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Jul 12, 2016 12:21 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Westhampton Beach Trustees Authorize Topography Review Of Main Street

Westhampton Beach Main Street will be studied. BY ERIN MCKINLEY
Jul 13, 2016 9:59 AM

Westhampton Beach Village officials intend to map all of Main Street’s features over the next few months to ease the process if they ultimately decide to move forward with a sewer district or other revitalization efforts.

Village Board members unanimously agreed last week to hire engineers to complete a Main Street Corridor Topographic and Boundary Survey that will, among other things, denote all property boundaries, mark all utility poles and lines, and locate drainage systems along the municipality’s main thoroughfare. The study, which will be drawn up by Fox Land Surveying of Westhampton Beach and take between four and six weeks to complete, will cost the village $24,000.

Mayor Maria Moore said completing such a study was recommended by Melville-based H2M Architects, the company tasked with designing a new sewage treatment system for the village.

“We need a very detailed survey of the street, from Potunk to Beach Lane,” Ms. Moore said. “It is my understanding that it has been at least 20 years since any significant repair work was done to Main Street.”

Representatives from Fox Land Surveying directed all questions regarding their upcoming study to Ms. Moore.

Renovations to Main Street have been in the works since December 2014 when the board, led by Ms. Moore, opted to set aside $100,000 for the project. An additional $300,000 in funding has since been added to that account, which the trustees are slowly building up so they can invest it in fixing up the village’s business district. The possible work includes repaving Main Street, relocating and redesigning crosswalks, adding curb extensions, reorganizing street parking, and realigning the dangerous Mill Road and Library Avenue intersection.

Once completed, the topography study will help the village decide which projects need to happen, and the extent that infrastructure would need to be upgraded to accommodate those plans.

A key component of the revitalization plan is the possible installation of a sewer district. Recently, Ms. Moore said, the village has been in talks with PSEG about potentially burying power lines along Main Street, a change that will not only improve aesthetics but also allow the village to widen sidewalks. The village also plans to install curb extensions at major intersections.

According to the agreement with Fox Land Surveying, the comprehensive study will indicate where right of way lines fall on both the north and south sides of Main Street, locate individual lot lines, detail the height, elevation and center of every building, and detail the overhangs and grade for all building fronts. The survey will also denote utility, light poles and street signs, and evaluate drainage systems.

This week, Deputy Mayor Ralph Urban explained that it would be difficult for the village to move forward with any plans to revamp Main Street without the survey, noting that the strip of road is not properly centered, which has led to inconsistencies with the pavement. He also noted that Main Street’s concrete foundation has created drainage issues that must be remedied, and added that some buildings were built over drains, creating potential structural issues.

The newly commissioned survey, he added, will highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

“There are a lot of issues,” Mr. Urban said. “We want to have a complete survey done to assess the situation and try to rectify it.”

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Still no results on the Sewer District ultimate cost and who will foot the bill? Also lets not forget about the cost of maintenance of the facility on the taxpayers. Hmmm. Can they be hiding something?
By realistic (472), westhampton on Jul 12, 16 2:37 PM
Realistic did you read beyond the headline? This study needs to be done in order to begin looking at the sewer district, I know when I have asked each the mayor the trustees, including the newcomer, questions about the cost of the sewer district I was told before it is approved or denied the cost will be made public to the residents to vote on, so if its beyond your allotted expenses then just vote no.
By beachbme11978 (78), Westhampton Beach on Jul 12, 16 3:24 PM
Yes I did and the engineers estimates are in so whats the cost? Whats to hide? Who's paying?
By realistic (472), westhampton on Jul 12, 16 5:33 PM
The costs are in? Wow. The Village of WHB was able to ascertain them that quickly, the Village of SH has been working on their plan & costs for years. Seems like public information if there's a record, you could request a copy. However, that'd mean you couldn't hide behind your screen name, let's wait this one out.
By beachbme11978 (78), Westhampton Beach on Jul 12, 16 6:43 PM
I did request it. They are not releasing it. Its was mentioned by a person who read a preliminary report the sewer district would cost about $55 mil. yearly operation cost about $2.5m. So with no help from the feds the Village taxes will go up in excess of 50%. Remember the Village budget is about $10m a year. The raw numbers alone would add $3m a year to the budget. Now possibly the person who has the knowledge is not correct, possibly its a rumor, I don't really know. But when you look at similar ...more
By realistic (472), westhampton on Jul 13, 16 7:56 AM