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Oct 5, 2009 2:50 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Montauk Highway roadwork in Water Mill will create detour and traffic delays through spring 2010

Oct 5, 2009 2:50 PM

Road work began Wednesday, September 16, on Montauk Highway in Water Mill, in the vicinity of Little Cobb Road.

The eastbound and westbound lanes of Montauk Highway were shifted north to accommodate the construction, and access to and from Little Cobb Road will be temporarily blocked. Little Cobb Road may still be accessed using Cobb Road.

Traffic may also be halted periodically so workers can move construction equipment in and out of the area. It is anticipated that the work and travel lane detours will remain in effect, around the clock, until early spring 2010, according to the New York State Department of Transportation, which is responsible for that stretch of Montauk Highway, also known as Route 27.

“This road improvement project is needed to replace and repair the deteriorated culvert structure that carries Montauk Highway over Mill Creek,” a press release issued by the Department of Transportation stated. “As with any roadway project, these operations are weather dependent and may be canceled, postponed or prolonged due to inclement weather.”

Signs will advise motorists of the detour to Little Cobb Road. “Motorists are urged to use alternate routes to avoid delays,” the department also advised. “If drivers must use Montauk Highway in this area, they are reminded to drive carefully through the work zone, heed instructions from flaggers and construction personnel, and obey the posted construction speed limit for their safety as well as the safety of the highway work crew.”

For traffic and travel information, motorists should call 511 or visit 511NY.org, the Department of Transportation said. Motorists may also obtain travel information from the INFORM Transportation Management Center cameras at INFORMNY.com and on their handheld communication devices at INFORMNY.mobi.

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Fer cripes sake, Route 27 isn't jammed up enough already? Takes me as long as an HOUR to go a lousy 30 miles as it is. Why don't they do these construction projects at night and not hold all of us commuters hostage?
By easthamptoner (34), easy hampton on Sep 18, 09 4:49 PM
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to easthamptoner: With this project it wouldn't matter if they were doing it during the day or at night. They had to close off Little Cobb Rd in order to complete this project, no matter what. The traffic backs up whether or not there is construction. It has for years, even before the traffic light in Water Mill was added. I actually think that eastbound traffic might move slightly better because no one will be mergin from Little Cobb Rd. Plus, based on your nickname, I'm guessing you don't ...more
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Sep 19, 09 2:44 PM
Yes, traffic is flowing well at this site IMO. The concrete barriers were set up quickly, and new painted lines were done immediately, including the new westbound left turn lane west of the site on to Cobb Road.

Also, eastbound traffic from Cobb Road in the morning will be able to merge on to 27 OK, with perhaps a little less aggressiveness than at the old (now blocked off) merge over the culvert being worked on.

If this work had to be done, it is being handled professionally, ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Sep 20, 09 12:12 PM
Seems as if the site was empty of workers for a couple of days this week. Hope this is not a sign of things to come.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Sep 30, 09 1:28 PM
By timebomb (4), moriches on Sep 30, 09 10:45 PM
They should have used this time to widen roads through Watermill. As small a commercial center Watermill has, even that is going to turn into a ghost town. So many loicals just can't be bothered to go through there. I think they should close the Little Cobb road entrance into 27, I think that will help the flow through Watermill. The one lane in each direction is killing the business not helping it. Yes they should be working at night.
By Mets fan (1501), Southampton on Oct 5, 09 1:19 PM
How come there was no one working there today..10-6 it will take a long time to complete this project when no one is working
By DJ9222 (85), southampton on Oct 7, 09 12:21 AM
Widen the roads? Unless the roads are widened all the way through Bridgehampton, Wainscott, etc. you are going to have a backup of traffic when traffic goes from 2 lanes into 1. Two lanes through Water Mill would only lead to people driving at a greater speed thought this area. I realize traffic is a problem in Water Mill. I've been here for almost 40 years and there has always been a back up of traffic even before there was a traffic light. Of course, then it was only on weekends but it was ...more
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Oct 7, 09 12:23 PM
We should widen the roads werever this is possible. We lived with one lane each way on 27 and was tortured for years over it. How beautiful is it now! If we can build two lanes and move the back-up further east I'm all for it. Whatever can be done for the nightly rush hour west should be done. Route 27 east of Watermill needs to be retarred now. Widen and retar at same time. Watermill is backed up from 6 a.m. till late every day in summer. Any speed would be better than no speed.
By Mets fan (1501), Southampton on Oct 8, 09 9:49 AM
I have not seen anyone working on this site for about a 1 1/2 weeks. Most of these days were good weather -- some rain. Winter is coming. What's up NYS?
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Oct 8, 09 5:29 PM
The job is now active again. See new article and photos elsewhere on the site.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Oct 13, 09 4:08 PM