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Live From Tampa: Teen Reports From GOP Convention

Just ordered it." Aug 30, 12 10:15 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

Summertime, you need to get your head out of the sand and actually do some research before you put your ignorance on display for all to see with baseless statements such as this one." Sep 1, 12 1:30 PM

How are you liberals going to feel when Obama loses, and I really think he is going to? Do you really think Obama has done an effective job or do just want a Democrat in office, regardless of his qualifications?" Sep 4, 12 5:29 PM

Frightening huh?" Sep 4, 12 6:25 PM

Phil, you are delusional if you think this is a republican problem. It is a politics problem." Sep 4, 12 10:04 PM

Suffolk County Employees Union Endorsement Goes To Altschuler Over Bishop

All organized labor has done is raise prices. The era of the sweatshop is gone and so should be unions." Sep 5, 12 3:29 PM

Study Says Fresh Market Would Not Cause A Significant Impact On The Environment Or Traffic

Because you say so? What is the difference between the two? Anyone who has driven through this intersection knows that the traffic study is BS. As bad as that intersection is now, it is not going to get worse with a grocery store there? Please. The village wants it and the people they hired say it will be ok. The village spent your tax dollars to further their agenda. Surprise, surprise." Sep 5, 12 3:48 PM

More Than 200 People Attend Community Forum In Hampton Bays

Mike, you are a good man. Keep up the fight!!!!" Sep 5, 12 3:51 PM

Study Says Fresh Market Would Not Cause A Significant Impact On The Environment Or Traffic

Sorry Nature, my comment wasn't directed at you but at progressnow. I agree with you that one has nothing to do with the other. I'm all for both opening to be honest with you. I get irritated that the study "proves" that traffic is ok there but not by pc richards. Politics." Sep 5, 12 6:49 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

Phil, you are truly delusional. GM is strong? No. Stop trying to take credit for OBL. That day was set up by a lot of work by people in office before Obama. Created jobs at what cost? The disastrous repercussions of Obamacare haven't been felt yet, and thankfully probably won't after it is repealed. No way in hell we are better off, no way. That is some disingenuous crap.

I'll ask again, especially to the haters and the delusional. How are you going to feel when Obama loses? " Sep 6, 12 7:39 PM

You are the biggest hater on this site. Own it." Sep 6, 12 7:42 PM

Generalizations huh? You are just as bad as any of the far right. You have been sitting at home behind the keyboard for too long and it has made you bitter. Lighten up a little." Sep 6, 12 7:54 PM

Yeah, and he got OBL all on his own. It is pretty easy to say yes when presented with that opportunity. What other campaign promises has he kept? It won't be too long before GM is in trouble again. " Sep 6, 12 7:59 PM

So witty Phil. You are an amazing guy." Sep 6, 12 7:59 PM

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"" Sep 6, 12 9:04 PM

You conveniently sidestepped my question. John Kerry? Really?" Sep 6, 12 9:22 PM

Phil, this is the typical condescending reply I would expect from you. I read just fine although sometimes when reading your posts I wish that I didn't. Are you pulling form the same website that shows Obama has only kept 37% of his promises? That's a pretty good score huh?" Sep 6, 12 10:18 PM

Won't argue this, as I have stated before, politicians are low rent scoundrels. Well, most of them anyway. Obama did however have the senate in his pocket for more than half of his only term." Sep 7, 12 8:00 AM

He certainly wasn't my first choice, or even my second but he is the one getting my vote( not that its gonna make a difference in NYS). Can't stomach the thought of Obama getting more SCOTUS nominations." Sep 7, 12 8:02 AM

I would never rely on the gov't to bail me out of anything. I can take care of myself." Sep 7, 12 2:20 PM

I think we can agree that there is bad behavior and low character on both sides." Sep 7, 12 6:39 PM

Nice stretch of my statement Phil." Sep 7, 12 7:27 PM

Not really fair to compare Eva Longoria to Clint Eastwood, but I guess that Phil being Phil." Sep 7, 12 7:56 PM

Once again Phil, thanks for explaining it to us idiots." Sep 7, 12 7:58 PM

Isn't Clint Eastwood a former politician?" Sep 7, 12 8:11 PM

Ahh, so now you are the authority on who is qualified to speak for the American people? Everyone is allowed their say Phil, whether you agree with it or not." Sep 7, 12 8:32 PM

Live From Tampa: Teen Reports From GOP Convention

Good work Andrew. We need more young men like yourself." Sep 7, 12 9:11 PM

A Sunny Summer For East End Business

As are we alll." Sep 7, 12 9:18 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

You been drinking? Go back and read again. I didn't post that." Sep 7, 12 9:30 PM

There will be plenty of "cooperation" once he is gone, don't worry." Sep 7, 12 9:34 PM

You start a post with a half hearted "I'm sorry", but it wasn't an apology? Ok. You're transparent Phil only you can't see it. " Sep 7, 12 9:48 PM

Monument Needs A Face-lift; Village Remains Far Short Of Funding Goal

I understand what you are saying but it would be nice to keep the money local though,no?" Sep 7, 12 10:00 PM

Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

You're full of it. Please don't try to take the high road. First you say it wan't an apology and now it was? You attribute a post to me, admit your mistake and then still say I must have supported it even though I said no such thing. Actually I said the opposite. Now you want to act like your feelings will hurt. Give me a break. " Sep 7, 12 10:19 PM

Maybe it's just the wrong man to try to fix it. Maybe it's the system. Maybe it's entitlements. Maybe it's all of the above." Sep 7, 12 11:30 PM

Study Says Fresh Market Would Not Cause A Significant Impact On The Environment Or Traffic

"They serve to represent their constituents" I spit my drink all over my keyboard when I read this. What a laugher.

" Sep 9, 12 11:14 AM

DEC Investigates Reports Of 'Panther-Like' Animal In East Hampton

Ha, that's what I was thinking. Perhaps someone had an exotic animal that either got loose or was let loose? Git yer guns ready folks." Sep 11, 12 2:47 PM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

Southampton Town PD couldn't catch a cold." Sep 11, 12 8:35 PM

Man Crashes Into Utility Pole In Tuckahoe, Charged With DWI

Nothing to do with speed. More to do with people not paying attention. IMO. There is a lot of ignorance and hate on this forum." Sep 15, 12 4:25 PM

Coast Guard Rescues 11 People In Separate Incidents Saturday

C'mon PBR. You did base your argument on falling temps and the water is warmer than usual. " Sep 16, 12 4:37 PM

One Arrested After Man Mugged Outside Blue Collar Bar

On a separate note, what the heck is someone doing with $1500 cash in their pocket at the Blue Collar? " Sep 17, 12 7:44 PM

County Slaps East Hampton With Notice Of Claim Over Route 114 Drainage Project

"An honest mistake"? I wonder how many town residents have gotten away with that excuse." Sep 18, 12 7:15 PM

Government officials can't touch land that they don't own and you want to pat them on the back." Sep 18, 12 8:49 PM

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