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Jun 22, 2010 5:35 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Suffolk County Police officer accidentally shoots self in foot at Westhampton range

Jun 22, 2010 5:35 PM

A Suffolk County Police officer had to be rushed to the hospital Friday after accidently shooting himself in the foot at the department’s range in Westhampton, according to authorities.

The unidentified officer was participating in routine training at the shooting range, located off Old Country Road in Westhampton, when his service-issued Glock 19 handgun accidentally went off at around noon, according to a spokeswoman for the Suffolk County Police Department.

A round struck the officer in the foot, she said. The officer suffered a “superficial wound,” the spokeswoman said.

The officer was transported to Stony Brook University Medical Center by Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance, according to police. He was treated there and released later Friday.

No additional information was available.

Hallie D. Martin

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the call went over the scanner around 1156 hours
By fdny7318 (60), Water Mill on Jun 18, 10 4:27 PM
This officer is going to but the butt of many jokes in his precinct.
How do you do that anyway? Even Cheney shot his hunting parter not himself and was a moving target!
You really couldn't make up better material than this!!!
By ICE (1214), Southhampton on Jun 18, 10 7:07 PM
Well, I hope he gets well soon, and also gets to live it down sooner, than later...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jun 18, 10 7:58 PM
By Kaiser Sozay (31), east end on Jun 19, 10 10:00 AM
The officer was taken to Stony Brook for a superficial wound? Central Suffolk (or whatever it's name is now) is certainly the closest hospital but apparently not good enough to treat our officers. If I were shot in Westhampton the ambulance would have to take me to Riverhead. I guess we know what the department thinks of the hospital in Riverhead.
By ophelia258 (1), East Quogue on Jun 19, 10 10:42 AM
I believe a gun shot wound is considered trauma, and the nearest trauma center IS Stony Brook, which explains the transport to SB instead of Peconic in Riverhead. Maybe the wound was "superficial," but it IS still a GSW.
By LocalMom (36), Southampton on Jun 21, 10 7:29 PM
You cannot make this stuff up, $ 100,000.00 + a year and he shoots himself in the foot unbelivable.
By DJ9222 (85), southampton on Jun 19, 10 11:52 AM
A person shoots themself accidently and you laugh ? You need help buddy.
By PrivateerMatt (390), Weesuck Creek , EQ on Jun 19, 10 3:31 PM
Come on Matt you don't see the humor in it? He wasn't seriously injured and didn't do it on purpose, so it not like there is a mental issue. Just a stupid mistake, had he mistakenly shot someone else it wouldn't be funny, but to shoot yourself is so sloppy and careless it is funny. The fact that this is a cop, who should have excellent firearms handling skills makes it even more ironic.
By ICE (1214), Southhampton on Jun 20, 10 2:12 PM
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Guns don't accidently go off. The article should read that he accidently discharged his service-issued Glock 19 in to his foot.
By DC (11), Hampton Bays on Jun 19, 10 3:50 PM
$100,000....Try $140,000! and I'm sure it's in the line of duty injury. So he will have the summer off, and paid tax free of course. Good job.
By MC (1), southampton on Jun 19, 10 11:01 PM

Strange they didn't bring him, at least first, to Central Suffolk-- the ER medical staff IS StonyBrook's, isn't it?

MC, I don't know ANYBODY (short of those killing their spouses- looking to throw off an investigation!!) who would self-inflict a GSW. It's-just-not-worth it.
By Jean (79), whb on Jun 20, 10 1:41 PM
cop shoots self in the foot. perhaps a future politico?
By loading... (601), WHB on Jun 20, 10 11:19 PM
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This is the reason that liability insurance for private firearms ranges is so exorbitant. I have frequented ranges where the perforated and ragged state of the acoustical tiles in the ceiling just forward of the shooting station indicates that a lot of rounds have traveled nearly vertically. You can't see the damage to the floor near forward of the stands because the cement doesn't show the impact.

Most private ranges prohibit the practicing of "fast draw" for the very reason that the ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Jun 21, 10 2:20 AM
Yes! One fewer predator driving around attempting to harrass local residents for "crossing the yellow line" (yeah, right), "failing to signal" (yeah, sure), or other such nonsense to prey on us for no other reason but to intimidate and antagonize in hope of getting a big bust.
By SHPredatorDept (72), Southampton on Jun 21, 10 6:29 PM
That's pretty silly! "SHPredatorDept" seems to have some unresolved issues with police officers.
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Jun 21, 10 7:06 PM
Yeah he sure does! Too many people out here don't stay on their side of the yellow line. Failing to signal is another common and annoying driving trait of many.
By ICE (1214), Southhampton on Jun 22, 10 11:55 AM
Failing to signal and crossing yellow lines can cause an accident. After seeing all the jerks on the road going through lights and speeding through towns and DWIs we need the police to stop people.
By LongIslander (43), HAMPTON BAYS on Jun 25, 10 10:17 AM
A full investigation is in order IMO.

Was this a "quick-draw" accident? If not, what happened?

How old was the officer, and what was his/her age? (the article says "his" but do we know for sure that this was a male human being?)

Per comments above, why did the ambulance bypass Central Suffolk to go to Stony Brook?

Were orders given to the ambulance to divert to minimize local knowledge of the incident?

Was the wound more serious than has been disclosed, ...more
By MJP (13), On Quiogue on Jun 22, 10 4:34 PM
The Beach Blogger has a more detailed report of the incident, so he must have better sources.
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Jun 23, 10 2:18 PM
Matt's right, there is no humor in this (perhaps irony but irony isn't always humorous). Is this any different than an oceanographer being bit by a shark, an electrician getting shocked, or a fireman getting burned? The nature of each of those roles includes an element of danger and as such it is likely that a person who carries a gun may shoot him/herself or a fireman burn the meatloaf.

By Hambone (514), New York on Jun 23, 10 11:14 PM
If he shot himself in the line of duty it would not be funny-it's the fact he did it at the shooting range that makes it hilarious -HAHAHA HAAAAAAAA

and electricians getting shocked-funny
electricians getting electrocuted-not funny

By Kaiser Sozay (31), east end on Jun 24, 10 9:04 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By PrivateerMatt (390), Weesuck Creek , EQ on Jun 24, 10 3:41 PM
Hey! It's a real life Barney Fife!!! Get outta town!! I bet Barney would love to have been making over $100K in good ole Mayberry!
By sayitaintsojoe (100), Westhampton on Jun 25, 10 4:35 PM