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Southampton Town must issue $16 million in bonds this year

Why should the former administration raise taxes? According to Linda “That’s when you should go to the taxpayers—when times are good and they can absorb it,” That is crazy. If they raised taxes for no reason, the Town would have spent that money too. We would still be in the same sinking boat with Linda at the helm." Apr 15, 09 8:03 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Linda is looking to make a deal with the union? The union would be stupid to agree to anything because Linda might not be supervisor in 2010. Therefore, she is in no position to say a salary freeze will stop layoffs. ATH would not have to honor what Linda promises, if Linda is not in office!!!!!
" Sep 21, 09 5:03 PM

Two restaurants in one at Second House Tavern

I have dined at the Second House twice. My first experience was very good. It was off season in the middle of May 2009. My second time there was horrible!! In season, the middle of August 2009. The hostess asked if we had a reservation and when we said no her attitude arrived! When we asked for the specials she said there was none, even though we could hear other wait staff telling customers all the specials. The final straw was when my mother in law asked for bread because her pasta was too spicy (she asked if it was spicy and was told no) and the waitress said "We don't serve bread!"
We will never go back." Sep 27, 09 6:18 PM

Residents are interested in proposed sewer district for Flanders and Riverside

Can anyone tell me if the proposed sewer district would allow certain homes to tap into the sewer? Some of the homes near the Peconic Bay have cesspool problems especially during extremely high tides, such as a noreaster. I think many neighborhoods close to the water would benefit from from a sewer system." Dec 2, 09 8:17 PM

Sparks Fly Over Debate On Budget Calendar

Just asking......but does anyone remember Kabot having a public hearing when she took over for Heaney and completely dissected his budget? Now she is jumping on the public hearing "band wagon". Hmmmmmm. Sounds like politics as usual." Oct 12, 11 6:38 PM

Gregor, Town Board Battle Over New Leaf Pickup Program

Just wondering why the need for the vouchers. Sounds like extra work for the already short handed highway department. How long do you think the line of trucks will be on the weekends to dump your leaves? This plan is absurd!!" Oct 24, 11 8:34 PM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

Why is this allowed??? Is his county job full time? This is ridiculous! " Jan 10, 12 2:48 PM

Jay Schneiderman Explains Reasoning Behind CSEA Settlement

Why must everyone be so negative? All town employees should be treated the same whether they are Union or not. I applaud the efforts of Jay for helping the least paid town employees make ends meet. " Apr 1, 16 2:54 PM

I wonder why no one is discussing the resolution that lowered the all the non-union employees health insurance contribution from 20% to 10%. So no one here must have a problem with that, or care that there taxpayer money is being spent there. Just saying........ " Apr 1, 16 7:40 PM

Exactly my point. There is so much more to our town government than what appears on 27 east. There was a separate resolution the same night! The towns spends money everyday, study after study is funded, new equipment and vehicles are bought. There is a cost to running our great town to the standards the public wants. Lets remember that most town employees live in this town and pay taxes here too. " Apr 1, 16 9:54 PM

Southampton Town, CSEA Meet With Arbiter About Contract Settlement

Hey Alex, that is an expired copy of the contract. You are always looking to get your picture in the paper, but you have the wrong props!!!!! Lol!
" Jun 20, 16 4:50 PM

I think farmlocal means Alex needs to be tested." Jun 22, 16 4:30 PM