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Tuckahoe School Housing Proposal Defeated

Our daughter attends Tuckahoe. I actually would have voted "Yes" had they been able to provide all the information needed to make an informed decision. Not knowing what the rental charges would be was my reason to say no. I don't trust "Fair Market Rate" as an answer. It's way too ambiguous. If they arrived at a rental figure and it demonstrated an ability to generate a surplus each month that would pay back the renovation costs and/or cover regular maintenance, I would have said "Go for it". I like the idea of having the Superintendant within close proximity of the school and as others mentioned, this is an added feature to attract future candidates. As a vacant house, this will be an attractive nuisance, which is like a magnet for kids. If it's going to stay vacant, it should come down to minimize any risk. " Dec 22, 10 9:11 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Tuckahoe PDD Proposal

I live year round in tuckahoe. We own a home. My kids go to tuckahoe school. I also own and operate a business in The village. With the new governor looking to cut school aid state-wide, this development could assist in filling any gaps by providing tax revenue without the burden of more residential housing. So many times I've heard people say it would be nice to have an alternate supermarket to shop at. So the big issue is traffic? This is the hamptons...traffic is in our blood. I'd like to shop close to home and keep my taxes from jumping too high. Added benefit....I'll eat less cookies on the short ride home from king kullen." Mar 21, 11 8:48 PM

Analysis Says Grocery Store In Tuckahoe Could Hurt Village Businesses

"An Economist hired by a Southampton VIllage Citizens Group" is all I had to read to guess the outcome of the economist's report. " Sep 22, 13 11:45 AM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

Really proud of the Southampton students. When the merger happens, and I believe it will eventually happen, there could be no better welcome sign for Tuckahoe students than this. As parents and taxpayers, we can't let these students down. Ensuring their future education is the best it can be has to be our biggest priority. We need to check our emotions at the door and come up with the best solution possible for such an amazing group of kids. . " Nov 1, 13 6:15 PM

Southampton Town To Revisit Flashing Yellow Light Program On County Road 39

I don't see this working. The backup starts at the water mill light at station Rd. This is where it needs to have more passage. Pushing traffic volume through tuckahoe Rd simply fills the funnel that much faster. " Jan 27, 16 9:06 PM

Southampton Town To Test Blinking Light System To Reduce Traffic

I know it's just a test but why are they selecting mid-April when the population isn't anywhere near it's fullest? I'm glad they opted not to do the same with Magee street but how could they expect any benefit when the Magee light, just 1.25 miles down the road, will remain untouched? What about the hundred+ homeowners north of the college, myself included, who would be forced to use Magee Street to access CR39 in the morning? Did anyone give any thought to the increase in vehicles that will now be driving through a school zone just as school is starting?

If you take the Tuckahoe road option away from the local people, Magee will be the only alternative we have to safely turn left onto CR39. We're certainly not likely to get onto CR39 from tuckahoe lane without a traffic light to help.

Since when does it make sense to appease out-of-area workers versus local tax paying homeowners? I would remind the elected officials who's eligible to vote and who's not.

Lastly, I'll throw this out for the conspiracy theorists... The golf course has been trying to get Tuckahoe road closed to traffic for many years. Might this "traffic test" be the means to an end? I suspect the test will somehow manage to pass.
" Mar 2, 16 8:16 PM