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Norsic & Son Application To Expand Business Remains Stalled

Bravo Nature! It's about time somebody broached the subject of of Mr. Broidy's business practises. But just in case anybody needs documentation, just google "ed broidy federal case" and have a good read. What's that they say about "honor among thieves" ?" Jan 11, 11 1:00 PM

Residents Mobilize Against Proposed Camp Expansion In North Sea

It seems to me that support for the application becomes stronger in direct relationship to the distance between the writer and the site in question. Try having something of this scale plunked down on your doorstep and see if your perspective doesn't change.

But, you know, if the project as described in the application, was, as you state, just an "expansion of a legally existing buisiness", they wouldn't need to ask for variences and "any other relief necessary" from the code.

This is a matter of the devaluation of all the homes in the immediate neighborhood. The camp would have a daily population, kids and staff, equivilent to that of the Village of Sagaponack. In terms of noise, traffic and the environmental issues (including the impact on groundwater and two important freshwater ponds) it would be the dominant feature in the area and we would be living in a defacto industrial zone.

Your characterization of our concerns as "ridiculous and overstated" is as hollow as the rest of your arguments and a clear indication of your misunderstanding of the entire issue." Jun 21, 11 2:50 AM

Day Camp Applicant Seeks Approval Through A Different Avenue

The people who live around that pond (and I'm not one of them) have taken it upon themselves to pay for regular testing and maintenance of the waters. As a result Little Fresh is listed as one of the cleanest freshwater ponds in the state. So, I'm "pretty sure" GoldenBoy doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about. That being said, the environmental issue is just the beginning. The problem is that a project of that size is going to affect the value of the properties and the quality of life for the entire surrounding area, which is supposed to be a RESIDENTIAL zone. 400 kids and a hundred staff might be acceptable in an industrial zone but it's not acceptable here. Jacobs' assertion that the noise would be "minimal at best and close to zero" is just that; an assertion, without any supporting data. The only thing that's minimal at best and close to zero is Jay Jacobs' credibility." Sep 8, 11 12:02 AM

Residents Challenge Day Camp Application

The questions about whether or not Little Fresh Pond would be adversely affected by Jacobs' camp could, and should only be answered by a full environmental review undertaken by qualified professionals, and not by a lot of uninformed people ,on either side, talking out of their keisters. Of course, this is not an inexpensive proposition and Jacobs, understandably, doesn't want to spend the money and, more importantly, doesn't want to roll the dice and let the project live or die based on an honest review. The problem is that the health of Little Fresh, Big Fresh and the region's aquifer may hang in the balance. But the environmental issues are just the beginning. When did NIMBYism become a BAD thing? Are people not supposed to be concerned with property values being affected? Are people not supposed to be concerned about the quality of their lives being affected by an industrial situation that, with the influx of some 500 people, would clearly be the dominant feature in our neighborhood ; a neighborhood that's zoned as a residential area? " Sep 15, 11 2:15 AM

Residents Turn Out To Protest North Sea Day Camp

At best, that article is just a reaffirmation of Dan's reputation as a practitioner of "Journalism Light". At worst, it's a commisioned hit piece; Jacobs is a Dan's advertiser and the article smacks of "you scratch my back etc." Rattiner claimes he lives "near" a girl scout camp in East Hampton and doesn't hear a peep. Well "near" is a relative term and Dan's hearing problems are not a very good basis for making a decision that may drive down the value of property in that neighborhood. The "sound of children playing" and the sound of 400 children playing are 2 entirely different things." Oct 24, 11 10:36 AM

Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

The proof is in the pudding. The camp hasn't even opened and the neighborhood has been slimed." Oct 24, 11 6:22 PM