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Southampton Town Board Adopts Amended $79.9 Million 2011 Budget

How is it possible Nuzzi can say anything about saving taxpayers, when he is giving his Aide an $8,000 dollar raise? What about the 1% the CSEA got, should be good enough for all!" Nov 22, 10 5:52 PM

Graboski Defends Kratoville Appointment

Very easy to fix! ATH does not have to let the new manager have ANY power or authority! " Dec 8, 10 8:21 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

It is now time for the Town hire another 75+ officers so we can have the police coverage needed for our town.

My tax cost for Police is $400, I would be glad to pay double that for the better of Southampton!!

My support is behind progress, and Chief Willson is progress!! " May 2, 11 12:41 AM

Town Police needed a new direction, out with the old, in with the new. I hope the Captian and most of the Lt's retire! Wilson will build a much better command staff!
Wilson has alot of support, more then the other's. The very few that comment here are far from the majority, seems Wilson had that!" May 2, 11 8:55 PM

Hampton Road Condominium Damaged By Early Morning Fire Friday

Thanks Bridgehampton Fire/Ems too!" Jul 2, 11 8:10 PM

Hampton Bays School District Considers Lunch Price Increase, Hires Two New Teachers

What a joke! Make the ones's who pay, pay more. 20 cents for administrative fee's for running the FREE meal program (required I am sure) sounds good to me. Thinking this is more then just what they are saying? Just say it! We need to raise the price of lunches.
" Jul 30, 11 12:23 AM

Noyac Road Project Won't Happen In 2011

Please, let us all know how he is incompetent? I would say he is strapped down by Councilman Jim Malone (Highway Liaison) and the town board.
Also, when was the last time you called in a pot hole to be fixed?
Town Highway contact is 631 728-3600 or agregor@southamptontownny.gov
Call Councilman Jim Malone (Highway Liaison) 728-6000 or 852-2000 or 287-5745" Jul 31, 11 2:20 AM

North Sea Fire District Donates Pumper To Upstate Department

Great Job North Sea FD!!!!!!" Aug 13, 11 8:05 PM

Hampton Bays School Board Considers Changes To The Lunch Program

Where to begin. First, editor why is this article not linked with a recent article concerning the need to increase lunch fees? Secondly, how in the world does the school permit $4,000 worth of unpaid student cafeteria bills to accumulate? How long has this been going on? How about listing the names of those who are abusing on the school website until it is paid? Charging of snacks should not be permited to begin with. Lastly, where in world is the money coming from to pay 14 new teachers this year? And some of those names ring NEPOTISM. Are these new hires taxpayers of the district? Not to mention that two minority teachers were denied tenure this spring. Who is watching the farm....where is the PTO, Civic and CAC? " Aug 19, 11 6:48 PM

Experts Urge Residents To Remember Pets During Hurricane

Lt. Iberger said residents are encouraged to stay with family and friends and try not to utilize public shelters, as they lack amenities and pets are not allowed.

" Aug 26, 11 1:03 AM

East End Cleans Up After Irene

In Hampton Bays, LIPA's subs sit around, LIPA'S frontline no where to be found!

" Aug 30, 11 3:24 AM

New Cafeteria Equipment Will Not Arrive In Time For First Day Of School At Hampton Bays

All this talk about LUNCH at Hampton Bays? Only thing that sums it up is by saying, Luce and the School Board are "OUT TO LUNCH"!
" Sep 1, 11 12:12 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

Sure, I will throw Alex under the bus! My permanent promotion and raise this week?
Sure, done deal!

Southampton Town Board - Agenda Board Meeting of October 25, 2011
Page 56
Resolution 2011-1049
Category: Personnel
Sponsors: Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst
Department: Personnel
Appoint Christine Fetten to Town Engineer Position" Oct 23, 11 10:51 PM

You got your reduction when the highway job's were reduced. " Oct 23, 11 10:56 PM

Guest Chefs Will Soon Visit Hampton Bays Schools

Does this school district do anything more then talk about the lunch program?
I guess they want the kids to buy more lunches, so they can make more money off the program!" Oct 24, 11 11:41 PM

Workers Dispute East Hampton Highway Superintendent's Claim That Discrimination Charges Have Been Dropped

Did he pay for this to be printed? What a joke!" Nov 3, 11 12:02 AM

Whooping Cough Diagnosed In Westhampton Beach Middle School

Hampton Bays School District too!
http://www.hbschools.us/Assets/Documents/12jan_health_notice.pdf" Jan 18, 12 7:24 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

40 less kids in the school district sounds great for the taxpayers. Go Betts!
If you see overcrowding report it! Call 702-2928 or go to www.southamptontownny.gov click on Code Enforcement and use the report a code violation button.

" Jun 8, 12 7:42 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

Happens enough that the Police should do a better job! And yes, they do laugh at you waiting in traffic!" Jul 24, 12 6:45 PM

Suffolk Crime Scene called in for a 360 picture and road may open for the next 4 hrs. Not a fatal yet. " Jul 24, 12 6:51 PM

Brawl Ends Southampton-Hampton Bays Game Early

Not true, a Hampton Bays student did jump from the stands and entered the playing field area. Should be suspended? Any one entering any playing field area should be at least, not let back on the property at any event if not arrested for trespass. " Oct 1, 12 12:43 AM

Hampton Bays student did jump from the stands and entered the playing field area. Should be suspended? Any one entering any playing field area should be at least, not let back on the property at any event if not arrested for trespass.

" Oct 1, 12 12:45 AM