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Aug 23, 2016 5:38 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Architects Float Pair Of Ideas For Westhampton Library Renovation Project

A proposal for renovations to the second floor of the Westhampton Library. COURTESY H2M
Aug 25, 2016 2:35 PM

Architects have begun pitching ideas to Westhampton Free Library officials on how they could renovate second-floor storage space using a $1.3 million donation.

At the most recent library board meeting on August 17, representatives from H2M Engineering, a Melville-based company, presented two suggestions on how officials can finish the roughly 2,750-square-foot space, commonly referred to as “the attic.” Though they presented a pair of conceptual plans for the space, H2M architects have not been hired by the board to complete the actual work, according to Library Director Danielle Waskiewicz.

Both proposals call for finishing the attic and relocating the library’s young adult section to the area. They also call for the creation of a small office for staff.

The main difference between the plans has to do with the size and where to locate a second meeting room; the main meeting room, located on the first floor of the building, can hold up to 100 people and is frequently used to host programs and meetings.

Under the first proposal, dubbed Plan A, a second 827-square-foot meeting room capable of hosting up to 42 people would be created on the second floor. It would be located toward the front of the building and would require the creation of a new hallway that runs between the room and the elevator.

Under Plan B, the second meeting room would measure about 400 square feet and be located in the back of the building, in space now occupied by the library’s craft room. That meeting room would have enough space for 25 people at once. Under that plan, the craft room would be moved to a larger storage space.

The library is hoping to use a $1.3 million donation bequeathed to the facility in 2014 by Ann Skovek to finish the attic. Originally, the library did not have enough Pine Barren credits—a system that permits more intense development in exchange for the purchase and transfer of “credits,” which are created when land is preserved elsewhere—to finish the space when the library was finalized in 2010.

“The board is advertising for proposals for architectural services as we continue with a preliminary review of the work required,” Westhampton Free Library President Thomas Moore said this week.

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Money for buildings but not for the hard working staff.

We were told that voting "No" to the budget would hurt the staff. The same staff that did not receive raises this year. It is all for the building.
By SamFreeman (4), Westhampton on Aug 25, 16 5:33 PM
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Yup over $4,000,000 in the bank. Cash. And they want to spend $1,000,000 for a parking lot and $625,000 on first floor renovations. This is NOT donation money. How about some honesty when the Board reports their plans to the newspaper. Read the Library minutes from 11/18/15. More $$ for renovations hidden in this attic "proposal". Yet the employees are among the lowest paid library employees on LI. They were so mistreated by the prior appointed Board they voted in a Union to protect them. This ...more
By realistic (472), westhampton on Aug 26, 16 9:55 AM
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Please visit www.wflelectedboard.org and the Residents for a Free Westhampton Free Library Facebook page for more information.

I attended the 8/17/16 board meeting and listened to the 35.5 minute presentation by H2M Architects. I have it on tape for anyone interested. After the presentation I went to the podium and asked simple, valid taxpayer questions: “Why wasn’t the public informed about this meeting? Why isn’t The Press here? Why did we patrons not receive an ...more
By st (129), westhampton beach on Aug 26, 16 12:55 PM
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