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Oct 6, 2017 1:46 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Court Dismisses Suit Against Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis

A motion to stop work on a new bowling alley, miniature golf course and sports bar under construction at East Hampton Indoor Tennis has been denied by the State Supreme Court.    COURTESY SCOTT RUBENSTEIN
Oct 10, 2017 2:15 PM

A motion to stop work on a new bowling alley, miniature golf course and sports bar now under construction at East Hampton Indoor Tennis has been denied in New York State Supreme Court.

Filed by a handful of individuals in July 2016, shortly after the East Hampton Town Planning Board had approved the project on Daniels Hole Road in Wainscott, the lawsuit sought to prevent it from going forward while they fought to annul the approval. The individuals—Joanna Grossman, Dominique Weiss, Marie Zerilli, Barry Raebeck and Stephen Bernstein, represented by Jeffrey Bragman of East Hampton—argued that the new recreational facility would bring traffic to their neighborhood, also questioning, among other things, the size of the planned expansion and whether the Planning Board had scrutinized the planned sports bar closely enough.

In a decision on September 29, Justice Denise F. Molia ruled that the plaintiffs have no standing because they failed to appear before the Planning Board when that body was reviewing the application.

In addition, the justice’s decision questioned whether they legitimately held a unique stake in the project on Daniels Hole Road, noting that four of the five are not the owners of nearby properties and that three of those properties are located in cul-de-sacs and thus face little risk of seeing drivers use their road for a shortcut to the new recreational facility.

The “Clubhouse,” as the bowling alley, lounge and sports bar, miniature golf course and arcade, is to be known, is scheduled to open before the end of this winter.

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Fun NIMBYists.
By Mouthampton (439), Southampton on Oct 6, 17 1:54 PM
1 member liked this comment
Thank God the courts did the correct thing! Kids need places to go and things to do around here. These are probably the same people who complain kids got nothing to do! Just like they all complain about the airport, but it was there before all of them! Just wondering why you would buy your house near an airport and then moan and groan about it.
By J. Totta (106), Sag Harbor on Oct 6, 17 2:32 PM
West of the Bridge, City People...
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Oct 6, 17 5:25 PM
Cant have something fun to do in the middle of the woods, next to an airport ! Good God you people are in need of a stiff cocktail

By Ditch Bum (929), Water Mill on Oct 6, 17 8:26 PM
Totta if you think there's nothing for kids to do in the Hamptons then wow .. and then if you think bowling, mini golf and tv solves it. . Double wow.
Make sure there's proper assure conditioning, wouldn't want kids to get uncomfortable while they are bowling on a nice day.
By dave h (193), calverton on Oct 7, 17 1:49 PM
Kids have the ocean the bay and a few parks and the movie theater. Not everyone is fortunate enough however to pay to park at a beach or take the time to take their kids to the beach.
There really is not much for kids to do here plus the only bowling alley/arcade east of the shinnecock canal is now a CVS. Why is this an issue ?
By Sturgis (611), Southampton on Oct 9, 17 7:12 PM
"Not everyone is fortunate enough however to pay to park at a beach or take the time to take their kids to the beach."

I'd be willing to bet that three games + shoe rental every few weeks will cost as much as a beach sticker. Dropping your kids at the beach (which is free BTW) or the bowling alley probably takes about the same amount of time...
By Arnold Timer (327), Sag Harbor on Oct 16, 17 6:23 PM
You dirtbag selfish people suing to stop a place for kids to go should be ashamed of yourselves!
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Oct 7, 17 9:31 PM
Good. And to those who field the suit: MOVE!
By Preliator Lives (437), Obamavillie on Oct 8, 17 7:55 AM
Please remind us why your first profile here was deleted...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Oct 9, 17 11:55 PM
P.S. A kindly reminder of how well your above sentiment functions:

Bridgehampton Race Circuit was a race track located near Sag Harbor, New York, United States. The circuit opened in 1957, following a series of road races held from 1949 until 1953. It was one of the first permanent road racing venues in the United States, opening after Thompson Speedway, two years after Road America, the year after Watkins Glen International, and the same year as Lime Rock Park and Laguna Seca Raceway.[1] ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Oct 10, 17 12:07 AM
This lawsuit was brought by Barry Raebeck who is one of the leaders of the group trying to close the airport. His attorney is Jeff Bragman who is running for town board. They have together sued the airport many times and lost all of the cases, and Raebeck was one of the ones behind the town board’s expensive losses on the illegal airport restrictions. This is yet another example of how Raebeck and his hired gun Bragman plan to restrict all growth and business there and close the airport so ...more
By localEH (427), East Hampton on Oct 8, 17 9:55 AM
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wish they would throw in a indoor ice rink....just sayin
By minarditraining.com (19), Easthampton on Oct 9, 17 5:44 PM
1 member liked this comment
Sturgis you scare me ... I'm so stumped. .. all i will ask is, you can drop the kids off at the bowling alley but not the beach ??
Why no french fries and internet service at the beach ??
By dave h (193), calverton on Oct 9, 17 10:49 PM
I'm not suggesting the beach is not an option relax ....but maybe not everyone wants to go to the beach. And who doesn't love mini golf? Perhaps bowling will be something to do in the winter ....? So why can't this facility be an option?
You're going to have to get over the fact that we live in an age where kids live , on line . At least bowling may get them moving? Also mini golf is interactive .
By Sturgis (611), Southampton on Oct 9, 17 11:46 PM
As long as the mini golf has fries, air conditioning, Internet and a giant fake ship
By dave h (193), calverton on Oct 10, 17 2:39 PM