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Oct 14, 2009 12:14 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Vice President Biden visited Hamptons over Columbus Day weekend

Oct 14, 2009 12:14 PM

Vice President Joe Biden visited the East End over Columbus Day weekend.

He flew into Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach on Saturday night on Air Force Two, a Boeing 737, and left the morning of Columbus Day, according to airport manager Anthony Ceglio. There were temporary flight restrictions over Gabreski Airport and Southampton Village during Mr. Biden’s visit.

It is unclear where the vice president stayed during his visit, but he was spotted on Jobs Lane in Southampton Village on Sunday afternoon, around 4 p.m.

Su Gilmore of Hampton Bays snapped cell phone pictures of Mr. Biden as she was leaving Little Lucy’s pet accessories store. “There were a lot of Secret Service trucks around, so we knew something was happening,” she said, adding that before she saw Mr. Biden she had heard he was dining at a corner restaurant, possible the Tuscan House.

She said his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, was walking ahead as Mr. Biden stopped to shake hands with children.

At least three black armored Secret Service SUVs were parked on Jobs Lane, and Secret Service agents on foot escorted Mr. Biden down the sidewalk, Ms. Gilmore said. The agents were wearing civilian clothing, she added, but she said there was no doubt who they were: “It was pretty obvious, even though they were casually dressed.”

Mr. Biden walked east on Jobs Lane, but Ms. Gilmore said she was uncertain where he went next.

“It was kind of exciting,” she reflected about the experience.

Mr. Biden’s official schedule for the holiday weekend reported that the Bidens would spend their time in Massachusetts and New York and return to Wilmington, Delaware, on Monday. He had no public events scheduled.

Brendan O’Reilly

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This is news? Joe Biden might as well be Hillary Clinton, Billy Joel, Alec Baldwin et. al. This is a nice place to visit (or even live here!) if you have enough money, isn't it? Is this National wanting to be Local? What a mess. No thanks.
By Board Watcher (534), East Hampton on Oct 14, 09 10:18 PM
So, how is this a MESS, actually? And sorry, if the Vice President of the United States visits Southampton Village... um, YES, that IS news. I doubt Biden has any interest in being a "local", whatever that is.
By Undertow (64), Southampton on Oct 15, 09 12:57 AM
My mother-in-law saw him at church in Southampton on Sunday. When she told me, all I could do was laugh and say, "And they didn't catch on fire?" She said they were actually well behaved. Praying for forgiveness maybe? LOL
By LovedHerTown (132), southampton on Oct 15, 09 7:18 AM
So Biden causes people to catch fire now? And what is he supposedly asking forgiveness for? I don't get the "joke".
By Undertow (64), Southampton on Oct 15, 09 8:01 AM
I found it very exciting that we had the vice president visiting Jobs Lane in
our special village. Bravo to Miss Gilmore who took the pictures and shared them
with the southampton press! For all those sour people who commented
negatively, maybe they need to get a life then they might be a little more happy!
For the mother-in-law who said they were "actually behaved" in church maybe she needs to ask herself why she bothers attending church if she's going to bad mouth everyone ...more
By patricia (8), southampton on Oct 15, 09 8:03 AM
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my sons were excited to see his plane take off from Gabreski - although the plane was not the newest, very understated departure
By Quioguebirder (10), on Oct 15, 09 8:37 AM
1 member liked this comment
I too was very excited to see him leave! I agree with the first post. The only news source reporting this is 27 east. No one cares.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Oct 15, 09 10:23 AM
he was asking for forgiveness for bush and cheney
By patricia (8), southampton on Oct 15, 09 10:53 AM
Not much more to say !!
Who cares ? I don't !!
By swiftly (5), Hancock, Me. on Oct 15, 09 3:34 PM
i suppose if sarah palin or mitt romney showed up all the republican goons on here would wet themselves with excitement. Im amazed at people's ignorance and bitterness. Why are people so angry at this administration? they havent done anything yet. Reading comments like"he was asking for forgiveness", for what sending republicans to the gulags?
By jim (48), hampton bays on Oct 16, 09 7:59 PM
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I suppose if this was the year 2008 and Dick Cheney had come for a visit...that wouldn't have been news either...
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Oct 21, 09 9:32 AM
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