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Town employee suspended for racist messages referring to the president-elect

test comment." Jan 7, 09 12:54 PM

Mr Judy is a good man, who constantly provides for not only his family, but anyone who asks for assistance. If this incident were to happen to anyone else in the parks department, i wonder if they would be facing 2 months of suspension without pay. Maybe racial text messeges shouldn't have been sent or fowarded, however i feel he will have served his time already by the time he served awaiting his "postponed(<<---by the town)" hearing. Transfer the man to highway if the parks dept can't value a good worker. Maybe he's not liked by some in parks because he makes others look bad by actually working throughout the work week. Maybe it's because he can fix the unfixable making the mechanics look well, bad. I don't know. Just bury the man somewhere, but give him a chance to feed his family. Or does the town of southampton not need the taxmoney every year from another person that will be forced off Long Island? Huh? Mrs "I could care less" Kabot. And Mr Judy will not speak to any reporters, only trusted friends. " Jan 7, 09 1:02 PM

if there wasn't a specific plan and an underlying agenda to get rid of Mr. judy, none of this would even be taking place. there would have been a disiplinary action taken against him and it would be done with. There are alternative motives, and they are clear even to a blind man." Jan 8, 09 11:48 AM