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Sep 14, 2011 9:45 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Driver Faces Charges Following Westhampton Beach Crash

Sep 14, 2011 12:59 PM

A Westhampton Beach man was charged with driving while under the influence of drugs and multiple counts of drug possession after he lost control of his vehicle, jumped the curb, slammed into a tree and collided with the exterior of a closed bagel shop on Main Street in the village shortly before 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

Westhampton Beach Village Police said that Bryan Going, 39, had to be extracted from his white sedan, which originally came to a rest on its side, following the 6:50 a.m. accident that broke one of the large front windows at Goldberg’s Famous Deli, which has been closed for repairs since September 4 due to a small fire.

Mr. Going, who was treated at the scene for undisclosed injuries, was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of drugs and two counts of possession of a controlled substance, both misdemeanors, and unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation, according to Village Police Lieutenant Trevor Gonce. He declined to identify the drug besides marijuana that was found in Mr. Going’s possession.

Mr. Going was formally charged before being issued a field appearance ticket so he could be transported by the Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance to the Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead. He is expected to appear in Westhampton Beach Village Justice Court on Wednesday, September 21, according to police.

Police said Mr. Going was heading south on Sunset Avenue and, instead of turning right or left when he reached Main Street, continued in that direction until he jumped the curb outside the bagel shop. His car slammed into a tree, sheering bark from its trunk, and came to a rest on its side on the sidewalk, according to witnesses. Westhampton Beach firefighters had to upright the vehicle before extracting Mr. Going.

Westhampton Beach Fire Department Chief Al Tudisco said that firefighters had to temporarily close Main Street while they cleaned up the scene. They also disconnected the vehicle’s battery. Emergency responders removed jagged pieces of broken glass and another cracked pane from the business. Part of the shop’s facade was also damaged in the single-car accident.

Upon arriving at the scene, Chief Tudisco said he immediately thought of Gus Karayianakis and Joyce Takos—the owners of Goldberg’s Famous Deli—who have been working diligently to repair damage from a fire earlier this month. Their shop was going to reopen on Friday, though it wasn’t immediately clear if that would now happen.

“Those poor people,” Chief Tudisco said. “When I heard the call go out, I said, ‘No way.’ I feel so badly for them.”

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See, that's what happens when you don't put enough cream cheese on a bagel!
By BIGjimbo12 (201), East Quogue on Sep 14, 11 11:58 AM
yeah with all the traffic jams at 7am in WHB i can see something like that happening ?
By ranger (54), springs on Sep 14, 11 12:03 PM
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Good Luck Gus and Joyce.... and everybody please support the bagel shop through the winter!!! It's the best...
By the mink (11), Westhampton Beach on Sep 14, 11 12:36 PM
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Wow...that high at 7AM..life has not been kind to Mr. Going....in fact..you could say his life is going....going.....gone...........

Support our local business through this tough time!
By bchgrl83 (52), Westhampton Beach on Sep 14, 11 2:06 PM
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By C Law (354), Water Mill on Sep 14, 11 4:37 PM
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Before you go and pass judgement..u should know this man suffer from chronic seizures..yes, he may have had marijuana in his car, which is Not right, but HE HAD A SEIZURE!!! So it wasn't a wake and bake like you all want to quickly pass judgment on...get the facts straight before you make comments on something or someone you know nothing about..luckily he wasn't hurt along with anyone else....
This is how rumors get started...
By Jaz1230 (4), Westhampton beach on Sep 14, 11 9:25 PM
The article states that he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

You are claiming that this is false?

Even if I concede that point to you, the man is beyond stupid to be driving around suffering from 'chronic' seizures with drugs in his car.
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Sep 15, 11 8:26 AM
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I didn't read where it says that he had a seizure. Additionally, to my knowledge people who suffer "chronic seizures" are not allowed to drive. I don't wish the man ill but clearly she shouldn't be driving.
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Sep 14, 11 9:28 PM
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Ur right he shouldn't drive, but ask any fireman, they'll tell u..oh I forgot whatever is printed in the paper is ALWAYS The truth...thats the problem with the world, people relay on that and that..doesn't matter the facts will come out...and even at the elementary school everyone was saying "did you hear about the guy who had the seizure?" celebs sue all the time bc of false info, newspapers retract stories..it's not anyone place to pass judgment when we don't know the truth..we are all entitled ...more
By Jaz1230 (4), Westhampton beach on Sep 14, 11 9:36 PM
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I am confused. You stated that he had a seizure, you agree he shouldn't drive, and you agree he had pot in the car. What false information are you talking about? The fact that he had a seizure? You claim that. The paper said he had pot, you agree. While your support of this person may be admirable saying he did nothing wrong makes no sense.

Would you have felt differently if you, your loved one or child had been in the path of the car? He shouldn't have been driving.

If ...more
By bb (922), Hampton Bays on Sep 15, 11 6:24 AM
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He was "extracted"? Not "extricated"?
By barnbabe (64), westhampton beach on Sep 14, 11 11:21 PM
He wasn't extracted or extricated by the Fire Department.
By WHB19 (7), westhampton beach on Sep 15, 11 8:46 AM
By Jaz1230 (4), Westhampton beach on Sep 15, 11 12:49 PM
I think you are violating HIPA laws by sharing medical conditions of Mr. Going without his consent.

By bchgrl83 (52), Westhampton Beach on Sep 15, 11 3:36 PM
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By bchgrl83 (52), Westhampton Beach on Sep 15, 11 3:37 PM
By M&MS (3), WESTHAMPTON on Sep 15, 11 3:40 PM
The chief is right - poor Gus and Joyce --- first Irene, then fire and a runaway vehicle. They are open again and we should support their effort to stay open all winter.

Enjoy a fresh baked bagel and a wonderful cup of coffee or iced tea.

By gordie howe (55), hockeytown usa on Sep 20, 11 12:41 PM
Did anyone notice where it said multiple charges of drug possession? I guess it's ok to have pot? Everyone has an excuse that's why society is the way it is.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on Sep 20, 11 4:15 PM
I prefer to focus on a local business that has had a run of misfortune - the legal system should be able to handle the rest of it. We need more businesses on Main Street - other then realtors!

By gordie howe (55), hockeytown usa on Sep 21, 11 8:11 AM