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Oct 9, 2008 2:43 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Rollover halts traffic on County Road 39

Oct 9, 2008 2:43 PM

A car and an SUV collided on Country Road 39 at around 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon, causing the SUV to hit a second car, then flip on its side, trapping the driver inside.

Southampton Fire Department personnel were able to cut the female driver from her green Toyota 4Runner. According to a witness who was at the scene, the SUV’s driver suffered serious injuries to her hand and arm. She was taken in an ambulance to the Flying Point Little League Fields and airlifted to Stony Brook University Medical Center. The other drivers, who were not injured in the accident, included a man in a red Jaguar sports car and a woman in a gold Toyota Camry. Both remained at the scene after the accident.

According to the witness, who is the daughter of the woman who was driving the Camry, her mother said she was turning left onto County Road 39 from a nearby optometrist’s office on the north side of the highway when the SUV hit her as it headed east and crossed into the center turning lane. The impact caused the SUV to flip and it hit the Jaguar as it hurtled eastward. The witness said other nearby cars had stopped for the light on David Whites Lane.

After the accident, the gold Toyota Camry was parked some 30 feet away from the SUV, its front end badly damaged and the bumper removed and resting on the hood. The Jaguar was parked closer to the flipped SUV and appeared to have sustained only minor damage.

Traffic was stopped in both directions on County Road 39 from North Main Street to David Whites Lane until after 3 p.m. while police, ambulance and fire department personnel assisted the injured driver and removed her vehicle.

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There were massive delays on all highways heading East today again; perhaps due again to an accident. Then a few years ago, the whole South Fork seemed to shut down for four hours due to a traffic fatality.

I don't mean to sound cold, but, having traveled to western Suffolk and Nassau a good bit and seeing how fast they clear an area of an accident, perhaps our emergency personnel should pick up some accident strategies that keep in mind that moving traffic is also important, and a public-safety ...more
By Mr Suffolk (113), Twin Forks on Oct 10, 08 11:06 AM
For what it is worth it does sound a little cold. Mr. Suffolk states "perhaps our emergency personnel should pick up some accident strategies that keep in mind that moving traffic is also important, and a public-safety concern, as well.” I hope you never find yourself in a similar situation as this woman did yesterday. Someone’s life may never be the same for them and their family and you are worried about getting home on time for dinner? I think the local emergency personnel are hardworking, dedicated ...more
By Common Scense (24), Southampton on Oct 10, 08 12:00 PM
Mr suffolk,Wake up and smell the coffee. You are brain dead and insensitive. First of all if most of you commuters and locals alike obeyed the SPEEDLIMIT ,County Road 39 would not statistically be a nightmare to drive on. If people shared the road w/others and weren't so self serving people would make it home to their families for dinner instead of ending up dead or in the hospital. What are we up to 5 major auto accidents a week now on County Road 39? The proof is in the pudding. How is traffic ...more
By ron (1), southampton on Oct 12, 08 6:20 PM
yea statistically speaking CR 39 is nothing compared to most roads in the US. Also is this a product of lowering the speed limit? Speed is only a part of the problem. The biggest part is aggressive driving. Has anyone ever driven up island or even the Belt in heavy traffic? Do it and see if you can still tell me CR39 is dangerous and hazardous to drive on....

also Read the other article where an illegal was drunk driving on 39 in the afternoon and caused an accident.
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Oct 16, 08 7:29 AM