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Dec 14, 2009 1:02 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Blood drive scheduled for James MacWhinnie, injured in accident

Dec 15, 2009 10:15 AM

A Southampton man was seriously injured at his home last week and is currently in critical condition at Stony Brook University Medical Center.

According to friend Kacey Immerman, James MacWhinnie, a personal trainer at Core Dynamics in Water Mill, suffered severe internal bleeding after an oil tank crashed down onto him on Thursday, December 10, at around 10 a.m. He and his father, Chuck MacWhinnie, were bringing an oil tank into the basement of their home, located on County Road 39, when the stairs leading to the basement collapsed. Mr. MacWhinnie fell through the stairs, and the tank landed on top of him.

Mr. MacWhinnie, who is an avid marathon runner and triathlete, suffered numerous internal injuries because of broken ribs, Ms. Immerman said. At first, he was stuck in the basement for about an hour, she said, and when rescued he was transported to Southampton Hospital for emergency liver surgery. He was then transported to Stony Brook University Medical Center, and is still a patient there, Ms. Immerman said.

A blood drive for Mr. MacWhinnie will be held on December 18 at the Bridgehampton Fire Department firehouse on School Street from 2 to 8 p.m., Ms. Immerman noted.

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Poor Guy. Get well soon !
By PrivateerMatt (390), Weesuck Creek , EQ on Dec 14, 09 12:47 PM
Sending prayers to James and the MacWhinnie family.
By Uncle Fester (61), Southampton on Dec 14, 09 12:58 PM
I here from his family his blood type is B+ so spread the word he would do it for you lets take care of a great local guy and his family.
By localbigboy (7), southampton on Dec 14, 09 1:19 PM
I am B+ and I would like to know where to go so I can donate blood for him now, I think the blood drive on Friday is just too far away, what if he needs it now, I really want to donate as soon as possible...

Mr. Shaw, is this accuarate is Mr. MacWhinnie's blood type B+?
please do let me know.
By Southampton (15), southampton on Dec 14, 09 4:44 PM
Stony Brook will only take B+ for Jim MacWhinnie. No O at all. If you are not his type they will let you donate to replenish what he has used. The number is 444-3662.
By Robert I Ross (250), Hampton Bays on Dec 14, 09 6:49 PM
Thank you!
By Southampton (15), southampton on Dec 15, 09 10:39 AM
Can anyone tell me if I would be a compatible donor? My blood type is Rh A-.
By cush870 (31), east quogue on Dec 14, 09 1:59 PM
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I am pretty sure that any blood type will be accepted and is needed- especially at this time of year (platlets too!). If a blood drive is being held for a specific person they will accept any blood type and it will still benefit the patient by replenishing the blood bank.
By wondering (63), Southampton on Dec 14, 09 3:38 PM
I hear the docotrs are happy about his prospects....he is stable and doing better...good news coming out of stony brook hospital.
By trumpet (4), bridgehampton on Dec 14, 09 4:02 PM
If Jim's family is reading this, please let him know that all his Facebook friends from Southampton High School are pulling for him. Good luck Jim, I hope to see you back in action soon!
By colingoldberg (3), Southampton on Dec 14, 09 4:08 PM
I live in Bay Shore but have no transportation. I have B + blood and would like to donate if I can make it happen. If someone knows someone who lives down here and headed to Bridgehampton or Stonybrook feel free to email me.

By Bibbery (1), Bay Shore on Dec 15, 09 9:54 PM
What a terribe accident. I knew Jimmie and his family for the years I lived and worked in the Southampton Schools. I send my prayers and love to him and to his family, Marcia Foster-Austin
By Mainefriends (14), Bethel Maine on Dec 15, 09 10:27 PM
I'll try to be there Friday to give my O+ CMV- blood. as much as i can give before i fall out. That sucks. C'mon Donors make your way down there for this Young man before the holidays!
By year round (22), southampton on Dec 16, 09 1:12 AM
Oops just realized they are looking for B+, so i will ask around and send whoever i can that way, hopefully some of the readers will too
By year round (22), southampton on Dec 16, 09 1:14 AM
By fdny7318 (60), Water Mill on Dec 16, 09 11:01 AM
I wish i could help...im the rare AB- universal recipient.
By slamminsammy (104), East Moriches on Dec 16, 09 1:24 PM
My best wishes go out to the family as well.
I do not want to turn people away from the Bridgehampton Blood Drive but I think we all need to here this.
Jim and the family need help affording all of the blood as well, not just the actual blood. While you can donate at Bridgehampton and yes it will help the supplies and in turn free up some for Jim it is more important to go to Stony Brook. No matter what blood type you are if you call and make an appointment at Stony Brook and donate to ...more
By MACK (50), Southampton on Dec 17, 09 8:48 AM
I posted this link on my facebook, I'm giving blood at Stony Brook this Saturday, I wish you and your family the best Jim. Get better!
By jessecon (2), Southampton on Dec 17, 09 4:02 PM