasitc bureaucrats that you refer to?
the town wants to lay off 300 twon employees, many of whom are our volunteer fireman and emt's.

are these the people we don't want to support?
By concerned east ender (49), Sag Harbor on Oct 1, 09 8:23 AM
And they need to start by firing all these reduntant secretaries that walk around town hall all day, doing nothing.

Stop firing maintenance and Public Works people. These people are essential. its the non-essential useless paper-pushers that need to be fired. (you can re-hire them when the economy is booming again, and the papers start piling up)
By nicole (96), Hampton Bays on Sep 23, 09 2:14 PM
Golfbuddy --- If what you are sayining is true that there are no negotiated raises scheduled to take place in 2010, then I agree with you. There should be no raise, in fact negotiations should be for a decrease in salary. I wasn't clear on the mater of employees getting raises as soon as Linda Kabot took office. I wasn't referring to the rank and file worker, I was referring to the appointee jobs she filled, you know, all the patronage jobs. As for the budget being available for all to see, ...more
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 8:13 PM
number 19
you got it buddy, I do enjoy talking politics at the 19 hole. I never did find those comments you stated that Kabot said. I researched it & came up with nothing.

Just like you I'm following what is stated in the papers. I just read an article in the on-line version of this paper, board members will be negotiating with the union soon. I think a salary freeze for 2010 is good for all. Also as far as I know the budget is available for all to see on the town web site ...more
By golfbuddy (180), hampton bays on Sep 23, 09 9:15 PM
I don't understand why the idea of salary freezes is such a monumental notion. Basically the Board has to cut xx dollars from payroll.

It's up to the union to figure out what they want to do. The Board can't dictate one way or the other. They are going to cut the money and the union should come up with some darn good ideas to protect the jobs of their members, be it salary freeze, layoffs, whatever.

In other part of the country unions have taken pay CUTS across the board to ...more
By diy_guy (101), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 9:17 PM
1 member liked this comment
The town board, if they want, can do better at balancing the books. Laying off employee staff and freezing salaries is not the answer. In any other business, you cut expenses, or sell off assets before you eliminate staff. When the economy was good, we spent many taxpayer dollars on buying property in the township so it would not be developed. Well that is now costing us, with the lost tax income, and do we really want to loss more town services, or have a vacant piece of property. I think ...more
By trurepublician (53), hampton bays on Sep 23, 09 9:19 PM
Based on the condition of the ballfields at Red Creek, they definitely have cut back. Those fields are an absolute disgrace. Infiled mix? I didn't think dirt with lots of rocks in it was infield mix. And whoever takes care of the fields must have experience at a horse track because that's about what the infields look like before a game. I guess no one in that department realizes that infields should be pretty smooth. They're a lawsuit waiting to happen
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Sep 23, 09 9:35 PM
trurepublican you are right....time to put Summers back on the market!
By oceanview (15), hampton bays on Sep 24, 09 12:09 AM
What is happening to Southampton Town Government is what happens to any business that doesn't know what they are doing. It views their customers (the taxpayers) as the enemy. The has stopped its revenue source (taxes and fees) with the laws they have enacted. Take property taxes off the tax roll (CPF) tell developers and business people that they are not welcomed(moritorium and planning process) and tell retired people to get lost (increase in property taxes with less services). So at the end of ...more
By The Real World (368), southampton on Sep 24, 09 12:13 PM
"Close the budget gap, by selling off a piece of prime real estate."

Are you NUTS?!? Land is a finite resource, and once it's gone, it's GONE!

If you are really a "trurepublican," you are the worst kind..
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Sep 24, 09 1:57 PM
Wow 58 comments have you come up with a plan yet to solve the financial problems of the town?
By MrRight (22), bridgehampton on Sep 24, 09 7:26 PM
1 member liked this comment
As soon as the Town Government provides the taxpayers with a line by line budget explaining in plain english what each and every expenditure is for, then we can come up with a plan. The scary thing is that maybe our elected leaders really have no idea how efficiently the money is being spent!
By Walt (292), Southampton on Sep 26, 09 12:06 PM
As much as these workers have been getting a raise, the money has not kept up with the cost of goods and services. Not up the island or here locally. Are all the unions that the town is in contract with being asked to do the same thing?
By Ebby (75), Sag Harbor on Sep 24, 09 7:49 PM
Its time to find out exactly who we need, and to rate there performance as a worker. The problem with the town is that it has not been run like a corporation with an income, or run by skilled managment. Now that the budgets are tight, and audits are happening with actions taking place, the next area are employees. Its never nice but necessary. Perhaps the next few town boards will remember this recession lesson and better brace the town for the hangover period instead of just the party!! We need ...more
By North Sea Citizen (568), North Sea on Sep 25, 09 6:51 AM
With Town employees one must understand that a person with senority is guaranteed to have a job if that position is eliminated. With the union a person cannot simply be terminated just to save money. The position can be eliminated but than that person by union agreement gets placed in another position. Ultimately what happens is that the person who gets terminated is the one who has the least senority. Generally there is very rarely a personel change in government. Those who say the Town needs to ...more
By ridiculous (214), hampton bays on Sep 29, 09 11:59 AM
Sure, go after the rank and file employee in town hall and of course, ignore the highly paid political appointments ... do you see what is wrong with this picture in a Kabot administration.

Linda, the buck stops ...where?
By JimmyKBond (156), Hampton Bays on Oct 1, 09 3:00 PM
The budget for 2009 was approximately $80 million. $30 million of that was budgeted for the Community Preservation Fund. The purpose of the Community Preservation Funds it to buy land for preservation so no one can build on it. Of the $30 million budgeted for this, only $9.4 million is needed for related debt service. That means $20 million can be cut from this fund alone. What is more important in an economic downturn, peoples jobs or preservation of land. Ther Town needs to put a hold on ...more
By Walt (292), Southampton on Oct 4, 09 1:06 PM